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Ninja Gaiden II

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There's only one warrior brave enough to avenge his clan: Ryu Hayabusa. Guide him on a mission to save the entire human race in Ninja Gaiden II. Follow Ryu through an extensive Story mode and struggle to survive in a world filled with peril. From Tokyo to New York to the demon-filled crevices of the Netherworld, you'll go to dangerous lengths to reclaim justice for the fallen. Traditional and improved versions of Ryu's primary weapons create a new action-packed twist on this exciting series. Your actions will decide the fate of mankind can you prevent destruction at all costs?

Ninja Gaiden II

Key Features

  • Exhilarating ninja action: Assume the role of a ninja warrior and experience an all-new combat system that requires skill and mastery of your full arsenal of weapons, including Obliteration Techniques allowing you to quickly and stylishly finish off an opponent. In addition to a variety of brutal new primary weapons and enhanced versions of previous favorites, Ninja Gaiden II features unique acrobatic combat and attacks used not only by Ryu Hayabusa but also by his formidable enemies.
  • Easy to play, hard to master: Ninja Gaiden II’s new auto-healing system featuring semi-permanent damage restored at save points is the natural evolution of the franchise’s distinctive gameplay, and introduces a new twist to managing health. Featuring a newly implemented auto-healing functionality and save point system, as well as an extensive story mode and multiple difficulty levels available from the start of the game, the gameplay is accessible to more casual players and challenging to even the most demanding gamers.
  • Massive content and engrossing story: The themes of revenge and friendship in Ninja Gaiden II give rise to a series of dramatic events to create a truly compelling story. From Tokyo to New York and to the Netherworld, the story leads you through a lengthy, action-packed story mode as you skillfully maneuver Ryu Hayabusa through a demonized world fraught with peril and danger. In addition to the single-player campaign, upload Karma scores to Xbox LIVE leaderboards and participate in an all-new Master Ninja Tournament.
  • Realistic graphics in next-generation gaming: Built from the ground-up from Team Ninja's in-house gaming engine for Xbox 360, Ninja Gaiden II represents the best in amazing visuals, responsive control, and thrilling combat with an extensive assortment of ninja weaponry.
Battle Huge Bosses
Battle Huge Bosses
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Engrossing Storyline
Engrossing Storyline
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Ninja Gaiden II makes its long-awaited debut on Xbox 360 as the blockbuster action-packed sequel to Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden II features a new and improved game engine, developed from the ground up exclusively for Microsoft and Xbox 360 by Team Ninja and legendary game developer Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of the famed Dead or Alive franchise.

Guide Ryu Hayabusa on a mission to avenge his clan and prevent the destruction of the human race. Armed with an assortment of ninja weaponry, help Ryu to skillfully maneuver through a world fraught with peril and danger. Ninja Gaiden II features an all-new gameplay engine, new auto-health regeneration system, levels, adventures, enemies, and thrilling combat with an extensive assortment of ninja weaponry, representing a true evolution of the highly popular franchise.

Are you brave enough to avenge your clan? In Ninja Gaiden 2 for Xbox 360, there's only one warrior brave enough: Ryu Hayabusa. Guide him on a mission to save the entire human race. Follow Ryu through an extensive Story mode and struggle to survive in a world filled with peril. From Tokyo to New York to the demon-filled crevices of the Netherworld, you'll go to dangerous lengths to reclaim justice for the fallen. Traditional and improved versions of Ryu's primary weapons create a new action-packed twist on this exciting series. Your actions will decide the fate of mankind can you prevent destruction at all costs? This highly evolved sequel combines familiar and brand-new gameplay elements. Precision controls let you execute kicks, punches and sword slices with pinpoint accuracy, and now you'll be able to finish off opponents with amazing Obliteration Techniques. A new auto-healing system features damage that is restored at save points, adding a new twist to managing your health. Join the all-new Master Ninja Tournament on Xbox Live and see if you can make a name for yourself on the leaderboards.

Choose from several difficulty levels for just the right amount of challenge Upload Karma scores to Xbox Live leaderboards and take part in the Master Ninja Tournament New auto healing system restores damage at save points
  • Play as Ryu Hayabusa and avenge his clan while preventing the destruction of the human race
  • Travel to New York, Tokyo and even the Netherworld to complete your mission
  • Wield an impressive assortment of brutal new primary weapons and lethal ninja weaponry
  • Combine unique acrobatic combat moves and use new Obliteration Techniques to make the enemy pay
  • See if you can survive through the exciting Story mode

Customer Reviews:

  • Proving that Ninjas are indeed cooler than Pirates once again...
    Who doesn't love Ninjas?

    Those slicing, dicing, pirate-slaughtering stealth assassins at the peak of all things cool are featured in full force for Itagaki's follow up to the original Xbox title, and taken to a whole new level. Now, there's ninja-on-ninja action (that's FIGHTING - you dirty minded fools :-P ).

    After all the hype and anticipation for what was promising to be one of the most difficult games of the year, how did it all turn out?


    This game has a special quality that is difficult to describe, something that I don't see very often in modern games.. "character". Each enemy, level, and ally is absolutely dripping with personality.

    Although most people would argue that the storyline has more holes than swiss cheese, the villains are memorable and the levels themselves are unforgettable. If these characters were fleshed out just a bit more (even just to answer these two simple questions: how Elizabet is running around waking up other Greater Fiends when all four were supposedly asleep for centuries, and why the Black Spider Clan agreed to help her in the first place), it would have added a great deal of significance to some already very memorable personalities. Devil May Cry 4 had similar story issues, but its characters were nowhere near as memorable (with the possible exception of Nero, who made an excellent counter to Dante). Though the principal characters in NGII don't say much, the combination of their look, movement, voice, and (in the case of bosses) attack patterns is exceptionally polished and it shows. The story isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be, although it does play out more like an "epic" summer blockbuster movie than anything else.

    The combat itself is solid, and the feature updates (such as the fatalit...err... obliteration techniques and enemy limb removal) allow for additional strategy in what used to be a block-block-dodge-attack-block-block-dodge-attack combo system. In fact, these changes tend to make the game feel more action-oriented than defense oriented. The "run of the mill" enemies can still kill you - that's a Ninja Gaiden trademark - but rather than taking on fewer, more powerful enemies, you'll oftentimes end up facing swarms of weaker enemies. And make no mistake - swarms can kick your butt.

    The music, usually taking a backseat to action in games such as this, manages to draw the player further in, and combines gothic voices and rock for a haunting yet familiar sound that accents the gameplay and visuals of the title (of special mention are Chapter 3 and 5's music - absolutely amazing, so much so I'd probably get the soundtrack). This is also one of the few games where I can say with confidence that I prefer the English voice acting over Japanese. Visually speaking - it's superior to NG: Sigma and is about average for a 360 title. Still very good, as should be expected for a Team Ninja game - everything's very colorful and sharp. One slight issue is an occasional framerate hiccup, but nothing major.

    I managed to complete the game on "Easy" - a.k.a. Path of the Acolyte - but just barely, and intend to play on Normal soon. Overall I was very impressed with the way this game turned out. Sadly with the Itagaki and Team Ninja lawsuits coming into the spotlight over at Tecmo, this may be the last Ninja Gaiden game we get for some time...

    More rants at: info
  • Not better than part 1
    I loved the first Ninja Gaiden. I played all the way through Master Ninja difficulty and all the missions. It was absolutely insane at times (the Berserkers for instance), but highly rewarding. And this was due to a nearly flawless combat system. Unfortunately, the mechanics have been tweaked in part 2 and it is not for the better. Ryu's roll dodge has been replaced with a quick dash. I am still getting a feel for it, but why change what wasn't broken? And the camera has become far more of a problem this time around than last. It had a few issues in the first installment, but was very good overall. The environments also are not laid out as well. You find yourself wandering to edges trying to find where to go. I don't recall doing that much before. Perhaps the game was rushed as others have suggested. Of course, they had a huge time gap since the first installment, so I have no clue why this one is less polished. Did Team Ninja spend so much time on NG Black and Sigma that the sequel got short-changed? Seriously, all I needed was a bump to 1080p and a new story, enemies, and some weapons on the same engine as part 1 and I would have been thrilled.

    All that being said, the game is still a great action fighter. The dismemberments and decapitations are awesome. And the counter-attack move is way easier than in part 1, which is a good thing because it is needed. Another improvement is the in-game mini menu to change weapons and take herbs. The absense of that in part 1 was always strange to me. The story is so-so, but who cares about that anyway. Every story line going back to the the NES games has been convoluted. Anyway. To sum it up, I am disappointed that NG2 could have been better, but it is still a top-tier game and well worth your hours....more info
  • Improvement on the original
    It's hard to improve upon near-perfection, but Ninja Gaiden II manages it. The enhanced graphics are mind-blowing, the new landscapes fascinating, and the new weapons intriguing. What I've played through of the storyline is interesting, but I hope it picks up (I've only completed chapter III)...more info
  • Ninja Frustration...err i mean Gaiden II
    Ninja Gaiden II is not even close to the same calibur of gaming that Ninja Gaiden and all it's iterations were ie. Black/Sigma.

