Oreck Floor Sweeper: The Restaurateur 9.5"

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Oreck Floor Sweeper: The Restaurateur 9.5" is the non-electric floor cleaner the professionals use. It picks up anything that falls - sugar, lettuce, peas, french fries, thread, paper clips, even broken glass! It ain't your Grandma's carpet sweeper. Try it risk-free for 30 days.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Almost Perfect
    The Oreck Restaurateur sweeper is almost perfect. It works great and I have had it for a little longer then 1 year, I think. It uses rubber rollers, instead of roller brushes, which picks up dirt much better, and unlike other sweepers who's pole sometimes falls apart on you because they rely on pressure to hold the different parts of the rod together ,instead of screwing them together, like the Oreck does. My only beef is, the pole is beginning to bend a little bit, I do push down hard on it to pick up cat hair, etc. It says its under warranty for 10 years, but I'll never find my receipt, I call Oreck and find out what happens and let you know. ...more info