Hoover Windtunnel Upright Self-Propelled 1 Year Supply Kit - 10 Bags + 3 Filters + 2 Belts

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Product Description

This Hoover WindTunnel Self-Propelled Upright Maintence Kit is designed for all Windtunnels that are self-propelled and use bags. This Kit comes with all the supplies you will need in 1 year. All parts are genuine Hoover parts.

  • Designed to fit All Hoover WindTunnel Uprights that are Self-Propelled and Bagged
  • 10 Hoover Y HEPA Filtration Vacuum bags #4010801Y
  • 2 Hoover Exhaust Filter #40110006 (should be replaced every 6 months)
  • 2 Hoover Motor Filter #38765019 (should be replaced every 6 months)
  • 4 Hoover Belts 2 Hoover belt #40201170 (38528035)and 2 Hoover belts #38528034 (both should be replaced every six months)
Customer Reviews:
  • waste of money
    Bought the Hoover Windtunnel. The belt came off every time I used it...so NO self propelled vacuum! Did very poor job picking up dog hair. I threw it away after 6 months. A waste of money....more info