Generic Eureka 4870 Smart Vac 1 Year Supply Kit

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Product Description

We have convienently put together this 1 year supply kit for all Eureka Smart Vacs series 4800's. The vacuum bags and HEPA filter are a generic brand. The Envirocare bags are the nicest generic bag available. They are capture 99.7% of all airborne allergens. The microlined Envirocare bags are 30% more effective then normal vacuum bags. The pre-motor filters, as well as the vacuum cleaner belt are genuine Eureka products. This service kit will keep your Eureka Smart Vac running clean, and extend the life of your vacuum if done on a yearly basis.

  • 18 Generic Eureka RR Microlined Vacuum Bags by Envirocare
  • 1 Generic Eureka HF2 HEPA filters by Dust Care (replaced every 6 months)
  • 1 Genuine Eureka Style R Extended Life belt Part# 61110A (replaced once a year)
  • 2 Genuine Eureka Motor Filters Part #70082 (replaced every 6 months)
  • Save Time and Money by purchasing bundled kit!
Customer Reviews:
  • Handy All in One Kit
    Everything you need for awhile for maintenance all in one at much better price - recommend this!...more info
  • most are cheap generics
    All parts were cheap replacements, not the real eureka parts (which I figured from the picture, but the seller notes some part numbers). The belt may be OEM, but that's it. The HEPA is a knockoff (although seems just fine) and the bags are of course bulk (which is fine with me). The #70082 part is a really cheap knockoff and I wouldn't expect it to filter much from the motor.

    Overall, not a very good value....more info