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  • Earthbox, 2 plants, 2 tomatoes
    I bought one of these. Got advice buying plants from a reputable nursery, followed directions, cared for plants diligently. I planted two tomato plants. Like the other person who scored this a 1, my plants were slow to take off, but grew rather larger. I had two different varieties of tomato. My yield was 1 tomato for each plant and the tomatoes were not very good. Unlike the other 1 rating, I did not have fruit flies. However, I live in a high rise on the 18th floor and box was on the balcony. Box is now in my locker in basement. I had high hopes because the picture on the pamphlet showed many tomatoes and there is nothing like a fresh home-grown tomato. ...more info
  • Grows like crazy!
    I planted some cucumbers in the Earthbox and have been astounded how well that the plants grew in a confined space....I trellised them and they grew much much higher than the trellis....They grew very quickly....I have had a bountiful harvest....Really a great product.......more info
  • Great Way to Grow Veggies in a Limited Space
    I bought the EarthBox to grow tomatoes on my lanai in the Florida sun. I planted tiny plants about 2 wks. ago and they're triple their size and flowering - I expect tomatoes by mid-August - about 8 wks. total.

    Especially useful in hot climates is the fact that the box is on casters, so it can be wheeled out of the direct mid-day sun, if you want to do that. The directions for assembly are clear and assembly simple. You will need a large bag of potting soil, but that's about it. If you plan to use the box for tomatoes, you don't need to buy the staking framework that's sold for a hefty price separately. A few good stakes from a home supply store will do fine....more info
  • lives up to it's claims
    Last year I tried the `upside down planters' and they failed miserably. This year I decided to try self-watering containers after reading a book by Edward C. Smith. I ordered the Earth Box because it was set up ready to go. I was late getting started and needed to get the vegetables in as quickly as possible. Set up was very easy. I followed the directions as given as I filled the box. The only thing I wish they would change is to make the water fill tube of clear plastic so there is never a guess when it is time to fill the water reservoir. The tomato plant is healthy with many tomatoes on it. Bush Green bean, lettuce and greens are also doing well. Next year I plan to have more containers, add other vegetables and perhaps some flowers. Some plants do not want such good treatment. Herbs do better with less rich soil and need less water. They will just rot in self-watering containers....more info
  • The EarthBox rocks!
    This is my 2nd EarthBox...the first one I ordered direct but the shipping was so costly I decided to check Amazon, and lo and behold, they had the kit with free shipping. For some reason I thought I was getting the bagged soil, which was NOT included, but I picked up some mix locally, so no worries (that's why it only gets 4 out of 5 stars). The system works extremely well and the yields are excellent. I've got both boxes on my deck (where I get the most sun) since I have a lot of mature trees, and grow peppers and tomatoes with great success. Be aware that the kit takes some time to set up properly, but the rest of the growing season is carefree, as long as you fill the reservoir so the system doesn't shut down. Believe me, it's worth it!...more info
  • Earth Boxes
    I was sceptical when my brother told me how great this is for growing vegetables. He was right!...more info
  • Not for Everyone
    I don't know what I did wrong since I followed the directions with the earth box. The 2 tomato plants grew over five feet tall and bloomed but never got one tomato. The white flies are horrible and I can't seem to get rid of them. I don't know why so many have had such great success and I have not gotten one tomato. As I stated, it is not for everyone....more info
  • Earth box
    The Earth Box came quickly and was exactly as advertised. It was easy to set up but I can't tell you how good it works until I get some tomatoes. The plants are healthy and thriving so on the whole, so far, I am very pleased with the product....more info
  • No good
    I don't know what I did wrong but this product just did not work for me. I did everything according to the directions and I have tried 2 years in a row but nothing. The plastic cover burns the plants if the sun beats down on it, and even if I move the thing to a shady area when the sun moves to the spot it still burns the plant. So I cut a bigger whole in the plastic for the plant and then rain gets in which I guess is to much water. If I move it to the patio there is not enough sun light. None of the plants get very big. I have tried every idea and suggestion that I can think of it just does not work for me. I am so disappointed because there are so many good reviews. I don't live on a large piece of land so I have no room for ground garden and I thought these boxes would be the solution. I would really love to have alot of tomatoes grow from these boxes. :-( At least the little green frog likes the water tube because it has made it his home. ...more info
