EdenPURE 1000 XL Quartz Infrared Portable Heater

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12.6 amp/1500 watt heater, Heats up to 1000 square feet, Exterior only gets warm to the touch, Safe around children and pets, Heats entire room evenly, Saves at least 35% energy compared to most heaters, Washable filter, 5000 BTU, 105 CFM airflow, 35 lbs., Push button controls, Electronic thermostat, IR Remote, UL listed, 1 year warranty.

Customer Reviews:
  • Won't waste your money
    I was foolish enough to purchase an Eden pure heater without checking reviews. I purchased mine about 15 months ago and guess what? it quit working. I called and they said I can send it in for repair. Yeah right!!
    Instead I purchased a heater for $50 using the reviews on Amazon and I have to say, $50 heaters put out more heat than my $300 Eden pure ever did. Don't buy this heater, I am so mad at myself for being so stupid....more info
  • Barely heats the area 6" infront of it.
    My wife purchased this without checking with me or reviews as a surprise to save us a bit of money on heating costs this winter. Don't make the same mistake! Even going full power it doesn't at all do what it claims. It barely heats the area directly in front of it, much less "rapidly heating large rooms". It's expensive and worthless.

    Even their ads depicting kids going up to it are exaggerated when you read the instructions it warns against it because the grill gets hot. And creating an even head to toe heat, that's just a lie. This is a space heater plane and simple and not even a very good space heater at that. I rarely rate something a 1 star, but this deserves it. I hope the return policy works out....more info
  • Raises your electric bill not the temperature.
    I received this item as a gift from my grandparents who had heard about it on Paul Harvey. Due to the high costs of oil for winter heating, they were concerned about the expense and had bought several units for their children and grand children.

    Even though our home uses an electric furnace, not oil, we decided to try out the unit for the two-month billing period. Despite switching to compact fluorescent lights and a tank-less water heater at the same time, our power bill went up by 25%.

    Now, after going back to our regular electric furnace and not using this heater, our power bill is 60% lower than the previous period. This reflects a 35% decline from the switch to more efficient appliances/lighting, compared to last years usage for the period, and a 25% decline from not using the infrared heater.

    My guess about why these heaters are so inefficient relates to the cabinet design, inexpensive thermostat, and power demand. Since heated air running through ducts provides an even level of heat and thermostat controls are accurate, they turn on periodically and distribute heat effectively. This unit, even with the thermostat, would run constantly and only heat areas directly hit by the fan-blown air. Since this heater uses 1500 watts of electricity, about 200 watts less than our electric furnace, it is more expensive and less effective than ducted heat.

    I caution anyone in purchasing this heater for anything other than emergency use with a generator capable of running it because the expense and inefficiency will hit your pocket book and living space comfort....more info
  • Frigid_out_West
    We purchased the EdenPure 1000XL from its manufactor BioTech Research. It took twice as long for the unit to arrive as we were told it would. When it arrived the remote did not work. When I called their "800" customer number I got a recording stating they were receiving a high number of calls and had set up a "second" toll free customer service number. This concerned us. Why would they need to do this if their customers were happy?

    I called the number the message supplied. The person that answered identified herself as BioTech Research Customer Service and her name. All her "function" was to take my information about my remote not working and state that a customer service representative would contact me.

    Two days later, I was contacted and had to go through what the problem was again. This person stated a new remote would be sent out.

    Three days after that, I called again and asked what to do to make arrangements return the unit as it had begun shutting down and would not come back on until I pushed the "power" button on the unit to turn it "off", unplugged it for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

    When operational the unit did a fair job in assisting our propane heater.

    Only after our experience did I look further into online reviews of EdenPure products which are not favorable. I also checked into BioTech Research (Canton, OH) through the Ohio Better Business Bureau and saw that BioTech has had numerous complaints from customers with similar problems. ...more info
  • Big unit - little heat
    I purchased this unit to help warm my home in addition to running my furnace. It barely heats my living room (10x14). The Edenpure store web-site claims this heater will heat up to 1,000 square feet. Don't believe it. I have a small ceramic heater that produces more heat.
    The return policy stinks - they deduct a 15% restocking fee. I'll be returning mine. ...more info