For The Bible Tells Me So

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Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Seattle Interntional Film Festival, Dan Karslake's provocative, entertaining documentary brilliantly reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture, and in the process reveals that Church-sanctioned anti-gay bias is based solely upon a significant (and often malicious) misinterpretation of the Bible. As the film notes, most Christians live their lives today without feeling obliged to kil anyone who works on the Sabbath or eats shrimp.
Through the experience of five very normal, very Christian , very American families - including those of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt and Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson - we discover how insightful people of faith handle the realization of having a gay child. With commentary by such respected voices as Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harvard's Peter Gomes, Orthodox Rabbi Steve Greenberg and Reverend Jimmy Creech, For The Bible Tells Me So offers healing, clarity and understanding to anyone caught in the crosshairs of scripture and sexual identity.

Customer Reviews:

  • powerful stories, predictable story line
    Don't watch this documentary film if you expect anything like a balanced treatment of homosexuality and Christianity. It's aggressively polemical, it incorporates all the worst examples of Christian hate and extremism, it omits any treatment of gay extremists like you might see in San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade, and in several instances it presents "experts" without identifying them as aggressively pro-gay (eg, Peter Gomes of Harvard). But there's a good reason to watch this film, nevertheless, because it presents the personal stories of five families, without exception all of which are deeply Christian, and how they dealt with the news that their kids are gay. Two of the families are famous-- Chrissy Gephardt is the daughter of two-time presidential candidate and Missouri congressman Dick Gephardt, and Gene Robinson became the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. Jake comes from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Tonia is an African-American who grew up on a dirt road in North Carolina before going to Yale, and then Anna was from Arkansas. These families run the Christian gamut -- United Church of Christ, African-American, Lutheran, Catholic, and fundamentalist, and they respond to their child's coming out in different ways. It's a shame that the film makers resorted to predictable polemic instead of trusting the power of these deeply moving stories. ...more info
  • Interesting and Thought-Provoking
    I watched this documentary as part of the book tour that Gene Robinson was on. Watching it and then hearing Gene speak was incredible. The high-energy hate of the film followed by the calm (though no less passioned) talk that Gene gave was an interesting juxtaposition. Of course, the movie is about Gene Robinson's life and consecration as Bishop of New Hampshire (in the Episcopal Church). But it is much more than that. It is about the struggle of homosexuals, and also of those who love and care about them, while not understanding nor accepting their orientation. It specifically presents the rhetoric of the religious right, and and how their scriptural logic is flawed. Also, while the movie focuses on bigotry against homosexuals, you can't help but recognize that this is the same hatefulness that has worked hard to keep Blacks and other minorities subjugated. We see the same thing at work today against Mexicans and others.

    I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to hear the 'other side of the story'. The anguish of the parents in the movie is palpable; it really shows the humaness of everyone who has to deal with this issue day-in and day-out. The only reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 is because it is 1.5 hrs long, which is a bit long. But I can't think of any portion that could have been cut to make it shorter....more info
  • Wonderfully moving film - a must see for anyone interested in this very timely and important topic
    "For the Bible Tells Me So" is a wonderful documentary based on life experiences from a broad spectrum of those involved in the topic of gay/lesbian acceptance with the overwhelming dynamic of a religious background.

    What impressed me the most about this film was the variety of scholars interviewed and the powerful explanations behind the historical and cultural context of the usual scriptures used by everyday persons of Judeo-Christian upbringing to discriminate and justify their prejudice toward gays and lesbians.

    For anyone wanting to consider other viewpoints, or even challenge their own with regard to the topic of homosexuality and their faith, this film is a must-see. ...more info
  • Superb Approach to a Complex Issue
    For the Bible Tells Me So is a superb approach to the issue of same-sex relationships and what the Bible actually says. It is well balanced, not only in presenting diverse points of view, but also in mixing human stories with those various points of view.
    I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to actually learn more, not only about what the Bible actually says, but about the experiences of people are who are gay or lesbian, and those who are their family members....more info
  • For Everyone
    Everyone and anyone with who "thinks they know" what the Bible states about the homosexuality question will be enlightened by this well done video. ...more info
  • A Must See
    "For the Bible Tells Me So"

    A Must See

    Amos Lassen

    "For the Bible Tells Me So" is one of the most heralded gay-themed films to come along in a very long time and it is already off to quite an auspicious start. The film has been collecting awards everywhere and was screened at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2007.
    The religious right has been telling gay men that we are an abomination as is the love we feel for one another and we offer wonder how the Bible, a book about love, can be used to justify hate. These are the issues that director Daniel Karslake looks at in his marvelous film. What this film does is reconcile homosexuality with a literal interpretation of Biblical scripture. The film concentrates on the experiences of five very normal, very Christian and very American families (among which are the families of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt and Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson). Through the experiences of these families we learn how people of faith handle, or fail to handle, having a gay child. We get views and inspiration from people such as Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harvard's Peter Gomes and Reverend Jimmy Creech and we get words of comfort as words of scripture are reconciled with sexual identity.
    "For the Bible Tells Me so" is a sober theological discussion which is surrounded by heartfelt personal stories. It will open hearts and minds of those whose beliefs are founded in the Bible and give them an alternative to a literal interpretation of the holy scriptures. It takes on a loaded topic and looks at it both emotionally and intellectually and the result is a movie that proudly allows us to shed tears as it uplifts our spirits. It is provocative and heartfelt and moving and unbelievably intimate. The film is valuable in that it encourages us and others to examine our beliefs with serious examination instead of by blind acceptance as well as to recognize matters of faith and understand how they can be co-opted by politics. It also shows how the Bible is used to explicitly sanction discrimination against homosexuals. As it boldly confronts the clash between religion and sexual orientation, it confronts the fulcrum of the objection to homosexuality by the religious right. The movie hammers away at those who do not believe that homosexuality and faith can come together and it digs deeply into the divide between those who take the Bible literally and homosexuals. The results we get both break our hearts and infuriate us but also inspire greatly.
    ...more info
  • DVD-"For The Bible Tells Me So"
    For The Bible Tells Me So

    A wonderfully written documentary on the struggle for spiritual equality for gay and lesbian christians. Tells how so-called christians use scripture in order to bolster their own homophobic beliefs and "beat up gays and lesbians" with scripture that is not even closely interpreted in a authoritative and biblically understood format.

