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Dynasty Warriors 6 will deliver the massive scale and realistic atmosphere that players have come to expect from the series, but will redefine the Dynasty Warriors' Tactical Action experience. With a new fighting system and entirely new action and motion, players can string together fighting moves and experience gameplay that closely resembles the action of a kung-fu movie. These changes The new combo system, tentatively called the "Renbu" system, requires specific button presses to unleash a variety of dazzling moves that will mimic the fighting movements seen in a Chinese martial arts movies. The system, uses a Combo Gauge, which as it fills up, increases the Combo Level, which in turn allows the character to unleash even more powerful attacks and moves. The objective of this "Renbu" system is to add more visual stimulation while providing a sense of control over the action on screen.
Famous events of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms such as sieges and large scale ship battles, were previously shown only through event scenes. Now these exciting moments will be portrayed in real-time, with in-game action sequences. Players will not only see these events, but live them, thereby recreating the feeling of actually being on the battlefield in ancient China.

  • Developed from the ground up for next-generation platforms
  • Fighting techniques motion-captured from some of Asia's leading stunt performers
  • Enemy unit AI adapts to player combat tactics
  • New Skill map feature allows players to determine how a character develops
  • New "Renbu" attack system for lightning fast moves and combos

Customer Reviews:

  • Well done
    This is the first Dynasty Warriors that is actually fun to play. No more running back to your horse (you can whistle for it now), no more having to tediously kill all the gate guards to stop enemy reinforcements, no more having to kill hundreds of enemies hunting for meat buns (if you take a base now, it spawns food on a regular basis), mounted combat is now a feasible way of killing enemies, randomized loot, a fun levelling and advancement system, etc.

    It's still all about mowing through waves of enemies and fighting enemy generals, but it's actually fun now, instead of tedious. I'd recommend it for anyone that got turned off by the older Dynasty Warrior games....more info
  • Good......
    DW 6 is a nice hack-n-slash game. The have plenty of playable characters, good graphics, and nice cut scenes during, before, and after battles. I hate it when you defeat an officer, they say the same things over and over again. It just gets on your nerves. But it's nice that they put in the voices. The music is also good too. You can also increase the stats of your character by completing targets to earn exp. Another thing is that some characters cannot be played in musou mode. But overall, I think it's a good game....more info
  • Mass Annihilation
    I have played every Dynasty Warriors game since 2005 and I like this one the best. The graphics have improved, the cut-scenes are better, the movements of most of the playable characters are way more fluid. At first I was disappointed because I kept getting beat on normal mode. This was due to just trying to plow through the levels like in previous additions. This game is a bit more technical in navigating the landscape and goals and it takes longer to build your character up. If you absolutly must begin a game on normal mode you better pay attention to the tips the game gives throughout the course and use the health gains at your local friendly fortresses or you will continually get beat. This game also increases the level of chaos around you. You can get lost in a sea of enemies and friendlies unlike previous games where it was crazy but everything seemed to be right in front of you. Oh yeah, be prepared to kill an average of 1000 enemies per level...no kidding. No more 300 or 400 kills. Some portions of this game will totally swallow you up and you will have to back out or face getting hit by someone you can't see. Not to mention getting continually run over by enemy horses. I love that about this game. Also, you can't just waltz into a fortress anymore either unless you get lucky and slip in before the enemy shuts the gates. If they shut them you must bash the door in. Once you bash a door in you're immediately confronted by enemies. The fighting system has changed from button mashing to extreme button mashing. The creators took away the different moves characters can perform by hitton the action button once, twice, 3 times then hold. Do you remember Ling Tong? That's my only gripe about this game. Other than that, this has taken simple button mashing to new heights. Every character does new moves for the most part and they are all awesome to watch. You can now roll your guy, somersault, or hand-sping to gain an advantage on a hard enemy depending on which character you are using. You can now have a horse by your side at all times and if you leave it you can call it back to your side. ...more info
  • Not too shabby
    At this point, you either like the KOEI "mass battlefield" games, or you don't. Dynasty Warriors 6 picks up right where the others left off, with more of the same. Once again, we're thrown back into what sort of passes as Chinese history, taking up the roles of one of the Three Kingdom warriors and hacking our way to glory.

