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DVD INCLUDES:Five 20-minute focused morning routinesWorkout appropriate for all skill levelsDaily variety for your yoga practiceBONUS! Daily deep breathing & meditation guideSystem Requirements:Running Time: 110 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS/YOGA UPC: 018713528995 Manufacturer No: 05-52899

Customer Reviews:

  • Rodney leads you on an awsome Yoga experiance
    We have been doing yoga for several years and have a couple of other videos by Rodney. This is the best one yet. Great pace, feels great, absolutely love it, every morning....more info
  • Brilliant idea ( you won't need your morning java! )
    It's been a while since I hit the yoga mat last time so I was looking for an easy way of incorporating it into my daily routine again. I'm really happy I found this DVD. The practices are perfect for my mornings - they wake me up better than coffee and after doing them, I feel stretched, relaxed and ready to start my day. The poses are not particularly difficult, which I think is important for a morning practice when you're still quite stiff and uncoordinated, increasing the risk of injuring yourself. 5 individual programs will prevent me from getting bored.
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • My First Rodney Yee DVD that I actually like
    I've never been a fan of Rodney Yee's DVD's as I preferred more flowing type of yoga (like Shiva Rea) but I really love this one. It has 5 excellent 20-25 minute yoga practices that concentrate on different poses : standing , twists , backbends , forward bends and hip openers. every practice feels complete even though it's barely 25 minutes , each one ends with shavasana. Rodney Yee has great and detailed instruction , the scenery is beautiful and the music is good , now it's my most used DVD and it's a great as add ons to other workouts or for days you don't feel like working out but want a little stretching after a long day. Highly recommended....more info
  • Best Instructor!
    Rodney Yee is the best yoga instructor for video that I have come across. His words are effectively translated into body commands that are almost spiritual. Too many videos that claim to be "yoga" are not close to the traditional yoga at all, but Rodney is consistently true to the art. This A.M. Yoga is great for warm-ups before an aerobic workout. Buying and using this video is one of the best things you can do for your body....more info
  • Relaxing!
    I have several dvds with Rodny Yee and I wanted something with more stretching. I do these workouts at the end of the day because it relaxes and stretches me after weight lifting and cardio....more info
  • AM Yoga - First Timer
    I am new to yoga. After four weeks using this DVD each day, I feel AMAZING! I look forward to it each morning, and if I miss it in the morning I hurry home from work and do it at night instead. I am buying yoga sets and this DVD for all my friends for Christmas. 20-25 minutes is just the right amount of time for me. However, I don't have much to compare it to other than some hour long BORING classes at the gym....more info
  • It's good but...
    I genuninely enjoy this dvd, the time is just right, 20 minutes and it has a nice variety of five different yoga sessions. My only criticism is that neither the box nor the dvd warns you that you will need minor pieces of equipment. The very first time I settled in for the second session, I was surprised in the middle of the routine when Rodney pulls out a strap and acts as if I should have known that this was required. I'd have preferred to have been told before the routine began like on the Wii My Fitness Coach which I love, or at least on the box so I could have the materials ready. Other than that, it's a great way to start the day....more info
  • not "just like" his "am & pm yoga" dvd
    Well the scenery is beautiful, but I wasn't thrilled with the presentation. I thought it would be 5 mini-sessions modeled after Gaiam's "AM & PM yoga dvd" that I love and recommend to everyone. That DVD had a 20 minute full body session that warmed you up, had great hip openers, back bends, twists, etc and had a bit of meditation at the end. I thought this DVD would be like that one, having a warm up and a meditation for each, but focusing on different areas/stretches each day. It's not. When you start, say, the "hip openers" selection, Rodney Yee is already warmed up and going super fast for someone who just woke up (it is AM yoga after all, and I get up at 4:45 AM) then he slows down later but by then you are all frazzled and trying to keep up and the whole idea of starting your day with some tranquility and a nice little stretch is out the window. The stretch is there, but I am recovering from an injury so I need the warm up so that I don't re-injure myself. I guess I could do a warm up before the DVD, but I bought the DVD for this purpose so I guess I'm a little disappointed... Plus, they say it is 5 - 20 minute sessions, but they are closer to 30 minutes each, which is nice to get more than you expected, but not when you're trying to get out the door on time! I guess I'm back to the same routine from "AM & PM yoga" every day w/ Rodney. ...more info
  • Five short practices great for any time of the day
    Rodney Yee, a veteran yoga instructor as well as the featured instructor of many yoga videos and DVDs, has recently released this new offering, AM Yoga for Your Week. The intent was to provide five 20-minute practices (but note that the actual practice times vary from 22-26 minutes) which could be used during busy weekday mornings to get the day off to a good start. In reality, these five excellent yoga sessions, each of which has a different focus, are appropriate for use at ANY time of the day. Although each individual practice revolves around a specific body area/group of postures, each are well-rounded, stand-alone yoga sessions. I have described the five practices briefly below.

