HAPPYBELLIES Multigrain Cereal, Organic, Contains DHA and Probiotics, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 7-ounce canisters (total of 42 ounces)
  • 100% natural; enriched: with iron, vitamins, and minerals
  • No soy, no dairy, no wheat
  • Organic goodness: All HAPPYBABY products are always USDA-certified organic
  • Probiotic protection: Good bacteria especially formulated to help strengthen your baby’s digestive system which can protect against the development

Customer Reviews:

  • My baby LOVES it!
    My 7 month old LOVES to eat this cereal! I found that he prefers it plain than mixed with food! He likes the natural sweetness of it! I love the fact that it has amaranth which is highly nutritious not to mention delicious. I also love the fact that it has probiotics because my baby has not had any digestion problems. The fact that it's all organic makes it all even better....more info
  • One Happy Baby here!
    My baby loves this. He has regular Bowel movements maybe because of the Probiotics. Its got DHA which is good for eye and brain development. Sometimes we mix it with veggies or fruits. He gobbles it up when he is hungry. Plus it is organic food. All in all highly recommended!...more info
  • Cereal is good
    We liked this cereal a lot especially because of the nutritious mix of multi-grains. The only thing we found is that the cereal had a weird after taste in one of the cans we used. It could be a totally random issue.

    I am not personally a big fan of artificial sources of DHA, such as algae. For mothers who are breastfeeding, breast milk is the best source of DHA and benefits of external sources of DHA are disputed. However, we do like the fact that cereal has probiotics.

    We recommend this cereal to parents who are looking for a healthy organic option....more info
  • Awesome deal!
    My son didn't like his first taste of this, but once he got used to it he loved it. Not sure how much better it is for him than the others, but the organic label got me to buy.

    When mixed with milk and fruit it was a great breakfast. My son looks forward to it every morning!...more info
  • Daughter loves it. I add it in all her meals
    I love the fact that this cereal has probiotics in it and that it's organic. My daughter has a very sensitive digestive track (although she will eat about anything we have made so far) and I think the added probiotics really help. It sure keeps her regular that for sure! I also like all the unique grains this particular cereal has, such as Amaranth. At first I didn't like the fact that I had to buy 6 can of the stuff, but I am glad I did. It's been about a month and I only have one left....more info
  • The best baby cereal!
    This fantastic baby cereal. It's easy to use and full of good stuff. I like it and my daughter *loves* it!...more info
  • healthy and they love it
    I waited until the twins were 8 months to introduce these grains - sticking with Happy Bellies rice and oatmeal until then. They love this even more than the others, they gobble it up. As with the others, I just mix it with water....more info
  • Our baby loves it
    It's our baby girl's favorite food and while it is a bit more expensive than other cereals, we think it is worth it....more info
  • Awesome baby cereal!
    This is a fantastic cereal for babies. Probiotics are needed by babies and will help them to avoid thrush which is common in infants, especially if they or their nursing mom has been on antibiotics. Baby's bodies have the right balance of probiotics and will have less problems with thrush! YEA! The enzymes and probiotics are perfect for babies and a good idea! Finally!...more info
  • My Daughter Loves It
    I am picky about what I feed my daughter. Her health is in my hands and I intend on caring for it to the best of my ability. This is an amazing product. Probiotics are essential for human beings and babies are not an exception to that fact. We have the multigrain and oatmeal variety of this product. My daughter loves to eat both. I believe breakfast is one of her favorite meals of the day and it because she loves this product so much....more info
  • Cereal my baby loves
    This cereal has a nice texture and taste (yep, I tried it!), and doesn't make my baby constipated, the way rice cereals do. It's very easy to mix up - use formula, breast milk, or water. I also add other fruit or vegetable purees or mashes. The baby gobbles it up, and I love knowing that it's organic....more info


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