    First off, the game has never looked better. DW6 is a clear jump up in graphics from even the recent Samurai Warriors 2 for the PS2, and the battlefields are familiar while looking much, much nicer. DW6 does a good job of making use of the PS3's heavy graphics horsepower, filling the levels with flowing water and leaf-dropping trees that actually are cool to look at.

    Second, the combat is just as fun as ever. As always, one is able to slaughter entire fields full of enemies, collecting dropped bags of weapons and experience to crank up one's stats. Some of the weird DW affectations remain, such as squads of troops that mysteriously appear out of mid-air around you. All in all, however, the combat system holds up well even though it has basically been reduced to pure button mashing even compared to earlier versions.

    Each iteration of Dynasty Warriors seems to add some good things while unfortunately removing some old standbys. For example, DW6 retains horses and even lets you level them up, permitting one to obtain strange steeds such as one that freezes anyone it runs over, or gives you a free weapon at the end of each level (presumably carried off in its teeth). Loose horses even run around on the battlefield smashing into people, instead of just standing around like idiots. Another new feature is a skill tree that is filled up with little skill points based on levelling, although there's really not much thought put into it. However, other items from earlier versions are sorely missed: new weapons do not appear upgradeable with money (indeed, there is no gold to be found) but instead are simply found as-is. Nor does one receive a bodyguard hireling who can level up; it's a horse or nothing. Having a bodyguard bomb thrower or monk who hands out life foods is sorely missed. Harkening back even further (DW 4, if memory serves), the inability to make a customized character or use a first-person bow and arrow still rankles. DW 6 adds the ability to climb up ladders onto walls or archer towers, but no ability to then use a bow to shoot people below. It's kind of silly.

    Lastly, it's worth noting that the game is quite challenging. Even at the historically cream-puff "Normal" setting it is pretty easy to get murdered, notably by the over-juiced "fury" characters. I had an 18th level character with pretty good weapons get killed in two hits by some commander who wasn't even legendary tool Lu Bu. Interim saving is key even on the lower difficulty settings.

    All in all, DW 6 is a good addition to your PS3 game library. I just dream of the day that KOEI puts good features into a DW game and DOESN'T remove all the good ones they'd added the prior time around....more info
    Not to be a "ball buster" but I have to say they made some of the characters super gay looking. They made Sun Jian like 80, Yuan Sho looked like a freak, Lu Bu's new weapon is homo, and the story line implied more homosexuality then Brokeback Mountain. And don't even get me started on Dong Zhou!!!!!! The guy looked like a fat conehead! Ugh, they slaughtered my love on DW with this one, DW5 Empires ftw people.

    On the other hand graphics were good, but the soldiers no longer wore helmets, and I hate not having bodyguards, or not being able to 1v1 duel another officer during a battle. Voice acting made me cringe. Rental in my opinion.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Family Fun
    This is an excellent game for individuals who casually enjoy a video game now and again. Anyone can pick up the controller and enjoy the game without trying to memorize what all the buttons are for (Note: just press the "X" button as quickly as possible). My wife and I have played Dynasty Warriors 4 on the Xbox, and we feel that Dynasty Warriors 6 is just as fun and enjoyable.
    ...more info
  • One Step Forward, 2 Step Backward.
    One of my favorite game of all time was Dynasty Warrior 4, because it was so fun and addicted, it has large selection of characters, offer pvp, good side question and survival mode, and the plot is well done. While the ps3 installtin of DW6 look promising in the trailer and picture, but when i actually got the game, it doesn't live up to my expetation, in fact i felt is more of step backward in most area. Especially the graphic, is not are sharp or good look when compare to most ps3 game, actually is more like upscare version of ps2 game. But one biggest step forward is that no longer has lag issue, which was the biggest problem for ps2 game. But DW6 lack online play only has ranking is been of joked. Also my favorite mode of PVP is gone, the survivor and those side quest has been change to a more downgrade version. Many of the story is about the same, but i think the character special is far weakr than DW4,isn't as effective, they try many thing in DW6 but isn't working. I recommaed you rent this one before you brought it....more info
  • How can they still not have improved on the 3rd game?
    If you like Dynasty Warriors, chances are you've already bought this monotonous piece of work. A series that used to be brilliant in it's simplicity and worked well within it's own story, the game has become far beyond as tedious and monotonous as a game should get. The series has never been genius to begin with, but it becomes increasingly clear with each cheap expansion pack that KOEI doesn't care about it's fans; only their money. The graphics are below average and the gameplay is the same and yet worse then it's predecessors... the combat system has been arranged to make it even more of a brainless button masher. Rental at best....more info
  • Fun, but a little less of more of the same
    ***Short review***

    Good: Hack-n-slash fun still abounds, fans will not be disappointed, smoother game play, higher body count possible, Renbu combo system allows for high hits, leveling up horses
    Bad: Hard to see individual battlefield map, small amount of lag still present in two-player, no real major innovation (skill system is arguable), no body guards (arguable)
    Ugly: Zhou Yu in thigh-high boots ; Most ignored item in the game is a comb.

