Monavie-Active Health Juice, 4 Bottles
Monavie-Active Health Juice, 4 Bottles

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Product Description

Monavie Active 1 case from authorized distributor.

  • This product will absolutely make you feel better, relieves arthritis pain, and gives you more energy.

Customer Reviews:

    I got a case of this from a friend of mine after my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She doesn't eat fruits and veggies. The thing I like about MONAVIE is you can get all your servings of fruits and veggies in just 4 oz. BUT BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ORDER IT FROM BECAUSE SOME DISTRIBUTORS ACTUALLY SCRAPE OFF THE EXPIRATION DATE ON THE BOTTLE. ...more info
  • Good product but there are even better ones.
    I had Monavie for about 3 months and I have to say that it works and it help with arthritis. Probably you need 2 to 3 oz a day instead of the minimum 1 oz recommended. with 1 OZ it does nearly nothing.
    Here is where the problem starts with this product: it is over diluted. Yes they put other fruits in it and tell you because of the other fruits you get several serving of fruit per day with just a few ounces of Monavie. Sure.... if you want to believe that....
    Monavie mix it with other fruit juice, to decrease the cost (and improve their profit) simply because the acai juice is rather expensive compared to other juices, and also it improves the taste which would be otherwise rather horrible. Monavie does not taste that great either.... who ever is going to say that tit tastes great, he/she is .. well trying to sell it to you.
    Yet a 32oz of pure acai concentrated, should cost about $4.50 to the public. yes only 4.50.
    Monavie ships in a very beautiful designed and manufactured carton box and also very good glass bottle that put some of the best wine to shame. That is going to cost a lot. Monavie pays a lot of celebrities and doctors, also pseudo doctors to endorse the product. those endorsements go for tenths of millions of dollars per year.... and last but not the least they have this multi level marketing that is going to weight a lot on the final buyer.
    And again... it is very diluted...
    That is why is impossible to buy (as today dec 2008) a bottle of Monavie for less than 32$ and you need of drinking at least 3 to 4 ounces per day in order to have good results. that could fetch about 120$ per person every month. sweet.

    If you like monavie and you can justify the costs of drinking 3 to 4 ounces a day, it is a great product.

    But if you do your own research and test for at least 1 month each other 3 brands of acai juice, that is far less diluted, you will be able to get the same results at a fraction of the cost.

    It took me about six months to try out Monavie and other few brands and I found better products and I'm not drinking Monavie and it is unlikely I will drink it again. I think I found at least 3 brands that are producing better acai juice....more info
  • mona vie
    Can't tell that this stuff is all that its cracked up to be. Didn't notice any difference in the way i felt after 2 and a half bottles. Still drinking the rest but don't have much faith that its gonna make me all better.
    ...more info
  • Way over-hyped
    I had heard so much about this product that I went ahead and purchased it. It was not at all worth the amount of money that I spent on it, and I honestly regret the purchase. I'm sure that it may work wonders for some people but it did not do a thing for me....more info
  • Monavie-Active...ceases leg cramps....
    Monavie-Active has helped me say good-bye to leg cramps. I suffered for years with severe nocternal leg cramps...awakening me numerous times throughout the night, having to walk off & massage the painful cramps away. Doctors had ordered prescription drugs...I had taken vitamins & minerals...nothing touched the leg cramps...even tried Acai berry capsules with absolutely no relief. Now that I take Monavie, one ounce twice a day..."bye-bye leg cramps"...says it all. It has a pleasant taste & is well worth the price....more info
    This is the most expensive juice I have ever purchased. I have yet to experience any positive affects from this. I do not think it was worth the price. I will not purchase this again. ...more info
  • Please Don't Waste Your Money
    Please do not get involved with Mona Vie. This is a pyramid scheme product. Please trust me I got involved with it and it is a scam! I spent over $600 and did not make a dime! PLEASE do not waste your money! If you do get wrapped up in the scheme drop out because no one will follow you. Again this is all from personal experience! If you have questions please e-mail me!...more info
  • Beware! I was sold 8 bottles of rancid MonaVie!!!
    At the insistance of my friend, I purchased 8 bottles (2 four packs) of MonaVie Acai Blend from Amazon. They all tasted really funny and had chunks of green mold floating in each bottle. I compared those bottles with 2 other suppliers and determined that all 8 from Amazon were bad. I tried to contact the seller and got no reply.
    I wasted a couple of hundred dollars and had to purchase from a local reseller.
    I am very discouraged to buy anything else from Amazon!!!...more info
  • Monavie
    This product arrived within 5 days of ordering it. The supplier is right on the ball on getting the product out to the customers. I will (hopefully) order from the same supplier again....more info
  • Buy From Mona Vie
    If your thinking about buying this product then you should go through a Mona Vie Distributor. When you buy off Amazon you are buying the product from someone who has quit the business of Mona Vie since they only sell their product through their personal distributors (humans) not retail stores. If you get hooked on Mona Vie who is going to keep your subscription handy a year from now? You would just have to wait for someone to quit and offer their product on Amazon (if they do). ...more info


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