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Set to finally reveal the origins of this ongoing story, Soul Calibur IV features new and familiar faces from across the galaxy, seeking rival swords for vengeance, honor and salvation. Shown in amazing 720p HD graphics, new and classic characters fight in a revamped battle system to revolutionize the fighting game genre. From character customization to online battles, the features of Soul Calibur IV help propel this venerable franchise into the next generation of gaming. Jedi Master Yoda appears exclusively on the Xbox 360 system. Story - Uncover each character's story line as you battle to reveal their motives Arcade - Take on the challenge in battle after battle in this classic arcade mode Tower of Lost Souls - Fight in special battles to challenge your fighting skills and customizing skills in order to reap the rewards Training - Practice your skills to earn your place as the ultimate weapon master Character creation - Create a character unlike any other, with custom looks and items influencing their skills and abilities, which will affect the outcome of your impending battles Museum View - movies, backgrounds and art that you have unlocked Standard VS - Battle one-on-one in this classic match up for ultimate bragging rights Special VS - Take your customized SC character or newly created character into the world arena and prove if your creation is the best in the world

The Classic Fighter Returns

Return to witness the epic struggle between the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, and the cursed sword, Soul Edge, in Soul Calibur IV. Warriors from far reaches of the galaxy battle to control the powerful swords and use them for their own goals. Should these fighters succeed, they will face the ultimate judgment. The ongoing story continues with new revelations, exciting new gameplay features and stunning visuals. And perhaps most exciting of all, a character from the Star Wars universe will also make an appearance.

Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur

Key Features

  • Newest addition to the Soul Calibur series features thrilling next-gen graphics brimming with intensity
  • Continues the struggle between the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, and the cursed sword, Soul Edge
  • Features the legendary Yoda as a guest character
  • Expanded customization options let you give your character a personalized look and specific abilities
  • Take both customized characters and original favorites online for the first time

Exclusive Special Characters

Beloved Star Wars legend Jedi Master Yoda appears as a guest character in the Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur IV. In addition to that thrilling fact, you'll also discover expanded customization options that let you bestow your character with a personalized look and specific abilities. And, for the first time, you'll be able to take both customized characters and original favorites online to challenge an entire world of fans. Completely reinvented but with the same intensity you've come to know, Soul Calibur IV provides an adventure that never disappoints.

Thrilling Next Gen Graphics
Thrilling Next-Gen Graphics
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Online Challenges!
Online Challenges!
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  • Unleash the Force: Iconic Star Wars characters, Sith Lord Darth Vader and Jedi Master Yoda challenge the Soulcalibur fighters for the future of the powerful swords. Experience the legendary Soulcalibur level of graphics now in 720p HD resolution for the fi
  • Take the Fight Online: For the first time ever, fight opponents around the world online in multiple versus modes.
  • The Ultimate Roster: Battle with classic Soulcalibur character, exciting newcomers or customize your own unique fighter.
  • New Fighting System Elements: Exciting new fighting game elements including the Active Matching Battle System and the ability to execute devastating critical strikes.
  • Multiple Gameplay Modes: Experience Soulcalibur with Story, Arcade, Tower of Reminiscence, Training Practice, Character Creation, and Museum View modes.

Customer Reviews:

  • great game-worth 60 bucks
    This game rocks! There is so much character customization it is almost like a fighting Final fantasy game. The graphics are top notch and controls are so easy to use. the multiplayer also kicks butt. I would reccomend this game to anybody who likes fighting games with the bonus of adding attributes to your character via armor, weapons, etc.....more info
  • Still the best modern fighting series I have played
    Soul Calibur IV

    If this was the first time I had crossed paths with the Soul Caliber franchise this review would be a hands down 5; being my fifth encounter (including the Arcade debut of Soul Edge), I was slightly let down. Generally speaking fighting games some have a major hurdles to overcome in the single player world. Due to their nature, gameplay is rarely based around a story line, and when they have one it almosts seems to be something slapped on last minute to try and broaden their appeal. Story and in game mechanics are the two places that the SC series has repeatedly shown itself to be the king.

    Unfortunately with this outing, it seems they forgot about story line. The single player "story" mode is dreadfully lacking, being nothing more than 5 stage versions of the arcade with one to four fights each in a survival mode (no reset in HP between fights). Cut scenes have been cut dramatically, now consisting of 2 mid "story" scenes and 3 scenes transitioning into the final fight for each story. at least each character has a unique ending in FMV.

    Mechanics is phenomenal as ever. SC is by far the smoothest fighter I have ever played barr none. While the option to use some of the longer combos is available, you simply don't need them at all in single player. The AI on all settings can be readily defeated with 2-4 button combo's in conjunction with grapples. Against live opponents they can come in useful, but even then it is quite uncommon. This is great, first by speeding up the gameplay itself, and second allowing new players to get into the feel without being overburdened by huge combos. It is also very responsive to the controls, when you hit a button you hit your opponent right then, not 1-3 seconds later like many other fighters that are waiting for you to put in a code for monster 50 hit combination.

    I would consider this a must buy for 360, but if you are returning to the series from SC III, you will likely be slightly disapointed.

    Graphics 5
    Mechanics 5
    Story 3
    Replay 4
    ...more info
  • The Soul STILL burns!!!!!
    I don't have a lot to write on this game. Why? it's Soul Caliber!!!! If you have followed this franchise you already know what to expect, who is in it and so forth and you already know to purchase this game.

    The cutscenes are a welcome improvement over the always wordy storyboard of years past.

    The improvements show as this is one of the most beautifully detailed fighters out there. The game modes are excellent. My only minus is that they tried to incorporate a tag mode a la Dead or Alive but it's not as fluid as that game.

    But the BIG selling point this time around is the create a character skin mode!