    ***Regular review***

    The lack of any major innovations does not hamper this game from being entertaining. You still play as some warrior from China's Three Kingdom's era, making your way across the land by cutting down scores of nameless soldiers along with their named Generals.

    You build up your warrior's abilities by participating and winning in battles based on several criteria, such as number of men killed, targets acquired, etc. Your rank as a warrior increases based on the experience you earn at the end of the battle.

    Furthermore, at the conclusion of a successful battle, considering how well you did, you might have the option of getting skills. Each skill slot on the skill tree is worth one acquired skill point and will give a boost to your warrior in various ways like more attack/defense power, more health, or some special attribute. I believe this is the same way you level up in one of the later Final Fantasies, cannot remember which. This skill-tree system is one of the new features in Dynasty Warriors.

    The gameplay itself is very similar to the previous 4 dynasty warriors (the first one being a one-on-one fighting game). There is a newer way to fight, the Renbu system, that has replaced the weapon as being what determines the length of a combo. Essentially, the Renbu system gives you the option of making ridiculously long combos. It is not unheard of getting combos up to and over 200, whereas something like that would be far more difficult to do in previous editions. I find it less personal than the old way, but that is more a preference; it does not at all detract from the fun. Perhaps thanks to the PS3 hardware, it is much easier to get insane body counts. I was able to get over 2200 in one battle, which I have never done before in any other Dynasty Warriors. I suspect this will be the norm for larger battles, though I averaged out around 1000 (this is when I am not looking for enemies to kill).

    Health boosts are harder to come by in this game. Towns, gates, and other bases are more crucial in this game to recover your energy. These places are captured based on the body count needed to capture it; the body count falls faster when you kill corporals or generals associated with the base. Larger bases, larger body count. In order to get into an enemy base, you have to knock down the gate. For larger walls with larger gates, you may get the option of climbing up a ladder. Another new thing not seen in previously. And health boosts in bases do regenerate, as long as the base remains on your side.

    There are also no body guards in this game, them being replaced by a more detailed horse component. You begin the game with the option of riding a horse or not. You can choose one of several horses, and level them up by taking them into battle. Most horses on the battlefield belong to the more major generals, and not all of them will have one. This makes picking a horse before the battle begins a good idea You will be able to win more horses by picking up saddles within a battlefield. These can give you access to more powerful horses (though, I have not found out yet how to gain more famous horses like Red Hare). Gaining a new weapon is the same as the previous editions; find a weapon box and there you go. The strength of a given weapon is based on the difficulty of the setting and battle.

    Technically, the game is of course superior to any of the previous installments. The music sounds as good as you expect from a Dynasty Warriors. It is not great, but it does the trick. Thankfully, the voice-overs are not as bad as the series is known for. But it looks like the sound effects have taken a hit; musou yells and other dins of battle were not as apparent.
    The PS3 does a great job in putting bodies on the screen to be knocked down, which is great on single player. Two player, though, there is some lag when you or your partner are within large groups of soldiers. Although, clearing out the bodies will return the speed of the game to normal. The graphics are pretty good, though for some reason the characters seem a little smaller than on previous editions. Even on non-HDTVs, the graphics are decent. I was not impressed, however, with the musou attacks. They did look as devastating and battle-turning as some of the previous editions were. The crunch of laying a musou out on a large group of enemies was not as satisfying as I wanted it to be.

    One major gripe, however, is the lack of a bearing point when you flip your battlefield map from the whole field to what is around you. You will constantly be switching to the start menu to gain your bearings. It is easier to see your arrow on single player, near impossible on two player. This may change with a larger screen tv.

