CHI - Cationic Hydration CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus-The Power Of Nature (12 fl. oz.)

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Package includes: 8.4 oz. Priming Shampoo (specifically formulated with natural ingredients to exfoliate, detoxify and cleanse the hair and scalp by removing build up and sebum and prime the hair. 6 oz. Stimulating Conditioner (is designed with rich botanicals, herbs and humectants to relieve scalp tightness and dryness while helping to stimulate the scalp. 4 oz. Energy Hair Thickener (delivery system is made with pure natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to help improve the keratin structure.

  • Highest Quality Hair Loss available

 Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent scalp care and hair control for men with fine hair., I'm a guy and I don't think about my hair...nor do I really care to write a few hundred words about it. In this case, I'll make an exception; because, this is an excellent product.

    My hair was thinning and Mom noticed. She gives this package to me as a gift telling me it's all natural and will help re-grow my hair. She proceeds to tell me about Dad's hair; and her friend's hair re-growth, etc. etc. I do my homework...Googled every chemical ingredient on the label looking for some drug that might make me sterile. I didn't find I used it. I've been using it this product for over a year...'cause Mom says that's how long it takes to see more hair - yea-right, we'll see. At least it ain't that other hair re-growth product that has sexual side-affects.

    It is an excellent hair and scalp care system and styling product. I wish I knew about it when I was younger and had a thicker head of out-of-control hair. Instead, I now have a thinner head of out-of-control hair.

    I especially like the conditioner with its minty scalp-cooling sensation and am glad for the hair thickener, which provides control, and masks the thinning spot on top, without the goopy residue of gel that invariably melts off the hair onto the forehead.

    Try it'll be hooked; but, don't expect your hair to re-grow like Mom says it will. The product does add body and does help provide a fuller look; but, I can't say I've re-grown any hair.

    Another observation: The product makes dry scalps feel much better; but, again...don't expect more hair from using this product after a year. Regardless, I strongly recommend CHI 44 Ionic. I've used both the normal flavor and the one for chemically treated hair. Both work; and the price is the same. I think the one designed for chemical treated hair may have more of a cooling sensation on the scalp. You'll also see a difference in the color and thickness of the shampoo for the one designed for chemically treated hair. It is thinner and darker in color; while, the one designed for normal hair is lighter in color and thicker.

    If you've ever eaten a peppermint patty and you feel that cool sensation in your mouth and nose...imagine that sensation all over your scalp...that's what the shampoo and conditioner does. That alone is worth the price.
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