    While the graphics were good, the character design was the most cliche I have ever seen. Was it really neccesary to have a female heroine that looked AND dressed exactly how Rachel was? Team Ninja couldn't at least had made her a brunette? The monster designs also were very very forgettable, everything looked like it was thrown together by a committee or people who decided to take every action game cliche and run with it to the moon. I never played Ninja Gaiden for the story but this was on the brink of just utter idiocracy. It looked like 6 back to back episodes of a campy monster T.V. show with the most unimaginable villians I have ever seen. An english accent long haired bat winged lightning demon? A 4 armed werewolf? A fire dragon? Was this the best elemental fiends that a group of people who made part 1 could muster? Maybe they should of took a cue from Final Fantasy 4.

    Now putting all that aside let me get into the gameplay. While it's full of a very ample share of gratuitous violence, the difficulty is just absurd. Instead of throwing difficult enemies at you at certain intervals like the first Ninja Gaiden, it comes up with a health recharge system as an excuse to throw countless, and I mean countless waves of enemies who hit you offscreen, take an obscene amount of energy, and are lightning fast..even the ones you think would be slow, are lightning fast. The sheer amount of waves and cheap shots would be enough to rip your hair out.

    And lastly i want to touch on the Boss Fights. In Ninja Gaiden there were some excellent boss fights, most requiring a very hefty degree of timing and strategy. Alma was a very unforgiving fight at first but turned out to be an epic one once you got it down. This game has no strategy on boss fights whatsoever. You spam buttons and Pray that you can kill the boss before he kills you. Make no mistake, 90% of the time he/she will kill you. It it just so frustrating to fight the same boss 20 times in a row to find out there is literally no pattern..he will kill you in a different way every time. It's mash buttons and pray you catch him open a few times to kill him. It is just so sub par compared to boss fights from other action games. Heck even compared to the first Ninja Gaiden. I think i have swore anbd threw my controller into the wall more times playing this than any games i have ever played combined.

    If you like sadistic torture than maybe you might enjoy Ninja Gaiden II. If you want to have fun and not be stressed out by a game than i suggest you stay away.

    The only reason this game even gets 3 stars is for the actual graphics, kill moves, some bright spot moments here and there, and mostly because i had such high expectations for it. The creator of the game had a bad taste in his mouth from Tecmo, and this game was his last before he ultimately sued them and believe me it shows. This game is nowhere up to par with his previous game....more info
  • very hard and violent game
    I will admit that this is both the hardest and most violent action adventure game that I've played but it is enjoyable and exciting to play as well. I would like to compare this game to another violent game that I've played which was Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks. But this game is even more violent than that one. The action is very deep and complex which in my opinion makes this one of the best action adventure games ever made. The game may be very difficult for most people who play it, even on the easiest level. Fortunantly, I was able to get all the way to chapter 14 which was overwhelmingly difficult. The game throws a whole bunch of bosses against you one after another and each one is very hard to defeat. If it wasn't for that, I think that I would have been able to beat the game....more info
  • I finally beat it!!!!
    Very difficult game. At certain points, the game stopped being fun and was just plain tedious. The graphics are incredible and the game play is similar to the first one.

    I didn't like that you could only save one game file. I actually had to restart the game halfway through. I kept dying and didn't have any health potions.

    The game really picks up near the end. At one point, you face about 30 ninjas at one time. This should have been the best part of the game. Unfortunately, the 360 can't handle this part and the game slows down to a crawl. Very disappointing.

    I also didn't care for the optional tests of valor sequences. It was just wave after wave of the same enemies. Not much fun.

    Overall, a good game but can be very aggravating ...more info
  • :0)

    Fun game, certain sections are a bit crazy but i liked it was fun to play good experience for ME....more info
  • Absolutely stunning
    This game is stunning to its core. Yes there are glitches and its not for the faint of heart, but the gameplay, action and graphics are really good. Some of these features stand out in themselves, but its the combination that makes it so special. I found some frame rate issues but not worth spoiling the game.

    I remember playing the original Ninja Gaiden and getting frustrated with the diffculty. But the game attrected me into not giving up and getting better to finish the game and coming back to play it over and over again. This game is no different. I am almost to the end of my first playthrough and am already planning on playing again on a harder difficulty level. It has been easier than the original due to the presence of Acolyte difficulty. So for a first time player of Ninja gaiden, my advise would be to rent it, play it, and then buy it. Original NG players, do I need to say anything??

    But remember to make full use of online walkthroughs/guides to get a feel and be comfortable with the game, since strategy is your best friend in this game. Every enemy has a different attack and you have 8-9 weapons towards the end, 1 to begin with), 3-4 projectile weapons and 4 magic tricks; each to be used more effectively in a certain situation. People get really frustrated because they try to button mash through the game and do not plan. Do not enter boss battles without enough health, there are save points and refill shops (Muramasa's) before all major boss battles. But to like it, learn it; and for that guides are really helpful. This is an intelligent and hard game, understand that before hating it.

    I now call myself a Ninja Gaiden fan. This game will not set any sales records, but to the kind of gamers that like this genre and good graphics/gameplay, this is a must buy....more info
  • Ninja Gaiden II
    Ninja Gaiden II is a sequel to Ninja Gaiden, and was released exclusively for the XBOX 360, and was developed by Team Ninja and published by Microsoft Game Studios. In this installment you play as Ryu Hyabusa once again to restore honor to his Dragon Clan lineage. The storyline seems fairly uninteresting, with some rather shallow characters whose attire and appearance looks better than their personality does. From the beginning of the game, the main character is set on saving and building a small relationship with a perfectly attractive woman who looks strikingly similar to Rachel from Ninja Gaiden on the XBOX. Ryu is back again with an even more expansive arsenal of weapons and attacks. The Dragon Sword is once again the starting default weapon; some old weapons have made a pleasant return, along with some rather odd ones that come in handy with Ninja Gaiden II is a sequel to Ninja Gaiden, and was released exclusively for the XBOX 360, and was developed by Team Ninja and published by Microsoft Game Studios. In this installment you play as Ryu Hyabusa once again to restore honor to his Dragon Clan lineage. The storyline seems fairly uninteresting, with some rather shallow characters whose attire and appearance looks better than their personality does. From the beginning of the game, the main character is set on saving and building a small relationship with a perfectly attractive woman who looks strikingly similar to Rachel from Ninja Gaiden on the XBOX. Some characters make multiple appearances, and basically any enemy you see, will be fought some time in the game, some more than once.

    Ryu is back again with an even more expansive arsenal of weapons and attacks. The Dragon Sword is once again the starting default weapon; some old weapons have made a pleasant return, along with some rather odd ones that come in handy with certain enemies and super fiends. Unsurprisingly enough, Ryu manages to be quick and nimble with any weapon in hand regardless of the weapon's weight. The attack lists for all weapons go on and on, and discovering or achieving new attacks is a very invigorating experience. This time around, Team Ninja, from the start, included two difficulty levels. From the average player's perspective, (Acolyte), is normal mode, and evidently, (Warrior), is hard mode. The Acolyte mode is hard mode masquerading as normal mode. The expectancy of Normal feeling like Hard is apparent here. Acolyte packs much of a punch, and the difficulty of the AI is very inconsistent.

    Throughout the first three chapters in the game, gameplay seems like a complete cakewalk combined with a peaceful walk through the park. Shortly after, the AI abruptly increases in the skill the department, making the game nearly unbearable. It's asinine that all of these fiends and humans are out for this one Class A ninja. The game expects the player to bask in failure, and precisely dodge, evade, and counter every little significant bullet and weapon slash. With the difficultly level this way, there is no excuse for the camera to be faulty. The bogusness of camera is beyond comprehension. Often times in play through, a player will have to cautiously dash and block repeatedly before walking around corners of through doors, because you might have some cheap enemies waiting patiently for you behind that door or surface.

    You will have to predict enemy presences because sometimes there is a lack of sound effects or movement to signify their presence. As soon as you slip up slightly the enemy(s) will knock you into submission, then you will have to wait until their combo is over to retaliate. Their mannerisms are rather sporadic and uncertain. Mastering keen predicting skills can be a pain. If you stand in one spot and block, the enemies will either grab you or attack randomly as possible to make you let go of your block because you think you see an opening. Some situations seem impossible or unbelievably laid out. With the screwy camera in action, (that sways itself further away from Ryu, and slightly skewed to the bottom of the screen), and multiple enemies wailing on you with untold amounts of attacks, the enemies can be more difficult than boss fights.

    The enemies stop at no line to kill you. They all bombard you with attacks with weapons, explosive shurikens, missiles, grenade launchers, bullets and whatever else. Sometimes you will be required to stand against a weapon party and it isn't your birthday. Blocking cannot block everything, you will spend more time trying to dodge opposing forces, than trying to kill enemies. Cutting off an enemy's head right after they drowned you with annoying bullets is very rewarding, but that empty health bar gained afterward isn't. Instead of your health just simply going down, the health bar goes down from a point, and from that point where health is lost, there is a red spot, which lets you know, how much your health will automatically heal afterwords. It's similar to Tekken Tag's health system.