    In conclusion, if you are a fan of the dynasty warrior series like I am, then you will buy this game and enjoy it. It will be worth the money just to get through the story of each of your characters, and it hardly gets old (at least for me) to constantly cut through throngs of hapless, ill-paid soldiers. Even though the game did not blow me away and regardless of some of the minor drawbacks, this is a must have for the hack-n-slasher PS3 owner.
    ...more info
  • This game was great!!!
    This game was great and the picture was nice. The computer graphic design was great. The game play was fun. It was not bored at all. I like this game. I really enjoy the game....more info
  • Dynasty Warriors 6
    This game is exelent it gives detialed information on the era of the The Three Kingdoms and has exelent nonstop action but most critics give the dynasty warrios games -B to a C because it lacks blood and gore, which is simply rediculous....more info
  • Great game, good improvements but more of the same
    This game is very much alike the Dynasty Warriors (killing everyone that come across you, so repetitive)that came before but with the improved graphics and some other features that keep this game up with the next-gen console type of games. Also it keeps up with the fun that the previous entries of DW brought before.

    Cons: The multiple weapon system is nice but I think I prefered the upgrading system as in DW4. A little slow when 1000 people are on the screen. Loading times (although if you install the game, those times go way faster).

    Pros: DW6 in next generation consoles!!!!! Amazing graphics, new moves, new features. Very but VERY addictive. 10 out of 10 in fun.

    I'm a hardcore fan of DW and that's why I bought it and I know for sure that anyone who likes DW or is gonna play it for the first game, will definitely like it (maybe not as much as I do but still)...more info
  • new elements, more fun
    Got this game last night. couldn't stop playing it. New elements such as war-horse, special attack, skills, dodging and counter attack make the game so much more fun. It is not a game of tapping sqaure and triangle anymore. There are still a lot more to explore in this game. Bottom line, if you are a fan, you will love it!

    The only thing I don't like about this release is that they changed the characters so much that they don't look like the legendary Chinese generals anymore, they are more like those Japanese comics characters. Plus they removed some of the characters and maps........WHY?...more info
  • Love It
    Love the ability to level my favorite characters. The battlefields are fun and depending on the setting not to easy. I honestly have replayed this several times on all characters and got my moneys worth....more info
  • Decent fun, if you are a fan, you'll want to play this. Much improved from Legend
    Playing DW5 and Xtreme Legend was a real let down. Almost gave up on the series. After reading nice reviews from fellow fans on Amazon, thought I would give it another chance.

    After playing for 2 weekends, no regret for the $60 spent.

    1. Graphics - a big improvement
    2. Sound - about the same as before
    3. Gameplay - There's several changes here:
    a.) leveling - now it's like a final fantasy X style skill points board where you pick the skills you want to get after each level. Nice addition. Though it could of been a bit deeper like Diablo where it's more character focused.
    b.) Even more characters to unlock and choose from - this I thought it was really not necessary. Doubt anyone has the patience to level all 50 or 100 characters. Rather they concentrate on make 10 or 20 characters more distinctive.
    c.) Difficulty - This really got raised even on EASY. Can you say NO MORE BUNS! Yes, practically all the health-ups drops are gone, only at the bases and a few barrels you can find health-ups. Lot of extra backtracking.
    d.) Horse Leveling - Here the horse actually is pretty powerful if you level it. Also being able to "call" your horse to you is helpful.
    e.) Magic / Intellect characters - In the books, Zhuge Liang is literally the #1 character, most powerful due to his intelligence, but in DW series, the brain characters are really weak to play. That hasn't changed in #6.

    If you are a fan or enjoy a good beatdown to get some stress out after work, this is a good workout. If you want fresh new / deep gameplay, look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Good game !!
    I've played this game from it was the first one and I have to say that this has many changes. graphics and sounds are those that I love about this game because movement of the characters are much smoother, sound effects are intense and soundtracks are in rock style which keep you excited in battles. One thing that hasn't changed much are the fighting moves of the characters and the modes in the game. I look forward for playing the next Empire version of this game hoping there will be some more impressive changes in the game. ...more info
  • Finally, a Dynasty Warriors worth buying and playing through!!
    Finally, KOEI has done it! They've made a DW deserving a new number! (6)
    Keeping with the original Romance of Three Kingdoms (hai shi DW Three Kingdoms' new book The Greatest of Heroes) novel, they've made a game that brings incredible feelings of joy in playing through its characters in a totally new world to which say only Dynasty Warriors 3 can compare.

