Oreck Vacuum Cleaner XL21 Titanium Series (Black)

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Oreck Vacuum Cleaner: The XL21 Titanium Series model is the ultimate lightweight vacuum cleaner. New IntellaShield technology fights bacteria and eliminate odors 24/7, even when the vacuum is turned off. It comes with an unprecedented 21-year Guarantee and 21 years of tune-ups! Its double-helix, high-speed, pile-lifting roller brushes help the XL21 deliver unsurpassed power and maneuverability. Try it risk-free for 30 days. In addition, receive an Ultimate Compact Canister Vac and the Oreck Cordless Speed Iron.

Customer Reviews:
  • Pleased Customer
    March 8th, 2008

    I'm pleased with my new vacuum cleaner Oreck XL21 Hepa that I own now for a month...Despite the old fashion look of this machine...I was surprised at how well oiled machine it is!! It works good on carpet and pergo floors! I've been looking for a new vacuum for a while now and what made me buy this one is the Hepa filter and the ability to test it for 30 days. What store allows you to do that?...So, I tried it and played with it and put it to the test and it worked...It did exactly what I wanted it to do...pick up dirt, leaves from my live plant that drop on the carpet, sand from flat surface. I went to the mall and discount stores and I noticed that most of the vacuums were bagless!! Gross!! Why? It's like not putting a plastic bag in your trash can!!...And than shake the dirt into it from your vacuum!!! Yuck! I need Hepa!...Something that will keep all the dirt out of my sight!
    -So, good luck to you shoppers,

    Eva, North Olmsted, OH

    P.S. And one more thing...I get 21 year warranty! That means I need to bring it into the Oreck store (3 minutes away from my house)once a year to get it serviced and tuned up for free!
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