Jupiter's Wife

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  • The perfect picture of the beauty of the human psyche
    This movie demonstrates the beauty of the human mind, and the fact that my (and your)reality isn't always right. Maggie, though she could probably be labeled as schizophrenic, is probably happier than the majority of individuals that are "healthy". This movie demonstrates what the mind needs to be happy. ? This movie may or may not change your life. If it does, you will forever see the world differently, and every individual as filled with the possibility of being whole....more info
  • Picturesque idyll about tragic circumstances
    Michel Negroponte, the director of this documentary, wanders into Central Park and encounters Maggie, a whimsical magical creature, who may be in contact with a real alternate universe made up of Roman and other mythological creatures and stories. Kind of like the reality Mr. Negroponte initially projects onto the park: idylllic, beautiful, mythological. Throughout the film we get to know Maggie, as the director inserts himself into her life and tries to "help" her: because Maggie is a charming, intelligent, mentally ill homeless woman. Maggie is interesting and we are glad to get to know and gain some understanding of her plight, as most of us usually do not get a chance to do with the mentally ill or the homeless. But, I question Mr. Negroponte's honesty and purpose in this piece. Why is it that he chose to highlight his naive (ignorant?) desire to help her rather than more on Maggie herself? Or more on the homeless and/or mentally ill in the park? Why did he choose to depict this woman as ethereal and happy as he begins his film, when mental illness and homelessness are really such tragic and often hopeless social and personal problems? Or is this piece really about the privileged filmaker finding a quaint subject to use for his art project and becoming disillusioned by what is actually a tragic reailty? Poor guy....more info
  • Absoulutly must see video!!!!
    I LOVED THIS VIDEO!This story was well documented,on Maggie and her life,from a horse &carriage driver,to living, in Central Park,with all her dogs! It was tastefully done,showing,how happy Maggie,is,independent and adjusted,even though its obvious,that drugs helped put her,in a rough life. a great video,for park goers,& young people,to see the aftermath, of drugs....more info
  • One of the best videos on this subject
    I loved this video, the way it was shot, what it tells me about the homeless and how it brought me to have love for her and her dogs, the people who help.everything shot with such fullness....more info


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