Sylvania 29149 13-Watt 120-Volt Compact Fluorescent MiniTwist Lamp with Medium Base, Warm White, 12-Pack #CF13ELMTWSTCVP

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  • 13-watt compact fluorescent
  • Emits more light than incandescent bulb
  • Incandescent wattage equivalent to 60 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Provides a great way to lower energy costs, reduce heat, and extend the bulb life

Customer Reviews:

  • nice bulbs
    The bulbs may take a few seconds to reach the maximum light, but it works well and of course, save your energy bill....more info
  • Don't last as advertised
    I have had 12 of these bulbs installed in various locations in my house for less than 8 months and 3 have already failed. The packaging claims they will last 9 years average......not even close! Also,although not a big issue, is that they take a minute or so to "warm up" and get to full brightness...even longer in a cold location such as a porch or pole barn. Then of course there is the disposal issue, I have returned mine to Sylvania but I wonder how many people will simply throw them in the trash....more info
  • Don't "Stock up" until you know what you are buying!
    Compact florescent(CF) bulbs are a great way to lower your energy costs,reduce heat and extend the life of your bulbs.That being said be aware that different types/brands have different Operating characteristics, some have harsh almost "Halloween" style light, some take a minute or so to warm up to full brightness, some take a split second to come on at all. Not every CF is going to meet your needs in a particular situation, so try different ones until you find the ones that say look good in the kitchen, although others might be better to read by,don't feel bad using a Halogen to read if the CF gives you a headache, and don't "Stock Up" until you have tried and like the light output....more info
  • Headaches connected directly to fluorescent lights
    We thought we'd do the "green" thing by replacing all of our lightbulbs with fluorescents. I noticed that I was getting horrible headaches--the kind that just keep you from thinking. Nothing would help them at all--advil, tylenol, even prescription meds. The doctors even sent me to have a CT of the brain, but didn't find anything. After about a year (yes it took that long) I read a medical journal account on the Internet about how these can cause major headaches--so we took them out, and put the old ones back in. The headaches disappeared. Recently, one of the regular ones burned out and (unbeknownst to me) my husband replaced it with the fluorescent (it was convenient and available) and my headaches returned. When I mentioned it to him, he told me about the bulb.
    I have similar headaches in warehouse stores that use fluorescent bulbs that are uncovered, but when they are covered, it seems to be better.
    And of course, everyone knows that when disposing of these bulbs, you must be very careful, as the mercury levels are very high and can make you very sick if you break the bulb.
    They use much more material than a regular bulb, and use up much more space in our landfills. Between that, the cost and energy used to produce them, the mercury levels and the headaches, I think these sorts of bulbs are horrible.
    Yes, they last awhile longer than the regular bulbs. But at what cost?
    ...more info
  • Lasts long saves energy
    I purchased 12 pack from amazon when these were on sale for $17.00.. seems to last for ever.. most of my house have these now.. I noticed these have life better than the ones I purchased from costco.. price wise, its almost the same as costco or little cheaper as I dont pay taxes. s/h is free thanks to prime s/h (Thanks amazon!)

    it takes few seconds for these to light up.. but thats ok with me. Most places I have 3-4 bulbs in the fixture I changed all of them to the fluorescent bulb. If you dont like the fact it takes few seconds, put a regular bulb and rest fluorescent.

    Buy these save planet!...more info
  • Not instant-on
    These bulbs are decent, but they do not light up instantly like some other models/brands. They take 1/2 - 1 second to come on, so they're not great for a hallway unless you would normally leave them on all of the time anyway.

    The light color is very white. It's not too blue-ish or green-ish, but it's not as "soft" as the "soft white" of other brands; you won't mistake it for incandescent.

    With those caveats, this is still a decent bulb. I'd buy a Sylvania CFL way before I'd buy a GE CFL....more info
  • 1 bulb shipped multiple times
    Amazon has really disappointed with me with how they handled this transaction of mine. On ordering this set of 12 bulbs, I was shipped only 1 bulb. On registering a complaint, I was assured of the correct delivery the second time. However, for the second time too, I was shipped a single bulb! When I again registered my complaint on phone, the customer service rep was extremely rude. I was told that Amazon can not do anything as it is shipper's fault! Well, as far as I can see, this is being sold and shipped by Amazon directly. I could vouch for Amazon's good customer service before this transaction but now I can only warn you to save your time by not ordering this bulb as most likely you will also get a single bulb delivered for 20 odd bucks!...more info
  • Not a perfect solution
    CF bulbs CANNOT be just thrown away. They MUST be treated as toxic waste. Will everyone remember? Is "Toxic" the new "Green"? No, not really. We are just trading one problem (high energy consumption) for another (toxic pollution of our watershed).

