Innova EVO Cat and Kitten Dry Cat Food
Innova EVO Cat and Kitten Dry Cat Food

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EVO Cat & Kitten food was created to supply the key nutritional benefits of a raw food diet in a safe and convenient manner. EVO can be fed exclusively as a total diet for your pet or in combination with a raw diet to provide a solid nutritional base of the important vitamins and minerals your feline might otherwise be missing.

  • 6.6-lb bag

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Cat Food
    I ordered the Ennova Evo Cat Food at the recommendation of our vetrinarian. We have 2 cats, both grand old ladies, and one had developed diabetes in the last 6 months. She was on insulin 2x/day.
    After starting both cats on the Innova Evo, our diabetic cat has been able to stop the insulin injections altogether. Nothing short of amazing as far as we are concerned. We'll never feed our animals anything else....more info
  • kitty workout in a bag!
    I switched to this food about 2 months ago because of the quality ingredients, but my cats have benifitted by by their new and healthy bodies! My fat cat has almost completely lost his giggly belly and my scrawny little boy has bulked up! I'm pretty sure it's the food, unless maybe they've started working out while I'm at work....more info
  • One of the best brands on the market
    My cat loves it. She is a beautiful Siberian with nice long coat and she loves Evo. I also give it to my 2 ferrets since the cat evo is cheaper than ferret Evo but practically the same thing :)...more info
  • Seems nutritious but switching to another premium food
    I bought this food for my first kitten after learning about how horrible the better-known brands of dry cat food are. I switched from initially feeding my seven month-old kitten Purina One. It was amazing how quickly the change in her diet was evinced in an increased shininess and softness in her coat and activity-level. She seems much happier. However, there are a few things that prevent me from giving five stars:

    1. It doesn't seem as palatable as the other food I was giving her, Purina One. Maybe that's just because of all the additives in Purina, but I've read this elsewhere as well. When I was transitioning, I noticed that she always ate up the Purina first.

    2. Digestive problems and recurrent diarrhea. I'm not sure, but I read that the extremely high protein content by weight of Innova Evo may cause digestive and/or kidney problems in some cats. (I think the percentage is close to 50% when most other dry cat foods are closer to 30%.) My cat seems to fall in this category. I'm not sure, but I'm going to switch to Wellness (also grain-free) or Natural Balance for a while to see if this helps her.

    So in conclusion, great food if your cat's digestive system can get used to it....more info
  • Best cat food!
    This is the only cat food I would give to my cats. You dont' need to feed them as much, because the food is high in protein (about as good as you'll get in a "dry" cat food product). Service/delivery was very good....more info
  • My old lady loves it!
    Winnie has been ill, at 14 years of age and having lived outdoors for 10, she was really causing me concern when she refused to eat. After she started to feel better I followed the Vets advice and tried this. She eats all of her food( she gets this dry and the Evo canned) and asks for more. I can really see that her skinny little body is doing much better. As close to a raw diet for the meat eater as you can get without the real prep of raw!...more info
  • Good Ingrediants but Connected to Allergy
    I am forever in search of the most healthy, no grain, cat food that can be served to my kitties. I tried the Innova Evo canned food first, and neither cat would eat it after it was refriderated. They both LOVE the dry version, gobble it up like it is candy but there is something in it that gives them an allergic itchy skin reaction. So, back to square one. Looking for a healthy alternative....more info
  • picky eater still loves it after 2 yrs
    My kitty wouldn't stay on the same cat food for more than a week, even w/ wet food like fancy feast. But he loves this food and show no sign of rejection after 2 years. My biggest problem is withholding the food from him so he won't get too fat - and yes my cat has gained so much weight on this now i have to substitue portion of the food w/ Ennova low fat cat food to keep his weight in check - still over weight and don't know how to slim him down.

    There's one observation when he was on Evo exclusively for awhile - he developed diarhea a few times. I don't know if it had something to do w/ the food, or he ate unclean stuff from outside or from neighbors. ...more info
  • My cat stopped barfing!
    Wow my cat just loves this food. I love that it doesn't have grains. I used to feed my cat Iams and then the other innova's and she just wasn't satisfied. I have to feed my cat three times a day, small amounts because she throws up when she gets too much. This food she is satisfied with and she has only thrown up 2x since I started her on this 3 months ago. This is worth the money if you love your cats!...more info
  • Healthier cats
    I recently obtained a young stray in shabby condition. Being my first cat, I asked the vet for a recommendation on cat food and her first pick was Innova EVO. There are three other cats in the house I live in and I put them all on Innova. The stray now looks like a brand new cat with shiny coat, LOTS of energy, and good muscle tone. He won't TOUCH other "junk food" brands now and even passes up wet food for his Innova. The other cats had no problems switching either. Their coats improved as well and they lost their dandruff problems. One of the three is 14 years old, very obese, and barfed daily; she lost the weight and no longer throws up.

    The vet warned that the food should be supplimented with an appropriate wet food if the cats do not drink enough water (the stray drinks plenty but the others do not) because the extra protein can further dehydrate a cat. Contrary to most recommendations that cats be put soley on wet food, I was told dry food helps keep their teeth in shape. So I guess at the very least, as far as dry food goes, this is the best I have heard of and the results show it for me. :)...more info
  • Grain Free Cat Food
    I have 3 cats and they all love this food! My cats ate this food the first time I served it, no adjustment time was needed. My cats range from "very finicky" to "willing eat anything".

    My male cat is such a particular eater that he will not eat raw or cooked meat and would only eat 2 types of dry food before the cat food recalls started. Still--- he loves the Innova EVO .