    Don't like the skin that you are using? Make a NEW one! Make an original character (mapped over the in game character of course) or make it based on something...and the more you play the more items get unlocked!

    Creating skins will suck hrs away just like that and you will find yourself torn between playing and making new skins

    I have created characters such as Afro Samurai, Conan and Lara Croft.

    I have a few other ideas at work that I won't share suffice to say wait til you see me online.

    Speaking of, online handles pretty well and sometimes there is a bit of lag but I am hopeful that this clears up...but nonetheless what Call of Duty did for FPS, this game will do for fighters so, don't read anymore and get the darned game!!!...more info
  • SoulCalibur done right and it is going down in price!
    Of all the 3D fighters Soul Calibur is pretty high up there. It has only occasionally been outclassed by certain iterations of Tekken by a small margin. Soul Calibur 4 is a "brave attempt" at doing some things better and changing up the formula. I suppose how well it succeeds and how abysmally it fails depends on the tastes of each gamer. Personally shameless "Star Wars marketing" aside I have not been happier with the franchise since Soul calibur 2.

    With Soul Calibur 4 you definitely get bang for your buck. There are many characters to unlock and now certain participants are not quite as "cheap" and "broken" this time around. For example I hated Tira in SC 3 but she is oddly endearing in SC 4 both because of her new voice and more balanced less unfair tweaked attack moves. Whereas she is still quick with her lethal metal ring of doom at least she cannot dish out damage on a ludicrous scale.

    It would take me a long time to go into each character individually. Rest assured the veterans from the other games return accept perhaps the oddities such as Charade and Necrid. There is a new boss (Isn't there always?) and overall though he is not amazing from a design perspective at least he is not completely unfair and grudgingly unlikable.

    Questions you may have

    "Does character creation make a return?" Yes it does. As before you can unlock accessories, garments, and gear which will effect the stats of your custom hero. You can even purchase new moves! From what I've seen the "make a character" feature is just as good here as it was in SC 3. You can even re-dress the main heroes, villains, and heroines!

    "Is there a quest for souls mode?" No, but there is the tower of souls in which you beat conditions and meet requirements to unlock more stuff. It is a more simplistic mode like the one in SC 2 which I like. Those that liked the complexities in SC3's somewhat strategic conquest mode may feel left out however. Once again it is a matter of taste.

    "Are the controls easy to learn?" Yes which is Soul Calibur's biggest draw. Even beginners can jump right in! It should be noted things have been changed a bit. Characters now all have "finishers" though none of these are gory. As before Soul Calibur 4 gets the bad reputation of a button masher but in frank honesty is takes skill and finesse to truly be good at mastering each character. In any fighting game someone can get lucky by exploiting ring outs and button tapping but I find skilled players can more often than not defeat inexperienced players.

    "Are there still cheap characters?" In any fighter there are characters that are harder to use or the power houses who seem to have the 1-up. While SC 4 is more balanced than SC 3 Yoda and Raphael's sister Amy are complete Hellions. You also have Rock (returning from Soul Edge, the very first game) who is very slow thus it is hard to be good with him. Let's just say even Asteroth is quicker. But before you lament keep it in perspective every fighter devised under the sun and moon has this problem. Even it Street fighter well rounded characters such as Akuma, Chun Li, and M Bison have an advantage over less conventional more difficult to figure out characters such as Zagnief, Dhalism, and E Honda.

    "Is there a story?" Sad to say the branching endings in SC 3 that would unfold in different ways depending on whether or not you would hit the right buttons in time have been cut out. Every character has only 1 signature ending and the quality of each plot progression ranges between mildly decent to plain mediocre. If you have played SC 2 and SC 3 everything makes coherent sense but the game is very unforgiving to newcomers who know nothing about the series including the intricate odd relationship of Knightmare and Siegfried. Still when all is said in done at least a story exists. I've played fighters that completely gutted any semblance of a plot and the end results were usually crappy. (Such as the USA version of Samurai Shodown 5, the first release of Guilty Gear accent core, or Mortal Kombat Armageddon)

    "Are the new characters worth while?" Undoubtedly yes! Hildegard is my favorite newcomer because she is a female knight fully decked out in armor who uses a dagger for short range and a halberd for long range. A bundle of neat mythological and anime influenced characters was also done by the artist that worked on the anime series Gantz. Believe it or not their stories were actually well thought out and they did not feel "odd" amongst the regular veterans. Sultry Shura is a guilty pleasure and I also thought the oni ogre girl wearing beads was simply adorable!

    "Why do fighting games degrade teh wimmens??" For those of a feminist bent it's true there are bouncy boob physics and scantily clad female protagonists in SC 4. But whereas you can cut up their clothes or armor to reveal more you can do the same to the guy characters. Tell me that a shirtless Raphael or shirtless Mitsurugi do not objectify men as fantasies of desire? Let us also not forget the most kinky hip thrusting cod piece wearing scantily clad super freak is none other than Voldo himself! (a "male" character)


    + Many characters to purchase and unlock.

    +Controls are easy to learn.

    + While not deep at least a story line does exist

    +Create a character mode returns

    +Each character now has a signature finish move

    +Graphics are truly amazing

    +Voice acting and music are not great but definitely good enough.


    - A few cheap characters exist despite SC 4's attempt to be better balanced.

    -Newcomers entering the arena for the first time are going to be confused unless they wiki the back story.

    -The Star Wars gimmick feels like a shallow marketing ploy. Admittedly however playing as Yoda or Darth Vader is rewarding in a guilty sort of way. If you have the 360 version like me you will have to buy vader with X-box points because he is the PS-3 exclusive character. You can however unlock Vader's apprentice.

