Infantino Front 2 Back Rider Baby Carrier in Black and Grey

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Product Description

The Infantino Front2Back Rider extended wear carrier has been designed with the unique comfort combo! This carrier features a signature combination of memory foam straps and BreatheMesh ventilated fabric. These 2 features combined help to keep mom and baby comfortable, longer so they can enjoy all the freedoms and conveniences a carrier was designed for.


  • 3-in-1 face-in, face-out and backpack carrier
  • Wide memory foam straps
  • BreatheMesh ventilated fabric
  • Handy pocket for keys, wallet and more
  • Tidy wraps help contain excess straps
  • Bib folds and snaps down
  • Cushioned lumbar support helps prevent back strain
  • Unique, easy buckling system makes it easier to take on and off
  • Weight Limit: 8-32 lbs.
  • Extended comfort combo with memory foam straps and breathemesh panels
  • Easy buckling system exclusive to the front 2 back rider
  • Adjustable lumbar support helps prevent back strain
  • Memory foam straps
  • Bib folds and snaps down for baby facing forward

Customer Reviews:

  • great product - i've now bought 3 of them.
    After much review, i settled on this product. After trying it out - both my wife and I - I bought one for myself as well. Why buy two? Because it saves time in making all the adjustments between my 5' 4" wife and my 6' 6" self. And it's only 30 some bucks. We then bought another one for my sister in-law as a baby shower gift....more info
  • I love the way she enjoys the world around her!!!
    This is an excellent buy for anyone whose baby doesnot like the ride in the stroller. Very easy to wear and unbeleivably easy to take the baby in and out. The 5-star rating says it all!!!...more info
  • Good for the price.
    Better than a stroller in many cases and a great price for this product. I would recommend this product to anyone that can use an extra hand....more info
  • Great Carrier - why pay more??
    This carrier works great. Once you get it figured out the first time, it is really easy to put on and put your child in - even with no help from anyone else. The straps are comfortable and it is soft and comfy for the baby. You can face your child in or out and put them on your front or back. This carrier fits well on either me (and I am pretty petite) or my husband - it can be adjusted to fit any size.

    I honestly don't see why you need to spend more money on the big name brand carriers like the BabyBj?rn Baby Carrier Synergy - Black- this one is fabulous. I've got no complaints....more info
  • Great carrier, especially for a bigger Mommy
    I really like this carrier - I had tried 2 others with my other babies without doing any research. Someone wrote that they were not skinny and this one still fit so I tried it. It's great, it fits and is comfortable, just a little awkward to get him out of without help - I'll admit I haven't tried the step by step directions that came with it because I like to just figure things out and luckily someone has always been around to help me so far. Anyway - I do recommend it highly!...more info
  • Not able to put on alone easily
    The product can be put on, but you have to pull it over your head so that the back strap can be snapped if you are wearing the baby on the front. Also, the lumbar "support" doesn't even have an effect on how the baby is held, so it doesn't really support anything. I borrowed a Baby B'Jorn from a friend, and decided that despite the cost, I was going to return this and spend the extra money for something I could use on my own. ...more info
  • There's better out there
    As baby carriers go, this one is adequate. It's not very comfortable or easy to put on, and it doesn't hold the baby in the healthiest position, but it does hold the baby. I found it difficult to wear my son on my back in this carrier, and the straps weren't comfortable that way either. The velcro on the sides also tended to wake him up if he'd fallen asleep in the carrier, and we tried to open it.

    After trying this, a recent Snugli, a Maya Wrap, and a Kelty frame pack, I bought a handmade mei tai carrier, and loved it. It's more comfortable, more versatile, and holds the baby in a sitting position, rather than dangling by the crotch. That style of carrier would be a much better choice than this one, and should be around the same price....more info
  • Awesome, highly recommend.
    Awesome. Highly recommend, particularly for second time mothers who need to carry their baby, and have free hands for their toddler all at the same time. This one has lumbar support--a necessity!!!...more info
  • Pretty good.
    A good price and a decent product. I feel like my baby's legs are maybe a little uncomfortable and doesn't allow good circulation. However, it does work well for taller broader men/women to use. And the baby didn't seem to mind the leg issue as much as I did. ...more info
  • good stuff
    This is a good carrier except it is a little difficult to set baby up. And I haven't received the rebate yet.:( ...more info