  • Great Product . . . But Very Expensive Vegetables
    I have one (actually five) and the EarthBox is a great invention if the cost of your vegetables does not matter to you. However, if cost is a factor, then these will be the most expensive tomatoes or peppers or cukes or melons or squash that you will eat this year. In addition to the initial cost of the EarthBox, you will also spend approximately $20 for potting soil (more for organic potting soil) and something additional for the plants. In a single box, it is recommended that you plant only two tomato plants, or four cucumber plants, or four melon plants, or six squash plants, or eight pepper plants, etc. (You can get more information at the manufacturer's web site located here: At approximately $80 to $90 for the initial set up, the vegetables you grow this year, though very nice, will also be very expensive. Next year, you will need to purchase a replanting kit, which includes fertilizer, dolomite and two replacement covers, at a cost of about $12. The original potting soil can be reused for five years. As long as you regularly add water to the box and place it in a sunny location, your vegetables should grow. I've had success with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and corn. I was amazed that I could grow 16 corn stalks in a box and that the ears of corn were excellent. I have not had great success with melons, but will try again this year. Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of the seeds or vegetable plants you select is very important. If you select inferior tomato seeds or plants, then the tomatoes you grow will look great, but won't taste great. The same is true for corn. So be careful about buying mass-produced seeds or plants from the mega hardware stores, which will also not be organic, if that is important to you. By the way, it is not difficult to build your own earthbox-like planting box. Plans for these planting boxes are posted on the Internet. By doing so, you may save about half the cost. I plant vegetables both in a garden and in earthboxes. In my experience, the earthbox definitely produces more vegetables per plant and requires less work than a garden, but if cost is a factor, then a garden is less expensive. If you care for a garden, then quality is not substantially different from the EarthBox grown vegetables. But if you don't like to weed a garden or don't have the space for a garden, then the EarthBox is the way to go....more info
  • Boxed in and thriving
    This year I wanted to garden and grow vegetables. I didn't like my rocky clay like soil and discovered some books on box gardening. I had heard of Earth Boxes before but never paid them mind. The price was just to high! But here on Amazon it was under 40 bucks with free shipping. When I got the box my imagination ran wild what to plant? Reading the booklet that came with it, It show directions for growing corn! I planted eight seeds even through the directions called for twelve. I was being cautious. That was 2 months ago. The corn is thriving! 5 feet high and still growing! The corn does use a lot of water. I was filling the tank once a week but now I fill it twice a week. Corn requires a lot of water. Growing corn on a NYC patio amazing! I want another box for next year. I will heed the advice about the mosquitoes and use panty hose to keeps the bugs out. Also I have bought self watering containers for all my flowers. Wow I love the concept. Now I can go away weekends without having to plead with people to water my plants and finding them thirsty and dying when I come back. I see some using a watering can to fill their Earthbox. I find a hose far easier to fill it. ...more info
  • so far, so good...
    Package arrived from Amazon 3 days after I ordered, and arrived as advertised. Setup and preparing potting mix for tomato plants probably took about 90 mins. tops. Hints listed in other reviews and other online info were helpful, such as make sure you moisten your potting mix as you fill the box. As others have noted, you should have zero problems if you follow the directions.

    Planted two tomato bushes at the end of April, and they have really taken off! They are as big right now as a bush planted in a pot last year got by the end of the season. Plenty of blossoms. The one concern I have has nothing to do with the earthbox itself, and that's the continuing lack of bees for polination. A nursery suggested last year that you use a small kid's paint brush, going gently from blossom to blossom, as an alternative.