    -Females that detest scantily clad bouncy protagonist girls are likely going to crucify SC 4 without taking into account the men in SC 4 are not portrayed realistically either. All I can say is that it is a game. Have fun with the fantasies provided and do not take it seriously! Besides Hildegard is very respectful as a heroine. It's personal choice to focus on the positive or negative aspects in anything. Always opt for being an optimist!

    ...more info
  • Soul Calibur IV: an instant classic
    I had made my purchase at a local Best Buy store the day of it's new release; and, the game was like a fish hook by involving brief character introductions in the first several minutes of Soul Calibur's movie like introduction. Soul Calibur IV on the X360 has much more to offer than just beauty in its animations; the stages are complete with design and possible destruction. For example, if players are against a metal gated wall, by force the wall will collapse that may lead one of the players to attempt a ringout KO. As a result, fighting strategies among mulitplayers online or against the CPU can be rather competitive! Story mode is enjoyable with each and every player; although it may have only 5 stages, the game has 3 levels of difficulty to accomodate the user's preferences.

    For another quick challenge, I recommend Yoda's character in Arcade MODE to eliminate the apprectice's defenses. After I used Yoda, I could defeat him in 9 minutes give or take. However, it is possible to defeat him with Yoshimitsu, too; but, in any case, the apprentice will be your toughest enemy in the entire game! By defeating him, you unlock him which is a worthy prize! The Star Wars theme being featured in the game is delightful! Even for those who have not been fans previously like me, will become friendly with Yoda's character. My ultimate and favorite character is KILIK because of his distant attacks and defenses! While fighting against Cervantes in the Tower MODE on level 10 of many, I discovered that KILIK could become temporarily invisible!!!

    A matter of fact, all characters have secret special moves that are unique with their weapon of choice. Another example would be Yoshimitsu's helicopter flight while pulsing lightining. The female characters are rather beautiful, and their fighting styles are down right tough. The selection of players are about 20 + and many unlockable items can be used for Character CREATION MODE!!! This game is again, an instant classic!...more info
  • Awesome!!
    I have always been a fan of the Soul Calibur games, and I didn't really know what to think about this one because all of them have been redundant. Suprisingly though, this Soul Calibur is different. There are so many new characters (like Yoda, it's awesome), you have a lot more options for creating players, and the characters that already exist on the game. The graphics are really good, and online play is awesome. The only problem with the game is the story mode, it is short, it is just 5 battles instead of 8 or 9 like in the other games. The controls are a bit hard to master if you haven't played the other games. I would recomend this game to a Soul Calibur fan.
    Written by my 13 year old son...more info
  • Amazing game!
    I've played every Soul Calibur since it came out in the arcade years ago. I love the series, but felt the last game was somewhat lacking. I rented this one first to see if it would hold my interest for more than a week, and I've decided I'm definitely buying it. Other than the story portion of the game, I would say just about every aspect has been improved. The armor destruction is a nice addition, the online play is smooth, and the character creation is a blast. I was apprehensive about the addition of Star Wars characters, and while they don't quite fit with the style of the other characters in the game, they are fun to play so it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. This game is a must have! ...more info
  • Another Great Game in the Series.
    Wow! This game really is a blast to play, and great to look at! The nice thing about this game is that in addition to adding new characters, and letting you create your own. They still have the same characters from the original game, and all the moves are done with the same buttons as they have always been. This lets a true fan of the series turn on the game for the first time & not get crushed or spend weeks and months learning new moves, combos, or even a new controller layout. The character customization is just great, you can really create some awesome looking & performing characters. You can customize just about anything you can think of. The only 3 drawbacks I found are that there is only 1-2 player modes, I would love to play this game in a battle royale type mode with up to 4 players. The Second is that depending on which system you have, you have to pay for either Yoda on the PS3, or Darth Vader on the 360. Wish you didn't have 2 pay to get them. And the last drawback is that in the custom charcters, you can't create your own custom Star Wars character, or select the lightsaber as a weapon, you can only slightly modify the exisiting ones. I hope that they add these things to SC 5. But all in all this game was far beyond what I had expected it to be. It's easy enough for my 9-year-old daughter to play and win, but challenging enough to keep me interested in it. In my opinion a must have!!!!...more info
  • best fighter of all time
    the game is like delicious cake or anything delicious wise. the game is has a strong amount of characters and a deep combat system. the game is the very best of the series....more info
  • Let me be the First....This Game is the best in the series!
    My thumbs are sore from playing for the last few hours. I played the story mode through for two characters, Fought through the 8 battle arcade with Cassandra twice. Created my own Cassandra I did versus mode a couple of times and earned myself over 300,000 ..enough to buy Soul Calibur for Cassandra to play with
    Jedi Knights are tough out for them...tricky things
    How I would rate this game.....
    Fun Factor = 10
    Graphics = 10
    Fighting Style...9.0
    Sounds =8.0
    Replay Value =10
    I could see someone playing this for days to build up their characters! This is the best in the series. IF you liked the other Soul Caliburs then this is a no brainer. IT is worth the full price of admission!
    Great Job Namco Bandai!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Best Fighter since Tekken!
    I bought this game the day it came out and I'm still playing it daily! I'm not a huge fan of fighters like this but it is extremely fun. There are so many different things you can do on the game. It has Story mode where you fight through 5 different stages and unlock the "Soul Caliber" and "Soul Edge" swords when you beat them. The Arcade is also fun and pretty challenging as you progress to the end. The online play is great with Ranked matches and you earn experience for playing and you gain levels online. You're also able to customize your character equipping armor and weapons that you unlock while beating "Tower of Lost Souls" part of the game. It has a sense of Tekken Tag to it because some fights require you to use up to 3 players and you can switch through them using the RB button and your injured players slowly regain health while on the "bench". Pick up this game if you enjoy the Soul Caliber games or if you are a fan of fighters in general....more info
  • Addicting
    After playing this for hours and hours over the past few days,all I gotta say is I love it.Creating your own character is awesome,and unlocking different weapons,costumes and characters is so rewarding you don't mind playing the arcade or story modes a million times over.