    During the cat food recalls the major producers were slow to take action or in some cases failed to take action at all. The major brands we all had trusted failed to appreciate customer loyalty and the value we place on our pets.

    After hours on the internet reviewing the websites of the brands we previously bought --- and other potential brands for purchase, I became very frustrated with the lack of information about where grain fillers originated from (China maybe ?) and the lack of response when I would email these "Major Brands" with questions.

    Innova has NO GRAIN and NO Chinese ingredients. Said another way -- NO MELAMINE.

    This is a very high quality food and will be the only brand of food we will purchase in the future.

    If the continued recalls have you concerned--- you might consider buying this product and never buying the major brands again --- even when they resolve their current problems.

    Innova EVO Cat & Kitten Food Dry (15.4-lb bag)

    ...more info
  • Seems TOO DRY!! :'(
    Ok I know how beneficial all the ingredients are in this dry food are. But my MAIN COMPLAINT is my cat (at least once a week) ends up pushing out STICKY POOP! He can't pinch the last bit off and it sticks to his butt and then he waltzes out into the living room and DRAGS HIS BUTT ON THE CARPET!!!!!!! Our healthy cat is a strictly indoor cat and he has all the access to water and is only fed this dry food by a Le Bistro automatic feeder. Don't tell me I have to supplement his dry food with wet food, that defeats the convenience of the automatic feeder.

    WHAT CAN I DO???? please email me, mikegunn98 at or leave a comment here....more info
  • Caused Food Allegies
    I bought this food because it seemed like an excellent choice of food for my cats. I gradually switched from Eukanuba to Innova Evo about three months ago because I wanted to provide better nutrition for my cats. Three of the cats adjusted well to the new food, but the fourth cat, Gutterball, started developing what seemed like ulcers or sores on her chin and on the top of her head. I immediately took her to the vet, and she was diagnosed with Acne caused by an allergic reaction to the new food. After a course of antibiotics, some acne medication,and switching their food back to Eukanuba, Gutterball is back to normal again. I still think that Innova Evo is a great cat food choice, but beware that some cats might get a bad reaction to it....more info
  • Best kibble ever!
    This is by far the best kibble for cats available. Cats are obligate carnivores, they do not need to eat corn or rice, a major ingredient in most "premium" and all supermarket brands. Canned food is always better, but two of our cats much rather like kibble, so we feed them Innova Evo.
    ...more info
  • I'd give this 10 stars if I could - and it deserves more!
    I adopted a cat from the Humane Society that spent about a year in a cage hiding from prospective owners. When I took her to the vet for her check up within a month of adopting her, I was told she needed her teeth cleaned. (that was probably why she was only eating a few bites at a time of the Purina I was given with her adoption kit.) Now she eats Innova cat food exclusively (now and then she gets a little bit of Merrick canned dog food as a treat when I feed the dog a little canned food as a treat). I have to say that her appetite is terrific, her coat feels and looks a lot better and her stools are firmer when I scoop the "potty" box. ...more info
  • Excellent for Special Needs
    My cat Mitzie is diabetic, and her vet suggested I include Innova Evo dry food in Mitzie's diet. It is wonderful! She eats it daily, along with her canned food, and is doing well. It is a high protein food. We tell the vet that Mitzie is now on a Cat-kins diet. Worth the extra cost....more info
  • Your kitties will thank you
    I have had my three cats on Innova dry food almost from day one, the only exception being our 12-year old tabby who started his life on premium brands such as Nutro, Iams, Science Diet, and Eukanuba. Even before the great pet food scare of 2007, I learned that those brands, sad to say, do have by-products and fillers, and thrive primarily on their marketing and distribution momentum, and the recommendations of vets who are unfamiliar with many of the newer all-natural brands. Since discovering Innova in 2002, I've been a vocal advocate of this brand among all our friends with pet families, as the company's focus on healthful nutrition without deleterious additives and preservatives is key to their philosophy. Last winter, I tried samples of Innova EVO on both the kitties and our miniature schnauzer (whom we have since switched to Timberwolf Organics, another superb brand, just because of lower fat content), and found them even more excited about mealtime when they saw me approaching their food bowls. With regular Innova, they've all had robust growth, excellent muscle tone, supple skin, clear eyes and shiny full coats. After a few months on EVO, they're even more energetic and look better than I thought possible. The product is sold at natural pet product stores - listed on Natura's website (not the big chains) - at a better price and without the shipping costs associated with Amazon's partner. How do you put a price on your family's wellbeing? This is well worth the investment, and your kitties will be satisfied with less, as they're consuming no empty calories. Besides the health benefits to them, there's the added benefit to you of easier litterbox maintenance, with smaller, more compact stools. (On that score, we've found The World's Best Cat Litter to be the best alternative to clay litter.)...more info
  • Great!
    My cats loved this dry food. For me, it's a toss up between this brand and Merrick's Before Grain. They are both extremely high in protein with no additives and added calories. My obese cat definitely doesn't need that in his life. When I fed this to them as a treat, they took to it right away. Even my finicky cat came up to me when it was time to give them some of this food. They both ran, meowing, and circled my legs until I was done pulling the contents out of the bag. I was amazed to see my finicky one react that way. He has only reacted that was with Merrick brand foods, both wet and dry, and Innova Evo. ...more info
  • Great Healthy Alternative to Supermarket Cat Junk Foods
    Having nine felines..this is a great alternative to the more junk filled brands such as IAMS and Science Diet.
    If you are interested in a meat/grain/veggie mix dry food instead of the commerical brands with high quantities of artificial/unhealthy fillers that are routinely added to the everyday brands ..try this as great healthy alternative....more info


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