    Other than that, though, I am very impressed with the growth and health of my 2 tomato bushes. I am considering buying another earthbox next year for peppers. ...more info
  • Some Assembly Required
    We just bought an Earthbox and planted tomatoes a week ago (Feb '08), so I don't know how the thing will work long-term. Because we wanted to get an early start on the plants, I was planning to wheel it in and out of my garage to take advantage of the sun during the day and avoid cold nights.

    I do know, however, that getting those ballyhooed casters on requires more hands than I have. The engineers who designed this box did not provide for a way for the casters to stay in the holes if the box is lifted more than 2" off the ground. I felt like I was in a Three Stooges scene. "Don't lift it off the ground," you advise. Fine, but even rolling it over an uneven surface while trying to keep it level to prevent the water tank from draining all over everything caused the casters to fall out. Gravity appears to be everywhere. In a fit of pique, I took the casters off and if I have to move it, I drag it. I'll show those engineers.

    This is not to indict engineers everywhere, but don't you people test your designs before foisting them on an unsuspecting public? ...more info
  • Easy, convenient gardening
    I have one earth box and love it so much that I bought two more. Last summer I grew tomatoes in the one I have and this summer I am expanding my garden. For one or two people this is easy gardening! No weeds, no mess, easy to keep watered. I left the box in place all winter, uncovered it a few weeks ago, and it is ready for this planting season. Easy! No plowing! Wonderfully convenient gardening--redundant, but oh, so true!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Great container gardening
    The Earth Box is an innovative approach to container gardening. The reservoir system ensures that the plants get exactly the water they need. All you have to do is keep the reservoir from drying out, which requires you to fill it every other day or so. You can't over-water - you just fill the reservoir until water comes out the overflow hole. Plants use different amounts of water at different times of their growth, so when I fill the Earth Box every other day, I sometimes topped it off quickly and sometimes needed to fill nearly the entire reservoir. When plants are using more water, it can take a lot of time to fill the reservoir. I set up a rain barrel with a 1.5" flexible tubing and a spigot, which fills the Earth Boxes very quickly. It took forever using a watering can. The fertilizer strip system works wonderfully too, providing adequate nutrients without risk of burning the plants (you don't use slow release fertilizer in the Earth Box).

    You can use the Earth Box to grow transplants, or to plant from seeds. One word of caution - make sure the cover doesn't cover your plants, especially your emerging seedlings, or the sun will burn the plants. I cut out a square instead of an X for each plant (if the plants are too small to rise above the cover), which increases the chance of weed seed getting into the potting mix but decreases the chance of sunburn.

    My plants were a little slow to take off, but they out-grew and out-produced my garden plants. The Earth Box is easy to set up and easy to maintain. However, they are heavy once filled. I use a hand truck to move them in for the winter. They are made of durable plastic, but they can be punctured - one of mine got caught on a protruding nail head and now has a hole in the bottom. Also be aware that the Earth Box requires ongoing purchases - at least of the covers which will need to be changed every year. However, you can use your own potting soil and fertilizer....more info
  • earth box garden kit