    The DVD shows gay christians (and NO - that is NOT an oxymoron!) in loving relationships; it also shows gays in a growing relationship with God - who loves all people and does not make gays and lesbians to be second-class christians/citizens......more info
    This movie is a stir of emotions. Very challenging in the area of Unconditional Love. I was angry, sad, I cried but ended with Hope and a serenity feeling of THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST FOR ALL. My prayer is that when I as Christian don't have the capacity to Love a certain group of people, That the LORD help me to and leave the rest up to The Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ came to show us Compassion, empathy and most importantly to LOVE Him more than anything in this world and to LOVE our neighbor like we love ourselves. There is no room for Bigotry nor HATE.
    Thank you to the people that were brave enough to take on this subject....more info
  • Balanced, compassionate and fascinating
    This isn't a Michael Moore, Errol Morris, or other major documentary filmmaker's work, and yet it succeeds quite well with what must have been a very small budget. Many people address different aspects (I won't say both sides, because it's more complicated than that) of religion vs. homosexuality, old ways vs. new thinking, and the journeys that families go through when a spouse or child comes out.

    There is no voice-over from the filmmakers; they allow the subjects to speak for themselves, and this is quite effective; we can make up our own minds and ponder what they've said instead of being told what to think.

    The story of Jay Reitan and his parents attempting to get their story to James Dobson at Focus on the Family was particularly moving. Sadly, someone like Dobson has already made up his mind on the issue and is unwilling to consider anyone else's experience.

    Recommended for those who are willing to listen, learn, and think.

    ...more info
  • Eye-opening, Amazing, Important
    I was blown away when I saw this film. Although I consider myself somewhat enlightened, I really had no idea how to answer the charge that the Bible, and Christianity in general, condemned gay and lesbian people. THIS FILM GIVES ME THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE LANGUAGE to explain to others (like my conservative in-laws!) exactly how the Bible speaks about homosexuality - and, very importantly, how to contextualize those written words for our modern age. More than any other documentary I can think of, including BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE or NO END IN SIGHT, here is a film that truly enlightens (and inspires and even entertains!) the viewer. More than highly recommended...I wish it were required viewing for everyone - and especially for older teens and all churchgoers. A must-see!...more info
  • Eye-opening, Mind-opening
    Very well done! This documentary brings to light todays latest issue of bigotry from the Christian church. Just like women's rights, and slavery...the issue of homosexuality needs to be reviewed by the church according to what the Bible says..NOT by what the church's political agenda says.

    I was throroughly impressed and enjoyed this documentary. Thank you for making it and opening the hearts and minds of so many. I pray that many will see it....more info
  • Made me cry...
    A powerful emotional personal look at what it means to grow up as a gay or lesbian child in a modern American Christian context.

    Prejudice against lesbians and gays is still a very alive prejudice in the world today. This film shows the human side of the evolving drama to see whether we can fully affirm everyone as children of God....more info
  • For THhe Bible Tells Me So

    I would recommend this documentary to anyone who thinks they know what the Bible "says" about homosexuality. I struggled with being told I was living a life of sin, turned to drugs, sex, cutting, nothing helped until I finally heard the truth & was able to accept myself. This video only validates what I already knew. Everyone is created in his image.God is love & he loves every one, everyone!
    Thanks for such an awesome documentary, Gary...more info
    For The Bible Tells Me SoAfter living in a hate filled world of "so called Loving Christians".....along comes stories of those who actually have open arms and hearts!...... just as I encounterd the day I opened my heart to accept my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 47 long years ago. Right-wing Christians had pushed me far away from the church and taken my God-given right to worship away.... but here were voices welcoming me home. Honest, frank, well spoken and fact based truths put together in a powerful package. I was moved to tears. If you have been estranged from the church this is a must see. Only God decides!...more info
  • Spectacularly made documentary
    This movie goes into great details, it does not attack any religion nor make those that are true believers in the Bible feel attacked. It states facts from many well respected people. This movie opened my eyes to many issues that I did not previously see. I have bought this movie for me and have since watching it I have had others buy and have myself bought more to share with others. I do believe that this is a movie that should be seen by anyone who is afraid of or has a family member struggling to come out....more info
  • Documentary on the lives of 5 homosexuals
    This is the best documentary I have seen. It helped me understand so much more about homosexuality than I did and was the reason for me to actually change my biblical position on the subject. Along with the DVD I read Gene's book "In the eye of the Storm" which was also brilliant....more info
  • For The Bible Tells Me So/DVD
    It is an excellent documentary. Every GLBT person should have this in their library. Perhaps the one of the most affirming media pieces available today. A must for any parent with a gay child or children....more info
    A must see! Teaches and clarifies unconditional love and traditions that we need to know the true meaning of... Quite liberating!...more info
  • Revolutionary!
    I have seen this movie twice, and both times was nearly moved to tears. In this film families of lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christian children share their struggle with understanding God's will concerning homosexuality and also their difficulties with accepting their children. The movie is most powerful because of the honesty and vulnerability of the families. The two screenings I was at, though, were probably attended by people who are already affirming. This movie needs to be seen by parishioners in every church--affirming or not, so that people know the struggle of LGBT Christians everywhere. I truly believe this story has the power and beauty to change people's hearts.

    Justin R. Cannon
    Editor, Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christians
    Author, The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality...more info
  • For So Great A Treasure, Words Will Never Do!
    I had heard about this film last year and was eagerly awaiting it's arrival in Chicago [before I moved]. I was finally able to see it. I was moved and blessed by every aspect of this film. I've been showing it to my parents and to friends hoping to change minds and move hearts. Thankfully, it's working.

    There have been a few criticisms that it's a bit one sided, and you know what, it's true. It's true because this is a film that's only being told by one side of the equation, so naturally, it will only be the opinions, beliefs and feelings of those who have continually felt the negative effects of bigoted Christianity in their lives. It's not the filmmakers job to be completely balanced, not every story is fair. Surely, what the men and women went through in this film wasn't fair, so to chide the film for not being completely fair to Christianity is a bit insulting to the integrity of the entire piece.

    J.M. Prater...more info
  • A great tool for countering homophobia.
    I share the sentiments of the many other positive reviewers.
    I just want to mention that it's impossible to measure the damage done to gays and their families by Dobson's media empire and his perverse theology that teaches homophobia. Not only is it harming people here in the U.S. (including the heart-breaking story of one mother of a lesbian in the movie), but Dobson's anti-gay message is global and creates suffering worldwide Dangerous Living - Coming Out in the Developing World.
    I visited "Focus on the Family" once, and was shocked by the literature that was crafted to create fear towards gays. It was not dissimilar to how Jews were once spoken about, or how immigrants are framed as threats to America (never mind that they pick our food, and take care of our children, and mow our lawns, etc). Time and again, elites and their media are dividing people, in order to more easily control them. It's a game as old as empire. Thankfully, we have DVDs like "For the Bible Tells Me So" to counter the divisive preaching of people like Dobson and Rod Parsley (who recently declared that "we get off on warfare"), and the propaganda of radio hosts like Dennis Prager and Rush Limbaugh.
    Let's get this film shown in as many classrooms as possible. If you can, buy extra copies and donate them to second-hand stores, or send some copies to U.S. troops through projects like "Books for Soldiers." There are so many people, gay and straight, who would benefit from coming across this film. We can do a lot to bring it to the attention of people who may not have ever heard of it.

