Calphalon One Nonstick 12-Inch Covered Fry Pan

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Product Description

Afraid to fry? This pan invites you to return to the joys of frying for taste and health!

Nonstick cooking surfaces make food easier to prepare and clean-up is really simple. The One Nonstick by Calphalon has revolutionized the durability of nonstick pans. It features an interior surface comprised of four interlocking nonstick layers each of which contributes to the cookware's long-lasting performance. Even with the stickiest foods, Calphalon One Nonstick cookware delivers flawless food release. Low fat cooking is a breeze with these pans. There's no need to use added fats (unless, of course, you want to). Due to an exclusive anodization process, the exterior surface of Caphalon One Nonstick cookware is infused with an advanced polymer that prevents staining for easy clean-up and convenience!
The Calphalon CR1392CPWR is a 12-inch diameter deluxe fry pan for anything from eggs to meats to fish to vegetables. The durable nonstick surface means you really don't need to use any oils if you don't want to. That's a really nice choice if you want to pursue a low-fat diet.
The pan has a stylish glass domed lid to help prevent splatter, allowing foods to meld with their own juices for more flavor. The Calphalon One series of cookware is unique and this fry pan will deliver exceptional service in your kitchen.
Perfect flips, and no flops! Calphalon fry pans feature a thick, flat, wide bottom for quick, even heating and cooking. The cast stainless steel handles also stay comfortably cool for stovetop cooking. The gently sloping sides allow the omelet to glide freely, flip in one quick motion and slide easily from the pan to your plate. It's sure to bring out your sunny side. Cleans in a flash - A quick wipe with a soapy sponge on the interior is all it takes to keep Calphalon One Nonstick sparkling clean. To refresh your cookware's exterior shine, use Bar Keeper's Friend and a Scotch Brite pad every now

  • Features a thick, flat, wide bottom for quick, even heating and cooking. The cast stainless steel handles also stay comfortably cool for stovetop cooking.
  • Flawless food release -- Sushi rice, mozzarella cheese, caramel-even the stickiest foods lift easily from Calphalon One's exceptional nonstick surface. Delicate foods such as eggs and fish filets won't tear when you turn them, either.
  • Unmatched durability -- Calphalon One Nonstick is engineered with four interlocking nonstick layers for superior durability. Heavy-gauge aluminum construction and riveted handles lend additional strength.
  • Long handles stay cool and comfortable through hours of stovetop cooking.
  • Tempered glass covers offer see-through convenience and enhance table presentation.

Customer Reviews:

  • scratched out of the box
    I got this for x-mas, just to find about a 1/2 inch long scratch along the rim where the metal part of the lid damaged the non stick surface. I exchanged it just to find the exact same issue with the replacement. Needless to say, it goes back in is the last item I'll buy from Calphalon, I'd rather spend a bit more and get something of top quality.

    If you buy this in a store, open it and check the non stick along the upper side of the rim, where the metal ring of the lid touches the pan. Both of mine had a scratch and the 2nd one also has the top layer of non stick rubbed off from the lid.

    ...more info
  • awesome pan
    I have used other Calphalon One nonstick pans before and loved them. So when they offered this pan for $50 with a lid, I jumped on it. I'm glad that I did. It is very nonstick and up to par with Calphalon's other pans. But it is a bit shallow than i expected. I find myself still reaching for my 5qt saute pan by calphalon more often. But a great deal, and quick shipping. Well worth what I paid....more info
  • Calphalon 12Inch Fry Pan
    This is a wonderful fry pan. The pan is a bit heavy, but the easy clean up makes up for the weight and the quality of the pan is great. I am very pleased with this product and will go with the Calphalon brand for any other new cookware I will need. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    I scored this one during a half price Macy's sale! How cool is that? The skillet looks beautiful - I didn't even want to cook in it! But after I did, it cleaned up so easily and still looks like it did out of the box! I've made omelets, cheesy fries, chicken, you name it- it comes clean with just running water. I haven't had to touch this skillet with a cloth yet to get it clean! Awesome!
    Some cons - I was expecting, with a lifetime warranty, that I would be able to throw this thing around and just send it back if it ever broke, right? Well, Calphalon gives you a long list of things you can't do to this - using non-stick cooking spray, metal utensils, put it in a dishwasher, stack them on top of eachother (what - stacking two pots on top of each other will void the warranty? Come on!), etc. After I bought my cookware set if feels like I have a newborn in the house.
    But this is great quality Calphalon cookware at unbeatable prices at! ...more info
  • First Impressions
    Why not 5 stars? Durability doesn't come into play on a first impression.