    This purchase was a Mother's Day Gift for my mom. I gave her the Earth Box, potting soil and tomatoes to plant in it. We put it all together on Mother's Day in May and already she has buds on her tomato plants at the end of May. She keeps the box inside right in her sun porch so that it is handy for her to get to and she loves it. Thanks Amazon for such a great idea at a very good price!!!...more info
  • These are the best
    These are the best for container gardening. They look great and you can get a full size vegtable plant that produces. They conserve water also. ...more info
  • great box, a few hints
    I have five EB now. I really like them for veggies, esp tomatoes. One box holds one big tomatoe, not two. The EB website forum gets a bit nasty about following the directions perfectly, but I have found them to be guidelines.
    Hint one, the box can use potting soil,not just soilless mixtures.
    Two, the fertilizer included may not be enough, extra food can be added after a month or so, tomatoes are big eaters.
    Three, the plastic cover is not necessary, it just molds here in the NW.
    Occasional top water & food will not ruin the system.
    The water tank holds two gallons, and for precise indoor gardening, you will need to make a dip stick.( this number is no where on the website, I hand measured, because I do feed some plants liquied food in the resovir)
    My one wish is the boxes could be deeper for deep rooted plants.
    One box has a loose wheel I should have complained about right away. On the subject of wheels, play with all the wheels and make sure the box rolls right before adding weight, I move mine a lot and wish I had fussed with rolling first. Shipping was amazon super speed, and the amazon price hovers around 55 -65$, with shipping and wheels, which is cheaper than the EB website.
    Happy gardening....more info
  • Great for tomato plants
    The EarthBox works great! My Eathbox tomato plants are starting to produce fruit in less than four weeks. My mom's inground plants have barely grown. The constant water and fertilizer make a huge difference for faster growth. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • HUGE waste of money
    Bought this product in which to grow tomatoes in Central Texas. Ugly results, no better than growing them in a hubcap in local, drought-thirsty, caliche and limestone mix. Economically, would have come out far ahead buying the produce, and the gas to get to it, at HEB. $200 later, I wish I had done it differently....more info
  • Holy Mother of God. Game over, man. Game over.
    The EarthBox is AMAZING. I bought some cheap plants at Target (cherry tomato, jalapeno, green bell pepper) and I overplanted according to the directions because I wasn't expecting too much.

    Boy, was I ever wrong.

    The cherry tomato plant is now as large as a gigantic bush and covers almost the entire box. The pepper plants I planted are, quite literally, TWICE as big as the ones I planted in a normal pot (with Miracle Gro soil!). The watering is super simple, too... just put a hose into the feed pipe and wait until water spills out the overflow slot. A combination of great fertilizer (included), excellent watering and aeration, and good insect/soil protection makes the EarthBox a great product!

    Now, don't get me wrong. An experienced gardener could get these results without buying the Box, probably. But as a total amateur who wanted some fresh vegetables, this was perfect for me! I plan on buying another to plant herbs or a cutting garden....more info
  • miracle "earth box"
    EarthBox RB-EB-TRC-PBB Garden Kit Terra Cotta

  • Fantastic
    This is my second earth box and could not be without them. Vegetable gardening is not so easy in Florida sun and soil{?}. I can grow more vergtables now and know I can always expland if I choose....more info
  • Great for Hot Balcony
    I have a small condo balcony on a second floor level that gets massive amounts of sun and heat. The two Earth Boxes that I now have prevent my tomatoes and zucchini from being cooked and dried out. Each box still takes about two gallons of water a day but they are doing fantastic, much better than when I had an actual in the dirt garden. And, no weeding!...more info
  • Veggies growing like weeds!
    I purchased 2 EarthBoxes to test my green thumb with vegetables. For comparison, I planted 2 tomato plants in my first EarthBox and 2 tomato plants in some inexpensive flower/vegetable pots that use the same "water from below" concept. For the first week and a half, there wasn't much of a difference between the Earthbox and the pots, but soon after, the plants in the EarthBox started to pull ahead. After 4 weeks, the plants in the EarthBox are one and a half times the size of the other plants, have much more foliage and are much more mature.

    I'm sure a number of variables combine to yield these results, and for me, that's the beauty of the EarthBox; it provides water and fertilizer, and the cover gives protection from weeds and from pests like snails and slugs. Plus, it's easy to set up and to maintain.