    A couple other resources to counter enmity and confusion:
    Small Town Gay Bar
    Beyond Hatred
    The Times of Harvey Milk 1984
    Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media - "Manufacturing Consent" is not gay-specific, but it exposes the forces behind the endless media disinformation campaigns.
    Paragraph 175
    The Laramie Project
    Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community
    Out of the Past: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Rights in America
    Our House Winner of "Best Documentary" at both the New York and the LA Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals....more info
  • Powerful
    It was very important to make this film and to document the pain and joy of being different in the world and how some people will hold onto their belief no matter how hurtful they are and some people are willing to move love into their heart and change. YEA to the people who made the film, watch the film and share their thoughts and feelings....more info
  • The definition of sin.
    Many people may be confused with the definition of sin and the Bible's opinion. This film makes certain points some of them accurate most of them built on flawed theology. It completely ignores the center argument which is that homosexuality was dangerous in the Old Testament so therefore God attacked it possibly to limit disease. Now in modern times God still disagrees with homosexuality but he no longer needs people to attack them. I found it ludacris that this film claimed the "Old Testament" God only harmed gays for "ceremonial" and customary reasons. No God-respecting or self-respecting Christian could possibly believe this. The obvious center argument is that homosexuality is still a sin but God wants only the perfect to cast the first stone.

    Many people use the argument that Jesus refused to condemn gays, they ignored the fact that Jesus refused to condemn anyone. Think about the most depraved sin you can think of; guess what, Jesus came not to condemn those people. To say Jesus did not condemn gays is a moot point to trick people who don't study the Bible. The film also jokes that normal people should not study the Bible, it even in joke form references the fact that the Pope made it illegal for the common man to read the Bible. (And ignored what the Pope did to the millions of people who felt they needed to read the Bible to gain a personal relationship with God. The real reason why the Pope tried to prevent people from reading the Bible is because his universal Roman church's theology clearly contradicted the Bible and he wanted to retain power, by selling indulgences and such. This film ignores this.)

    It is possible that God defines a sin as anything "bad." If you study the Bible you may realize that most of the Leviticus laws are actually health laws. The vast majority of the Leviticus health laws are proven accurate. These laws would have prevented a vast amount of human disease and suffering. So therefore it is possible that eating shrimp is dangerous because they are bottom feeders in the ocean.

    How should a Christian react to sin? Well it is impossible not to sin. But the first aspect of Christianity is to admit that you are sinful. This is the main problem with the homosexual sin. They can't admit that God may not have intended them to be that way and their lifestyle is just a result of human evil.

    The obvious response to this movie from a Christian perspective is that being gay is still sin but so is sex outside of marriage and eating pork. The first step to respecting Christ is the willingness to accept that you are an imperfect sinner. The main contradiction with homosexuals and the Bible is they have choosen to reject the idea that their nature is sinful this is something that all Christians should accept. What is the next step after admitting that you are a sinner you ask. Well that is between you and your personal God.

    I found the scientific definition of those kinds of people interesting this is something I had wondered about. But at the end of the day, I would have to say that homosexality is a sin and a result of sin. This scientific explanation does not contradict the Bible. Science has also shown people are prone to violence and also cancer so explaining homosexuality scientifically, even though quite interesting, does not disprove the Bible's claim.

    ...more info
  • Best Thing I've Seen So Far!
    I have been looking for resources to help deal with the issues of sexuality in the church. I am a campus chaplain and a parish minister. We discuss these issues all the time. I have found that the conversation improves when it is personal more than when it is academic. This powerful film presents individual stories in a way that invites us (the church) into being part of the solution, not simply more of the problem. Kudos to the courageous families who told their stories, and to the sensitive artistic film-makers who brought us this treasure!...more info
  • For the Bible tells me. So?
    "For the Bible Tells Me So" is a compelling documentary about 5 Christian families struggling with their childrens' homosexuality. Archival footage is deftly mixed in, such as a 1967 CBS special called "The Homosexuals",a '50s Bible movie "Sodom and Gomorrah" ,a young Billy Graham preaching,as well as Anita Bryant being on the receiving end of a cream pie. There are religious figures such as Rev.Desmond Tutu and Harvard's chaplain, Peter Gomes,as well as the infamously adulterous Jimmy Swaggart saying he'd kill a man who'd proposition him.

    Richard Gephardt&his wife come to accept their daughter,Chrissy, "outing" her before she said anything. However, their Catholicism is briefly mentioned and treated as a sidenote. On the other hand, the Baptist Popeats in North Carolina struggle with their daughter's lesbianism. They still disapprove of her lifestyle, but they no longer reject her as they once did. There are the Lutheran Reitans,who protest Focus on the Family, and the attempts to "change" their son Jake. A woman speaks of her daughter's suicide as impelling her to join Soulforce and PFLAG. Finally, there are the Robinsons from Kentucky,and their famous son Gene,the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion. They speak movingly of their son's struggle,and their own.

    "For the Bible Tells Me So" presents one side of the theological debate on homosexuality,despite being well-told (though the cartoon about the origins of homosexuality is jarring) Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary provides brief counterpoints. The evangelical organization Exodus International and the Catholic ministry Courage aren't discussed (though Dr. James Dobson's Love Won Out is mentioned)The opposing side is portrayed as murderous&hateful,and fundamentally (pun intended) irrational. The cards are stacked."For the Bible Tells Me So" reduces the Biblical prohibitions on homosexuality to boil down to custom and misogyny. As Gene Robinson puts it,a man acting like a woman in a sexual way challenges patriarchy. There could've been healthy debate in this documentary, leaving the viewer to decide. As a documentary,it is moving and well-done,complete with an ominous opening of Enya's eerie "Pax Deorum" accompanying homophobic pastors. Best Use of Enya's Music in a Motion Picture. The people speak for themselves. It could've been better,but it is still great....more info
  • a very Bias film with an Agenda
    The problem with this film is that it doesn't provide a balanced view of the issue and portrays conservative Christians as full of hate and a danger to society.

    this film is attempting to promote an agenda.