    I hate working under fluorescents, and would rather live in the dark than populate my house with cold, 60Hz flickering light. ...more info
  • Got wrong item.
    Harry Shearer (voice from the Simsons):
    I tried to ordered the his new comedy songs CD and thought the light bulbs were included for pressing a certain 'trial offer' button. Normally Amazon isn't so confusing to use. ...more info
  • So far so good!!!
    We love these bulbs and that we're helping the environment. The only "con" if you will is that it takes some time to get used to the lights taking a second to turn on after you flip the switch. ...more info
  • Loving these bulbs!!
    I find these bulbs to be very bright and a great value, they do appear to me to be a bit on the yellow side though. They are a bit slow to start, that is to get to full brightness. It takes about 1 to 2 seconds for them to initially light, and another 30 seconds or so to be fully lit. Getting these new bulbs also got me around to FINALLY cleaning the lamp shades and globes:-)!...more info
  • I think these are a reasonable deal...
    I have found better prices, [...]. I have installed them throughout our house and note the following:

    Noticeable reduction in power bill.
    Perfectly reasonable light, especially in shaded lights.
    Best for areas where lights are on for more than 30'.
    Not good for closets or similar "off-on" situations.
    Last for a long time.
    Can't be used with dimmers.
    Take a few bulbs to local recycler about twice a year....more info
  • A cost-saving and long-lasting product
    I recommend this product highly. It not only is cheap at Amazon but is a good quality product to gain the best energy saving advantages. ...more info
  • Dissapointed with Sylvania Quality control
    I bought a 2-pack of Sylvania Candelabra base CF at Lowes. One bulb was bad. I took them back and bought two 2-packs. From these 4 bulbs, one of them was bad. I then bought a 3-pack of Standard base Sylvania CF bulbs at Home Depot. One of these three bulbs was bad.

    I was reluctant to purchase the no-name brands but it is apparent that the Sylvania brand is a piece of crap. Another gotch is that if you buy a multi-pak and one is bad you have to return all the bulbs. If you buy them in single packs you pay a lot more.

    I'd stay away from Sylvanias until they do something about their QC.
    ...more info
  • Not for everyone.
    If you want the light to come on like now chances are you don't want these.Now the light takes a second to come on (not all the time,sometimes its instantaneous)and will be slightly dark til it warms up(another few seconds) and brightens the room very nicely.
    So morale of the story:All good things come to those who wait.
    Or if you can't wait 5 seconds for bright light you should probably learn some patience....more info
  • Pathetic lifespan
    I bought this item a year ago and have used the bulbs in some bathroom fixtures since then. So far, 4 out of 12 have failed. That is just unacceptable. The packaging claims a 10,000 hour life span, but these never made it to 800. The fixtures are quite open and well ventilated, so I figured this would be a good application for CFLs. Of course, there is a guarantee. Just package them up with the receipt and send them to the manufacturer AT YOUR EXPENSE. Never mind the fact that you will pay more for shipping than the cost of replacing the bulbs. Having purchased many CFLs over the past few years, I have learned (and read) that there is a lot of variation in quality. Don't waste your money here. Buy some decent components, Sylvania!...more info
  • 13 watts and good night. ..
    I like these so much I replaced every incandescent light inside, and outside, the house. The electric meter spins slower now, and I feel good. ... It was kind of interesting, after I collected the removed incandescent lights, I did not know what to do with them. ... They still worked, as energy suckers, but they still worked. ... They could be used as replacements, but that would have defeated the purpose of the changing. ... In the end, I just chucked them into the recycle bin. ... ...more info
  • Almost enough for the whole house!
    We use a lot of natural light in our home, so this 12-pack was perfect for replacing bulbs in the few fixtures that we use often. The warm white is especially wonderful in the living room and kitchen areas. I haven't noticed an 'on' delay when turning the lights on, but I do notice that there's a few-second warm up period before they brighten. The only lamp that we couldn't use these bulbs in is our 3-level dimmer lamp. My husband immediately noticed that it was "not as bright" in our hallway after we installed them, but we noticed our utility bill was a few dollars less. We freecycled our incandescent bulbs and are greatly enjoying our energy-saving lighting....more info
  • bulb review
    Very good value for the money, especially with free shipping which came fast and in great condition. I thought they might break, but they did not. They are to last a long while and I am replacing most of my bulbs now...more info
  • a soft light when turning a light on is a good thing at night
    fluorescent bulbs really only take seconds to brighten up and in the wee hours of the morning, I like having a soft bathroom light, instead of a flood light effect on my eyes! A few seconds is worth helping the earth. I also use them in my light over my quilting machine and it is perfect. /they also work well in the ceiling fixtures. We are pleased with them....more info
  • Gives a nice warm light and a warm fuzzy feeling
    I bought the 12 pack of these bulbs and replaced every incandescent bulb I could with them. They give off a nice warm light, not harsh at all. There is a brief pause between flipping the switch and the light coming on but that's the way life is in the non-incandescent world. At least you get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you're being a bit kinder to the environment... and you're saving money on the power bill.