    My second EarthBox is growing bell peppers, cucumbers and some peas that have grown so well, they look like they want to do battle with my wysteria. So far, I'm very impressed and highly recommend the EarthBox system....more info
  • Plants grow Splendidly
    I have planted herbs and most recently tomato plants in the EarthBox and I can't believe how well the plants are growing. Much superior to in ground planting....more info
  • Great product
    Great product for the patio gardener. We love it! Slightly over-priced, but still worth it....more info
  • Great Tomanto Planter
    I Purchased the earthbox to see how well it would work as i only needed a couple of plants not a big garden. my tomatoe plants i planted are coming up beautiful with very little care. great for patio. i recommed this to anyone....more info
  • My neighbors are SO envious!
    I am a physician living and working in Tokyo. While my neighbhood is considered to be "out in the sticks", my yard is 8 feet at its deepest point, the majority of it is about 1.5-2 feet... and I am talking from the wall to the fence. As such, I have precious little space to grow... the fact that the yard is all gravel and manicured trees leaves me even more limited.

    I purchased the EarthBox systems so that I could leave for work every morning and come home 12 to 37 hours later without worrying about my vegetables. I achieved this freedom by placing a timer on my outdoor hose with a series of splitters to the hose, one length emptying into each of 5 EarthBox pots. The timer comes on for one minute every day and keeps my plants healthy and happy. SO healthy and happy that my tomatoes have achieved heights of 12 feet, completely laden with fruit!

    The black mulch sheets maintain the moisture throughout the day, the timer keeps the resevior filled, the staking system keeps the plants upright despite their extreme height and the winds of the Kanto plain and roughly weekly earthquakes (I did have to zip tie a couple of extenders to the tallest ones). I never worry about bugs, I never have to feed... I just walk out when I get home and pick the beautiful fruits for dinner each night.

    I had misgivings about buying plastic pots as I have always sought out natural products/clay/earthenware for both the moisture control and the look/feel. I can tell you that these pots have sold me 100% on their design and value!
    ...more info
  • Container Gardening
    Very easy to assemble. Mobility optional - wheels or no wheels. I chose the mobility with the wheels in case I needed better sun exposure or not. Ease of watering, the soil never dries outs causing less stress to the plants and overall then affecting yield. I also purchased 2 of the nets to allow for vertical gardening. I have these on my deck and my 86 year old Dad helps me tend to these. Also with the cover over the top there is no need to weed. All in all a perfect system....more info
  • Great Value
    I am just harvesting the last of the tomatoes from this year's crop. The Earthbox did everything they claimed. We did tomatoes (picked dozens and dozens and dozens), squash (we thought about leaving all our extras on neighbors' porches at night), corn (yummy!), peas, beans, and herbs. The complaint in one review about expense is only true if your time is worth nothing. We did not weed, fertilize, spray for bugs, or do anything but water - five minutes a day for a huge abundance of vegetables. I'm hoping for an Amazon sale so we can pick up four or five more. I've gardened for a lot of years. This is the only way!