    The new fighting systems, graphical environments AND their details eg shape of the land and interactivity, and enemy AI, all make the game something we've been waiting half a decade for.

    It is truly beautiful - with 3rd gen console quality cutscenes (and real voice actors now!) the story is vividly retold, threading together the historical battles of ROTK (half the reason for the games' popularity and KOEI's success!). With this formula reinvigorated, KOEI should now win over millions more to its series with the Chinese story, which have complemented each others fame in recent years.

    The combo "Renbu" system is a nice change, allowing more powerful attacks as you show your skill rather than button mashing ability, and the game allows enough foes on screen for it to become worthwhile.

    Having a new skill system, although copied from other games, is one of the wisest ideas KOEI has had. The warhorse and weapon development are some of the ways that makes the games' time consumption feel more worthwhile, but the only critisiscm is still just that - time consumption. It's a long game (but based on a very long story! - ROTK is 3x as long as Lord of the Rings!) and with dozens of characters to play through and level up, its one that can accomodate the casual player but even better the DW/ROTK addict.

    So overall, an incredible game - the kind we've been waiting for.

    I'd give it 9/10 - the best since DW3.

    The chinese online version is still the kind we are waiting for however - where the mechanics and joy of Dynasty Warriors can be applied against HUMAN opponents - but until then this will suffice.

    In the meantime however, DW Three Kingdoms has also released their new book, based on the same story as Dynasty Warriors, and is a great compliment one of the best games of 2008....more info
  • Die-nasty. That's what this game should do.
    I've been playing the Dynasty Warriors series for years. The previous games were by and large flawed, but tended to have some redeeming value...and Dynasty Warriors 5 even approached a level as close to perfection as the limited conceits of the game would reach.

    Lo and behold, Dynasty Warriors 6 comes out, and *everything* is now broken. This game is so bad that I'm breaking my two-year pause in writing reviews. It's just impossible not to vent.

    - The acting has marginally improved from previous Dynasty Warriors games. That's about the only improvement.