    1)first, gay activists came out of the closet and began to demand their rights in society, work place etc 2)the next step They are demanding that conservatives (especially those with traditional values) recognize those rights in Churches Private groups (boy scouts, etc) and compromise thier moral values... The final goal is to make anyone speaking out against the homesexual lifestyle guilty of Discrimination and therefore subject to Civil fines ... this will eventually change from Civil Discrimination to a Criminal offense (hate speech or hate crime legislation) with those speaking out subject to Arrest or Court ordered Re-education training (Diversity /Sensitivity training etc)

    to give some real life examples:

    in New Mexico, Elaine Photography was found guilty of discrimination for refusing to shoot the commitment ceremony of a lesbian couple; in California a Christian doctor was found guilty of refusing to offer medical services to a lesbian woman who wanted to be artificially inseminated in order to have a baby with her partner; in Massachusetts, elementary school parents were told they did not have the right to keep their children home when homosexual issues were being discussed in class, since same-sex marriage is legal there (not to mention the fact that the courts found it more important to teach children "diversity" than to honor the wishes of the parents).

    In England, an Anglican Vicar was fined and ordered to undergo equal opportunities training for refusing to hire a gay youth leader; a graduate student in the counseling program at Eastern Michigan University was expelled for refusing to affirm homosexual behavior in a private counseling session; and a Christian pastor in Canada was forbidden from speaking or writing or publishing anything that is critical of homosexual practice after writing a letter to the editor in a local newspaper. in Sweden religous leaders will lose thier license to preach if they state that homosexuality is a sin or immoral lifestyle

    is homosexuality a behavour or is a person "born that way?"

    the movie attempts to prove that homosexuality is not a behavour choice but rather the way a person is born and gives some case studies. (the more boys a woman has the greater likelyhood of one being Gay due to her antibodies attacking a male fetus.. if a woman has twins one is Gay their is a 70% chance the 2nd twin will also be gay etc)

    let's assume Gay's are "born this way".. it doesn't matter.. the U.S. Dept of Health (HHS.GOV) states that around 3% of the population is Gay. Clearly not the majority, male/female relations are required to continue the human race without the use of modern medicine. so we are talking about an abnormality... similar to Down Syndrome, mental retardation etc people with these conditions shouldn't be hated, but helped to deal with thier disablity. either by counseling to understand why your having these feelings, or helping to live in mainstream society.

    what should a traditional Christians do?

    to be VERY Clear: we are not endorsing Violance against anyone. we are speaking out against Behavour This is NOT a Civil Rights issue, (not based on the color of your skin, your physical gender M/F - You can't tell a person is Gay just by looking at them)it is one of Behavour & Actions. Catholic Priests choose to practice Abstinence to increase thier spirituality According to the Bible Unmarried singles, Homosexuals shouldn't be engaging in sexual activity.. it doesn't matter what your feeling are or the thoughts in your head... a 16yr old boy wants to makeout with his Prom date.. it feels right to him's still wrong.. (see provb 14:12) reading pornography, masterbation is also commdemmned (Matt 5:27-28)

    What is a Bible Marriage?

    The Bible defines Marriage initially as Adam & Eve (one man & one women) NOT Adam & Steve... or Eve & Kristy.. the Old testiment does have cases where One man was married to several Women.. (personally I think any Guy agreeing to this is crazy)

    But I thought God loves everyone? can a Gay person be Christian?

    absolutely true.. God Loves everyone, it is our behavour & actions.. perhaps your purpose in life isn't to be married or have a family, you could have a higher calling in fact people that overcome Same gender attraction or great temptations in thier life recieve Special blessing from God (see James 1:12-16) sex isn't required to express love.. countless examples of this exist....more info
  • Everyone should see this film
    A wonderful film disspelling all the rhetoric around the Bible and Gays and Lesbians. Bible scholars give the true meaning of the passages supposedly referring to Gays and Lesbians and put them in the context of culture of the time and word meanings of the time. An affirming film for all Gays and Lesbians and their families. Stories include the families that have spiritually grown with their gay sons and daughters....more info
    This powerful and courageous video exposes the Fundamental Christian Right and other traditional organized religious venues for what they really are, as well as de-bunking their twisted logic, in an objective, academic and empiracal fashion, relative to the alleged "Words of God", via the Scriptures.

    The credible, thoughtful and realistic interpretations of the Biblical lines that the hateful/Old Testament autocrats use to freely admonish the ideologies associated with same-sex relationships, are skillfully presented in a creative and culturally time-sensitive fashion that is holistic, insightful and transcends the anal and restrictive mindsets associated with "Old Time Religion", thus guiding Compassionate and "Christ-like" minded human beings into the 21st century.

    Families that have experienced the heartache, pain, suffering and social sitigmatization that comes from the hateful rhetoric and shamful osterization energies that spew from those that "judge & condem" others who condone same-sex relationships, share their first-hand immersion experiences in a frank and forthright way. The powerful testimonials are gut-wrenching, profound, and at times, brought tears to my eyes as I empathized with them, being a parent and loving father.

    Watching the families deal with their crisis and finding the courage and strength to arrive at the Christ-centered conclusion that, regardless of the torment that may have occured because of their child's "choices", thier child is ALWAYS their child and worthy of their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

    It was refreshing to share the family's experiences, as they embraced life with zest and zeal, as they were willing to grow spiritually, accepting and loving their offspring, as being one of God's children, in spite of their gender specific choices. It took real courage and genuine parental love for the families involved, to whom traditional relationships were the norm, to reaffirm and validate the passion that emanates from the love of one's child, as only a mother and father can know. Kudos to those wonderful parents!

    What a travesty, actually an abomination that shames our great nation, as a few well-placed omniscient, seemingly omnipotent and self-proclaimed experts (such as Dr. James Dobson, Jimmy Swaggart and others), due to their high-visibility stations-in-life, often as alleged religious leaders, teachers, and spiritual mentors, have abused their powers. They have perpetuated the hateful, condescendingly judgmental and negative energies, acting as official monikders for the Almighty Ineffable, who have destroyed families and fueled the rage in the less-stable "Christo-Fascists" that perpetrate the increasing number of horrific hate crimes that are directed towards those that engage-in and/or support-same sex relationships.

    This DVD is a riveting, no-nonsense and sorely needed vehicle for positive change for all civilized and decent people who have an inherent sense of Reverence and Spirituality. More importantly, it is also a powerful wake-up call for the so-called Traditionalists who are driven by Old Testament energies that reek with the cruel "fire and brimstone" payback mind-sets that one will "go to hell" for same-sex interests. It may also encourage those that engage in rote and simplistic behaviors that are "preached" weekly in Church by the so-called Evangelicals and Ministers of organized religious venues that are often more interested in their own self-serving agendas and financial gains, as opposed to offering genuine spiritual guidance for the masses, to perhaps "re-consider" and reflect on thier own spiritual journey relative to Enlightment and Salvation.

