Eureka Smart Vac 4870 1 Year Supply Kit

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Product Description

This package has been conveniently packaged this 1 Years worth of supplies for the Eureka Smart Vac model 4870 to save you time and money. Included is all supplies you'll need during the year. The new HF2 HEPA filter is now packaged with Arm & Hammer odor fighting material, great for homes with pets! This kit always ships for free from GoVacuum. Will fit all Eureka Smart Vacs 4800 and 4880 series.

  • 18 Eureka Style RR Premium Vacuum Bags (6 packages of 3 bags) Part# 61115A
  • 2 Eureka Smart Vac Motor Filters (replaced every six months) Part #70082
  • 1 Eureka HF2 HEPA filter Now with Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminator (replaced once a year) Part #61111B
  • 1 Eureka Style R Extended Life Belt Part (replaced once a year) #61110A
  • All Genuine Eureka parts
Customer Reviews:
  • Great deal - very happy
    I needed new filters for my vacuum, and decided I needed some bags too - I was going to buy everything separately and then I found this kit. It would have come out to just about the same price as the other items I was going to buy, and this kit comes with more stuff - I didn't need a belt but now I have an extra one, and I have tons of bags too. I was going to buy a washable HEPA filter so I didn't have to keep replacing them, and this one isn't washable but I couldn't pass up this deal. Just the bags alone would have cost me what the whole kit costs. I hope they still have this available when I need to stock up again. ...more info
  • Incredible bargain--no comparison
    Tired of high-priced bags for your vacuums and unexpected needs to buy filters and belts? If you vacuum, you will need all of these things. This package is the best going--not only are you assured of name-brand compatibility, you will save at least 50% to 70% over store prices. For a small price, you can make sure that your vacuum lasts far beyond what you expected by avoiding over-filled bags and replacing parts when you should. The price of the HEPA filters and a few bags would easily exceed the price offered for all of the contents. I shopped locally and found that this price is amazingly low, not to mention the convenience of having it delivered to your door at NO COST. This is a rare deal . . . a company that packages bulk items and can sell them at far les than the retail price. I wish I found these fellows years ago. Alas, at least I now find vacuuming to be an inexpensive endeavor. You would be a fool to not take up this group on their offer. I was surprised at how quickly a package arrived that perfectly suited my machine. I was able to instantly change the HEPA and motor filters and stash away the belt and bags for use. Awesome deal!...more info
  • Good Deal!
    I have 2 dogs, so it's seems like I'm always seeing hair, dirt or something that requires me to get the vacuum out. After crunching the numbers, I decided this package deal was the one for me. The bags & hepa filter are Eureka brand name, which is a plus also [not some generic bag that the dust will get you sneezing]. I ordered it on a Saturday night & rec'd it on Wednesday -great turnaround! ...more info
  • A Good Deal
    It was nice to get everything you need for this vacuum in one package especially for a frequent vacuumer as myself. Everything was as described at a fraction of the price that you would pay individually at normal retail prices. The free shipping from this web site was an added bonus!...more info