    - It seems Koei has swapped in the game mechanics and proportions from the Samurai Warriors series. So now your character is smaller onscreen. The physical motion of the characters no longer feels unique; every warrior moves the same, the weapons feel the same, except a couple of useless novelty characters (eg. the new Dian Wei) who move like they're tied down with lead weights. You'll feel like you're playing with a controller that's been soaked in beef fat. And they've filled the entire screen with running peons and your allies so that now when you enter a major skirmish, the whole screen flies with character names and hyperactive figures so that you can't even tell where your actual opponents are; they just drown in an ocean of writhing masses. The overhead maps are now so tiny that you can't even use them to locate the enemies around you; the red icons (enemies) look exactly the same as the blue icons (allies).
    - They've reverted to the horrible system of: Utterly uselss allies, commanders made of butter who love to rush that spot where three super-powered enemy warriors are standing, and giant maps with objectives that require you riding from one end to the other about eight times per mission. This shouldn't be categorized as a fighting game; this is a "running game".
    - Allies are utterly worthless unless you're just about to score a killing blow on a super-charged enemy general...in which case your allies will rush right in to steal your kill with one last hit...and boom, you fail your mission target! Thank you very much! You no longer get a bodyguard, and even your horse seems hell-bent on messing you up by trotting away just as you're about to mount. Oh, and there will be many times when you're running around after a battle, unable to find your horse because it becomes invisible when it's behind you! Fancy playing hide-and-seek?
    - Your character is anemic. The "Renbu" system they implemented on this game is about the worst idea they've ever had. Why? In previous games, you get more attacks in your combos by getting better weapons. Once you get the maximum, your character is powered up and you're all set. Here, the "Renbu" system means that your character starts out every level with only three attacks in the chain. The "Renbu meter" shoots down if you're not fighting...and let's remember that this game specializes in making you run from one end to another with nothing in between, so by the time you get to that big battle, your character is back down to a miserable three attacks. It's the equivalent of starting every mission as an untrained, newbie character.
    - Enemies are overpowered. This has been the case for most Dynasty Warriors games, but in this case, they've now made enemy blocking impossible to break by getting behind the enemy. What's the result? Enemy generals will just block and waste your time until either their allies get behind you to gut you, or they'll just wait until your other allies elsewhere fall like flies, or your commander runs headlong into oblivion. Anybody remember when Double Dragon added the block feature? The ability to block indefinitely just doesn't work in a one-against-many fighting game. You do have special moves that can get past a block, but they're useless because they do almost no damage, and most of your characters are too slow to combo after performing it, so the enemy will just resume blocking after you break their guard. They can afford to, because it takes something like 300 mashes of the buttons to kill one minor general, and after every mission, even one of the easier ones, my hands are paralyzed. You're supposed to be able to kill those super enemies by powering up with Special Attacks or Musou attacks, but many missions will pit you against a super enemy right at the beginning (eg. "The Battle of Chang Ban", a mission that made me want to smash my console), before you've had a chance to pick up power-up items or even build a Renbu or Musou meter. And in those battles, if you get hit by one enemy combo, you die...not to mention that this game will stack three, four, even six minor generals in the same place so that you're one pygmy fighting against seven giants.
    - It's possible to train up your character, but now it takes so long that by the time I'm ready to play that character's story, I'm bored with the character. And they've now left about 90 per cent of the characters locked -- you can't play them, period, unless you play one of only about half a dozen characters to unlock them. Which means you can't pick the characters you want until you've finished with some of the really weak, really annoying characters first. Boo.
    - The geography is abysmal. I can't tell you how many times I'm pounding on one super-powered general, and after about two straight minutes of hitting the guy with hundreds of attacks, I juggle him off a ledge and he falls into a river, and I have no way of pursuing because if I did, it would take five minutes to travel back to where I need to be and I'd fail the mission. So all that hard fighting work is killed by bad game design. The addition of countless annoying mountains and valleys means that the designers now make you weave left and right just to get across a quarter of the map, and if you happened to take the wrong route...sorry, your commander's dead. As I've said, this is a "running game" -- like a Mario game without any of the fun of a true "platform" game.
    - They've also taken out many of the visual options that would have alleviated the problems. For example, many parts of the maps are so dark you can barely see a tree in front of you, but there's no option to brighten the display. And the badly acted, repetitive "movie scenes" can no longer be turned off, so if you're fighting a battle for the 50th time, you have to mash the buttons to skip it -- and even then, your character will grind to a halt, putting you at a disadvantage. They used to offer an option to turn off those movies; I have no idea what possessed them to take that out.

    All I can think is that Koei has finally lost the plot and passed the point of no return in its perverse thinking that frustration equals fun. Like Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, this game is frustrating for the sake of being frustrating. I suppose if all you want is a higher blood pressure, a lot of rage, and the feeling that you're at the mercy of game designers making you jump through hoops, then by all means indulge in this game. Everybody else, just go play Rock Band, or NBA '08, or any other game that is actually, well, fun -- an enjoyable activity rather than what Dynasty Warriors 6 is -- a tooth-pulling source of stress....more info
  • Where is Meng Hou, Da Qiao etc.
    I have been Playing Dynasty Warrior for years and while I don't think this game is horrible, I don't understand Koei's decision to cut some of the Characters. That was a REATARDED move. You can't just take people out of the story that were there for years. What if the cut characters were someones favorite. (Da Qiao was one of mine) Also, some of my Favorite Characters don't have a Musou mode like Cao Pi. This is not Fair to fans that they cut out some of our characters. I think that the game is good, but I can't believe Koei had the nerve to cut out our characters. This is making me soo angry I am seriously thinking about boycotting the Dynasty Warriors franchise. They need to FIX IT!!!!!...more info
  • Its pretty but...
    I bought this game because I loved Warriors Orochi for the PSP. But the map is hard to read, and its a bit confusing. I think I will stick to Warriors Orochi. I think if they mad the map bigger it'd be more fun, but other than that, it was a fun game....more info
  • Solid Title, and it's about time
    DW6 is unique for many reasons. It's the first really major 3rd party title to hit the PS3, in this reviewers opinion. The DW series has been a huge selling point for Sony for quite some time, and its nice to see its first foray into the "next generation." Most of the games for the PS3 are still rather mediocre, so its nice to see one breathe a little life into the system (which I just managed to purchase today as well).

    It's also unique due to its revamped and overhauled gameplay. And let's face it - the DW engine, while fun, was incredibly tired, having existed since around 1999, with few to no upgrades. Here, however, we finally see some differing gameplay.