    JG...more info
  • great for basil
    I planted 6 basil seedlings in my earthbox a couple of weeks ago (after our last freeze) and they have basically doubled in size, very healthy, and very easy to care for once the initial planting was done. The 2 seedlings that I planted in the ground at the same time look comparatively weak. If you're an inexperienced gardener or have poor soil, the earthbox is a great alternative....more info
  • Box Garden
    It is everthing that the manufacturer claims. the video instruction on the internet are easier to follow....more info
  • Earthbox
    Great item growing monster cucumbers in it. I have made similar boxes myself but the price of 39.99 I had to get one....more info
  • Master Gardening with this product....
    As an experienced gardener, I bought three to see how well I could grow some veggies. I had some mixed results and would love to share them with you all....
    1. This product has a water reservoir - dark, warm moist area with two exit holes is a mosquito spa! Easy fix...before planting put some screening or pantyhose over the holes to prevent mosquitoes from entering and laying eggs. Online suggestions will tell you to put bt dunks into the reservoir...while this product is considered safe for most uses, the package says "not to be used in water for human consumption". Ok, you are aren't drinking the reservoir water but your plants are so why risk it if its not necessary? Once the season moves along and your plants grow freakishly large, you will be filling the hole with water daily and flushing out any baby skeeters.
    2. This is an exceptional product for beginners (easy to use) and folks with a small gardening space, perhaps a patio. Whatever your limitations, if you are not already growing your own easy veggies, you should because its great fun!
    3. The magic of the earthbox is that the soil stays moist and the cover keeps out bugs, weeds, etc. However, I found some plants that prefer hot/dry were not happy - peppers and lettuce kind of wimped out mid-season.
    4. This box and tomatoes - match made in heaven! Plus, tomato plants look gnarly and ugly towards the end of can simply wheel the whole big thing into a less noticeable area of the garden!
    5. I have a serious groundhog problem and for whatever reason, they attacked the tomato plants in the ground but ignored these...not sure why but add that to your decision making.
    6. I can't imagine a single gardener who would not love this as a gift! Next year I am going to plant them with only flowers and wheel them to various spots in the yard to change the scenery.
    7. Kids....while our busy suburban neighborhood is mostly working families with little time to even get the lawn mowed, I can certainly understand how difficult it is to garden. But I can't say enough about the fascination by neighbor kids, the look on their faces, when they stop by my yard to eat a cherry tomato, a fresh strawberry or blueberry. I don't grow enough to feed a family but I find they learn enough to make it all worthwhile. All kids should try growing stuff, its so cool!
    If you can't find time to grow a lot, just give them this box, a cheap pack of seeds and one season of sunshine......more info
  • Earthboxes are great!
    I bought these earthboxes on the recommendation of a friend, and I am so glad I did. They are easy to set up and use, and the herbs and veggies I planted are growing well and make it so easy to pick fresh herbs for cooking. Also, it appears the snails can't get to them which is a big bonus....more info
  • Seems to work
    I've never gardened in my life, but decided to give it a try this year. I think the Earthbox has been a good way to start figuring things out. I didn't have to dedicate a corner of my yard for a garden (and given the rocky soil we live on, it's probably better that way), and 2 people can move it, so you don't have to worry about where it's placed.

    I was a little frustrated with the Earthbox at first: we live in a windy area and the wind would make the plastic cover flap around; I think it actually killed a couple of our small plants. We finally put some large rocks between the plants to anchor it, and now that they've grown more, the wind isn't an issue....more info
  • Cool tool
    Instructions are a little fuzzy but the idea seems to be good and to work well. Would buy again....more info
  • Amazing results
    I have six bush tomatoe plants. Two are in the earthbox on the deck and the rest in other containers. The plants in the earthbox are a rich hunter green and are so heavy with tomatoes I've had to tie them up twice. The other plants are spindly by comparison and have a few tomatoes per plant. The other earthbox has bush cucumber and egg plant and they are producing an abundance of beautiful vegetables. No matter what the weather watering is as easy as turning on the hose and there is no maintenance, weeding or even bugs to contend with. As a senior citizen this makes it easy for me to garden. I am so delighted with the earthbox that I plan to order several more next spring for some pepper plants and more tomatoes. If you love fresh vegetables and gardening don't hesitate to buy one or more earthboxes and get the staking accessory too. You will not be sorry you did. ...more info
  • quick growing
    Wow, what a difference in time and size! Have used this two seasons & it is worth the $$. Larger tomatoes and green peppers. Can plant two or three to a box. And water control helps with consistency. Nice gift for the gardener. Enhanced the soil a bit second yr and it was good as the first one. Planted on sale plants this yr and they caught up & surpassed the others planted in the ground. ...more info
  • Great Results - Seeing is believing
    This is my first year using the EarthBox system and I am wonderfully impressed. I will be using this item for many years to come. I did container gardening last year and used many types of containers from standard pots to the upside down garden. I had pretty good results but had a difficult time keeping up with the watering. I didn't know that once tomato plants get large, they are very, very, very thirsty!

