Koblenz Floor Buffer Model P-620

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Product Description

How does this machine compare with other brands?? Most other brands of polishers have plastic gears which can strip easily however Koblenz polishers have bronze gears for extra long life. Other polishers are built with a lot of plastic parts however Koblenz polishers use more metal.

  • Designed and built to last ?
  • This machine scrubs polishes buffs and waxes all kinds of floors with professional results and littl
  • 4.2 amp motor. The most powerful available. Full width bronze gears for extra long life.
  • There is a one year warranty on all defective parts
  • Included FREE: One pair of tan and lambs wool pads. One pair of scrub brushes
Customer Reviews:
  • Didn't work for me
    I bought it to buff the marks out of my stained concrete floors. It just didn't do anything to remove them. It might work on other type floors....more info
  • Floor polisher by Koblenz
    I must admit, that with today's carefree floors, few need a floor polisher any more, but I have hardwood floors and my wife likes them clean, waxed and shiny. This product does it all, and without a whimper, the motor is quiet and strong enough and the unit is very light to move around or to carry, so I am one heck of a satisfied customer.

    ...more info