Lentek I0-70 Sila Trash Air Purifier / Garbage Deodorizer

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Product Description

Dont just mask those embarrassing garbage odors - eliminate them with the Trash Deodorizer - Air Purifier. Eliminates Odors around trash cans, litter boxes, anywhere unpleasant odors linger. This air purifier neutralizes nasty odors by silently emitting negative ions and super oxygenated air. It operates on four C batteries (not included) that can give you up to four months of fresh, clean air, and all with no moving parts! Attaching the air purifier/deodorizer is a breeze because it comes with two different mounting brackets that allow you to hang it over the edge of a trash can or attach it to a nearby wall. This compact, lightweight air filter also has a boost mode - simply hit the blue button on top of the device and an orange LED light flashes, letting you know that for the next eight minutes the air cleaner will be working overtime to eliminate even the toughest odors. Comes equipped with an indicator light to tell you when the batteries need replacing.

  • Compact air purifier/deodorizer for trash, fridge, and hamper
  • Neutralizes odors and airborne pollutants
  • Boost mode for excess odor
  • Includes two different mounting brackets
  • Safe for pet areas