    Explosive jellyfish are reasonably placed within water, sometimes you will have to battle three men with grenade launchers that shoot two to three grenades at a time, while running on water, trying to avoid touching an explosive jellyfish at the same time. It's hard to do correctly without some type of slow motion vision. Anywho, this brand new obliterating technique is very helpful. After slicing at least one limb from your enemy's body, you will be able to press Y once, (while close to them), and then Ryu will unleash this very brutal and gruesome type fatality that is a blast to watch and never gets old. If you discover the convenience of this attack, watching it will never get old, it's a great savior in itself. Platforming seems a little easier this time, in combination with automatic jumping animations and solid ninja wall to wall maneuvers, platforming seems lesser of a hassle from the second game. Some platforms refuse to allow you to fall off of them, which in some ways take some pressure off of your jumping precision. All weapons can be upgraded three times. If one takes the time to scour a stage for items and cash, you will be rewarded with being able to max out some weapons before the third chapter.

    The same orbs are still present. (Red), filling in Ninpo slots, (Blue), replenishing health, and (Yellow), giving you cash. Also, instead of having to pause to use items or change weapons, there is a quick tool used by pressing up and down in the D-Pad, a subsidiary that allows you to quickly choose a weapon, item, or Ninpo scroll, but can seem redundant because the time it takes to load that small box at the bottom of the screen takes just as long as it does to get to the pause menu. The Pause Menu's activation is also delayed if you are grabbed by an enemy or boss. You will have to wait until their attack is said and done before accessing it. When the enemies grab you, you can tap buttons rapidly to escape their hold. The ultimate attack is back and better. Instead of an enemy being able to knock you out of deep chakra concentration, your toughness has been increased, and now you are able to charge your weapon while getting attacked. All of the ultimate techniques for each weapon are brilliantly animated and are well done. They come in handy with bosses especially, and with hordes of fiends.

    In mid-stage you are able to take the Test of Valor which is a circular room filled with only so many enemies. If all enemies are defeated without dieing, you will be rewarded with some handy items. Often times (Life of the Gods), or other items that increase your Ninpo slot capacity, money, or orbs that increase the level of your Ninpo power. These come in and handy and they can be taken over and over until completed. Some boss fights are complete jokes and some seem despicably tricky. It also doesn't help that some bosses explode, and they take you with them. To defeat a boss and then die in their explosion is maddening. Some realistic features in the game are undesirable. You even lose health if near a robot that explodes. The new save points may appear to be helpful but further down the road they seem illogically placed. They replenish your health after one use and only can be used when no enemies are around. The same goes for buying items and using the blacksmith. The music is good, but it isn't overpowering. The sound effects are there, the graphics seem very average, per say. The environments don't look very impressive and the models, seem, rather average as well, all sharing the same action figure type qualities. The controls are extra responsive, making way for spectacular skill development.

    The game is a steal at $25 or less. It's a great gameplay experience with an agonizing experience upon difficulty. However, the game doesn't seem superior to its predecessor, in fact, its predecessor is superior. Nonetheless, for the hack and slasher fans, Ninja Gaiden II is a game worth playing. It's flaws can be forgiven, when it has smooth animations and intriguing gameplay elements.
    ...more info
  • Why? Why? Why?
    I cant understand for the life of me why a video game needs to be so hard that it takes every ounce of fun out of the game. I really want to like this game. It looks good, the controls are good but they made a critical mistake in the game. If you enter a boss battle with no health and no items to boost your over. When you die you continue from the boss battle with the same amount of health you enter the fight with. A videogame should NEVER leave you with no options but to start over from the beginning. I'm about 7 hours in and there is no way Im starting over from the beginning. I cant believe I wasted 60 bucks on this. Now I get to take it to Gamestop so I can get ripped off again. ...more info
  • Masochistic fun
    Even on the easiest difficulty setting this game will absolutely abuse you at times. If however you are patient and enjoy learning to become good at a game you'll have a lot of fun here. If not, stop reading these reviews right now and go look for a more casual game to play.

    If you are still with me you'll be glad to know that there are enough save points to keep the frustration within reasonable limits and the new rechargable health bar allows players to (mostly) save health items for the many boss fights. The action in this game is absolutely intense with great enemy designs, lots of moves and a nice assortment of weapons. The depth of the fighting system in the NG series is unrivaled - learn to dish out the pain, and by midgame you will feel like a rockstar.

    NG2 has gotten some bad press for being not quite as polished as Ninja Gaiden for the original XBOX. While I do agree that the first game is a bit better overall than NG2, this game is still absolutely fantastic and probably more accessible to novice gamers than the first one. There are only 2 real faults with NG2:
    1) There are a few nasty difficulty spikes. Nothing you can't overcome, but know going in that there are spots that will force you to stretch your abilities and try new techniques.
    2) At times the camera is too close to the action. This results in a great view of the sweet moves that you are laying on the bad guys, but makes it tricky to defend some attacks that you couldn't see coming.
    Neither issue breaks the game by any means, but no game is perfect and these are the imperfections of NG2.

    Bottom line - as with the original Ninja Gaiden, this game gives you back what you put into it. If you are willing to take your lumps in the first few chapters while learning the nuances of the various weapons, moves, magics, ultimate techniques and obliteration techniques, the game just gets better and better as you go along. You'll find that there are ideal weapons and moves for different situations and enemy types and figuring out which to use and when is part of the fun. If you aren't willing to pay your dues, improve your skills, and experiment with different tactics, this game will simply frustrate. ...more info
  • Terrible
    I bought this game when I saw it on sale for $10. I remembered liking Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox, so I figured this couldn't be half bad. In fact, it is completely bad. The graphics are terrible! Even worse is the camera! It never stays in a good position and likes to flip around at inappropriate times. Every encounter with an enemy is the same, so it gets redundant in about an hour....more info
  • Frustrating and Rewarding
    Ninja Gaiden 2 is not a leap above its predecessor instead only a step. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Ninja suffers from a strange camera which gets stuck also zooming in at different times and a steep difficulty. Ninja 2 is a bit more friendly in difficulty but is still frustratingly hard in spots but that is the reason I play it, no matter how insurmountable the obstacle, persist and you will win and how victory is sweet. The graphics haven't changed much from the first game, this isn't a drawback just a testament to how well the graphics were handled before, HD, some extra textures, dirt and weather effects are nice additions. The greatest flaw is the polish lacking in story and mechanics of the game, six more months of work would not have hurt Ninja in the least....more info
  • Not as good as Ninja Gaiden I; extremely CHEAP AI!
    Needless to say, I was so impressed by Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX, I beat it multiple times on the hardest difficulty level because it was really THAT fun to play despite the difficulty. Even after that I went out and bought Ninja Gaiden Black and beat that as well. You can imagine my excitement when Team Ninja announced the release of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the XBOX 360. However, as I am close to finishing this game, I must say I am a little underwhelmed by Team Ninja's apparent lack of effort on this latest release.

    There is no big surprise that the graphics and detail in this game are extraordinary. Just like the first Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX, I was awed by the attention to detail and the fluidity of the character movements. Ninja Gaiden 2 you will soon find to be much more violent than its predecessor. You will almost immediately see Ryu effortlessly chopping of baddies arms, legs and heads all complete with blood spatter all over the ground and even screen. There are also a few instances in which Ryu slices bodies completely in half and the game shows in amazing detail the two vertically severed halves falling to the ground. Ryu also has an array of finishing moves usually ending in a beheading that will satisfy the gore lover in you. If you like blood then Ninja Gaiden II has a lot of that to offer.

    Almost equally impressive is the sound; again just like Ninja Gaiden I. While I think the soundtrack is slightly better in NGI, the sound effects in NGII are excellent. The sound of metal to metal sword fighting action is quite realistic sounding as well as the many explosions.

    All of this is fine, but the meat of any game is the game play. The question for me always comes down to, is the game fun to play, and sadly NGII fails to answer this question with an resounding "yes". It's certainly not a bad game, but it is not as fun to play as NGI. The main reason for this is that the game all too often resorts to cheapness and cheesiness rather than offering a legitimate challenge that one would enjoy for long.

