16" Evaporative Cooler Direct Drive Variable Speed With Tank

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PORTA-COOL EVAPORATIVE COOLER 16" Evaportative Cooler - Heavy Duty Variable Speed Motor Utilizes highly efficient housing design to produce effective cooling in high humidity conditions. Helps increase worker productivity by making a more comfortable work environment. Durable one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing with leak-resistant, one-piece molded plastic internal water tank. Water supplied to internal tank through standard 34" hose. 4" heavy-duty plastic swivel casters (2 locking) allow portability. Energy efficient motor and pump. Heavy-duty 13 HP motor. Features a 22 gallon water tank, a welded steel frame and variable speed motor. Provides a cooling area of up to 1,000 sq. ft. and up to 4,000 CFM. UL listed. Fully assembled. Watch Video Below

Customer Reviews:
  • The Answer to Shop Cooling
    My shop is located in the SE part of the country so heat and humidity are a real problem, especially when working outdoors.
    While looking for a solution, I started to wonder if the "swamp coolers" I saw on the side lines at football games might be the ticket. I was skeptical, due to the fact that the inherent high humidity would diminish the evaporative cooling that enables these devices to work. Still I saw these things everywhere, so I was interested. After a little research I found that the current models overcome a lot of the evaporative cooling/humidity issue via modern design.
    My hopes were dashed when I started pricing these coolers, BIG BUCKS! I could install a separate AC system for the same price. Then by "divine intervention", I saw a portable version, when I walked into my local NAPA store. The salesman told me the way they market these coolers, is to drop them off at local garages during the day and then pick them up after it gets hot. Once people see the difference they make, they're sold. I was sold too when I got a great deal on the end of season model.
    I'm impressed with the Port-a-Cool. Temps have only been in the 80's with low humidity, but the cooling is noticeable. The fan is big enough to make a "breeze" even sitting on the driveway. It's easy to move around can be used during any outdoor activity. So far this has been a great and cost effective cooling solution.
    Tip: Add ice to the reservoir for even greater cooling effect.
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