Natural Fitness 75cm Professional Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball (Ocean)

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Product Description

If you are looking for a fun way to improve coordination and stability while both exercising and at the home/office, the Natural Fitness Burst-Resistant Exercise Balls are the answer. Our exercise balls enable you to improve core strength and balance and provide a firm, comfortable surface for a wide variety of activities. Burst-resistant over 600 lbs and load-tested over 1000 lbs, these balls are designed to withstand the most rigorous exercise regimens. Sitting on an exercise ball helps achieve better posture while burning calories. The minor movements that occur naturally while seated on our exercise ball engage core muscles that are at rest while seated in a normal chair. From aerobic exercises to strength training and Pilates to yoga, the Natural Fitness Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball can be used to promote core strength for all ages and ability levels. Firm support with comfortable feel. Latex-free proprietary burst-resistant composite vinyl. Exercise Instruction Chart provides a full body workout. Available in 4 sizes. Kit includes: (1) Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball (1) Exercise Instruction Chart (1) Fast Pump (1) Plug kit-remover, Measuring Tape.

One of Natural Fitness's founding principles is to tread lightly on the earth. They aim to offset the environmental impact that results from the manufacturing and distribution of their products. To achieve this, the company created their Zero Impact Program (ZIP). While Natural Fitness is always looking for new and creative ways to offset their eco-footprint, here¡¯s is what the company is currently doing:

  • Plant-A-Tree Initiative: For every product sold, Natural Fitness will fund the planting of a tree, which can remove up to 2,000 pounds of pollution from the atmosphere. Through various partner organizations, the company hopes to improve the lives of people around the world by implementing sustainable land-use programs utilizing the trees provided. Locations for planting trees vary; but past projects have been conducted throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Each location and project is researched and developed to implement the most effective plan possible; one that is best for the people and eco-system involved.
  • Offsetting the eco-footprint of their employees and offices.
  • Offering the most environmentally-friendly products available.
  • Use a "green" web host company that utilizes solar panels to power its data center and office.
  • Partnering with like-minded companies to raise public awareness about the environmental problems created through use of fossil fuels and other non-sustainable practices.
  • Using recycled content paper in business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels, checks, and printer/copier paper. All of the product packaging and inserts that Natural Fitness uses are made with recycled paper.
  • Using recycled packaging materials and boxes in the company's warehouse. They also pack with old newspapers and other recyclable paper products.
  • Helped create the Chicago Biodiesel Co-op, which educated, promotes, and produces locally-derived biofuels.
  • Greening the company's comprehensive recycling program and using natural light when possible.
  • Spearheaded an ambitious recycling program for the 500,000 square foot office building Natural Fitness occupies, along with 60 companies.

  • Burst-resistant over 600 lbs
  • Use for fitness & strength training, core stability, yoga, stretching and balance
  • Designed to deflate slowly if punctured
  • Improve back & core health while sitting at home or office
  • Exercise Instruction Chart provides a full body workout

Customer Reviews:

  • Great ball
    Plan to use for a birthing ball which it seems to be a great product for!...more info
  • As expected
    I did a lot of "research" reading reviews for other similar exercise balls at Amazon, and am very happy with this one. I'm using it as my office chair now, and it is doing wonders for some hip problems I've been having over the last year. It arrived on time, was easy to inflate (took maybe 20 minutes?), and seems durable....more info
  • 45 cms ball
    The ball is good. The inflation pump is awful. you go 2 steps forward and one step back. finally I got it inflated with my car tire air compressor!...more info
  • I love my ball!
    I love this ball! I get a great workout when I exercise with it! The ball is very durable and I've not had any problems with it since I got it. ...more info
  • Terrible pump, wrong size when full
    I got this pump to use at the end of my pregnancy and during labor. I chose 65cm for a reason, but this doesn't fill to that size, and the pump broke halfway through. I can't see it getting any fuller for at least 5-6cm more in diameter that is needed. I emailed the company and am awaiting a response, but I'm pretty disappointed being almost 9mo pregnant and not really having extra time to fiddle with a return and a replacement product....more info
  • Wonderful baby soother that fits our decor..
    I hate to say that I chose this exercise ball because it was an awesome color in the photo. And I gotta admit, in real life, it is an awesome color that goes well with our decor.

    I am 5'5" with a long torso/short legs and, unfortunately, this ball is too large for me to do most of the seated exercises. Currently, we have it partially deflated and use it to soothe our cranky newborn who will passes out after we hold him all swaddled up and bounce on it.

    As a former gym rat and physio therapy victim, the ball is great. Set up is easy, but it does take awhile for the plastic to soften enough that you can get it round and for the stink to go away. It does not have that cheap, slick GAIM feel that collects near vicinity dirt and hair. Its slightly textured surface has a better grip.

    I do like it a lot and would love to buy the same one but in a smaller size, but, alas, they do not manufacture it in the same color. So sad!...more info
  • The perfect stability ball!
    I love this thing!

    It doesn't smell, doesn't pick up every tiny bit of dog hair and gunk on my floors, is environmentally friendly, blows up easily and comes with a subscription to fitness magazine! And for every one purchased, they plant a tree!

    It's also good up to 600 pounds and feels nice and solid. I don't worry about bouncing all over the place on this thing, it's very sturdy and lightweight, too.

    I've found I enjoy bouncing on this instead of sitting on my couch while watching TV and makes me feel like I'm being somewhat productive. ;)...more info


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