    First of all, Team Ninja's idea of a challenge in NGII is just flooding the screen with seemingly countless enemies that all have a good number of cheap moves up their sleeves. Even when just starting the game, some baddies will decide to stab you with their sword that explodes a few moments later, killing them instantly and greatly damaging you, 3 or 4 of these and you are dead. You can obviously block or counter, but when surrounded by 10 enemies or more you can't block or attack in all directions at the same time. There is even one stage in the game in which the game sends so many enemies at you, the entire game slows down to a crawl because even the mighty 360 can't handle it. I thought this type of thing was left behind with the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

    Yes, the black Spider clan is back with their cheap incendiary shurikens, that they throw all over the place, in addition they are fast as all get up so winning a battle against them while taking minimal damage is nearly impossible. However as cheap as the Black Spider Clan is, the cheapest enemies I have encountered so far are the enemies on the "Submit or Die" level that just shoot bombs at you all day, they are always camping way out of attack range so you don't even have time to get of a well placed shot with your arrows to kill them quickly. By the time you have your arrow charged, you never have enough time to actually aim because there bombs will hit your forcing you to start all over again. Having to fight OTHER enemies while dodging the cheap bombs, greatly adds to the frustration factor of this game. Most of these bomb throwers are standing by exploding barrels and many times these idiots will shoot the barrels lighting themselves on fire because the game's AI apparently isn't sophisticated enough to do anything other than being cheap. If you are lucky you can shoot the barrels before they do, but good luck in doing that on a consistent basis. If this wasn't bad enough there is one area on this level in which you have to walk between landmines while also dodging these bomb throwers who are now shooting out of a 3 story building. Then when you get close to them, you ALSO have to contend with some automatic gun turrets coming from another direction! Give me a break! How CHEAP can this game get?

    Most of the bosses in this game are extremely difficult unless you get lucky. Keeping true to form as the other bad guys, the bosses are cheap as well; they will just grab you all day long leaving you powerless to do anything to counter until they are done having their way with you. Nippos are useless so you have to resort melee combat or try your hand at aiming your arrows. One good thing however is that once you get killed by a boss, you can try again at the boss and not have to spend time a lot of time back tracking to get back to it. You also restart the battle as if you never fought it before meaning that any health items or Nippos you may have used are reset to what they originally were when you first encountered the boss. The only thing is that if you decide you are tired of fighting that boss for the day, you will have to start from the save point when you turn the game on again.

    NGI was an absolute gem, and I suppose Team Ninja took the many compliments they received and went way overboard this time around. They figured we would like the increased "challenge", but the problem is, it's not a challenge anymore, it's just CHEAP! Even the countless moves and techniques each weapon has to offer are impossible to effectively perform due to the cheapness of the AI and nearly all battles just end up being a repetitive button mashing affair; not fun!

    To me, I don't think this game has much replay value; it's just too frustrating for me to want to go back and beat it again; I just want to beat it, be done with it and move on. I don't know what happened, but NGII does not live up to the hype, and Team Ninja did little to make this game as fun as NGI. Rating this game is difficult because I really WANTED to enjoy it; at LEAST as much as I did NGI. I honestly feel bad about being hard on this game, but it is what it is. On a 1 - 10 scale, I'll give fun rating a 6.5 and the overall rating a 7.5. Rounding these values, this correlates to a 3 for fun and 4 for overall. The only thing saving this game from a 3 overall are the fluid animations, superb graphics and sound, and despite the cheapness, I would still say it's worth completing....more info
  • Pretty hard, but satisfying..
    Actually, I have found NG2 harder than NG for the original Xbox, because a single reason, The camera is not as functional as it was on the original game, specially when you are fighting the bosses.

    On the battle with the twin armadillos, it was specially hard because you have to jump and dodge several times and very often you will find that you don't know where is the boss or even you... The same with the two dragons that you have to kill only with arrows

    I have found Devil May Cry too easy. In fact, I preffer this game as hard as it is, if you like easy adventure games in slow motion, try Prince of Persia series.


    In synthesys:

    The Good:
    Extensive gameplay, about 14 chapters, I spent about 23 hrs total to beat the game in the basic difficulty

    More saving points

    More cool weapons, every one is plenty useful. In previous game the big weapons were very slow and you were hit everytime that you tried to use the warhammer or the dalihabro. In this game you can complete the game using only the Lunar Staff or the Eclipse.

    Extraordinary Graphics

    Cool story and cut-scenes. Specially the one with muramasa showing his skills with the katana...

    The Bad

    The camera

    Having to kill some bosses only with ranged attacks.

    Some cheap designed levels, like the green caves with a boss that suddendly dissapears, I have to reset the game two times because of that.

    I have several friends that surrended in the first game confronting Murai or the mounted samurai. If this happened to you, don't buy this game. But if you finished the first game and enjoyed it, this is a must.
    ...more info
  • Amazing!
    Beautifully done, outstanding gameplay and challenging to the end. Newbs beware, button mashing is not allowed! The game presents challanges to even the most hardcore gamers, but the rewards are incredible. Overall I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!!!...more info
  • All action; no nonsense
    I've only played a few hours so far and I think the game is a great sequal to the first. The action seems to be more fast-paced and the graphics are very impressive. I was hesitant reading some of the bad reviews, but if you liked the original, I don't see how you can hate the sequal. Maybe it gets worse as I go, but I don't see how.
    Yes the camera is quarky, but it was like that in the original as well. With the replenishing lifeline and replenishing save points, the game is a little easier (at least on easy mode)--I didn't die until fighting the boss in Hayabusa Village.
    I'm tired of programmers dumbing down games. Although I'm a casual gamer nowadays, I hate games like Bioshock and Bad Company that give you no reason to get skillful because enemies don't respawn with each continuation.
    Bottom line is if you played the first and enjoyed it, you should definitely enjoy this one. If you like hack and slash games, you should enjoy it. If you're looking for a challenge you should enjoy it. If you like blood and decapitation and mutilation (in video games), you should enjoy it. If you have A.D.D., you should enjoy it. If you like a slow, methodical game, stay away....more info
  • Itagaki's goodbye gift
    Tomonobu Itagaki left Tecmo and this is his last ninja gaiden, but he make sure that when he left a good last game was behind his footsteps, once again you face one of the hardest games out there, this game is really violent and fast, it will make the normal player into submission far too quickly, the combat system is even better in this one but the game mechanics are getting old and boring kill, walk a few steps, kill, and kill. Fans will be pleased but newcomers may not enjoy the flavor of blood in this violent and fun tittle...more info
  • Ninja Gaidan 2, beware.
    Having played Ninja Gaidan and largely enjoying it, I bought this game looking for more of the same gameplay, with a new story. you basically get that. as a side note, this game is shorter than its prequel, but I'm going to evaluate it on it's own merits anyway so that doesn't terribly matter.

    the gameplay is pretty good - for the most part. But I hope you don't have a temper, or you're gonna be buying a new controller/Television. the first thing to note about gameplay is that it's fast. If you've got a good reaction time, and the ability to learn your enemie's patterns quickly, this game will go fine, I do however, have some major issues.

    good gameplay: its fast, responsive, and interesting.

    graphics: the graphics look great, and Ryu looks awesome while slicing things to pieces. It's not quite realistic as another reviewer commented, but if your into scenery, you will stop a couple times just to take a look around.

    It's largely fighting focused, which is what most of us want to play it for. the previous one had many places where you had no clue where to go, had to play games with jumping puzzles, or just ended up wasting time running through tokyo fighting the same ninja over and over for most of the game. in this incarnation however, the gameplay is fairly linear - you wont end up lost for more than a minute or two at any point, and the focus is on the fighting rather than puzzles.

    Frustrating - If you have a temper at all, you will break your controller - this game is by far the most frustrating game I've played in a long time. I'd rather play somebody in a fighting game who's being abusive of a cheap trick to win.

    Redundancy - Team ninja recycled 5 of the bosses(the main ones) and one of them you fight 4 times. I didn't mind this, because he was my favorite boss, but the others were slightly annoying.

    Uninteresting bosses - the bosses basically all fight the same way(the major ones at least) 3 of the 5 bosses that are recycled fly, 4 of them have a long range charge attack, and the tactic to beat them 4 of the 5 is identical - and very similar: figure out how long their standard attack combo is(they only have one or two), then every time they do it, dodge the last hit and wail on them.

    Incredibly cheap enemies - most of the time, you will wtfpwn every enemy you run across. and then they will get in a single hit or so...and the 14 others with them will take advantage of the opening to reduce you to 1/2 hp.
    most of the enemies in the game are ninja, and most of THEM love abusing their exploding shuriken. it is impossible to dodge these exploding shuriken, and they will throw so many at you, that you are exploding every second or so, unless you break their momentum and get some hits in.
    the ranged enemies are also abusive - they will stand 50 yards from you and shoot you with exploding arrows, bazooka rounds, or rapid fire-I'm not even sure, but they all cause explosions and blow you backward so you cant advance anywhere near them - frequently from the end of a long hallway so you can't dodge it very effectively.
    Many of the bosses are extremely easy - once you figure out how to avoid their one ludicrously cheap attack. one boss dies in a gigantic explosion - and the only way to survive is to block. with your sword. I died to this explosion several times before I decided it was baloney and looked up a guide to see how to live the explosion. It just never occurred to me that I would have to block an explosion big enough to take out a city block...with my sword.
    Another boss you fight in an area filled with lava. and he will try his best to blast or walk up and THROW you off the platform you are fighting him on, then launch continuous fireballs at you, knocking you into the lava and keeping you there. here is a way around this, but you probably won't figure it out till you die 2 or 3 times.

