Secrets of Self-Healing

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Harness Nature's Healing Power to Cure Common Ailments, Boost Your Vitality, and Achieve Optimum Wellness. East meets West in this extraordinary guide to natural healing by a prominent doctor of Chinese medicine and the author of Secrets of Longevity.

Dr. Mao's philosophy is simple: We all have a built-in healing ability, so why not try to activate it with natural means before we resort to drugs and invasive procedures? For the common cold, why not exploit the power of garlic, ginger, and the herb astragalus instead of taking cold medicine that simply replaces symptoms with side effects? For insomnia, why not try to find a long-term solution through acupressure or feng shui instead of popping sleeping pills, which don't treat the source of the problem?

Chinese medicine sees well-being as a result of a balanced life, not just a healthy body. In Part One of Secrets of Self-Healing, Dr. Mao explains that healing food and herbs, exercise, a positive emotional life, a suitable living environment, and spiritual growth are all essential to vitality and lasting health. Using examples of his own patients' experiences, he demonstrates:

- How negative emotions can make us ill
- How clutter in our homes can create imbalances in our bodies
- How Eastern and Western medicine can work together to fight cancer

Then, in Part Two, he reveals detailed home remedies for seventy common ailments, such as sore throat, allergies, high blood pressure, sunburn, insomnia, memory loss, and jet lag. Inspirational yet practical, Secrets of Self-Healing will put readers on the path to a balanced and healthy life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Intro To Chinese Medicine
    For those people living in the West, used to those types of remedies and drugs which cannot be even pronounced, this book is a gateway to a new world.

    It is a great introduction to alternative and Chinese medicine for those interested in learning about it and practically implementing it into their daily, practical lives.

    As a skeptic of the whole thing, I approached the book with doubts, due to the fact that a lot of Western medical doctors are not really for Eastern medicine. But ironically, as I tried and tested some of the methods of healing for my own ailments, it truly proved to be effective.

    It changed my perspective on Eastern medicine and made me realize that health and well-being are not just found in some magical pill. But rather everything from spirituality and self-awareness all the way to proper diet and excercise all contribute to good health.

    I highly recommend this book for all those looking to achieve optimum wellness and are at the same time, prepared to implement its instructions practically.

    ...more info
  • Secrets of Self-Healing
    This little big book is worth far more than its weight in Gold! Wonderful book! I just love the advice in it, the remedies, etc....more info
  • Secrets of Self-healing book
    A great book for all those who want to stay healthy at all ages. A must have for those people, like me, that practice Tai-Chi. Eastern and Western medicine as complimentary treatments are very well explained. ...more info
  • Very pleased with this purchase.
    The used book was in great condition and I received it very quickly after ordering. As always I am pleased with purchases thru info
  • Very Helpful
    I like alternative medicine, especially from the Chinese tradition, so this book was a good one to add to my growing library of these type books....more info
  • Satisfied
    Received the book in lightning fast speed. The book is new as promised. We're very satisfied,...more info
  • very useful
    Overall excellent reference, something i've turned to again & again. No miraculous cures - you have to do the work...more info


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