Orange Guard Water Based Indoor/Outdoor Home Pest Control - 32 oz Spray #103

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Product Description

The active ingredient in this product is d-limonene, a steam-distilled byproduct of citrus peels, entirely of natural origin. This broad-based insecticide product will cause mortality in most insects within 15 minutes. The active ingredient d-Limonene (orange peel extract) destroys the wax coating of the insect's respiratory system. When applied directly, the insect suffocates. The citrus fragrance of d-Limonene acts as a repellent. Orange Guard is a water-based insecticide. All ingredients in Orange Guard meet the G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe) standard set by FDA. D-limonene is approved by the FDA as a food additive, and is found in products such as fruit cakes, cleaners, degreasers, air fresheners and pet shampoos. Orange Guard is 100% biodegradable and water-soluble. Our tests showed no extensive or permanent damage to plants sprayed with Orange Guard. Ready to use formula requires no dilution or excess handling. Use for insect control indoors and outside. Spray insects directly and over area where repellant effect is desired until wet. Use stream setting on roaches and for penetrating cracks and crevices. Spray kitchens, pantries and under cabinets and applicances-anywhere insects will hide. Outside, spray around doorways, window frames, cracks and any other area an insect may enter. Repellant quality will last for weeks before product will biodegrade

  • Orange Guard kills insects fast on contact
  • Kills and repels ants, roaches, silverfish, fleas and other insect pests for weeks.
  • You can even spray it on kitchen counters and on pets' bedding
  • For use around Food, Humans, and Pets
  • OMRI Certified

Customer Reviews:

  • not too good
    I'm sorry to say, this stuff doesn't work. And that's strange, because it certainly smells bad enough....more info
  • It is the best 'green' and safe alternative you can get
    I live in NYC and I am pretty sure one of my neighbors has roaches, and it only takes one for the whole building to have an issue. I have found one or two 'visiting' my kitchen lately and this product has worked to keep them out. I like the fact that it is safe around kids, that it does not smell like poison and that I can have it in the kitchen and kill any bug. The bugs don't die in an instant, they take a while and the product kills them in a sadistic way... What I do is spray them to slow them and then squash them. As a barrier the product works well, but you have to spray constantly for it to keep working. I think that as prevention and for an occasional bug it works well, however if you have a serious problem with roaches or ants, I don't think this product would actually work for you....more info
  • Great Ant erradicator for plants & Orchids! - as well as kitchens & trash cans
    I get lots of ant attacks from neighboring properties. I live in Southern California where ants are busy all year long- AND, my neighbors have lots of ants. I get rid of mine as soon as I see any evidence that they're trying to move in from one of my 3 neighbors.

    They attack from behind and each side of my property-going for trash cans, my Gardenia plants & Tangerine tree- where they like to try to farm aphids or scale. I tried everything to get rid of them- now I just spray Orange Guard directly on my Orchid pots & my Tangerine tree trunk & onto other plant's stems. They won't cross the line & it kills fast. I also pour it into ant hills using a funnel & they just disappear! I have used it directly on orchid roots with no change to the plant. I spray early am so it will be dry if the plant gets sun.

    The only problem I have with Orange Guard is that I run out. I now buy 2 big refill sizes and make sure I always have some on hand. It is the only insect remover I use now. Buy it!...more info
  • Much better than Victor Poison Free spray
    This product is also food grade and poison free yet it has actually killed the bugs or at least have them woozy enough to be killed once they reach the open. I cleaned my counter with this stuff on the first day and when I turned on the lights there wasn't a single bug in sight. So I do think it is a great repellant and it smells great. However it doesn't last long and you would probably have to keep cleaning with it to keep them away. So I don't see it as a problem solver. It's better to get some ant baits et al (Raid) to get rid of them for good. Then use this product to keep them from coming back....more info
  • excellent service and product
    I love that this is not harmful for the humans and animals in the house. I also like the way it keeps the ants away for weeks at a time....more info
  • smells good
    This stuff did not seem to repel any bugs. I do give it 2 stars because it did kill bugs when sprayed right on the bug but then again it is oily so they just drowned. It smells really nice and was more of an air fresher on my back porch around the dog food and cat box. I did use it in my garden to kill ants on contact and that was good as I did not want to use poisonous chemicals on my veggies that were growing. ...more info
  • It works.
    I used this all over my kitchen for ants. It kills on contact, if you spray enough on the ants. When I sprayed and then later wipe off the excess, as the bottle instructed, the ants walked all over the counters within minutes. I thought it didn't work well. Now, I know how to use it. I spray all the cracks and crevices where they are coming in. I make sure plenty of it gets into the cracks. That works just like a barrier for them. My husband puts it under the dog's food bowl and it keeps them from swarming her food. Believe me, they swarm her food every night when we don't have Orange Guard. We just had an army of them attack the dogs food tin. I took the 5-gallon tin out and sprayed all around it. The ants that got sprayed died, the other ants dared not cross the Orange Guard, so I had a bunch of ants huddled together on the lid of the tin....more info
    I've used this for ants, roaches, spiders, and many more. Works like a charm without heavy chemicals. Safe for your family and pets! Try it!...more info
  • d-limonene is NOT safe for cats
    D-limonene is an essential oil from citrus plants (i.e., orange peel, hence the lovely smell). Please note that d-limonene is NOT safe for cats. I published a case in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association about a rare feline toxicity (with a resultant fatality) from using d-limonene shampoo on a cat (which was advertised as a "natural" flea shampoo). Cats do not tolerate any essential oils (i.e., liquid potpourri, holistic medications, etc.), and should be used with caution. While this may be safe for dogs, it isn't recommended for cats. When in doubt, you can call an animal poison control like Pet Poison Helpline ( if you're not sure if the product is toxic or poisonous....more info
  • It WILL KILL IF ....
    I purchased this because it was safe for pets . It should be advertised as safe for bugs too . Oddly enough I saw it kill one almost as soon as I sprayed it directly on it . Others in the trail walked off as if nothing at all had been sprayed on them . I must assume from this that the bug was frightened to death . I suppose you could kill all of them if you poured the solution out in a container, caught the bug and held it under until it drowned . Of course you could do this with water also and save your money . I give it two stars for killing the one bug and also it smells pretty good if you like oranges . ...more info
  • Safe & Effective
    Two years ago, we had a small earwig invasion. When we watched one march across the coffee table, we decided it was time to try something new. Earwigs and ants are a tough enemy, but they evacuated right away in the face of Orange Guard.