    Level design - The item placement is extremely annoying. the level designers apparently thought it was a good idea to give you a shop to buy healing items at, then once you do, you walk through the next door and find 3 healing items, but are maxed, so just wasted your money. events like this are common.
    further, you frequently run into enemies or groups of enemies that almost force you to use one attack over and over(flying swallow I believe?) because it is by far the best attack in the game, and if you try to use much of any other attack on these particular enemies, you will be taking a lot more damage for the sole purpose of looking cool.
    this is emphasized at points where you attacked by absurd numbers of ninja - at one point I was fighting upwards of forty ninja at one time(which also caused the framerate to slow drastically).

    The save points - The save points generally are not that bad - except for the bosses. usually you will get a save point a fair distance back from the boss, which isn't generally a problem because when you die on a boss, you load at the beginning of the fight. But if you get frustrated at the cheap tactics and quit for awhile, your console crashes, or you have to do something else - back to the save point. This wasn't a big deal most of the time, because the enemies aren't that difficult, and it's only a bit of a waste of time, but the end of the game is four bosses in a row. No restorative items in between, no shops. now. if you get to the last boss(or worse, the second to last boss) and quit in frustration. then you get to kill them all, all over.

    last boss - the last boss is incredibly easy and anticlimactic, the second to last boss is way harder, and really, really stupid. Too many game designers feel the need to make the last boss some huge monster that is absurd and most of the time not even fun to fight. half the time you sit there whacking at a body part for most of the fight. In this one however, the second-to-last fight is...all archery. You dodge some attacks, shoot him, and he barfs a bunch of rotted gore at you for massive damage unless you dodge or block. he also has an attack that is designed solely to make it harder to shoot him. it does very little damage, but interrupts your charging of your bow shot. unless you are charging your bow, it will never, ever hit you. you can walk directly at the boss, and you will never be hit with it - so it's intended purpose is incredibly easily discernible. And this boss was the most difficult boss in the game for me - and the most irritating and least fun, because it little to do with the rest of the gameplay.

    Archery: I admit, nobody used the bow much in the first one - but that was choice. you can do the same with any melee weapon you choose to ignore. But in this game, archery was forced down your throat with a vengeance in the majority of the missions.

    The ninpo - most of the ninpo are not very good. the fire wheel was good, because it homes on enemies and does a good job of thinning out the needless and irritating adds that guard some of the bosses, the pheonix fire ninpo I liked as well, because it can, if you are lucky, do fair damage to a boss, and it works well in a crowd.

    engagement - If you leave the game for even a few days, you will forget how to fight. it is a long road to being good in this game, and you will have to walk it all over again every time you stop playing for a few days.

    Moves - this is kind of petty, but I lost some of my favorite moves from Ninja Gaidan, which annoyed me.

    Replay - This game has fairly low replay value. the action is great, but once you've done it once, there isn't much point to doing it again. After fighting one boss 4 times already, and the rest of the major bosses twice, do you really want to do it again?


    I wouldn't buy this game again. I beat it, it will probably go into a drawer for a long time. If you are a casual gamer, you probably will not like the difficulty. you have to be fast or you will hurt. a lot. I would only buy this is you are a hardcore gamer looking for a challenge(for a short time till you figure out the way things run), are really obsessed with Ryu or ninja, or want a new TV - the hard way....more info
  • Hack and Slash is fun!
    I was slightly skeptical having played all of the older Ninja Gaiden games but I bought the game on a whim and could not have been more pleasantly surprised. I was surprised at how much fun hacking and slashing as a ninja can be! It doesn't really get old slashing off an arm and then coming in for the execution style kill! Storyline is so/so but for what the game is, I didn't really need it. The other reviewer is right on with the map statement. It's a little linear and if they could have made it less linear and added a map, it would have put it over the top.

    I'm a little upset there is no co-op online play, but overall, I had a lot of fun with this game especially given its history....more info
  • Same as the first Ninja Gaiden but easier and still fun
    This one seemed a lot easier than the first one but it was still hard and totally enjoyable. Same basic controls as the first one. Zero storyline. You can kill most mobs by jumping around and mashing the Y button a lot. Still the best Xbox 360 game I've played though!!
    ...more info
  • Ninja Gaiden still has it on next gen console
    I loved Ninja Gaiden since I was 5 years old back on the NES. Now it's only gotten better (as you'd hope) on the newest generation of consoles. There are some camera flaws, and the difficulty has gone down due to the new health system, but overall the experience has only gotten better, with faster action and more beautiful cinematics.

    I recommend this to any Ninja Gaiden fan who owns an xbox 360....more info
  • good game, faulty disc
    good game, except I think I had a faulty disc, because it kept freezing on me at a certain spot in the game and only on the path of the warrior...more info
  • Fun, but very, very frustrating.
    ok, this game is very fun, but the bosses are crazy! I mean, you want to see how the game ends, but... The bosses kinda get in the way.

    Keep in mind there are 14 chapters, all having at least 2 scenes. And each scene has at least 2 bosses... ya...
    In my opinion, its a rent, not buy. Unless of course you kinda dig the whole crazy insanely hard thing....more info
  • Haven't I seen this before....
    Okay first off I don't own this game so you don't have to take me too seriously. But I did spend some time watching my uncle play through this game. I was surprised by all the gore and evil in this game. Now instead of dissapearing the fallen warriors you killed stay there haunting you. Really was it that necessary to put that much violence in one game. And another thing doesn't this storyline seem sort of familiar. Let's see getting new weapons...fighting a bunch of enemies...oh and bosses too. Let's see oh I know it's the Legend of Zelda except the floors covered in blood!!!!! Seriously I won't be getting this game but like I said you don't have to take me too seriously I'm just an observer of this game....more info
  • So close to perfect and yet so far
    This is a tough game to rate. On one hand, Ninja Gaiden 2 is the most masterful combat game of its style I've ever seen designed from the standpoint of the action itself. The combat sequences are fast, furious, fluid and fun, and the array of weapons offers players a huge selection of methods to their battle styles.

    On the other hand, there are a few nagging flaws to the game that really stop it from being what it could have been. Probably the most prominent of these is the camera; it isn't just not good, it's actively bad. I've died a lot of times after dodging a boss's attack of death to the next swing because the camera decided that the wall I was next to was the most important thing to focus on as the boss standing two feet away split my body down the middle.

    This game is quite difficult compared to nearly any other. While that's not a complaint of mine in itself, having beaten the first 2 levels of difficulty and having a blast (mostly), it's the way the difficulty is presented that is often aggravating. To me, the best part about the game is the sword-on-sword combat, but the parts that typically present challenges are parts where 6 or 7 enemies with bazookas or exploding ninja stars or what have you are placed way out of reach and having to deal with all of them. This has kept me from going on to the 3rd difficulty level, not because of the difficulty level inherent to it, but because the challenge is pretty cheap. Melee combat is really the strength of the game and what should have become more difficult as you go.

    That said, the Acolyte (first) difficulty level doesn't really have this ranged element much and is quite fun for anyone, and is quite doable with some effort, although bosses will be died to quite a bit while you figure out ways to go about fighting each one (when you die to a boss, you start again right at the boss, so this isn't too big a deal). The second difficulty level I found fun too, but past that, excessive ranged attackers just struck me as irritating....more info
  • Awesome Game
    This game is incredibly good, I have been playing it since I got it and don't think I'll put it down any time soon. The images are incredibly good and all the different moves you can perform with each weapon give the game a great interaction. ...more info
  • Ninja Gaiden 2, The end of Ninja Gaiden lacks story.
    I've been a fan of Ninja Gaiden since it was first on Nintendo. When Ninja Gaiden came to the original X-Box there was nothing more awesome than it! Then they upgraded it to Ninja Gaiden Black. This year for the X-Box 360 came Ninja Gaiden 2. Sadly, it's very lame compared to Ninja Gaiden standards. The characters designs, backgrounds, and all are great. The story lacks. Still love kicking butt with Ryu as always but some of the NEW weapons didn't measure up. Only one out of the several new weapons met my expectations and that was the Scythe. 14 chapters to the end... and then ... an anti-climatic ending. Ick.

    I was sad to see Ninja Gaiden end like this because it is the LAST one going to be made. The dude who created it and a bunch of others are going to sue the distributor or something. Anyway, no more Team Ninja, No more Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden games. This saddens me because for me, there was no one (save for Bungie who made HALO) better than Team Ninja.