    My own problem with this game is the AI can be so cheap,and quite often.When you're playing on the harder difficulty,and you get knocked down,either start praying or just walk away because you're more than likely done for good.You don't get a second to get up or guard yourself,you're basically screwed.

    Thats really my only hang up with this game.But when I can play as Yoda,I can't really complain that much....more info
  • Solid release from IMHO, the best fighting game series out there, but not worth $60
    If you've played any of the other Soul Calibur games, this game plays pretty much the same way. The reason this series is so much better than the other series out there I feel is the ability to, blow-to-blow, attack your opponent with series of attacks that do not involve memorizing a long string of commands like in the Tekken series. That said, this game is basically Soul Calibur III plus some small enhancements (outside of HD graphics) that I personally don't notice that much.

    This is a really simple fighting game to pick up for first-timers, and there is almost always a character and a fighting style to suit your desire. Really, the only two very similar characters in the game are Siegfried and Nightmare, apparently for a good reason if you know a bit about the forgettable story.

    Some specific notes:

    Gameplay: Single player - A- ; Multiplayer (local + online) - A
    First off, I don't believe games like these aren't really meant to be bought for single player. Clearly, you'd expect to practice your game in your time so that you can lay down the law against your friends on multiplayer modes.

    AI is reasonably intelligent in this game, outside of being very simple in the earlier levels on the Normal difficulty setting. Higher up in difficulty, the AI plays defense very well, and this can get really frustrating, sometimes even forcing you to abandon normal attacks and to go for grapples, which for some reason the AI is pretty bad at countering.

    Otherwise, when playing your friends, this is not exactly one of those fighting games that you can button-mash and expect to win. Definitely some skill and practice is involved, and the smoothness of the fights and the transitions from blow to blow make this THE fighting game to get.

    Online gameplay is smooth and overall as good as the local multiplayer experience. I have not experienced any issues with lag or skippy gameplay. My only complaint here is how selecting "Quick Match" in ranked has the tendency to just match you with someone who has an open game. As a game creator, you can select the level of players you intend to play against. As a level 1 trying out the online game, I got put into too many matches against level 60+ and got slaughtered.


    Story: C
    This is the the only reason I am giving this game four stars. For a game that seems to promote its story about the struggle between an evil sword and a cleansing sword (assuming I even understand it right), especially from the moment the trailers hit TV screens nationwide, this game does a terrible job of incorporating the story into the game. This said, most fighting games that even have storylines do terrible jobs at integrating the story into the game as well.

    If you are looking for a fighting game with a pretty nicely integrated storyline, the best that I can think of are the WWE Smackdown series. In this game, the story consists of short cutscenes between fights that hint at the location of the next fight, and maybe short snide remarks that the characters say at each other right as the fight is about to begin (that in most cases don't even seem to make any logical sense together).


    Overall, this is a great fighting game to have. It's purely that and nothing more. Expect to play single player mode quite a bit in order to unlock characters and items. The real fun of this game really comes from multiplayer modes. I think that fronting $60 may be a stretch for this game unless you're really into this series. ...more info
  • Amazing Fighting Game
    I've played Soul Caliber IV since January. I played Soul Caliber II on the dreamcast. This game can be very technical and the timing involved is amazing. The graphics are great and the ability to customize your characters can make you laugh out loud when you seem some of your opponents costumes.

    For online play I started as a button basher became a competent player who had problem with spammers and now I think I'm getting to a comfort zone. My only problem with the game is they could have prevented spamming by having a move do exponentially less damage if it is used repeatedly in a certain time span (i.e. 15-20 seconds). Other than that the game is a blast and while the single player mode isn't very deep, the trainer is excellent and the ability to customize your characters will keep you playing. ...more info
  • You never get tired of it
    soulcalibur 4 is perfect.
    Perfect Grafics
    Perfect gameplay
    and adding Yoda, Vader, and The Aprentice just makes it better!...more info
  • The best fighter in years
    I'm an avid gamer and have played several fighters since the early 90s, including Soul Blade, Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II. Even so, I was very pleasantly surprised with this game. Although the story mode is unbeleivably short, and the arcade mode so-so, there is an incredible depth in this game. What I am talking about is the brilliant character creation and unlockables. Basically, with a bit of work, you can create just about any fantasy character you can think of -- within hours, I was creating my favorite Lord of the Rings characters, each with his unique fighting style. It was great fun playing through the various stages of the Tower of Lost Souls mode (unlocking new equipment and gaining gold) using Legolas, Aragorn and even Sauron-like characters. Alot of replayability and great multiplayer. A+...more info
  • Yoda comes out of retirement
    My son enjoys the game he's played Soul Calibur 2 and 3.
    He really likes the added Star War flavor. The XBOX 360 version did not contain Darth Vader but he can be purchased on XBOX 360 Live. This gives you the same package available in the Play Station 3 verson....more info
  • An Excellent Game

    +One of the most gorgeous looking games I've ever seen, and it never slows down
    +Addictive fighting
    +Tower of Souls is a great challenge
    +Lots of fun to be had with multiplayer... even better that it goes online
    +Unique characters Yoda (360) and Vader (PS3)
    +Can now customize characters and create your own
    +A fantastic soundtrack


    -A fairly forgettable story mode
    -Some characters are just clones of another

    Since its humble beginnings on the Dreamcast in 1999, the Soul Calibur series has been captivating for many gamers. Mainly because of all the fighting games out there, Soul Calibur utilizes weapons based fighting better than any other game. It still continues to hold that title. Soul Calibur IV is a great game. It doesn't do much to separate itself from previous installments, however, and this can be a hinderance to some gamers who expected it to be far better than any of the other Soul Calibur games before it.

