Oreck Iron - Cordless Speed Iron

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Oreck Iron: Cordless Speed Iron cuts ironing time in half! Cordless ironing is faster, easier, and more convenient with Oreck's new professional Speed Iron. It's full size and features a non-stick, polished stainless steel sole plate for even steam distribution. 2 Year Warranty.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't Work
    A great idea, but the iron never gets not enough to do cotton/linen. It also cools down very quickly so you have to constantly put it back on the base to recharge it and get it hot enough to do even the lightest bit of ironing. If all you need to do is lightly press silk or perma press it might work but otherwise it's total waste of money....more info
  • SAVE YOUR $$$$$
    I have had this iron for about a year. I received it as a gift. I had wanted one for sometime as I am sewer and when using a regular iron the cord was always tangling with the large pieces of fabric I work with . Not having a cord to deal with made ironing much easier , and if I wanted could still use with the cord.
    It does not have a vey good steam system, does not heat up very fast and just does not do a very good job of ironing. After about 7 months I went back to my wonderful T-Fal steam iron.
    Also the Oreck customer service is not very good. The button you depress to get a burst of steam stopped working, they basically told me Too bad, for me they can't do anything about it, no referral to a repair facility nothing . I was told that because I did not have the receipt they could not help me ( I explained it was a gift and therefore did not have a receipt) . I consider this to be very poor customer service.
    For $129.00 I expect more, my T-Fal iron was much less and does a much much better job. Apparently after Oreck has your $$$ they forget about you. I was not looking for them to do anything for free. I just wanted have the steam feature working.They just did not want to be bothered.
    ...more info