    Initial reaction -- it arrived so fast the chicken breasts didn't have time to thaw. From order confirmation to my doorstep in about 40 hours, with the usually not-so-quick Free Super Saver Shipping.

    I wanted a bigger saute pan for times when I want to cook in bulk, whether for a get-together or just because I don't want to cook 3 days straight. This pan, mostly-straight sided, does the trick. Much bigger cooking surface than my 10" pan with the slopy sides. Since the chicken breasts weren't thawed I tried 1 pound of sausage smashed into 5 patties about slice-of-bread size. No problem.

    My gas burners are smallish so my hesitation was that this pan wouldn't heat evenly. No problem -- the thick bottom created even heat across the cook surface. And it heated up much quicker than my stainless steel 10" pan.

    America's Test Kitchen recommended the Simply Calphalon Nonstick 12 Inch Jumbo Fryer. I took a hard look at it -- both pans have a max capacity of about 14 cups. Given that the price is the same, and this one comes with free shipping, it was a no brainer.

    I could see using this pan as a fryer for things like catfish filets, chicken wings, zucchini; flipping may be necessary on some things. And a substantial amount of stir-fry will be no problem. Since my kitchen is a smallish galley-type, with limited storage, I want versatility. I think this pan will fit the bill nicely

    ...more info
  • Nice pan, not sure about the lid
    We like the pan a lot, but I am annoyed by the seam on the lid. I wonder after a year or so of use if it will come apart there. I might consider buying the pan without the lid next time....more info
  • No surpirse
    Typical Calphalon! Well made, good weight, and good performance! The lid fits very well! Heat dispersion is good and clean up easy....more info
  • Best pan I've ever had
    I am a first time owner of Calphalon products. I am in love. I am a stay at home mom of two boys, so I am constantly cooking. This is by far the best pan I have ever used. The nonstick interior is so much grander than any other nonstick I've ever used. It also heats up more evenly than anything I've ever experienced before. Other nonstick pans I have used left a flavor and smell in the pan, but not this. I highly recommend this pan. I can't wait to add to my collection.
    Someone only left a four star review complaining that food sticks to the rivets. I have not had this problem as I wash the pan up within an hour after cooking. ...more info
  • Works Wonderfully
    I bought this to replace another pan that I had from a different but well known maker. This pan is far superior than the one I had before. I know its a little expensive but its better than having to replace your pans all the time. I would buy this again in half a heart beat....more info
  • Great Pan for every cook
    This pan is magnificent. Food cooks evenly and never sticks. Clean-up is a breeze. The construction is solid...this is a quality pan with good weight. It's hard to drop good money on cookware and this one seems too good to be true with its special price. It is worth so much more. Perfect for cooks of all levels...whether you only know how to make grilled cheese or you can create stunning meals without a will love this pan. I'm buying another one for a gift...with the Calphalon name and the quality of this pan they'll think I spent a fortune!...more info
  • Cephalon Fry Pan
    I received this fry pan and am giving it for a present. I was very pleased with the delivery....more info
  • Quality Nonstick Pan
    This skillet is shallow and provides a good wide base for larger frying or sauteing jobs. It has a thick aluminum construction which provides very even heating. The handle is sturdy and stays cool. I have only had the pan for about a year and I don't use it often, but the nonstick surface has worked very well and has not shown any signs of wear or deterioration....more info
  • solid and well made
    I've had this pan for about 5 months and use it frequently. LOVE IT! I am on the small side so when this thing is loaded up with food it tends to be a little too heavy for me. However, it is well made, hefty and solid. The glass lid is a nice feature because you can see what you're cooking without opening the lid. I've used it for so many things and the non-stick works great. I use much less oil and butter than previously with great results and very easy to clean. I have other calphalon pieces and have been very happy with the quality of the products. Just make sure you do not use high heat. Med-high is all that's recommended....more info
  • Great Everyday Pan for a great price
    After a month of use I'm very happy with the pan. Really heats up quick and evenly. Won't know how durable the surface is for a while, but it seems that you get more than you pay for here. Will be buying more....more info
  • makes cooking easy!
    Ive never had a good pot, so when i got this i was surprised as to how easy it is to actually not burn things. It cooks evenly and nothing sticks to the bottom. An overall good frying pan. ...more info
  • Impressive
    I got two of these pans. I use them to sautee leafy green vegetables, so the lid comes in very handy. Of course, they work great on other food as well. I don't miss the extra handle on the non-promo pan. It helps to have a powerful burner - the pan is large and it may take some time for it to heat up. Bottom line: unbeatable combination of quality, utility, and price. BBB has them at the same price; with 20% off coupon the deal is very sweet. ...more info
  • Great pan!
    I needed a heavy, large pan with a lid and this one is perfect. Not only is it the right weight for even cooking, but it's non-stick and has a clear glass lid as well. It's a great value for the money, and just what I was looking for in a fry pan....more info
  • great pan
    The teflon coating on this pan is excellent and it has a nice, wide flat bottom to it. I got it at a special promotion price ( I believe $49.99 )and it was a great buy. ...more info
  • This is the pan...
    This is the nonstick pan I have been looking for. Heavy, even heat distribution (cooks bacon almost as evenly as the oven) and a non-stick coating that really works. The lid is great too.