    There's a huge roster of fighters in Soul Calibur IV, including hidden characters depending on which console you buy the game on. The XBOX360 features Yoda while the PS3 features Darth Vader. Both versions also feature the apprentice from the upcoming Star Wars: Force Unleashed. On the other hand, there isn't that much incentive to get one version over the other, unless you're just really itching to play as Vader or Yoda. While there are a ton of fighters, Soul Calibur suffers from the same problem of many fighters today. Certain characters just serve to be clones of another character. It makes unlocking various fighters feel like a chore. After all, isn't one Kilik enough?

    At least fighting is addictive. There's a story mode in Soul Calibur IV, but it's hardly worth mentioning. Each character's story is pretty unique, but they all consists of only five levels. Most times it'll be over in a flash, and it isn't too terribly difficult. Then again, the story mode in most fighter games isn't that long. But even for Soul Calibur, the story feels disturbingly short. While each character has a unique story, it might not be worth trumping through the story mode over 30 times. Then again, you'll want to as you can unlock more characters and bonuses by doing so.

    More interesting than the story mode, however is the tower of souls mode which lets you ascend or descend the tower of souls fighting one challenge after another. It can be difficult but it is definitely some of the most fun you'll have with the game. Again, it's another way to unlock several bonuses throughout the game.

    You can now customize characters in Soul Calibur IV. First taking a fighting style and then tweaking it. You can't really customize any of the unique characters (being Yoda and Vader) but you can customize other characters with a few items you might have purchased. Not only that, but you can also take some time to create your own character with any fighting style you see fit. On the surface it isn't much, but you'd be surprised just how deep this customization can go.

    Finally, there's the obvioius. Playing against friends. Online or offline. In terms of being a fighter, Soul Calibur IV doesn't do anything different from its predecessors. While the experience never feels new, it doesn't feel repetitive. You can pull of new moves, including the critical finish, which is a fantastic looking attack that just about always ends in knocking out your opponent. While the Critical Finish is a nice touch, most players probably won't need it. After all, when stringing together all sorts of different combos and several grab techniques you'll probably have more fun doing that than the critical finishes. Not to mention you can still knock players out of the ring. Most battles go by swiftly but you'll find that it's addictive and fun. Online is even better. It feels almost flawless. There's a bit of lag, but it's just as intense as the standard multiplayer.

    Graphically, Soul Calibur IV is a gorgeous looking game. With all the chaos you can wreck on your opponent it's amazing that the frame never drops. Also, the grabs, throws and motions of your characters look amazing. Not to mention the critical finishes which are also worthwhile to look at. Musically, Soul Calibur IV has some of the best music to ever be in a video game. The orchestral tunes are charming and set the mood for each level. The voice acting, on the other hand, could stand to use some work. On the other hand, complaining about the voice acting feels somewhat empty when you consider there's hardly any. The battle grunts and weapon clashes sound as fantastic as ever, however. In terms of production... Soul Calibur IV is probably one of the best looking games of this generation. It's certainly one of the best sounding.

    If you're a Soul Calibur fan, then Soul Calibur IV is a fantastic game. It stays true to its roots, yet it somehow manages to be better....more info
  • pretty good sequel
    This is game is a following up to the soul calibur 3 sc 4 is prett good as as well the new features and stages and how they are 3 dimensional .on a raft going under a bridge fighting in a battle or on a ship in a battle with a stars wars character. the great yoda. the same great characters are still there from there cool,agressive style of raphel to the smart sexy style of taki it's pure fun for all ages so pick up this game you won't regret it....more info
  • One of the best weapon based fighting games gets greater
    I've been a fan of the soul blade/calibur series since day one, so this review will be understandably slightly bias. However, that is not to say that I'm just a fanboy for anything SC. The graphics on the game are amazing, and everything flows well. The whole speed overall is a touch slower than SC2, but it makes brute stronger characters such as Nightmare and Astaroth seem more powerful as they battle.

    The online play is my only gripe with it, but very minimal. Occassionally you'll have difficultly getting a good connection, and I've fought in matches where I've watch it drop from a perfect 5 down to a 2. Also I would have liked to see tag team matches for online play, but something to look forward to for SC5.

    And lastly, Yoda and Darth? How could you not have them fight each other?!?! Here's hoping for a download patch. Overall though, Soul Calibur 4 is quite possibly the best fighting game of the year....more info
  • pretty good sequel
    This is game is a following up to the soul calibur 3 sc 4 is prett good as as well the new features and stages and how they are 3 dimensional .on a raft going under a bridge fighting in a battle or on a ship in a battle with a stars wars character. the great yoda. the same great characters are still there from there cool,agressive style of raphel to the smart sexy style of taki it's pure fun for all ages so pick up this game you won't regret it....more info
  • An OK Game But With Many Flaws
    Soul Calibur IV

    Soul Calibur IV is a pretty good fighter, but once again, the flaws hurt the overall experience.

    Graphics: 9/10

    The graphics are truly stunning and realistic. I especially love the design of the armor and how it can break off during a battle if it takes too much damage. It's similar to Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, where, as the battle goes on, you start to see wounds on the character. I think it's pretty cool.

    Sound: 9/10

    The music in this game is just beautiful. The orchestra is nice, and it's also cool to hear some tracks from the Star Wars films. The voice acting in this game is top-notch. With guest voices like Wendee Lee. It's also cool that you can actually hear the game's dialogue in Japanese. Yoda's Japanese voice is pretty cool!