    STANDING, 22.5 minutes
    Standing postures include standing forward bend, tree, triangle, side angle pose, warrior 1, and warrior 2; standing forward bend is performed in-between some of these poses. The standing poses conclude with chair and wide-legged standing forward bend before moving to the floor for hero and then finishing in relaxation pose. Yee offers some particularly nice form pointers while holding the standing poses.

    TWISTS, 26 minutes
    This practice opens with a series of reclined twists (one of which uses a strap). Yee then transitions to standing with down dog and standing forward bend for revolved prayer twist and crazy dog. Coming back to seated in cobbler's pose, he performs a twist in wide-legged seated pose and two variations on Sage 3 posture. This practice finishes with half Lord of the fishes, cobra, and relaxation pose.

    BACK BENDS, 25 minutes
    Yee starts here by rolling two blankets together to create a bolster for under the upper back; he lies over this for a gentle lying backbend. Coming to standing, he moves through a variation on sun salutations which include standing backbend, chair, down dog, warrior 2, side angle, warrior 1, and crescent lunge. He then moves to the floor for cobra, bow, and camel. After finishing with the backbending work, Yee nicely stretches out the body with cobbler's pose, simple seated twist, reclined leg stretch (using a strap if needed); he finished with relaxation pose.

    FORWARD BENDS, 24 minutes
    This practice begins in a reclined position for a series of moves that felt more like hip openers than forward bends: reclined leg stretch (using a strap if needed), happy babies pose, and thread-the-needle. Next Yee gradually transitions to standing through child's pose, down dog, standing forward bend, wide angle standing forward bend, and 3-legged down dog. Coming back to the floor for seated forward bends, he performs a simple cross-legged forward bend, head-to-knee pose, full seated forward bend, cobbler's forward bend, and wide-legged forward bend, finishing with a brief rest and then relaxation pose. To my surprise, this segment was probably my favorite, as it had a great mix of postures.

    HIP OPENERS, 26 minutes
    This segment uses a yoga block. It starts with a seated opening vinyasa in which Yee flows from staff pose to cobbler's to wide-legged seated pose, gradually speeding this up and also adding half-boat pose. He next does a simple cross-legged forward bend before incorporating the block. Keeping one leg stretched straight out in front, he first rests the other knee on the block, then brings the knee out to the side at a right angle. He also uses the block for cobbler's pose with the block between the feet. Additional postures which follow include pigeon, revolved crescent lunge, double pigeon, half Lord of the fishes, wide-legged seated forward bend, and cobbler's forward bend. The practice concludes with lightning pose, hero's pose on the block, and relaxation.