    You can tell that this game wasn't the way they planned it to be... it's a good game for Ninja Gaiden but there is not much new ... and in custom Ninja Gaiden style, it's harder than ever, even in normal (path of the warrior) mode. However, I can say this. Ninja Gaiden is still one of my favorite all time games come hell or high water. I love Ryu, I love kicking booty with him. I love the design of the worlds and the bad guys... what I don't like is no story. But when you are playing a Ninja who walks the worlds between life and death, good and evil, human and fiend... it doesn't really matter what kind of story it is... just so I can kick butt, take names, and be a bad *** ninja.
    ...more info
  • Ninja Gaiden II Review
    I've played the first ninja gaiden and just mainly the beginnning of this one since I haven't had too much time to play it yet. First one's story line definetely seemed better from what I can see and am told however in an action game like this story line isn't the games main purpose. Ninja gaiden II definitely improves the fun factor with a more exciting action system that involves you performing finishing moves constantly (which are undoubtedly fun to watch and have several animations). The camera is a bit off but can be fixed to a good degree if you enhance the camera speed to it's maximum and you can center the view if needed with the press of a button.
    If you bought the first one and enjoyed it, and replayed it this is a definite buy. If you feel you just want to go through it once you should probably rent it first. ...more info
  • Best Action game for xbox 360!
    I think anybody who has xbox 360 should buy this game, because it is the best action game out there. Even for all platform. People might compare this with Metal Gear Solid 4, but I can tell you, they are different, this will gives you more fun. I played MGS4 as well, but that game makes me sleep. Although this game might not has the best graphic out there, but the action is smooth and fun. There are two bad thing, one is camera, another one is number of long range shot it required. I believe you heard a lot of review about the camera problem, so I don't want to say it anymore. It is playable, but may give you a bad time for it. I think there are way too many long range shot requirement, this reduce a lot of fun. Personally, I like the first one better, because it balance the level. Maybe this one they try to lower the difficulty, trust me, it is much easier than the first one. I think anybody can beat this game with normal level. Other than these two problems, I think this is a great game, and you shouldn't miss it....more info
  • let down
    I always loved the Ninja Gaiden games and really looked forward to playing this, but this game really falls short. The camera angles are horrible. Sometimes you can't even see Ryu, so you're left blindly mashing buttons, hoping you're hitting things. Enemies will always pop out of places and get hits in on you before you have a chance to react. All enemy encounters are the same. This game is so repetitive (block, attack, block, attack). Lastly, it gets so hard that it becomes extremely frustrating. You're always outnumbered by vast odds. So you'll be fighting one enemy while others are beating the stuffing out of you. This is extremely annoying - especially during boss battles. Then like another poster said, if you get to a point where you don't have enough health and have a major battle ahead of you, there's no choice but to start over. Maybe if you're a gamer with thousands of hours to play to figure out how to beat every boss this is okay, but for casual to moderate gamers it's just frustrating and pointless. ...more info
  • killer ninja
    I loved ninja gaiden on the old nes system. Ninja gaiden on the xbox was a great game seen in 3-d. Now ninja gaiden 2 just took a step up. Ryu has always been a great ninja but just crossed the line.
    with all has brutalness. He now can slice body parts off heads arms legs everything you can think of. Ninja gaiden 2 is a great adventure game great bosses and very cool weapons. Please pick this game up right away....more info
  • My first run with the 'new' Ryu
    I bought this game for the gift card and how I heard NG Black was so great. First, let me say this game focuses more on survival than stylishly beating up on enemies. You'll get ambushed many times by numerous enemies, sometimes spamming projectiles to no end.

    I feel kind of bad for using items, but I suppose this game encourages it, because your score is not affected. Still, it makes me feel like an amateur. The gameplay is as deep as you want it to be. You can use one weapon and spam the same combo everytime, or you can do many different combos with many different weapons.

    This game is glitchy so beware. I've had to restart twice due to game freezes, and sometimes the camera gets skippy. Oh yeah, the camera.. The bane of everyone's existence. It's usually too close and not high enough, so you can't see very well. And I really hate it when stuff is exploding all around you and you can't see anything. Also, sometimes I get a wall or door between me and Ryu, so I can't see a thing. Right trigger readjusts the camera but it doesn't always help.

    This feels like an unfinished product and is frustrating at times so I'll give it two stars. Probably deserves three, but I am kind of annoyed at the moment. I know many would like to disagree with my rating, but I'm not all that happy with my purchase. I guess they feel like the gore and combos make up for its shortcomings. Not me, I'd trade in the delimbing fests for a more polished game....more info
  • Ninja goodness!
    More than what I had expected it to be. The new weapons and move sets brought tears to my eyes. Gotta love the Obliteration Techniques unique to each weapon. The same old ninja goodness as the first but with even more eye candy. This game is a must have for any 360 owner, or its like having a Nintendo system without Mario. ITS THAT GOOD!...more info
  • Probably the hardest game so far.
    I figured this would be like the first game, and as you upgrade your weapons it would get easier and easier. HELL NO! In the begging of this game they bombard you with nd army of black spider ninjas, stick and move stick and move. If your lookin for a real challenge pick it up....more info
  • If you thought it was Hard you suck
    Ninja Gaiden was a visually stunning game with brutal executions and great ninja moves. The game puts a good challenge and I think was easier than the first one. The game is more user friendly with the capability to explore the other weapons easily. ...more info
  • Too hard
    Although the graphics are great, I could not get past the electric snake thing and basically just had to give it up....more info
  • Great but not like the first!!!
    This Ninja Gaiden is awesome. All the elements that make it a true Ninja Gaiden are present. Flawless controls, the impossibility that we've all come to know, are all there. I must say that the first next gen installment of the series is far better and harder. Don't get me wrong this one is great but the previous one was a rock solid game versus this one where it has its strong points and soft spots. ...more info
  • Good game
    Ninja Gaiden 2 is the sequel to Ninja Gaiden Black. The game plays like the first one which is a good thing. The only reason I give this game a 4 star rating rather than a 5 star is because of the camera angle. If you played the first game you know what to expect. The one thing I have to mention is that this game isn't as challening as the first one.

    It's still hard but not like the first one. Once you reach the dragon statues to save your game, your health goes back up and in the first one you only had to rely on using the Grains of Spiritual Life or Herbs of Spiritual life to bring your health back up. This is a good thing for the second game though because some bosses are tough to beat and it would be really hard throughout the game if you just had health packs to rely on. No more throwing the controller to the TV :-) not that I did it but sometimes I felt like doing it because the bosses were just challenging and with low health it's what made it much more harder. Overall you will like this game if you liked the first one....more info
  • HARD-CORE, but glorious
    The other reviews have already mentioned that this game is has gorgeous graphics, scenery, etc. However I don't think that this game's difficulty was explained fairly. Therefore this review is just about the games difficulty level, which separates it from all other similar games.

    This is without a doubt the toughest game that I have ever played. The game is not necessarily "cheap" but it certainly does demand perfection. Every enemy in the game can be easily killed once you have found the right technique, but many gamers will simply want to mash buttons and see limbs fly. If that is what you are looking for DON'T BUY THIS GAME. If you are looking for an action game that is as technical as any fighting game out there, this is your game. Just be warned that it is brutally tough at times, but when you finally do beat a level, it is as rewarding an experience as a game can offer. ...more info
  • Of course it can't match the original's completeness; nevertheless, a really fun and challenging game
    As a huge fan of the original Xbox remake (and subsequent re-releases since then) back when it was first released in 2004, I have to admit that initially I was kind of disappointed with Ninja Gaiden 2.

    One of the things I love about all Team Ninja games is that they feature beautiful and often very kickass CGI movies as rewards for beating a chapter or the game. However they are not in this game, which kind of took me as a surprise considering that the first trailer for Ninja Gaiden 2 was all pre-rendered CGI. But then, I actually started playing the game and that was when I knew that, ultimately, higher quality CGI was not needed. The game looks beautiful on an HDTV and the in-game cutscenes are still of very high caliber. Just don't expect an amazing storyline like in a Bioware or Square Enix title though; this game is not an RPG so everything is focused on the action, and the plot only exists in giving you a reason to unleash all hell and watch stuff explode. It certainly isn't as bad as some people have said it is.

    Anyways, the most important aspect of this game is without a doubt the gameplay, so thankfully that is not an area of any disappointment at all. In fact, the gameplay has evolved to such a high point of awesomeness that if not for Ninja Gaiden 2's many minor flaws, I would proudly proclaim it as my favorite game of all time. Ultimate techniques have now been made easier to pull off, and new moves called obliterations have been introduced as a very stylish and fun way to finish off your amputated enemies. The gore has been increased dramatically with the ability to slice off not only the head but every limb as well, and with that comes added difficulty, because your crippled foes will become even more deadly and try to kill you with suicide bombings. Plus, you have many new fun-to-wield weapons to massacre with, such as a scythe and wolverine claws/razor boots combo. All that, in addition to the new challenges of lasting damage and even more aggressive enemy AI make for an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

    Sadly, what other people have said about the camera being annoying and the framerates dropping or actually slowing to a crawl are true. Then those damn ghost fish are back. So those things aren't fun, but they don't tarnish the game's overall experience too greatly. People have emphasized these flaws to a point where you might think the whole game is bad, but if you just use the right trigger to center the camera when needed, and turn off the recording feature, you shouldn't experience them much at all--except the ghost fish are frequent enemies and there is one scene on a stairway that is unavoidably like playing a game in bullet-time.

