Pyramid Total Room Air Cleaning System

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Free Shipping! Authorized Pyramid Dealer. Recommended For: Asthma, Allergies, Chemical sensitivity, Odors, Gas, VOCs, Fumes Used In: Entire homes, Hospitals and Labs, Schools or Offices Coverage Area: 1500 Sq ft Filter Type: Carbon, HEPA, UV The Pyramid Total Room Air Cleaning System is a most versatile and effective air cleaner, it is designed for quiet operation and easy low-cost maintenance. It features TRACS (Total Room Air Cleaning System) a multi-stage air cleaning combining certified hospital grade HEPA filtration, high-dosage UV lamps, and activated carbon. The HEPA filter with 80 square feet of media removes airborne dust, allergens, particulate, and mold with hospital grade efficiency. Three UV lamps located before and radiating on the dirty/inlet side of the HEPA filter destroy airborne bacteria and viruses and larger microorganisms that collect on the HEPA. Carbon pre-filter pack to adsorb harmful odors, chemicals, and gases, and it removes larger dust and allergens to protect the more expensive HEPA filter. It is available in black, sandstone, and white colors.