    Additionally, the video reminds us that the old adage that states that the greatest problem with the Church is the Chruch, is worth a second look. Too often, the politics associated with traditional organized religious venues, spill-over into a hateful divisveness that perpetuates an "us and them" mentality where each venue claims to have the ONLY way to Salvation and Heaven. Sadly, the language of the so-called Judeo Christian Bible was written in the context of a reality that existed some 2000 years ago. As society and Culture evolved, progressed and grew with the times, too many of the "quoted" biblical lines have been either taken out of context or interpreted in a restrictive and unrealistic fashion that are misleading and simply dead wrong! Just as beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, perhaps TURTH lies in the eyes(soul) of the beholder, as well.

    In the end, I doubt that a personal God works to inform us, day to day, about how we should behave, relative to societal norms, politics and cultural constructs. Freedeom for Americans allows for CHOICES in the domain of man-made rules, social order and in civilized living matters. "Because the Bible tells me so", is quite possibly the greatest impetus for all of God's children to observe and to LIVE The Golden Rule as the best guide towards Englightenment and Salvation! THANKS!

    Captain Rick Rotundo
    July 28, 2008...more info
  • An important topic, a great presentation
    I think this movie was incredibly well done. It wasn't just a bunch of ivory-tower "liberal" theologians (theology is an inherently conservative profession), talking about historical context of New Testament scripture and such. Those types will never have a significant impact on the mindset of fundamentalists like Sarah Palin's followers. This movie also does not go in an anti-Religion direction; a tactic which likewise will get you nowhere with most Americans. The fact that it manages not to stray in either of these directions really impressed me.

    Instead, it wove scientific research with human stories in a very effective manner. I was very surprised by some of the interviews with pro-LGBT activist parents of gay men and women: it turns out that many of them were VERY anti-gay and totally unaccepting when their children *first* came out to them. It was very straightforward and fair in its presentation, so much so that I felt like I could lend it to my fundamentalist mother and it would do actually more good than harm. We'll see how it goes. My views on religion and society have changed quite a bit over the past year and I think that homosexuality is probably the single topic where I can least relate to my parents anymore (to me, it is of course a clear cut case of civil rights). So I thank the makers of this movie for promoting understanding in a very effective manner. It's not just preaching to the choir, but rather a potentially great educational tool....more info
  • Good - but?
    I LIKE what this documentary says. I LIKE it - because I agree with it. I agree that fundamentalist Christianity (yes, I AM Christian!) has misinterpreted the Bible about homosexuality.
    However, this documentary is one-sided. The fundamentalist view is presented in a negative light - and is ALWAYS refuted. In my training in debate - that's not fair. EVERYONE gets a rebuttal. Unfortunately, I find no documentary that rebuts these claims. What would I show to present a balanced view?...more info
  • A Must Have!!!
    This video is a must have for anyone in Seminary or anyone who wants to learn more about their beliefs toward biblical history. I would recommend this video for church libraries, christian schools and church classes that want to focus on an in depth study of the bible and it's meanings about things not talked about from the pulpit. ...more info
  • For the Bible Tells Me So
    Excellent documentary debunking the apparent conflict between homosexuality and the Bible text. Good historical review of the origins of Literalism as a way of interpreting Bible readings and how this method of Bible interpretation has been used in the past to defend slavery and condemn Jews, interracial marriages and other social phenomena. And all this coming from a very authoritative and gay episcopal bishop beloved by his congregation. He should know....more info
  • Most important film of decade
    Every person alive should see this film. Don't pass it by if you're not Christian. Christianity has become synonymous with bigotry, homophobia, sexism and hate and this film shows a more orthodox Christian movement that can not and does not support any of those things at all. Indeed, true Christianity can't be used to promulgate intollerence, hate or fear based on anything - it's suposed to be about deliverance from those things and you can see that in this movie. Everyone should have the chance to see this movie. ...more info
  • Lopsided
    I liked this film because it challenges one to think. However, I think its portrayal of what the Bible says about homosexuality is very lopsided. The argument of the film relies mainly upon emotion and opinion than what the Bible actually says. What little it does allow the Bible to speak it does so in a very bias manner. I would have liked to see some dialogue between the two sides presented in a balanced fashion. Perhaps some scholarship on the original texts of Hebrew and Greek would have served well. Overall, it challenges Christians to see that this issue is not as clear cut as they would like to believe, but its weakness is that it opens questions that are never answered, namely the title. What does the Bible tell us so? You won't find it in this film....more info
  • God is God
    I will not speak about the pain so beautifully portrayed nor the compelling logic of the author's view; neither will I touch on the subtlety of the intimate feelings expressed. Instead, I would only express the reverence I feel for what we have come to call 'believers.' Only God knows whether we have even correctly understood the questions presented; I can only say that as a Christian I am pleased and moved to see and hear Christians wrestle with what may or may not be right....more info
  • A movie every radical fundamentalist should see.
    When are the radical fundamentalists going to stop spreading hatred?
    Why are people not SCREAMING out loud when a man in the movie is holding a sign reading "God hates America"?! This was in reference to gays in the movie. It's funny how radical fundamentalists can get away with things like that.
    What this movie shows and teaches is love. It also sadly portrays what happends when people like James Dobson are allowed to teach lies and hatred, and it is heart breaking.
    I'll read a bible if a radical fundamentalist will see this movie - fair trade?
    - Madeliene...more info
  • Says it all.
    This documentary deals with the insane idea that you can take the Bible literally from beginning to end. It also shows how the Bible has been used to support all kinds of prejudice by selectively picking out passages and ignoring others. The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. Funny how lopsided these admonishments have become. This is a great tool to help gay people deal with religious fanatics in their lives....more info
  • Finally some clarity
    A really nice piece of work - except for a bit of heavy handedness with some poorly chosen animation - that gives you tons on info on the basis of today's culture wars. The Anita Bryant opener is worth the price of admission alone...more info
  • Thought-provoking though clearly slanted ....
    "For the Bible Tells Me So" is a documentary purporting to refute those who claim the Bible condemns homosexuality. Thought provoking and compassionate toward those who are gay and who are suffering oppression because of it, the film left me conflicted.

    On the one hand, I do feel compassion for the pain that gays experience because of their orientation, compassion for the families who have lost loved ones to suicide or who have broken relationships. On the other hand, I feel the movie demonizes the church by painting it with a ovrly broad brush that is more appropriately reserved to one fundamentalist, literalistic slice.

    Put differently, it is no more accurate to see The Church as a monolithic entity than it is to put The Gays into one stereotypical bucket. The truth is that many strands of the church are struggling - albeit unsuccessfully - with inclusion of gays and acceptance of them. The fact that the Episcopal Church ordained a gay Bishop illustrates the progress made but also the distance left to travel.