    Control: 7/10

    The controls in this game are okay. But sometimes, the combos don't really respond, and the attacks are delayed. I'd pretty much recommend the Hori EX2 Fighting Stick for these controls. They work a lot better. But I like the blocking controls better in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe because you can just press the L2/R2 Buttons.

    Story: 6/10

    The story is okay, but I don't like how they removed the Destined Battles from Arcade Mode. I loved the Destined Battles because they contributed to the story and got you pumped. In this game, the Destined Battle is replaced with a frustrating battle with The Apprentice, but I'll get to that in a moment. The Story Mode is good, but it's a little short, and there isn't much story except during the battles and at the end. However, some of the characters' Story Mode endings are actually pretty good, except that the credit at the end that tells you the aftermath of the battle disappears way too quickly and gives you little time to read it. It's a ridiculous flaw that needs to be fixed.

    Gameplay: 7/10

    The Arcade Mode is quite disappointing. Most of it is good, but instead of giving you an eventful climax like in Soul Calibur II #I never played Soul Calibur III, and probably never will#, it seems to just place Algol, the final boss, right in front of you without warning. Also, The Apprentice, the second-to-last boss, is almost impossible to defeat. He's even harder than Algol! This shouldn't happen in video games. Looking back at Kingdom Hearts II, the final boss had four phases. The first three phases were quite easy, but the last phase was just plain hard, but I kept trying because I was pumped. But with the battle with The Apprentice, I just felt like quitting. It took me approximately ten consecutive tries to defeat The Apprentice, and only four consecutive tries to defeat Algol. I hope the two difficulties are switched around in the next game. As for Story Mode, it's okay, except for the length and that there aren't too many cut scenes. The Tower of Lost Souls can sometimes be fun, but most of the time very frustrating. The Character Creation, though, is very fun and addicting. I love fighting as Michael Jackson!

    Overall: 7.75/10

    This is an okay game for people who love fighters and Star Wars, but prepare for great frustration beyond your belief. Character Creation will not disappoint, though,


    +Stunning Graphics
    +Great Voice Acting
    +Fun Character Creation
    +Star Wars!


    -Disappointing Arcade Mode
    -Short Story Mode
    -Frustrating Difficulty

    -Deven D'Addario...more info
  • Lost its Soul
    I got this game almost a year ago. I've played the game a lot, unlocked all the characters and have played about 100 matches online. I've been a fan of Soul Calibur since Soul Calibur 2, which I purchased on my Gamecube. Soul Calibur 4 is the updated version of the series on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The roster includes about 30 fighters, a dozen stages and a character creator mode.

    In the singleplayer department, you get 3 modes. The first mode is Story Mode. What happens here is that you are shown a written history of the character before you even play. Then you are shown a screen with some odd collections of words such as "A Dark Warrior" and proceed to fight a match. New to the series, is the addition of tag teaming. With a press of a button, you can switch your characters in a match. After you beat the normal enemies you face the boss and are treated to a short cutscene.

    Then there is arcade mode. In this mode, you fight enemy after enemy until you get to the end with the same boss. One thing that I think improves on SC2 is that the boss does not always predict your moves and counter it so effectively. Nor does he have some move that takes out half of you life. He's simply a normal fighter, except with twice the amount of health.

    Finally, you have a Tower of Souls mode. This mode has two variations. You either "ascend" and fight tough enemies or you can "descend" and fighter hordes of weaker enemies, sort of like survival mode in the old games.

    That's about it for the singleplayer modes, other than practice and character creation. Now for character creation, you can change things such as the sex, the weapon, clothes, hair/eye/skin color, name and a few other things. The clothes and items that you use also affect the attributes of your character. You can also take a custom character online.

    As for multiplayer mode, you are given two options, normal and special versus. Normal is simply a normal mode, where status effects are not played. So items don't mean anything. Special versus is where the clothes you have chosen have status effects that work. Interestingly, there is no tag-team mode. You can also play online, either casual or ranked. Latency will affect gameplay, making moves much more difficult to time.

    So what is my opinion on the game? As the title implies, I'm not completely satisfied. Yes, the graphics are great, the gameplay is still there and you do get more characters, but I think a lot of additions are unnecessary.

    The critical finishes that they've worked in the game rarely happen and contribute nothing to the gameplay. It's just extra fluff. The character creation mode is confusing because it's not clearly explained. Choosing gear will take certain slots which is shared with abilities. Also, the equipment looks goofy and silly most of the time. Most players simply make revealing female fighters online.

    Speaking of which, the female characters in the game do not need to have implants and revealing outfits. The singleplayer modes don't add new modes such as the conquest mode of SC3. They added tag-teaming in singleplayer, yet fail to include it for multiplayer, which is yet another question. Yoda just doesn't fit in the game. Having a character that can not be grabbed or horizontally attacked is cumbersome.

    Online play is painful, especially if you have a slow character. Fast characters can spam their moves and interrupt fighters that operate slowly. Now you are supposed to counter these pokes with guard impacts, but that technique requires timing, which the online latency makes impossible.

    The best way to play this game, as with all fighting games is with a competent buddy in your living room. The core game itself is very strategic, where pattern recognition and applying counters is a key part. Soul Calibur sets itself apart form other fighters because it's not execution that wins the game, but strategic decisions that determine the outcome.

    Overall, it doesn't reinvent the series and if you have older games, the game only feels like a patch. The online mode is the only significant addition that sets SC4 apart from the older titles. If you can bear some issues with online play, then it's worth a purchase. Otherwise, I would purchase an older copy, save myself $50 or so and still experience 90% of what Soul Calibur 4 is....more info
  • Not Worth the wait.
    IF your a fan of the series this was kind of a let down especially for all the hype this game was given. Even with Yoda and the apprentice it just wasn't there. $[...] for this? HELL NO! this is a $[...] game at best.