    Of course it's a bit heavy when doing cleanup.

    This replaces another Calphalon non-stick pan I wore out with heavy use-- the nonstick developed little spots that grew over time where the non-stick was just gone. Since shipping is so expensive I just recycled it and bought another one instead of trying for a warranty claim. I expect this one to last longer that the previous one....more info
  • Has not warped yet, unlike my Calphalon Commercial
    Heavy with a nice sturdy lid. I have had this on high heat a dozen times and it has not warped yet (I am holding my breath). I purchased the Calphalon Commercial 12-inch first and it was just a sad sad product to use on a flat stove top.

    I have other Calphalon One non stick and the coating is great so far. I really watch it though with non abrasive utensils and not heating or cooling the pan too fast.

    OH. I hate the rivets where the handle attaches. Food sticks, I have to scrub them etc. That's why only 4 stars from me. I am thinking about going to a 'cast' pan with the handle cast with it just to avoid these stupid rivets.

    Stan...more info
  • Only lasted 2 years
    I loved this product for the first year and a half. Then like all other nonstick products that I have bought, the surface is peeling off even though I use only plastic utensils when cooking. ...more info
  • Impressive Out of the Box
    pulled it out of the box, washed it, fried an egg with no oil or butter. With a little finesse it cooked a great egg. Very heavy and excellent heat transfer. If you don't like dealing with a heavy pan without the 'helper' handle you may want to think about upgrading....more info
  • Decent pan, scratches easily, not worth $50
    I have used this pan every day since my purchase a few months ago. It was fine in the beginning but it has already accumulated several scratches and it does not cook as well as it did only a few months ago. I have taken special care with this pan since $50 is a lot of money these days and I have never taken the heat above the recommended temperature nor have I failed to wash this pan by hand after every use. I have also been quite careful about using kitchen tools that do not scratch the surface of the pan.

    I wanted this pan to work out. It is a good size and in the beginning it cooked quite well, the lid was a plus, and the nonstick was golden. Just a few months later it is rapidly becoming quite mediocre, not heating as evenly or as quickly, its nonstick ability is not what it was, and it has several scratches.

    If I have to take any more care than I already have, it is not worth my time. The pan is also quite heavy, which is something I could understand if there is some relationship between heaviness and quality of cookware. But the quality of cookware is not up to par after a few months so now it is just heavy.

    ...more info
  • Great purchase
    We bought this item to replace a cheaper non-stick pan that was past its prime. Once it arrived and I saw how big this pan was, I realized I actually needed the 10". After using it a while, I decided I couldn't part with it. When we are making anything that will stick (like cheese) we use this pan.

    It's a heavy pan and I love the glass lid. The non-stick surface is the best I've ever used in a pan such as this.

    I'd recommend this to anyone. Just make sure you want a BIG skillet if you order the 12'....more info
  • Fry me a river
    I don't usually buy "brands," but after trying out various pans over the years, I have found that Calphalon is one of those rare "names you can trust." At one time, I had a full set but those left years ago with an ex-girlfriend when we broke up, so I have been replacing them as I can.

    This "Calphalon One Nonstick 12-Inch Covered Fry Pan" is available at a really good price, and is a high-performance and versatile frying pan. I am completely satisfied with the purchase.

    Sadly, my apartment doesn't come with a fancy gas range, and my electric burners have been a challenge to overcome with cooking. They always heat up one side more than the other, and I am constantly rotating the pan to get even cooking. This Calphalon pan heats evenly, and while I still have to do a little creative spinning it is not nearly to the extent I did with my previous cheap frying pan.

    The nonstick coating is a dream as well. No matter what I am cooking, meat, veg or fish, it just slides off the pan easy as you please. While I am aware that nonstick coating will eventually wear off, it is nice to have the lifetime guarantee that comes with Calphalon pans. In a few years I can just box up this pan and send it back for a new one.

    The glass lid is a nice bonus, and the reason why I chose this pan in particular. It is nice and heavy, so I don't have to worry so much about it breaking, and I can see inside while my creations are cooking. Having a 12-inch surface area insures that I can put a lot in there as well, which is appreciated when I am cooking for a party....more info