    Further, there is no denying that - in both the Old and New Testaments - the Bible has something to say about homosexuality, and that something is consistently condemnatory. There are "contextual" attempts to dilute the "abomination" label or to explain away the condemnation. Whether you find these explanations compelling may depend on what side of the divide you stand on. Further, the efforts at being confrontational and demonizing the likes of James Dobson risks putting gays into the same oppression mode as their purported fundamentalist enemies. In such a way, the gay movement threatens to become a mirror image of that which it purports to hate.

    Again, this is a thought-provoking documentary with a clear point of view ion the issue. It hopefully can lead to constructive - not confrontational - dialogue between Christians and gays, not as mutually exclusive factions but as overlapping groups.
    ...more info
  • This is..
    what is:The Bible made little sense to me (thE sad and lonely fate of ANna Wallner one of the films participants, is reflected along with thE mothers journey to stop this from happening in others lives..)..alOng with the coping measures..really.The cultural context of the Bible is explained to me for really the first time in terms of (Just As I Am: A Practical Guide to Being Out, Proud, and ChristiAN Boo tO Anti-Gays..)..this here books helped me..)releVance..Chrissy Gephardt (Healing movie..)is really so charming.Irene Monroe is a surprise for an Harvard preacher!This is a surprise healer and may keep me from (I'm surprised Focus On the Family took their surprise visitors so seriOus..)visiting the Christian book stores....more info
  • Compelling & Entertaining
    This is an extremely well-done documentary. It begins with the infamous Anita Bryant pie-in-the face video and continues that theme throughout, exposing the hatred and fear of thoughtless conservatives. (Not saying all conservatives are thoughtless). The clip of Jimmy Swaggert telling his supporters that if a gay men looked funny at him, he would murder him "and then tell God he died." Now there's a man of faith.......But the best part of this doc is the positive aspect. The heroes of this movie are a couple from the South, who learn to accept their son for what he is, not easy for Christian conservatives living in the south in the 70s. If these people can learn....there is hope for us all. ...more info
  • An excellent movie
    This is a very powerful movie. It tells the story of real families struggling to come to terms with a gay or lesbian child. It was wonderful seeing some of the parents showing genuine love and acceptance of their children

    It was also a treat hearing various clergy people discussing and analyzing the bible's statements about homosexuality. As someone who has spent several years studying the Hebrew Bible, I cannot stress enough the importance of studying the Hebrew Bible in conjunction with Jewish oral tradition and various other teachings. I cannot think of anything in the Hebrew Bible that is meant to be taken literally.

    ...more info
  • For every family of a gay person and every church in America!
    Every family, every church in America should see this movie. I'm not sure any mother or father, or person with a heart could watch this movie and not be moved to be more understanding and compassionate towards a homosexual person. ...more info
  • Depending on one's perspective...
    This video makes some very valid and important points which need to be understood, if they can get into the heads of the fundamentalists. My problem is that the audience it seems to be targeting is more the gay person who is struggling to reconcile his faith to his sexuality, and less for the Christian parent or pastor who needs to understand that struggle. I tried to visualize the content as though I were a fundamentalist homophobic, and from that perspective, the video fails miserably. There are scenes which would antagonize and further alienate Christians who might be watching it.

    And it starts with that classic pie-in-the-face scene of Anita Bryant. Farbeit from me to align myself with Anita Bryant, but I felt more sympathy for her than I did with the pie thrower, especially as she started to cry while she was praying. And portraying prominent Christian evangelists in an unsophisticated light, and showing gay demonstrations in almost a circus sideshow atmosphere, and gay men kissing at their wedding -- these things won't win any votes either. Those are the very things that the fundamentalists find disgusting, and they won't be able to get past that to the important parts of the message. I just don't think that kind of presentation is going to help, and it would probably make things worse.

    Although the movie gave me some good arguing points to remember, and there are some very heartwarming moments as parents share themselves with the audience, there is no way I could show it to our pastor or other already-antagonistic fundamentalists and expect understanding and acceptance. Hell, it makes even me want to reject homosexuality!

    When someone makes a video in which the conflict between one's faith and one's sexuality is presented in a respectful manner toward all parties involved -- one that avoids ridiculing or antagonizing its very audience -- then maybe there will be progress in acceptance in the churches. But I don't see that happening with this film....more info
  • Responded to Questions
    This was an excellent documentary that followed the lives of several families and their transformation and pain with the discrimination against gay and lesbian children and siblings....more info
  • Review
    The feature length documentary, For the Bible Tells Me So, takes a journey into the lives of five Christian families who raised gay or lesbian children. Two of the five families are prominent families in the US: former Presidential candidate Dick Gephardt and his family and the first openly gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson and his family. The documentary follows each family as they begin to process their child's sexual orientation, with each family responding in a variety of ways, from complete acceptance to loving tolerance to rejection and judgment.
    In the end, For the Bible Tells Me So is unambiguously pro-gay in its approach to the topic. A large majority of the scholars who provide interpretations of the six or seven biblical passages concerning homosexuality conclude that monogamous homosexual relationships can be supported by the church without betraying biblical honesty. While their arguments are compelling, perhaps the most compelling aspect of this film is the love and compassion these families show for one another in stark opposition to the hatred and vengeance the Church shows toward homosexuals. This message is not only a powerful reminder for the Church but a call to true Christ-like compassion that has been lacking in this area.
    The only weakness of this film is the lack of healthy dialog between the liberal and conservative approaches to the topic. It is clear the film makers want to begin the dialog between homosexuals and the church, yet the film is probably too polarizing for this to take place. For most viewers of the film, it will be either a celebrated commentary on the validity of homosexuality or, to borrow a term used often in the film, a pure abomination.
    ...more info
  • Amazing Documentary
    This is a must see for all people. It is respectfully done and gives equal and fair remarks from all sides of this issue. Tolerance is what we need more and leave the judging of humans up to God. Enjoy. ...more info
  • Karslake asks us to discover what we fear, instead of who we hate
    "For the Bible Tells Me So" (FBTMS) by director Daniel Karslake is an interesting movie on many levels. Most superficially, it is a documentary illustrating how many religious leaders have held aloft homosexuality as a convenient demon through which to influence their flock. Through candid interviews with several individuals and their parents, the movie follows the personal evolution of families that are coming to gripes with the realization that their child is not straight. More fascinating is that three of these families contain parents and/or children who are practicing pastors or ministers.

    Gene Robinson ignited waves of controversy, discussion, and hatred when he was elected as a bishop in the Anglican Church in 2004. The issue was that Bishop Gene Robinson was an openly gay, non-celibate priest. In several interviews with him and his parents, we have a glimpse into the spiritual torture of a man who suffers inner torment as he confronts his failed marriage, his parents, and finally his faith after he accepts who he is. We are able to share in his ultimate vindication towards the end of the film as he is ushered in as bishop, not to cries of rage, but to cheers of joy.