    Despite Yee's long history of making yoga videos, he has still managed to offer something that feels fresh and new here. As always, his cueing is impeccable (although mirrored cueing would be even better!), and he offers wonderful form pointers which help you to get into the postures more deeply. Although I wouldn't recommend this DVD for those brand-new to yoga (Yee doesn't give quite that level of instruction), more experienced beginners and beyond should do fine. In conclusion, the practices are amazing, the instructor is extremely skilled, and the scenery is breathtaking--what's not to like? Highly recommended!...more info
  • Stay Away from DVDLEGACY
    After over a month, I never received the product and never heard from the seller. If you look at dvdlegacy's customer reviews, I wasn't the only one that had this experience. It looks like they are out of business or going out of business. Luckily I was able to cancel this order and have my credit card credited. All my previous Amazon purchases have been great and on time. Amazon and its customers should stay clear of dvdlegacy!...more info
  • Novice at Yoga
    Excellent video that offers a lot of helpful comments throughout the various poses. For those of us new to yoga it is a great way to learn and for those with experience I suspect it offers useful reminders about self-awareness in the poses. I've recommended it to several fellow runners looking to balance their running routines.
    ...more info
  • Rodney Yee Helps Busy Procrastinators Get Their Daily Yoga
    I've done a lot of Yoga DVDs over the years and I'm always looking for something new but I keep coming back to Rodney Yee. Easy to follow instruction, beautiful scenery, soothing music and a great workout. How can you go wrong?

    This DVD features five all new (not re-worked from other workouts) 20-25 minute long routines. As stated in the title they are meant to be done in the "AM" I however did the routines at night. Usually before I went to bed as a way to unwind at the end of the day. This worked especially well because each workout has a short relaxation segment at the end.

    This is also wonderful for people like myself who don't have a lot of time or struggle to get motivated for a one hour workout. Everyone can find 20 minutes somewhere in their day to join Rodney in Glen Canyon Arizona, on a beautiful sunny day for a little Yoga.

    DVD includes five 20-25 minute workouts. Full or Minimal instruction (great feature)
    Standing poses, Twists, Backbends, Forward Bends, Hip Openers.
    A 10 minute interview with Yee.
    ...more info
  • A.M. Yoga
    Excellent. It's the next best thing when you can't make it to yoga class. It is devided into segments such as, twists, bends, standing yoga. If you are on a tight schedule, you can pick and choose what your body needs for the day. ...more info
  • Excellent instruction
    Rodney Yee is the perfect instructor. Even on video, his instructions on how to get into the poses are easy to follow. That is most important in yoga. Great video!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I've been doing yoga for about a year now. I've loved the Rodney Yee AM Yoga program and have done it faithfully every morning. Now I do that program first and then I've added the AM Yoga for your Week to complete my morning routine. I do one section each day, and I can't decide which one is my favorite. I feel so much better when I'm done. I would recommend this DVD to anyone!...more info
  • great set of 5 different yoga sessions
    i like that this dvd has 5 different 20 minute workouts. w/ a busy schedule i am struggling to have time to do yoga or any exercise. this dvd helps! plus my fiance loves it so it is a great thing we can do together. it's our first rodney yee dvd and he seems great. at the time i write this review we are buying another rodney yee dvd in hopes of it being as great. ...more info
  • Great way to start the day
    I do yoga regularly, with Yoga for Regular Guys being my main choice. However, some mornings, I prefer to move into the day with more relaxed moves, and this DVD is very good for that. Like some other reviewers have mentioned, this isn't really enough to stand alone as your workout, but to get your sleepy self moving in the morning, it's an excellent choice....more info
  • Effective
    I got this DVD as a gift. At first I wasn't very excited about it. I usually do longer yoga DVD's in the morning. I feel guilty when I do my 35 minute routine instead of my 50 minute routine, I was concerned that the 20 minute Rodney Yee routine wouldn't be enough. But I do yoga every morning and I also do aerobic at night. So some mornings I am fatigued and I need to do a shorter routine. These are perfect. I alternate between the routines and I am always so surprised that I get the kind of work out I do in twenty minutes. The routines are slow and Rodney Yee's voice is very soothing. You relax yourself into these stretches and you don't even realize that you are working as hard as you are. When you finish you can really feel the limberness and strech from the routine.