    Graphics 8
    Game play 6
    Online Fighting 9
    Replay 5...more info
  • Great Game
    I really enjoy this game. I have always been a fan of the "Soul" series, so I can say that this game was totally worth it for me. It has the same basic game play that I loved from the old ones, but highly improved graphics and a few extra features that the design team threw in to make game play a bit more fun, like the soul crush, which apparently they tossed in to make constant blocking less advantageous and make the game more aggressive. The Star Wars characters are fun to play, with special force abilities, and for the first time ever you can go online and play people from around the world on x-box live. If you don't like the old ones, you may not like this one either. But if you are a fan of the "Soul" series, then this game will not disappoint. ...more info
  • I Buy it for the Character Creation
    I love it! You get to make characters and dress them up, and then clobber each other with them. In SCIV you now have some basic sliders to change the body type of your characters (although for females it's pretty much just changing the breast size). Instead of using separate fighting styles for these characters like in SCIII, you can only choose from fighting styles of the existing characters, but you can switch whenever you want instead of having to start over. You can also change equipment on the existing characters in addition to changing their colors. The only place this falls short of SCIII is more restricted layering of clothes. You can't wear a coat and a shirt together, for example. You just have underwear, upper body clothes, and lower body clothes for you main outfit (you also have other slots for gloves, hats, socks, shoes, face equipment, and shoulder pads).

    You have to play a lot of single-player mode to get money to buy equipment. Story mode is easy but the tower gets hard pretty quickly and the final boss of arcade mode is a real pain....more info
  • SC4 brings improvements, same downsides as before
    At this point, people are fairly familiar with what you get when you pick up a Soul Calibur game. A gorgeous game with amazing (and sometimes questionable) character designs, a deep fighting system and horrible dialogue.

    I'll tackle the negatives first:

    The game could almost be considered too deep. This game is just ok if you rarely play fighting games. Compared to a fighter like Smash Brothers, this is more about actual focus and knowing button combos that will truly punish your opponents. But it seems that the fighting genre really caters to a hardcore demographic who is going to sit and play for hours, rather than the casual gamer.

    The "plot" is incredibly cheesy and full of holes and nonsequiters. Of course, you'd have to forgive a game that shoehorns Vader and Yoda into a mystical realm where two super-weapons (Soul Edge and Soul Calibur) are being fought over.

    And speaking of those extra characters: Vader has been made a "buyable" character in the Xbox marketplace, so technically this game now has both characters. In addition is the Dark Apprentice, who is probably the cheapest character in this game, and one of the cheapest I've ever played against. He blocks and dodges and then opens up ridiculous combos and is an incredibly frustrating opponent. Ironically, it seems like Vader and Yoda have the most trouble against the Apprentice.

    Now for the good: While the Apprentice is a cheap mother, the variety of characters is an overall asset in the game. On top of that you have the character creation in which you can create a character from the ground up, choosing a fighting style, area of emphasis (defense, offense, etc). And you can build and develop your character as they improve by winning fights and completing objectives (like blocking or attacking in certain ways, or breaking an opponents soul gauge). There are many buyable (within the game, and also with MS points) items that can also adjust your character. The only complaint I have is, though you may have a custom character, you'll probably wind up having a hodgepodge of armor and clothing in order to get the best fighting configuration, so you'll wind up looking like a dork but winning lots of fights.

    This game plays great! While the load times are a little annoying (especially in "tower mode" where you fight in a very long sequence of ever more challenging battles), the actual fighting is precise, fast and fun. The fighting animations are as great as they've ever been, the graphics quality is some of the highest on the system. Only games like Gears of War get better, but GOW is all greys and blacks, not the vibrant and diverse world of Soul Calibur.

    Four stars for a great installment, I take away one star because they still haven't changed the annoying parts of the gaming franchise. As a game, this is a great one....more info
  • Great Fighting game
    if youve played the pervious games you should love this installment. SC4 is the best fighting game on the xbox 360 and PS3 so far. Definitely a 5 star game....more info
  • Another incredibly good installment of a great series
    For as much as Namco's Soul Calibur series has stayed the same, the more fun the weapons-based fighter has become. Soul Calibur IV is no different, offering up a plethora of fighters that bear familiar faces to fans of the series, as well as even offering Yoda (yes, Yoda) as a bonus fighter for the XBox 360 version of the game (while PS3 gamers get Darth Vader). Like previous installments in the series, the fighting engine is surprisingly deep yet even more surprisingly accessible for those new to the series, and is rewarding as well. It should also be noted that Soul Calibur IV looks magnificent and fully displays some brilliantly animated graphics that are vibrant and nicely detailed. Even better is the game's online play via XBox Live, which is smooth, lag-free, and tons of fun. The only real downside to Soul Calibur IV is that the game's single player mode isn't hard to get through at all, and there's no team battle mode either, which is really disappointing. Despite that though, Soul Calibur IV is a wonderful and incredibly good installment of a great fighting series that deserves your attention, whether or not you're a veteran or newcomer to the Soul Calibur universe....more info
  • What's Within Your Soul?
    What's within your soul? Do you have what it takes to defeat the deadliest warriors in the universe in order to possess the awesome power of the Soul Calibur? Are your mental and physical skills up to the challenge of facing other warrior-wannabes in online play?

    If so, then I highly recommend that you purchase this game. One play-through and your soul will be changed forever. Complete the missions, and you will be on your way to becoming a TRUE WARRIOR!