    All in all, I'd say Ninja Gaiden 2 is a fantastic game but one that does not really deserve 5 stars (more like 4.4), but I figured I would give it the full rating to offset other people's lower reviews. You should play it if you love action games period, because it is so fun (and much better than Devil May Cry--being better then God of War is debatable, though I'd say so). So yeah....more info
  • Wow
    This game is great. Fast paced fun, never ending blood shed. If you want a fast paced game with lots of killing in overly violent ways, this is for you. Also, they fixed the game killing glitch, too, so the game works great now. No more freezing issues. Just autoupdate next time you pop the game in....more info
  • Incredible game... still think first one was better
    After playing the original Nintendo games and being blown away by the first Xbox Ninja Gaiden, I sold my old Xbox to purchase the new Xbox360 when I learned this was to be released. Unfortunately I had to return the console as it stopped working after a month of owning it. I purchased the game and borrowed an Xbox360 console from one of my friends so here's my review.

    Being this a sequel of a game that was a breakthrough in game play and graphics, it was supposed this would be better that the first version. While there are a lot of new features and new weapons, I still think the first one is way better than NG2.

    Some enhancements made are welcome and some of them were needed, the problem is that many of these changes affect directly the game in a major decrease of the level of difficulty. I recall the first NG to be a very difficult game even in easy mode (called Acolyte in NG2), NG2 on the other hand feels a very easy game compared to the previous one even when playing in `Path of the Warrior' which is next to easy. You start gathering new weapons very early in the game and if you get to master the ultimate techniques, it is quite easy to upgrade your weapons to a maximum level very early in the game, by using more powerful weapons it is of course easier to get rid of the `difficult' enemies in later levels. Another change is the auto healing system, you get into a fight with a certain level of energy, after you defeat all enemies on screen your life bar will regenerate to almost the same level of energy you had before starting to fight, which leaves all the healing items to be useless unless you are fighting a boss. Team Ninja did not think the auto healing was enough and made another change, each time you reach a save point and save, your energy bar is filled to its maximum. To me, all this auto healing system takes away the emotion and stress of seeing your life bar decrease in the middle of a fight.

    The graphics are definitely better than before, the stages are beautifully designed aesthetically, however, programmers failed when designing some of the levels as there are these `invisible' barriers in a lot of places that you cannot go through even though in many situations, these places behind these `barriers' are reachable by going around them. The camera movement is poorly designed and most annoying, using an ultimate technique or combo may result in a messy movement in which you may not see anything at all of what's happening on screen, I recall this being a small issue on the original game but this time the camera problem is SERIOUS. The story that was developed for this sequel is the most nonsense story I have ever seen even for a video game (in one of the stages one of the `Greater fiends' actually invites you to a Colosseum to fight him as he had been searching for a `worthy' opponent, all this as an excuse for a huge battle in the mentioned Colosseum) Fortunately, the game is filled with action and the plot only serves to set up the cinematic battles and sequences for Ryu Hayabusa.

    The almost perfect sceneries and all the action compensate for this game. There are very few calm moments during the game, opposite to NG in which you fought groups of ninjas/enemies and some fooled around while you were engaged in combat with one of them, in this one, all of them will be attacking you at the same time so you'd better learn some combos or rely on ultimate techniques as enemies will be all around you. Battles are intense and leave no time to catch your breath until all enemies are defeated (after you kill the boss I mentioned in the Colosseum, all the enemies watching the battle in the audience will attack you, you'd think that defeating the boss would be the end of it), in many cases you'll fight a boss and kill it only to see a cutscene that puts you into battle with another fiend immediately after that (be careful when fighting the Armadillo, when defeated make sure you block as it explodes and can kill you) . Enemies that play the role of bosses or mid bosses will appear as regular enemies in later stages... sounds difficult? Don't worry, we now have autohealing!

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the game, I actually like it very much and have been playing it like crazy, NG had unlockables and hidden items that gave extra value to replay, NG2 does not have anything at all (at least not that I'm aware of) but it's still a great game to play, stages are incredible, longer and filled with action, there are things I didn't like but there are others I just thought were great and I will not mention as I wouldn't want to spoil a few surprises.

    NG2 is a great game with beautiful graphics and filled with action from the very beginning, if you liked the first one like I did, you are definitely going to enjoy this one as well.
    ...more info
  • best ninja game i ever played
    ninja gaiden 2 is the best ninja game that u will ever play,i hope they make another one....more info
  • If you loved the original, this is a must
    Though still not for the faint of thumbs, this game still provides the smooth and intuitive action and beauty of the first and its ancestors. The easiest difficulty is now much more accessible to the average gamer as well. A must have for the serious action/adventure gamer....more info
  • Camera View!!
    Bloody camera view is the most frustrating thing about this game. It constantly sweeps around and half the time it's impossible to know where the enemies are. Not to mention the camera sweeping and panning around makes one have to constantly change the direction they want/need to go with the thumb stick. It's more annoying that Mass Effect's camera system. Simply frustrating to no end! Am I the only one that's just annoyed at how the camera system works? One can use the right trigger to center on Hayabusa's back to keep the camera from constantly sweeping around, but it would have been better if the button made the camera focus on the bad guys instead so one wouldn't have to jump around blindly to find them. Sure, you could turn around and look for them, but by then you'd have a sword in the back. ...more info
  • Excellent Game!! (Very Bloody)
    I bought this game without knowing how fun it was. It has great graphics, awesome story, brutal combos and excellent moves. I definitely recommend this game but bare in mind that this game is not for kids....more info
  • 3.5; it ain't easy being a ninja
    As I was in the store, mind deadest on buying "Ninja Gaiden II" for the Xbox 360, a question ran through my head: "am I this crazy?" I mean after all, Sigma on the Playstation 3 was frequently frustrating but it was one that you got better at over time. NGII on the other hand I played previously, found it borderline controller-throwing and figured no game is worth this frustration so why am I in the store buying it? It's really the combat system which is arguably, for me anyway, the funnest and most satisfying of the fighting styles, easily besting those in God of War, Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword or even something like Prince of Persia games. But you know what? That doesn't excuse the poor cheap hits, odd bits of programming and large amount of enemies and this makes this a game that's incredibly hard to love.

    Story: There's a cutscene in the game where a werewolf named Volf (Volf the Wolf...lot of thought into that name, no?) declares to his minion werewolves that he wants an adversary worthy of him. That's all you need to know about this story: it's frequently stupid, doesn't make sense and is just a placeholder for the sexy violence. There's some kind of baddie who wants to revive a potentially world-destroying Archfiend and yeah, Ryu's the man to stop everybody's plans.

    Graphics: Team Ninja's animators do really great jobs at delivering not only fast combat but having it be as fluid as possible and seeing Ryu jump, dash and slice his way on screen is quite something to watch. Cutscenes look great and certain locales are quite stunning. However there is one thing they still haven't been able to perfect which is the skin on characters. Quite frankly, they look like shiny mannequins and even with Dead or Alive 4 released several years ago, they still haven't fixed this. Oh and we get it Team Ninja: you love bouncy breasts.

    Sound/Music: The music's quite dynamic, epic and nicely energetic though not memorable in terms of melodies but it provides an adequate soundtrack at your demon slaying parties while sound effects from roars to swishes of the blade(s) are very good at making the hits and kills that much sweeter. As for voice acting? Keep it on Japanese with English subtitles since the story and the VA becomes a hell of a lot more tolerable. I don't know why it is but even a flatly-delivered line in Japanese sounds cooler than English.

    Gameplay: Team Ninja are notoriously in love for difficult games; ones that challenge you and push you to the brink but at a certain point you got to ask yourself: is the game worth it if I'm madder at the game the more and more I play it? That's the crux and indeed the proverbial straw that might make you stop playing this. I find it funny on the back of the game's box is mentions that having the ability for save points to replenish your health or major battles will refill your health bar is helpful to a "casual gamer". Well you know what? Having played all Devil May Cry games, God of War as well as Ninja Gaiden Sigma, I honestly don't get how they think this game will be easy to Ninja Gaiden newbies or veterans since it frequently adds things detrimental to the enjoyment of it all. Enemies throw exploding shurikens with reckless abandon. Enemies with rocket launchers. Giant mechs in addition to enemies with rocket launchers. Then we have all 3 at once and yeah, this game can frequently get unfair. The game was even winning me over with parts that were challenging but not too bad but then boom, one annoyance after another.

    And all of this is further enhanced by one of the worst cameras you'll ever be in control of. This camera seems to love the scenery and you more than showing you what you're doing and very frequently I'd have to reposition the camera just to figure out what's going on or who hit me or where that enemy came from. I get that the kill animations wouldn't be as impressive if it was like God of War's camera being your eye-in-the-sky but at least then you could figure out what was going on in the battlefield. Like Tomb Raider games, you'd think with reviews and fans complaining of bad cameras, Team Ninja would go "damn, we should fix that camera problem next game" but apparently not. Game's so difficult even the game does stuff that'll make it easier to kill you faster.

