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This weekly news magazine reports on each week's developments on the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis. Its features include national and international affairs, business, lifestyle, society, the arts, politics, the economy, personal business, the Washington scene, health, science and technology.

The Kindle Edition of Newsweek contains most articles found in the print edition, but will not include images. For your convenience, issues are auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle at the same time the print edition hits the newsstand.

Customer Reviews:

  • Saved by Fareed Zakaria
    Although zero star ratings aren't available, the failure to include Tip Sheet and Checklist is barley offset by the inclusion of most of the main articles, and journalists such as Fareed Zakaria. Please include all the content that the print and web editions contain, especially Tip Sheet and Checklist!...more info
  • Not Bad for an Electronic Version
    I compared the March 2nd Kindle version with my print version. Everything is there except for: "The Editor's Desk", "Perspective" (the quotes section), and the science article (I checked and there's a big chart in the print version). Each article has pictures at the beginning of it, but there definitely are images missing which are in the print version. It's definitely convenient to have this available - I'm not sure if I'm ready to cancel my print subscription yet though. If they included the Perspectives section somehow (which is my favorite section) then I'd be more inclined to do so....more info
  • Excellent Magazine on Kindle & in Print
    Before getting my Kindle I sometimes read Newsweek and often did not read all the articles. With my Kindle I love getting Newsweek every single week and I generally read all the articles. The Kindle makes reading so easy and effortless that you too will find yourself reading more. Newsweek in particular is an excellent magazine and its easily read on the Kindle. Newsweek covers all the the major news of the week and you won't even miss the photos. The writing is good and its organized very well. I prefer it much more than Time. ...more info
  • First publication very pleased
    So far I really enjoy my new kindle. I live in a remote area and have limied access to reading material....more info
  • Somewhat Disappointing
    I was somewhat disappointed that it didn't have a magazine feel. No pictures or illustrations whatsoever. I find it hard to believe that images are not feasible.

    Once it gets full content of mag, I will subscribe....more info
  • canceling subscription
    i love this magazine but i need to cancel subscription thank you...more info
  • I am glad that Newsweek . . .
    has joined the Kindle family. I enjoy
    reading straight news items minus
    pictures/charts/ads. Also, I like to
    have the choice of which national
    news magazine to read each week.
    The price is perfect, too....more info
  • canceling subscription
    i love this magazine but i need to cancel subscription thank you...more info
  • Not bad, could be Great.
    I love Newsweek, was ecstatic when I finally saw it appear under Kindle Magazines. Articles are well represented and competently organized.

    Would prefer subject area organization or at least classification of articles (e.g. Health, Iraq, Politics, Science etc.) And I was disappointed not to see every single article from the magazine, particularly the page of Quotes and Numbers. I feel like they felt the content was too visual and couldn't be expressed on Kindle. I disagree. The general lack of photos and graphs and visuals from the kindle version of Newsweek is all that keeps it from being the best thing on Kindle period. Kindle has the capability to do excellent gray scale, take advantage!

    --David...more info
  • disappointed
    I found the Kindle version disappointing
    As a long time subscriber to Newsweek, I was looking forward to being able to get the print version on my Kindle. the Kindle version is no where near the impact of the print version....more info
  • Missing Sections
    I have a subscription to the print edition of Newsweek and was curious as to why they left out 2 entire sections (Enterprise, Tips) and 19 articles in the March 24th Kindle edition. Only a few of the articles relied heavily on pictures and photos, and thereby would not have worked well on the Kindle. I hope future Kindle editions of Newsweek will include all of the articles that are in the print edition.

    DJK...more info


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