    No, it's not completely different, and that's good - DW has been fun. But now, the ability to defend and attack nearly simultaneously has been added to the system. Moreover, the combo meter really racks up - you can pretty much swing your weapon infinitely often, with few to no breaks in attacks. Koei has finally made good on the promise of Siege weapons from DW4, and it is a blast to build rams or destroy ballistae. Also, the character now has the ability to swim in water, or climb castle walls in pursuit of more kills and glory.

    Not everything is peachy, however. The graphics are pretty lousy. Yeah, they're an improvement over those found in, say, "Warriors:Orochi", but you won't be wowed at all. The sound in the game is fuzzy - you don't hear that satisfying smack when you hammer someone with a sword or spear as in old games. Some of the characters from DW5 have been removed, for no good reason. I have heard that even Jiang Wei fails to make an appearance - an interesting move, since Jiang was essentially the commander-in-chief of the Shu forces in the latter part of RTK. Items have been replaced by a "skill tree," which has good points and bad, but I find it generally weaker than in previous offerings.

    But anyway, I've yammered enough, so let me end with this. If you like DW, you're going to love this. It is significantly better and more exciting. If you've never played the games (all eight of you), I would suggest this as a nice starting point....more info
  • Old and New
    As someone who has every Dynasty Warrior game(Empires and Xtreme Legends included) as well as the Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and even the two PSP games. I think I can comment with some authority on this game. I like the visuals first of all. This is a big step up. The frame rate seems excellent as well. I encountered no slow downs in play. The addition of climbing ladders and swimming is nice. In turn the makers took out a few elements that I liked with leveling up weapons and bodyguards. The gameplay itself is basically the same thing you have been playing for years. If you are a fan of the mass battleground slaughtering enemies kind of game, then this is still going to be right up you alley. For me the story is getting a bit stale. I have seen the same time frames and characters a little too much now and I wish they would try something new. Still it is fun and I can easily recommend it to any Dynasty Warriors fan. ...more info
  • Great game but something is missing
    I've played DW2-6 and really love the series. For a hack and slash you really can't get any better than you versus an entire army of enemies. Since that's out of the way on to the new installment.

    Koei has completely overhauled this game. Many characters now sport a new appearance and or new weapon. In most cases it is an improvement in my opinion. Sima Yi now has claws rather being a sinister looking version of Zhuge Liang. Sun Ce unfortunately loses tonfas and we have yet another spear wielding character. In other words, if you have played DW5 your favorite charcter may be changed dramatically. They have introduced a new fighting system called Renbu. You have to chain attacks to get the gauge higher once you reach infinite renbu which is level 4 you get a ton of new attacks and combos available. Personally I love this new system but others may not like it. Koei has incorporated a leveling system similar to Samurai Warriors 2(for those who don't know it is a game that uses the DW engine but it is set in the warring states period of Japan. It is pretty much the Dynasty Warrior version of Nobunaga's Ambition) As charcter get stronger you can choose skills and powerups. All charcters have a unique tree. It also features a different weapon system over DW5 you have 3 sets of weapons standard, skill and stregnth to accomodate your play style. Bodyguards are a thing of the past, now you can have a horse which can be leveled up and gain unique abilities. I love that change. Nothing irritated me more when a bodyguard stole a kill.

    Battles now have bonus objectives which grant you more experience and they have included a better siege system. The best thing they added in the battles is a completely new base system. You can break down doors kill a certain amount of guards(corporals are worth more and killing the base captain automatically puts the base under your control). The bases than become allied and provide health items on a respawn timer.No more scouring the level looking for something to break so you can get some life back. This game is far more difficult than the previous games. Generic officers and soldiers prove to be a bit smarter and playable officers are a bit harder. There has been complaints that AI commanders are made of butter but I only encountered this in the Chang Ban level where Liu Bei runs ahead of your force leading the way for peasants other than that I never really had a problem of commanders dying.

    They added topography(terrain height) as well swimming and climbing ladders. While the latter isn't any issue the topography was poorly executed. It gets rather difficult to navigate around on the levels. You often find yourself pushing start to get your bearings.

    The graphics in this game are unbelievable. I felt the earlier games the charcter designs are a bit cartoonish. Now not all characters appear to be realistic but I did like the upgrade.