    Now the game as I mentioned way above has probably the most visceral and all-around entertaining fighting combat systems around. Sure it's really just LT to block, X for weak, Y for strong like most games but honestly; being able to go all over the screen tearing enemies apart limb by limb has never felt as rewarding as this. Like I said, save points can regenerate you to full health while major battles can heal you fully after they're done (provided you don't have any red sections) and the wealth of weapons make it apparently easy to make it through the game. Also thankfully, Team Ninja toned down the precision-based platforming sections as well as those damned ghost fish though in their place are respawning jelly fish that explode, a boss that explodes and kills you unless you hold block (chapter 7, so I save you the aggravation of replaying him) and an item limit of 3....3! You can only carry 3 of each item and yeah, fun fighting, annoying game design.

    I wish Team Ninja didn't make such frustrating and difficult games since they'd make some of the best action games around but alas, if you're going to get into this, make sure you're not the controlling-throwing kind.
    ...more info
  • exelent game
    is an exelent game,good dificulty,exelent graphics and the best of all a lot of blood ....more info
  • Still above average!!
    OK its not as great as Ninja Gaiden black! But its still way better than most hack and slash games out there!

    the good=

    1. the controls that seemed perfect before have actually been bumped up a notch! more moves, and counters raise the games replay value A LOT.

    2. For the most part the game is beautiful. I think people who complaint about a level or 2 are just being to divaish :)

    3. Many different enemies and they all look great. especially the girls!

    4. the gore in the game is very stylish. People love to compare it to the kill bill movies.

    Ok the bad-

    1. the camera! I actually got used to moving it manually during all the action but I wish I could just focus on the enemies.

    2. lack of epic battles! there where a ton in ninja gaiden black but in this game you need to play it in the harder levels in order to get that feeling.

    3. I did not enjoy killing the wolves! So I would say that I missed killing all the enemies from before because I hated them all! lol. I think having too many different kinds of enemies takes that part away.

    4. a bit of slow down but its a good thing that for the MOST part it runs really smooth :)

    oK most of that stuff is very small so its still a great game and for the most part none of it really bothered me. I would only recommend this game to gamers who like a challenge, and enjoy learning the art of slicing and dicing ...more info
  • Expensive Thrills and Cheap Tricks
    "Ninja Gaiden 2" probably will not be remembered very fondly. A game blighted by terrible camera, cheap difficulty-raising tricks, and a game engine generally hailing from the previous generation of consoles, NG2 nevertheless has enough of the magic dust of its XBOX predecessor to make it a fully worthwhile purchase.

    Everything about "Ninja Gaiden 2" is intimidating. From the sturm und drang Tecmo video intro sequence to the final boss fight, the game retains the fearsome seriousness and difficulty of 2004's "Ninja Gaiden". That game was possibly the greatest action adventure of the 3D era. To attain success, "Ninja Gaiden 2" has to follow that and add the requisite gloss of current-gen gaming, whilst fixing the original's annoying camera and tweaking the controller-damaging difficulty level. In this regard, NG2 is a failure: the graphics are often bland and barren, the camera sits too close to the player character, and the admittedly lessened difficulty is soured in many places by cheap hikes in difficulty which the player cannot possibly avoid.

    However, there is a big "but". The gameplay is as thrilling as NG, as beautifully detailed and rewarding as the rest of the game elements are shoddy and perplexing. While the sequel incorporates close-up Obliteration moves to kill wounded enemies and a regenerating health-bar (a nod to making the game more accessible), it is still fundamentally the same game engine as the original...but more. More blood, more fighting, more all-round violence.

    The point is that the wonderfully fluid and responsive controls actually make the gamer feel in control of a master ninja. It makes you feel proud to have accomplished a tough boss fight or to have countered an enemy attack. This element alone makes this charismatic game worth paying serious attention to. And, having played such cutscene-heavy games as Metal Gear Solid 4 recently, NG2's non-stop action shines particularly brightly for me; the game represents a big gold star in favour of action gaming. Perhaps having realised this, Tecmo have gutted out the often tedious and obtuse puzzles from Ninja Gaiden in favour of added enemies.

    To be clear, Ninja Gaiden 2 is a deeply flawed videogame. There are plenty of elements to the game which are not really good enough. In keeping with Team NINJA's Mount Fuji logo, the game is either peaks or troughs.. The peaks are fantastic, and the troughs are "fantastic", too. The camera, it must be stressed, is awful, locking up terribly especially in tight corridors and on flights of stairs. Graphically, the game has bland backgrounds, although the detailed character animations make up for this in large part. The story is the usual tosh about armageddon that game developers so love, with demons and devils spewing terrible dialogue -just ignore them. But Ninja Gaiden 2 has the magical charisma of a game which just knows it is special, that can treat you badly because it knows you will come crawling back.

    ...more info
  • If you are on the fence.....
    This game is the long awaited sequel to the greatest game ever.... I cannot stress the scope and impressiveness of this game, as well as it's predecessor! Ninja Gaiden 2 is a simply unbelievable game! While it is not perfect, it is still better than any other game you could possibly purchase. If you are not a fan of the series, you may want to play the first (Sigma, Black) game, but this is not necessary.

    To sum up: You simply will not find a better action game. Hopefully there will be a follow up release to round out what is already a stellar, and ultimately FUN game!

    I highly recommend Ninja Gaiden 2! Be sure to pick up NG Sigma/Black as well!

    This is the type of game that actually makes you want to get better and learn combos and techniques! I generally don't like that, so this is a testament to the gaming experience that you should expect....

    You won't be disappointed! ...more info
  • All in all great, but a few things should have been fixed
    I'll let everyone know that this is the first Ninja Gaiden game I ever purchased. I never owned the original X-Box, so I never played the first one, but I had heard great things about it. I watched the reveiw of NG2 on and decided that I had to get it, it seemed to be a game right up my alley. I bought the game the first day it came out and still don't regret it. However, there this game would be more enjoyable if Team Ninja had done a few things.

    I started playing in Path of the Acolyte. I like a good challenge, but I have heard from many people that Normal in Ninja Gaiden is like very hard in most any other game. Even so, Acolyte is no easy task. The fighting system is one of the most additive and adrenaline pumping hack and slash fighters around, but let me point out the flaws:

    1. The absolute worst part of the game, without a doubt, is when you have to shoot the bow and arrows. I hate the fact that I have to aim manually and cannot move while I am aiming. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have either died or lost a lot of health due to the arrow aiming system. There should be a way to target enemies with charged arrow shots or at least allow you to move while charging. The dragon fight at the end of level 9 p***ed me off more than anything else in the entire game so far. I died over 20 times in a row during that fight. And I blame it all on having to use the arrows.

    2. Another problem is how difficult the boss fights are. I like a challenge, but some have no perfect technique to defeating them. It's the boss fights that have been killing me most of the time and most of them now are more annoying than challenging.

    3. Also, there is no map or arrows pointing which direction to go, going around in circles is no fun.

    All in all great game, but those three things improved would make this a 5 star over a 4 star....more info
  • Ryu is back!
    A must have if you enjoyed the original X-Box Ninja Gaiden; Team Ninja really took this title to the next level. If you decide to play this game, be sure to stop and look at some of the wonderful environmental programing within this title....more info
  • Blood soaked nonsensical ninja nightmare
    I was very suprised by how much they ramped up the violence between this and the previous installment. It permeates the entire game, even the pause menu is covered in blood splotches. When you finish off enemies, via the absolutely brutal obliterations, you will sever heads, and/or other limbs and even torsos. One thing worth noting is that enemies that have been wounded in such a way, minus severed heads of course, are more dangerous than normal, utilizing special attacks that do a significant amount of damage. So yeah. Obliterate them or they'll do their best to obliterate you. Very slick, very brutal, yet oh so fun. Needless to say if you are offended by graphic violence then you definitely need to stay far away from this one.

    The story is...well there is a story but it's rather silly and nonsensical window dressing. We all know why we're here right? We're here to decimate Ryu's enemies.

    The graphics are nice, the music is forgettable, the sound effects are what you'd expect and the combat is satisfying but...

    The camera is more of an enemy than any ninja or demon that you'll face in the game. It makes certain boss fights excruciatingly frustrating and makes simple tasks harder than they have any right to be. I have lost track of the number of times that the camera has not been where it needs to be when I need it to be there. You can adjust it manually but you will pay the price for doing so. If you've ever played Ninja Gaiden before, you know that you don't have time to fight both the camera and squads of ruthlessly coordinated enemies.

    I should mention that there are occasional frame rate hiccups and I have experienced one major glitch as well. I was fighting the stage 3 boss and one minute I'm dodging spheres of electric energy, the next well..there wasn't anything to dodge because the boss completely disappeared. There was no way to continue, no way to do anything. The camera had gotten lodged behind one of the collapsed walls right after the boss disappeared and my screen was completely black. It took some time to unstick the camera and I was still unable to do anything but restart and do that entire section all over again. I'm extremely surprised that Tecmo let this one out the door without doing more QA. With more polish, this one could've been special. As is, it's less fun and more frustrating than it should be.
    ...more info


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