    No complaints here....more info
  • Energy Efficient
    Arrived earlier than expected, no bulbs broken, very good price (got as one of those lightening deals), very pleased....more info
  • Not the best option
    I have used these bulbs a few times before and can tell you that they are horrible options for lighting.

    *Save money on power

    *Poor lighting compared to incandescent, this is the same as office lighting, only you get the flickering dull light in the convenience of your own home.

    *They can last about half the time as incandescents, so that money you save in power you are paying in buying new ones.

    *They contain Mercury, as in the liquid metal. You are not supposed to throw these in the trash, they NEED to be taken to a recycling center to remove the mercury. I imagine most will not do this and just throw them in the now we have a ton of mercury in the ground.

    *These do NOT work with dimmer switches, so if you want these to set the romantic mood in your bedroom or dining room you will just see a strobe light until it explodes.

    If you really care about the environment, which is probably why you are looking at these, then keep the incandescents or look into LED lights. They use less power than fluorescents and put out a whiter light....more info
  • Great alternative to standard light bulbs
    Purchasing these bulbs was among many things we're doing to be more energy efficient and 'green'. Even though these bulbs may not be so green. Overall, I'm please with them as a replacement. As with any fluorescent, there are some things to get used to.

    1) There's definitely a color difference. You do get used to it, but it's noticeable.
    2) When you turn them on, there's a short delay in getting any light and then a long delay to reach full brightness. Again, not that big of a deal, but it takes getting used to.
    3) We had intentions of replace all of our incandescent bulbs with these. However, their design makes them ugly when used with exposed light fixtures. We've taken advantage of the somewhat graceful look of incandescents. With these sticking out, there somewhat ugly.
    4) I love the fact that they're somewhat cooler, which makes it less dangerous when you have children.

    I may not have bought the pack, if I hadn't gotten such a good deal. I'm please with the purchase and the differences are fairly easy to get used to. I would recommend for those that are interested in energy conservation and saving money!...more info
  • What I expected
    The light is just right for all my rooms. They do last a long and save money. I have been using the Fluorescents for a long time and this is my first on-line order for light bulbs. Of course some of them came broken. All four corner light bulbs were broken. I didn't tell or expect a replacement.
    Good value even with 4 broken. I recomment these to every one....more info
  • Energy star
    These work, they last forever and they use 1/4 of the energy. Buy them as gifts, take them to grandma, or your neighbor. the sooner we all have them the better. And it keeps my mom and aunt from climbing on chairs to change the old type bulbs that burn out to quickly. Thanks....more info
    These bulbs work well, and I personally don't think the half second or so it takes for them to light up to be an issue. However, they are certainly not bright enough for my needs, and thus I find I need to use a halogen bulb in one lamp in a room I am in while also using one of the fluorescents in another lamp. Don't know if, energywise, this is defeating the purpose or not. Another issue - 10 out of the 12 bulbs shipped were smashed on delivery(Thank you, again, Amazon, for standing by what you sell and for the partial refund). I have ordered halogens many times through Amazon, and everything arrived intact. This is my second order of fluorescents through Amazon, and both times bulbs were broken. Amazon, and its dealers, need to pack these items better. But, I am not sorry I purchased these. ...more info
  • Energy saver
    This is a great energy saver and a great package price. The light from these lights a satisfactory....more info
  • Good value
    These arrived a couple of days ago, none broken. Each bulb was individual boxed inside a Sylvania carton, this inside an Amazon box with 1 other item I had ordered. I was surprised there was no other packing material, the normal bubble wrap was absent. The basic Sylvania packaging seems quite adaquate for shipping.

    I'm new to flourescent bulbs. Not sure if I want to use them everywhere. I ordered these primarily to experiment with replacing the lights in a bathroom vanity light bar that seems to eat normal bulbs at a high rate.

    So far I'm very pleased. These bulbs are quite compact while still putting out a nice amount of light. And of course the price is hard to beat....more info
  • Great Deal!
    Sure~it takes a mini second to come on~~who cares? Excellent price for a dozen~you can't go wrong and your saving on your electric info


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