    Ok, enough of the corny stuff. Soul Calibur IV is an awesome game. For solitary players, it offers the following adventures. Story, Tower of Lost Souls, and Arcade. The Story mode is similar to what we've known over the years. Each fighter goes through his or her unique story, fight battles, and then reach their own unique story ending. Arcade should also be familiar to most soul calibur veterans. Basically, you pick your fighter and fight through stages until you battle The Apprentice. Upon beating The Apprentice, which is easier said than done, you get to fight this strange guy (strange, even by SC standards!) called Algol. Algol reminds me of Necrid from SC2. Tower of Lost Souls is an advanced stage. Basically, you want to be very comfortable with your chosen characters' move sets before you set out for the Tower. I suggest that you play through Story and Arcade modes with your favorite/created characters before going to the Tower. You want to be able to use helpful skills, as well as the best weapons, in order to play through the Tower. The weapons can be expensive to purchase. Hence, the need to play for cash first. Tower of Lost Souls is somewhat similar to Weapon Master from SC2. Basically, you play against the CPU.

    Character Creation is back! This time, your model will look like one of the main characters in the game. You can outfit your model with armors, head gear, etc. You can even strip Sophitia and the other ladies down to their bikini, if you want! Bear in mind though that although that's eye candy, leaving your character without armor will lower their stats. In SC4, the armor affects the character stats.

    Are the characters "balanced", in terms of fighting effectiveness in versus play? From what I have seen so far, they seem to be. My experience in Versus play is limited though. Does the CPU play fair in single player mode? Ofcourse not, this is Soul Calibur! Fight The Apprentice in Arcade and you will see how this works against you. Even a good Soul fighter will find themselves repeatedly off-axis. A lot of your moves, especially vertical ones, will miss. However, The Apprentice will usually be on-axis. And he can pull together a long string of moves that is very, very hard to interrupt. I found that a character like Amy, with her 4B is much better against this guy than say, Sophitia. But that's just my style of play, perhaps. Using a player with hard to pull combos, like Ivy, required me to use a lot of throws just to beat The Apprentice. But I lost many, many more battles against this guy than I won.

    I have always been a fan of Namco-Bandai. They seem to release games that appeal to me. From Xenosaga, Baten Katos, Eternal Sonata, Tekken, and all the way to the Soul Calibur series. They have a way of making even the characters in a fighting game very endearing.

    Yoda or Darth Vader? I have the XBox version of the game, so I get Yoda with my edition. Yoda is fun to play, however, I have read other reviews from people who have both PS3 and XB360 versions of the game that say they prefer Darth Vader on the PS3. I do not have the PS3 version, but let me just say that for fighting games, I prefer the playstation controller to the 360 controller. I have SC2 in PS2 and Xbox versions. I much prefer playing the PS2 version due to the design of the PS controller. But that's just a personal preferrence on my part.

    To sum up, this is a great game. SC4 is more technical, and the move sets are a lot deeper than in previous versions of the game. I believe you could play this game for a year, and still find ways to improve your game during the second year. And maybe beyond. The replay value is endless. And if you are very technical and enjoy complication, you will just simply love Ivy. If you thought her move list was extensive in SC3, think again. Learning how to pull off Summon Suffering is a major hobby unto itself! Yeah, I love Soul Calibur! I believe you will also.

    ...more info
  • excellent game, great for multiplayer.
    This game is stunning, visually, and a lot of fun to play. Loads of fun for versus matches, but with a lot of unlockables, and decent replay value for single player....more info
  • I have been robbed of [...]$......
    this game has gotten great reviews from the "EXPERTS" but I say its pretty much crap. nothing about this game is new! the same style same graphics and a couple of new faces. Whoop de dooo. The only thing going for this game is it is almost exactly like the last installment in this series....more info
  • Another Great Soul Calibur Game
    Another great game in a solid series. More of the same outstanding fighting, but with better graphics. New features like being able to create and dress-up your own characters are kind of neat and will make your lady friends more likely to play with you....more info
  • Fun, Rewarding, and Addicting
    Contradicting what I had predicted in 2007, I honestly had no excitement for Soul Calibur IV. That is, until I played it:

    Soul Calibur III had so much to like, so why wasn't I excited for SCIV; I thought it was more of the same. It obviously isn't. Of course achievements are new, but SCIV has more to offer than virtual points. The new customization options were surprisingly detailed, even humurous (why do I have to make a female who automatically has 10 foot boobs?). Creating characters based on other games was a challenge, but atleast accurate. Online play allows other players and I to not only join together and fight, but to rank up towards higher levels (and, yes, more achievements). But can all this make you buy the game? Probably, but of course Soul Calibur wouldn't be as great as it is without something else.

    New characters are fun to play as. At first, the thought of Yoda was a negative one. Then I realized that it was promotion and I appreciated the effort. Although I know that Darth Vader is a PS3 exclusive, I would have been excited to see him as the final boss. But atleast the Apprentice was unlockable. I found many characters' taunts humorous and that's all they are.

    The other game types (TOLS, Arcade) were very frustrating. I found myself angered over Algol's unfair hit-me-until-I-get-knocked-down-and-not-let-me-ever-get-up strategy. Characters are definitely harder and smarted in these modes, but the modes are rewarding (achievements, points).

    Music in the Soul Calibur series has always been great to listen to, and Soul Calibur IV delivers. Overall, Soul Calibur IV is my favorite in the series and I hope more comes from XBL DLC and maybe even a Soul Calibur V....more info
  • Fun but...
    I was disappointed that this game rewards people who mash buttons, while the players who actually play with skill get destroyed because their constantly caught in a "frame trap". Some of the characters are blatantly cheap, many times I play online or with my friends locally and we're laughing because something so outrageous happened(like a ring out from the middle of the stage). This game is extremely fun and since I've got it I only play this and Tekken 5(till T6 comes out). The controls are responsive, and that might be a factor in why you can button mash and destroy people LOL. The story mode was pretty weak. Too fun to put down but I'm not afraid to admit whats wrong with my one of my favorite fighting games....more info


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