    I debated between the EarthBox system and another sold by Gardener's Supply. The EarthBox system offered an optional automatic watering system and that was the deciding factor. Set up of the system is pretty simple. Open the box, add good potting mix, water and seeds/transplants. Fertilizer and dolomite are included in the kit. There is a plastic cover (an extra is included) that goes over the box to prevent rain water etc from entering. Since the plants get all of their needed water from the reservoir in the bottom of the box, additional water from above could result in over watering. I started with two boxes and loved the system so much that now I own seven. My deck garden now has tomatoes, eggplants, cantaloupe, watermelon, varieties of peppers, zucchini and butternut sqash. After 4 weeks my pepper plants are taller and healthier than last year's plants at the 12 week mark. They seem to be able to handle most vegetables as I've planted okra and seen others with 6 to 7 ft tall corn and pole beans. I'm not the best when it comes to dealing with bugs and another great benefit is that since they are on my deck, these are bug free.

    I also no longer have to worry about uneven watering and taking care of them while I am on vacation. I added the automatic watering system which fills the reservoir whenever it is below the desired level. I was able to leave home for a long weekend and return to plants that were just as healthy as when I left. The current Amazon price of $39 is excellent. The lowest price found locally for me was $69. The system will require an additional investment in years to come as you eventually need new plastic covers. Fertilizer can be bought anywhere so that isn't a problem. Living in Minnesota, I don't have a very long gardening season. So having a system that produces such healthy and fast growing plants is a huge benefit. And so far, I have found this to be the most low maintenance system I have seen. My neighbors think I am an amazing gardener when all I really did was follow the instructions. I added photos and will add more as the season progresses....more info
  • Earth Box Review
    I ordered 2 Earth Boxe RB/EB/GRN/PBB Garden Kits Dark Green. They arrived from Amazon promptly and were well packaged. I've since planted them and the tomatos and cucumbers I planted are growing like wild. These boxes are easy to prepare and practically maintenance free....more info
  • The jury is still out
    Have had this product for about a month. Tomatoes had blossoms on them when I bought them. Greenery is beautiful but no tomatoes are forming yet so the jury is still out....more info
  • I love Earthboxes
    I'm really thrilled with the Earthboxes I have. Bought two last fall when they were on sale, but didn't use them until this spring. Bought another Earthbox to use, and love them all. Plants seem to grow better there than in the ground or in other raised planters, so I will definitely be using them for years to come. Not so sure about the staking system. I've planted beans and peas, and they have yet to grow high enough to reach the net. I do think it will be great, once they grow enough....more info
  • Less for same
    I cannot yet speak to the virtues of the Earthbox as nothing's growing yet...but I do know that I could have ordered this directly from the company AND gotten potting soil. I didn't realize this did not come with the soil, as I had been reading about the Earthbox on their website. Since theirs came with soil, I figured, for the same price, Amazon's would also. Nope. So read carefully, friends, to save money....more info
  • Its Magic!!!!
    I got my earth box when I moved into my house, the old neighbors left it behind. I thought it was ugly and was going to chuck it. I am so glad I did not. First of all the las vegas soil is more like baked brick and it is near impossible to grow things in the ground. The ground is so hard that I pay someone to dig my holes. Than you have to water 4 times a day in summer. The Earth Box is awsome, I fill it with quality soil and plant my tomatoes or peppers, fill it with water and everything just takes off. In winter I fill it up once a month or so with water and am able to grow things like crazy. No one believes when I tell them I have tomatoes in my backyard. As far as quality goes this is a strong plus. The Vegas summers are brutal and just about everything will get sun fade and crack or melt. My earth box has lasted at least 4 summers and still looks like new. I am a huge fan of the product and have told everyone that I know to invest in one. Yes it looks like a cheap plastic box and its appearnce suggests you should pay a couple of bucks for it but believe me it is worth the $50 that it costs. ...more info
  • Grows plants like crazy.
    I have three of these at my town house. I have already harvested multiple crops of lettuce, collards and chinese cabbage....more info
  • EarthBox RB-EB-TRC-PBB Garden Kit Terra Cotta
    This earthbox lives up to its advertising. I will buy another one next spring. I grew herbs (basil, tyme and rosemary) and they are all growing in abundance. My cooking talents are better than ever and I owe it to these fresh herbs grown so easily in my EarthBox. ...more info
  • unbelievable
    EarthBox RB-EB-GRN-PBB Garden Kit Dark Green Everyone who knows me also knows I have a black thumb. To grow anything with roots in earth is a tragedy waiting to happen. I have found the answer in the earth box kit. There are actually little tomatoes growing from the plant. This is the easiest foolproof system around. Highly recommended for frustrated growers. Thanks earth box people. NI from Jersey...more info
  • Super!
    I raised 6 tomato plants from seed and planted 4 in the garden 2 weeks before the EarthBox arrived. The plants in the garden are not doing very well because of too much rain. The 2 in the EarthBox are dark green with a sturdy center stem and very healthy looking. They have blossoms and tiny tomatoes on them so right now I can't say how the tomatoes will finish out, but if they keep going like they are now, they should be great!...more info
  • Great for black thumbs!
    I have never been able to grow anything very well, and after several unsuccessful tries had given up on growing tomatoes. With the earth box I've got two gorgeous tomato plants with flowers and fruit. And no work on my part except to refill the water reservoir once or twice a week. Next year I want to try growing herbs and lettuce to have my own salad....more info
  • works great
    We ordered two of the earthboxes and set them up in under an hour.
    We found the initial location to be problematic, but they rolled easily to a better spot (bless those casters)