    The scenery is beautiful, The voice over is soothing and easy to understand and it gives you plenty of warning before you change positions, The routines are not difficult, but they are effective. I would reccomend this as a good addition to other routines that you already do. I would not use this as my only source of exercise....more info
  • Favorite Yoga DVD so far
    In terms of content, this is the best overall DVD. Although it is for A.M. I use this DVD all the time, at all times of the day. The sections are 20 minutes long and there are 5 of them, one for each day of the "work" week. (that means there are 5 routines) I like the fact that they can be done one session at a time OR I double, even triple them up and do really long sessions.

    I have the Rodney Yee Power yoga which I also really like but it is very long. This DVD has everything the Power Yoga DVD has and you can get a shorter workout if you want. ...more info
  • Great Yoga for Not Too Much Time
    I have been looking for a yoga workout that was under an hour to fit in with my hectic work week evenings. This one, even though it is titled "A.M. Yoga for Your Week", fits the bill pefectly for me. It gives me a good workout that's challenging enough, in an amount of time that fits my evening schedule. I really like that each segment focuses on a different group of yoga poses--forward bends, back bends, twists, etc. Rodney Yee's voice is soothing and his vocal guidance during a pose helps me to be sure I am getting the most out of it. This one was worth buying!...more info
  • Perfect for busy mornings!!
    I love this dvd. It offers five totally unique routines that I can easily do in the morning before work. I am left feeling strong and relaxed. Each segment is about 20 minutes in length and focuses on a different goal ranging from forward bends to hip openers.
    I like to take long walks at night and find this to be a wonderful supplement to my fitness routine....more info
  • Great addition to a yoga DVD collecton
    Rodney Yee has had some hits and some misses in his yoga DVDs but mostly the former, in my book. Despite the occasional DVD that did not work, I think of him as a wonderful teacher, in fact he is one of my favorites.

    I dont like philosophy mixed in with physical yoga. For a lot of people, mind+body aspect of yoga seems to imply there should be a new age talk track accompanying the physical yoga. The issue is that every teacher of yoga has their own interpretation of the philosophy behind yoga and frequently this seems, at least to me, very different from my own readings and interpretation. So although I think yoga is holistic, I dont find yoga DVDs of physical asana practice the best medium to impart simultaneous spiritual/philosophical idealogy. One of the reasons I like Rodney Yee is that he sticks to physical yoga. His talk track is form and alignment cues. In fact Yee has a minimalist instruction style that is best suited for those who have some prior experience of yoga and want a DVD to follow along but not to really "learn" yoga asana. Another reason I like Yee is that his yoga is "classic" and yet features interesting combinations. AM Yoga for your Week is a bit of a departure from Yee's minimal talk track style. He provides extensive and wonderfully helpful cues. Despite some years of yoga practise I discovered help with some sticky points from his cues in my forward bends. Full marks to the DVD for cueing. It should work well for beginners and beyond as its audience.

    Before I ordered the DVD I had read that each 20 minute session had a separate focus - twists, backbends, forward bends, standing poses, hip openers. My typical way of practising has been to do a longer session with a bit of everything for what I consider a balanced practise. Forward bends are effective counter poses to backbends and so on. I wondered how separating the focus would work. I find it works very well as put together by Yee. Yee sets up with prep work before getting into the deeper poses and finishes with asanas that work as effective counter poses although they are not the typical choices. Doing 20 minutes with a specific focus each day is working as well for me as doing a long session twice a week that incorporates all the categories.

    This DVD is particularly useful to busy people who cross train and want to do yoga apart from other forms of exercise like strength training and cardio. The 20 minute format is easy to tag on after another workout or as an independant yoga session in the morning if you do some other stuff in the evening.

    The special feature of an intervew with Yee was enjoyable. I have often worndered what attracted him to Yoga since he says so little in his other DVDs. Hearing him explain in his sincere and understated style was good. He seems to have a good sense of humor.

    ...more info


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