    This product is made from orange peel oils and is safe to use around pets and your food. It kills bugs a few seconds after contact AND if you spray the inside and outside perimeter of your basement, it keeps other bugs from coming in.

    With all of the available toxic chemical products that kill'em dead, i was skeptical to go the natural route - but it really works! ...more info
  • Orange Guard Greatness!
    This stuff really works! Just squeeze the trigger and they die on contact! I have a child and pets, and was very concerned for their health. I have been a loyal user for two years, and won't change that any time soon....more info
  • No stars. Zip. Nada. No.
    I used this for household ants and a friend tried of for the very few cockroaches that make it into his house. In both cases we found it EXPENSIVE and NOT THE LEAST BIT EFFECTIVE. ...more info
  • A Sanity Saver
    We have been inundated with ants this summer and I have tried every technique imaginable to deal with them. None of my old standbys worked for very long. I was finally reduced to using toxic sprays in the house, something I hated doing. This product was a welcome relief. It does work. Most importantly, I can use it around my dog, cat and grandbaby without fear. It even keeps ants away from dry cat food. It does have to be reapplied (about once a week in pet food area) but it does work. Be patient, it may take more than one spray. But hey, it smells great where you spray....more info
  • Orange Guard does not live up to its promises
    I was a bit disappointed in orange guard. Because when I sprayed the ants they did not die. They seemed to go to sleep, and when the product dried, they came back to life.
    The only thing I can say is the product is not toxic to humans or dogs, and apparently to the ants!! I wanted to kill the ants, and ended up having to call an exterminator because the ants increased.
    Orange guard was expensive and just did not do what it promised....more info
  • Safe for super-smellers and pets
    If you are chemically sensitive, have pets or children, it's likely you have problems with typical ant/bug killers, even "odorless" ones that claim they're safe once they're dry.

    Orange Guard has been my staple indoor pesticide for at least six years. I've tried other "natural" orange pesticides, notably one by Ortho available in stores like Lowes. Instant headache. My sinuses picked up the trace of petroliate so minor it's not even listed. (I inquired -- the nose knew.)

    Orange Guard has nothing but orange. My cats can blithely walk through the spray and while felines aren't citrus fans, they can proceed to lick themselves silly and nothing bad is going to happen.

    Natural products do not have the staying power of serious chemical pesticides and you can't expect them to. During the current heatwave, a morning invasion of ants through kitchen plumbing crevices is normal. I've been comparing Orange Guard with another natural insecticide (pyrethrins) via Safer Tomato & Vegetable pesticide. Pyrethrins is also considered safe for use around food and animals. The odor is minor, inoffensive, and causes no twitching of the sinuses. However, the spray will keep ants out only an hour or two when their invasion is of Normandy-proportions. Orange Guard holds up 6-12 hours. In normal usage -- when ants aren't as desperate -- it lasts several days and that's usually long enough for them to look for more friendly places to live.

    If you like citrus, the fragrance is wonderful, pure and fresh. Leftovers (year-old Orange Guard) should be used outdoors because the smell strengthens and becomes somewhat obnoxious -- just like aging oranges. But you can avoid that by using it as an air freshner or wiping your wood furniture with it. The slight amount of orange oil will make your wood happy.

    12/7/08 -- While Orange Guard is unavailable on Amazon right now, it's easy to find. A number of hardware store chains carry it. Google will help.

    Also, someone asked about cockroaches. I don't know about Orange Guard, but a safe and excellent little known remedy is "roach chalk." I think -- not positive -- it's made of boric acid. You simply draw lines around areas to protect. It's available in Chinese markets. Hmmm. I wonder if Amazon has it. . . ...more info
  • An excellent Natural Pest Control.
    Orange Guard is one of the best Natural Pest Controls on the market. I used it when I first moved into my home, and did not have to reapply it over a long period of time. I would not use any other product around my pets. I send it to all my friends and family if they mention a problem. With all the problems today with people and animal sensitivity to chemicals, it is wonderful to have access to this product. I cannot say enough good about it....more info
  • It Smells Good
    The product has a very pleasant smell, if not sprayed too heavily (it can be a little strong). As for effectiveness, I really haven't been able to tell. I thought initially that "kills on contact" meant instantly but was advised by manufacturer that it kills later once it makes contact. They said it breaks down the skeletal structure. They said it works best in cracks and crevaces, or on direct contact. ...more info
  • Seems to work on my small ants
    I like the idea of a non-poisonous pest control spray. I have small ants in my kitchen and outbuilding from time to time, and spraying some of this where they are coming in keeps them at bay. It does have a strong citrus smell, but it's not that bad. For me it kills small ants on contact, but the effect doesn't last but so long.
    ...more info


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