    We planted tomatoes, eggplant, beans. They are easily double the size of plants we put in our simpler plastic pots.

    Only problem was the need to build a protective barrier around the box to prevent "poaching" by a garden visitor (squirrel/raccoon/?) with a penchant for vegetable leaves....more info
  • Not worth the $59
    Not sure what the hype is all about with the earth box, but it didn't work for me. I did everything according to the instructions and my tomatoes just simply didn't grow. In fact they started turning yellow. The soil was very soaked to touch and it says you can't over water. My advice to you would be find another way because this system will dissapoint you!!...more info
  • growing spinach like crazy
    We got two of these and planted spinach seeds March 24. Today is April 26 and we are harvesting a "small bag" of spinach every two days. the watering by pouring in the tube is great. The plants always have water. The leaves don't get dirty because no sprinkling so the dirt doesn't get spattered up onto the leaves, much easier to rinse. Because of the great conditions we are able to have more plants than described in the literature. We have the plants 2" apart in 3 rows. Every other day we use little scissors to clip off the leaf with the stem. You can see new leaves starting to come up from the center of the plant. By the way the very first thing that comes up are two thin leaves then the regular leaves start to come up from the middle two at a time. We started by buying seed when the spinach scare started... then finally got the two containers. I also add a tsp of miracle grow mixed in a quart of water to the tube once a week. I didn't put any fertilizer in the original dirt mix when I planted the seed. We are very happy with the Earthbox....more info
  • Anyone can grow things using this system.
    Wow!!! I bought my Earthbox a few weeks ago after a referral about them from a family member who used them. The only place I can plant things is my deck and I'm really bad about keeping plants alive so I thought I'd give it a try. It's only been 3 weeks and I ended up planting half-dead plants (my attempts before the Earth Box arrived to maintain them) and they have not only sprung back to life but are absolutely HUGE!!! All I bought were some starter plants from Home Depot and I can't believe the growth. They are way bigger than anything I've seen before in a garden.

    All I have to do now is make sure the water container stays full and I keep a bucket outside to catch rain to save me trips to get water inside. I love being able to go out to my deck and pick fresh herbs to cook with and am looking forward to the harvest of vegetables I planted too.

    If I can grow things (and not kill them) with this system then anyone can :)...more info
  • Excited to use this
    Since it's early in the garden season, I have not grown from my Earthbox yet. I have seen the incredible production at others' homes though. The product is easy to put together, has nice caster wheels so you can move your plants to catch the sun, and seems like it's a really good system to grow plants. I am going to grow tomatoes in it, as that is what I have seen grown in it, but you could grow anything you want....more info


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