    Chrissy Gephardt, daughter of yesteryear's presidential hopeful Richard Gephardt, brings the viewer along during her struggle with sexuality. Chrissy also encounters anguish within a loving, but passionless, marriage. Ultimately, she informs her parents that she is gay--far from rejecting her, they embrace their daughter and offer her a place on the presidential-election campaign staff. In her own words, she felt acceptance beyond anything she had expected during the campaign.

    Delving deeper into the movie, the viewer is presented arguments which attack two of the fundamentalist's core messages: that homosexuality is explicitly stated as evil in the Bible, and that the Sodom and Gomorrah stories were primarily about homosexuality and "perversion." Critics attest that the rule found in Leviticus that demands capital punishment for those who are homosexual has to be examined contextually, instead of literally. They go on to argue that many other rules in Leviticus also threaten death for a variety of other rather mundane activities, such as eating shrimp or working on the Sabbath. Biblical scholars from both sides also debate the current belief in academia that Sodom and Gomorrah were actually destroyed over differences in tribal custom--one being the tradition of inviting strangers into the home, of all things.

    It is a familiar argument to anyone having difficulties parsing the inherent contradiction in interpreting the Bible literally--you must literally believe everything in the Bible to truly be a literalist. So why, one may ask, is the Bible being waved around as "proof" that homosexuality is evil if it is clear that you cannot base modern behavior on millennia-old dictates? This film suggests that those who use the Bible in this manner are not intellectually honest, or honorable, folk.

    FBTMS challenges viewers to answer three questions: why do you believe, what do you believe, and how did you come to your belief regarding homosexuality? Through interviews and personal stories, the story told is that homophobia is exactly that: "the state of fearing that which is homosexual." The filmmakers suggest that this fear is lent religious credence with a few scattered Biblical quotations mixed with earnest sermons from influential ministers. This is a stunning argument when examined--are religious leaders really just wrapping up a primitive fear in the coating of malleable religious dogma?

    Other issues explored are the choice/no-choice controversy, "homosexual rehabilitation," and hate crimes. This movie delivers its message in a scholarly, passionate, subtle, and sublime fashion. The message is simple. Love--of parents, of neighbors, of community, and of tolerance--is the answer. Daniel Karslake directs this masterfully, as too-often an "informative" film can quickly deteriorate into preachy, irritating material that is off-message. This documentary is highly recommended to everyone, especially those willing to see a movie that avoids annoying methods of argumentation while still delivering a powerful message of tolerance....more info
  • For the Bible Tells Me So
    This video is an excellent source material for High School and College age adults. The video dispels rumors regarding homosexuality versus' heterosexuality. It would also be a great tool for parents whose children have come out to them. Actual parents talking about how they handled the situation and learned from mistakes and became more pro-active instead of reacting. We tell our children we love them no matter what! This video would help you understand that love and see things from another point of view....more info
  • An important documentary
    For anyone who wants to understand the realities of the bible in regards to what it does or doesn't say about homosexuality - this is a must see video. Period....more info
  • How to rape text to fit your agenda 101
    I probably have never seen more evident example of twisting the plain meaning of the text to fit one's own dirty agenda.

    First, I already posted my review of this abominable oxymoronic video. But for some reason it is not here. So, now I will not give as lengthy review as I did before. It is pointless. It is pointless precisely because ANY textual evidence would be raped again and again, pretty much as it was before. There was no new addition to the Bible since this video published, and they tried (they think they succeeded) to twist and stretch the meaning to unthinkable conclusions. So adding any objections will not surprise perverts. They have THEIR 'answers' already. What is more disgusting is the fact that they say that it is THEY who look for the context, and it is us - historical Christians, who preserved the Christianity for centuries and defended from various perverts and false teachers, who do not acknowledge context of the text. How preposterous! They are the ones who don't know why the Bible said not to plant two seeds together (as if it is meaningless and useless command). They are so dumb not to know, not us. They are the ones who make fun of the Bible precisely for these reasons. People who have no respect for the Scriptures, now dare to say that they know proper exegesis. For the record, two seeds were not allowed to be planted because neighboring pagan religions planted two cultures together in somewhat ritualistic manner as to marry them so that they would yield more harvest.
    But, these Bible-rapists have smiling face expressions when pointing alleged discrepancies in the Bible, as if they were having fun. "Yeah, they think, Bible is full of dumb and meaningless commands, so now let's pick an choose what WE want, and what fits into our perverted queer theology".

    What a disgrace... makes Christian feel nauseated. Not because of homosexual perversion, necessarily. But because of dishonesty and Bible-raping attempts to FIT text into one's ideology. Christianity stood in face of many false teachings throughout centuries, and it will withstand this one!!!

    Second, I cannot let this Bible-raping go unnoticed. There is an responsibility both before me, and other Christians have to defend truth from this heresy as much as from say Dan's Brown gnostic heresy. Both love to twist PLAIN meaning, and lie about a meaning and a context. They think its fine to have Bible preserved by sometimes martyrdom of believers just to simply rape it in the end. People who has preserved it is immensely offended by this sort of 'queer theology'. What an abominable ideology!

    There is no way, 'natural' and 'unnatural' in Romans 1 refers to customary. No matter how much one WANTS to see his own perversion being justified and even promoted in the Bible, it is simply NOT there.

    Hom many times it has to be said again and again? There is no room for queer theology in Christianity. Christian homosexual = square circle. It is the same as Christian pedophile, or Christian necrophiliac, or Christian serial killer. It doesn't make sense.