    The critical complaint on this game other than some complaints on a few redesigned characters is that they musou(story) mode(which is the mode I liked to play the most) is severly limited. They are a total of 41 characters in DW6 but only 17 of them have a musou mode. Even worst is that some characters who play a small role either historically, in the novel(the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel) or didn't exist/actually fight have story modes. While characters who did have some major roles or simply cut out of the musou mode. Sun Shiang Xiang has a musou mode and so does Sun Jian( I do like both characters but Lady Sun didn't shape Wu and Sun Jian dies before the formation of Wu) while BOTH Sun Ce and Sun Quan were left out. Arguably Ce and Quan were pivotal in the formation of Wu. And yes I am a big Wu fan. DW5 featured 48 characters who all had a musou mode granted they were short. But it still was there. So if your like me and played the game mainly on musou mode prepare for some disappointment. ...more info
  • Must-have for DW fans...
    If you enjoyed the previous Dynasty Warriors games, then you'll definitely love the new version. There are more than one goal to each campaign, not just one like previous versions. There are three "targets" to achieve in each scene and by accomplishing each target, you'll receive additional bonus points and ultimately unlocking new playable characters. You'll gain "skill" points after each campaign which you decide how you want allocated. You can opt for more attack, defense, musou, etc. - you decide. The combo-attacks only require mashing one button instead of two, but you still can use a heavy versus light attack with two buttons.
    Overall, it's a fun game. Trying to achieve all the targets and the main goal can sometimes be difficult, but definitely possible. That alone will keep you playing for hours upon hours. If you're a DW fan, you do not want to miss this one....more info
  • Great Game . . . Loves it
    I really like this game a lot, I am ALWAYS ON IT trying to Lv. Someone up HOWEVER I think it's cool that they pushed the graphics and the twists and turns but that annoys me. It puts a challenge to the game, but sometimes I miss just running across a large field with a TON of people around me. I gave it 4 stars only because of that ...over love it though ... GO LU BU!...more info
  • Awsome Game
    If ur a fan of the Dynasty Wariors series i definately recomend this game to you it is verry awsome the graphics are amazing and the story line is kool

    The only thing i didnt like is some of the maps are remakes which kinda sucks but o well the game is still awsome...more info
  • Buy with DISCRETION!!!
    First off, to newcomers: Dynasty Warriors is EXTREMELY popular in Japan. The backstory and missions that Dynasty Warriors 6(and the other DWs) is loosely based from the Warring States period in younger China. It is strictly hack and slash perfect for droning afternoon and weekends away. Graphic-wise is a very solid non-linear feel, music is a techno-industro-metal-rock mix that drives you kill every weakling(peon) you can. This game makes you basically a god compared to the majority of enemies. If you don't like these types of game, DO NOT BUY IT! It's purely one of those "love it/hate it" games.

    Dynasty Warriors 6, is the only Dynasty Warriors that I allow in my library of games. It LOOKS the best obviously, plays and flows the best, has the best character designs, and makes me want to finish the entire game. It is very simple and repetitive, which can make it boring if you play too much. This is a great in-between launch game that has plenty of extras, like different characters, and levels to unlock without beating it and more if feel you like it. You WILL get a power-complex IN this game.

    Before you play, read the game manual for the basic controls. This game does not offer a tutorial before fights or do suggestions. You get a mapped briefing and proceed to play in real time - you receive orders and calls to perform feats of heroic valor against hordes puny-underpowered peons. The very first level however contains the undisputed most powerful Warrior in the game series. He will destroy(game over) if you engage him. Pay attention to what your allies tell you. If you don't, they die, then you die because you have no back-up.

    I recommend playing this game on normal for a more fair challenge. The peons are understandably underpowered but the officers taunt at you before a fight. Give em' a chance. If you reeeally want have a hard time, put it on Chaos difficulty. That setting is for masochists who want to see how far they can go. The harder you play, the better the game rewards your endeavor.

    This game is good for a co-op but not for the mainstream first person shooter types. Its story does not condense itself for the 2-player but the sheer number of enemies that are on screen causes the occasional peon to do a "teleporting" trick. This game is great for those that like DW overall or for newcomers with the taste of the genre, but not for those who are familiar yet still don't like it. Others like this, Ninety-Nine Nights, Warriors Orochi 2, Samurai Warriors 2,Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Dynasty Warriors 5...more info


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