GoFit Kettlebells the Iron Core Way DVD Volume 1

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Product Description

If you are looking for a DVD workout program that incorporates strength training, muscle conditioning and aerobic exercise all in one workout, then GoFit Kettlebells the Iron Core Way is the perfect program for you. Sarah Lurie, the nation's leading kettlebell expert, will show you how to perform basic kettlebell movements for muscle toning, fat loss, strength and flexibility.

  • Perfect DVD for beginners & intermediate users to Kettlebell training
  • DVD features training by Sarah Lurie from Iron Core Kettlebell in San Diego, CA
  • 45-minute follow along workout
  • Sarah Lurie has been featured on E! News, in the NY Times and in numerous national magazines

Customer Reviews:

  • Just what I needed
    I was looking for a workout that would work specifically my legs and this is it!! I was very excited to start this program after I had heard it was a great workout from friends. I needed something that would help build muscle in my legs as I am trying to recover from ACL reconstruction surgery. Alot of the exercises I do in this workout resemble the ones I do in physical therapy and it really does workout the thighs, and every other muscle in the upper leg. Its a great workout and I cant wait to start the second DVD, and the third!!!...more info
  • Don't be fooled by Sarah Lurie's cute smile. This is an amazing workout
    Don't be fooled by Sarah Lurie's cute smile. This is an amazing workout.

    I just got a kettlebell and was looking for a instructional/workout video to help me get started. After watching alot of web videos with poor production values and reading the amazon reviews of other kettlebell videos, I purchased Volume 1 & 2 of the Kettlebells, the Iron Core way.

    The videos are professional and well edited into foundation exercises and circuit. The exercises are demonstrated with attention to proper form. The circuit is straight forward with rests between exercises and it is a great workout.

    I highly recommend....more info
  • Love this work out DVD
    I just love this DVD. I used to hate working out, now it's fun. It's easy to follow along, there are 30 second breaks between each rep (time for a quick sip of water, chance to catch your breath, or a super fast run to the potty) and it's consistent (she works the body the same number of times on the right as on the left, and counts properly - 8 is 8, 9 is 9, so on). Other tapes have been boring and inconsistent. I have Pavel's DVD and HATE it for that very reason. Pavel is condisending and inconsistent, plus they require additional equipment (two kettlebells, a stool, etc).

    This DVD allows the beginner and intermediate to get a good workout, plus teaches the basic moves necessary to then go on and create your own workout. As you move up the kettlebell weights, you find that this work out keeps you progressing, but even with a low weight, you immediately feel better, and see results in short order. I have ordered this DVD for my mother and my daughter. They both love it too. ...more info
  • Perfect workout!
    Sarah leads so well, the exercises are great, and kettle bells are a great tool! Her instructions are precise and you always know exactly what to do. i highly recommend all of her workouts!...more info
  • a novice workout
    This is a follow along -type cardio workout using one kettlebell. The workout consists of three circuits, and the circuits are comprised of rounds of exercise done with 30 seconds of rest between circuits. Every circuit in the workout is different, although they contain the same exercises. The exercises came in different order in each circuit, and they are combined differently in rounds in every circuit. This adds variety to the workout, but on the other hand, it makes the workout somewhat confusing as it takes some time to learn the order of exercise in each circuit.

    Between the rounds, there is a rest period of 30 seconds, and during this time there is a time counter to show how much you can rest before the next round starts. During the rest periods there are brief instructions on how to perform the exercises used in the next round. This instruction is very brief, however, and acts merely as a reminder of key points.

    The film has an instructional section, where some key exercises are instructed. The instruction is reasonably detailed, so that a total beginner could probably learn the exercises by following these instructions. However, a large number of exercises used in the workout are not instructed in this section at all; they are gone through in hurried manner during the workout. This in turn makes the rest periods longer than the intended 30 seconds. I find it somewhat strange that they have opted to make a separate instructions section and have not included all exercises in it, but still use time to instruct the exercises during the workout.

    This workout is not very good, in my opinion. It is challenging enough for a novice trainer, but it's not suitable for total beginners as not all exercises are instructed properly, and they use some exercises that are technically too demanding for a beginner. On the other hand, the workout is too slow paced for intermediate trainers.
    ...more info
  • DVD great for the beginner
    I just bought the 10 lb kettlebell and the DVD. The video is very easy to follow, and just gets down to it without a lot of fluff talk. I personally like that aspect when you are going to be using a DVD over and over again. I think the video is done in a very straight logical way. I am 57 year old woman and out of shape at the moment, but I think that this is doable. One can really get your lungs going and the heart rate up fast with this. There is a total of 3 complete circuts. I am going to have to build up to complete those. IF you are an out of shape lady, I would recommend the ten pound weight to start out with. IT is the beginning of a new year, and I have a new vision for health. I think this is help.
    ...more info
  • ok - boring
    I thought this was a bit boring. Maybe for the beginner it would be good, but for more advanced it is not very challenging, nor inspiring....more info


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