    Check Michael Brown's for true and honest Christian position on homosexual perversion. ...more info
  • Best Documentary I have ever seen!
    Absolutely wonderful film. After spending years researching this topic much of information in the film was not new to me. However, this was best discussion on the subject I have come across. The sad truth is, most people just don't want to take the time to wade through information on the subject to intelligently discuss homosexuality as it relates to the bible. This film takes the effort out of researching and provides and excellent background for anyone who has ever wanted to challenge the notion that the bible comdemns homosexuality. ...more info
  • For the Bible Tells Me So
    For The Bible Tells Me So
    Packed full of emotional tugs of all sorts. For The Bible Tells Me So is an inspiring DVD that may help Christian families deal with the stuggles that come about when a family member or friend "comes out". I think this DVD should be in every church library. To some, the shock of a family member sharing that they are gay or lesbian, can cut against the grain of the Christian family core. Learn how other devout and well rooted Christian families learn to deal with their issues between acceptance and what the Bible tells them....more info
  • A Surprizingly Well Balanced Film
    For The Bible Tells Me So was a pleasant surprize. I guess I didn't expect the film to be so balanced from both extreme points of view. I thought it was informative, interesting and entertaining. I would recommend this film for the educational value alone. The film interweaves five family stories as well as various interpretations of theology experts. There was also a short, especially entertaining cartoon in the middle of the film. It covers the range of intolerance to acceptance with some sadness and joy. I credit the courage of those involved in the film....more info
  • Excellent...Highly recommended!
    I saw this movie in a local theatre screening. When it became available on DVD a year later, I immediately ordered a copy, and began showing it to my family and friends in my home. It promotes discussion and lively debate.
    Very well-documented for anyone who is really trying to understand the history of homosexuality, and all of the attached bigotry through the ages....more info
  • The truth will set you free.
    When we encounter "truth" we must be willing to listen, learn and accept. "And the Bible tells me so", offers a clear, honest and profound message.about homosexuality. Scholars, theologians and other enlightened individuals take us on a journey that opens not only our minds but our hearts as well. In this documentary the fundamentalist and evangelicals are taken to task for their distorted and often heartless teachings on homosexuality. In the final analysist one will learn that homosexuality was never dealt with in the scriptures. All reference that some calim do exist in the Bible are distortions of the word and taken out of context. God loves us all and sees us as His perfect children, in the end we should do so as well. ...more info
  • For the Bible Tells Us So
    This is an wonderful movie that addresses the Biblical perspective concerning homosexuality. Meet parents from a variety of faiths and their struggle with children who are gay. A must see for anyone who is questioning the scriptures response....more info
  • Better than I has expected
    I was not at all sure what I would see when I went to this film. I left with the knowledge and the resources I need to combat some of the stigmatism and condemnations the right wing nuts spew about homosexuality. I learned things about the scripture I had never known or thought about. While I am still on my own personal journey with religion I would strongly recommend this film for everyone! The gay population can leave this film with comfort that the "christian" views taught to us as children are not true in regards to our sexuality and the heterosexuals can leave understanding what a struggle it is for gays and how many have used religion and christianity to preach and promote hate!...more info
  • If He hated, He wouldn't be the Lord.
    This DVD of "For the Bible Tells Me So" was recommended to me by one of my online friends with whom I'd discussed my Christian faith after being raised in a Jewish household. The irony is, the recommender is a Jew, himself. He said this documentary placed great emphasis on the church's negative stance on homosexuality. I discovered quickly that the DVD was available in the library system of Indianapolis and reserved it immediately. It took a couple of months to get here, but it was worth the wait.

    The interviews with figures such as Dr. Mel White, Bishop V. Gene Robinson, Jacob Reitan, his parents, Peter J. Gomes and all the others were enlightening and touching. And, the archive footage of the opposition was properly childish and angering. In college, I ran with the sort of people that openly judged gays and lesbians unfairly. After graduation, I came to realize how mistaken they were. After watching this disc, I immediately decided to someday purchase a copy of it. In time, I bought it for both me and one of my dear friends.

    The most climactic part of the film for me was a segment near the end. The Reitan family had ventured to the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs to present Dr. Jim Dobson with love propaganda. They were turned away without a word, the property was carted off, the shades pulled down and the authorities called in to prevent entrance. It was pathetic the way the Reitans were arrested, because Dr. Dobson had put his fingers in his ears to block out what turned out just to be love propaganda.

    When I watched that segment for the first time, I was so enraged I nearly broke up one of my guitars. But, what would that have achieved? The anger would still be there, I'd have one less instrument to use for positive purposes, and Dr. Dobson would still be what I call "a pseudo-theologian with a pseudo-reputation, spouting pseudo-spiritual lessons about a whole lot of nothing. And, the only genuine article he's got is his silver hair." (Sorry, that's paraphrasing a line from an episode of the sitcom, A Different World.) The man evidently suffers from a blind, ignorant stubbornness I call "Brick Wall Syndrome." And, the arrest of the Reitans is a clear re-creation of the incident of Sodom when the angels were assaulted by the residents. But, he is a human being, and there's always divine hope for any human.

    The Lord doesn't hate gays or lesbians anymore than he hates blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, believers in Shinto, Universalist Unitarians, non-believers - or anybody. He doesn't hate the United States of America. And, He doesn't hate the Episcopal Church. He couldn't possibly see the use of apartheid, the degradation of women, revoking their right to choose or insulting other peoples' creeds, either. If He hated, He wouldn't be the Lord....more info
  • Abominations & heard the director
    I had the privilege of seeing this film in a church near the hometown of director Daniel Karslake and he was there for Q & A afterwards. First we had the emotionally moving experience of seeing his masterpiece, then he spoke. He worked hard to get other fundamentalists to contribute. At first some agreed, only to change their minds as they heard more about the film. It is sad that some Christians are afraid to examine their beliefs in this way. This is a film about confusion and fear transforming into love and I was urging folks to see it even before it went on sale. You will never hear the word abomination in the same way again!...more info
  • Eye opening film
    "For The Bible Tells Me So" was a very eye opening film. As a supporter of GLBTQ people - ALL people for that matter, I wasn't certain what I would discover while watching the movie. Wasn't sure if it was going to be pro or anti-GLBTQ. Surprisingly, it was slanted more toward being pro-GLBTQ without going over the top. Take the time to watch this documentary - you will learn something!...more info
  • It's okay to have a 5th grade understanding of homosexuality, as long as you are in the 5th grade!
    That is my favorite line in this brilliant documentary. Not only do they explore peoples homo-ignorance and homo-prejudice but they show compassionately what people "think" they know and really have no clue as to what the bible really says.

    For me, I am glad I am a Jew. Everything was spoken in Hebrew in my synagogue and if they preached homophobia I didn't understand a word they said!...more info
  • Please watch this movie!
    This is an excellent documentary. It was well-made, filmed and totally relevant. Not only should anyone who is interested in interpretations of the Bible see this, but also people who are struggling to come out of the closet because of religion or their family's views on being gay. Parents of gay children should see this as well. Thank you for making this excellent documentary!...more info
  • For the Bible Tells Me So
    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen regarding Gay and Lesbian people. This should be mandatory for all schools and for all families, regardless of whether or not they "think" they have a family member who is gay....more info
  • Excellent documentary about an emotionally charged subject.
    This was well worth purchasing and viewing. Anyone who knows a gay person, or has a gay friend or relative, should watch this. Many so-called religious people are vicious in comment and/or action towards gays, basing this on the Bible. This video offers some excellent arguments against behaving or speaking in this way. Of course, only those who are willing to think about things in a new way will be open. Many who are vicious in their dealings with gays have minds that are tightly closed....more info