Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes Variety Pack Of Strawberry, Tropical Twist, Sour Apple, And Mixed Berry, 0.7-Ounce Wrappers (Pack of 24)

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Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome for something sweet!
    These are a great snack. However, I purchased mine for $3 cheaper at Sam's Club....more info
  • WOW These are Yummy!
    I decided to try these based on all the glowing reviews. You folks were sure right! These are delicious! We got the variety pack and every flavor is good! ...more info
  • The kids LOVE them (and so does Mom!)
    In the spirit of helping my children learn that healthier eating DOES NOT necessarily mean no more treats, we got a couple of these on a Buy 1, Get 1 deal at a local store. We packed them for lunches on a few different days as a treat, and they have been requested ever since. They taste delicious, according to the kids.

    As for Mom, I like them because they are much more healthy than the standard high-fructose corn syrup laden "fruit" treats that are typically marketed for kids. We tried the Clif Z-bars first (rave reviews) and then moved on to these. It says a lot to me that these children's treats were among the first to comply with California's more strict school-lunch laws. I have no problem keeping these stocked in the pantry for an occasional treat, and the kids have no problem eating them!...more info
  • Great snack
    Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes Variety Pack Of Strawberry, Tropical Twist, Sour Apple, And Mixed Berry, 0.7-Ounce Wrappers (Pack of 24) This is a great product. Bought them for my grandkids, and ate them myself--best tasting 1 serving of fruit especially as a lunch or snack at work. Or about any other time. Nice and soft, could eat it with my braces....more info
  • great taste!
    Ordered these for my daughter and ended up sharing them with my autistic niece who is on a gluten free, dairy free, dye free diet. No dairy, no gluten and no food coloring in these only natural fruit, a tiny bit sour but great tasting for entire family!!!...more info
  • Really great tasting snack
    With a delicious strawberry flavor, these fruit twists have a great texture, easy to chew and they are organic! I liked them a lot better than the fruit strip type products, which tend to be sticky and a bit tough to bite or chew....more info
  • Awesome taste -- and no added sugar!
    I like that this entirely made from organic ingredients, each serving has an entire serving of fruit, and it has no added sugar. Even the coloring comes from fruit and vegetable juice. The best part? It tastes wonderful! It has a tart strawberry flavor, and the texture is great. It's not gritty at all, like some natural fruit snacks are. I got Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruits to keep around for my grandchildren. If they're lucky, I *might* still have some left when they get here! I've definitely got to buy some more. If I didn't already know these had no added sugar, I never would've guessed it from the taste.

    I've tried all the flavors. They're all good, and they all have good texture, but strawberry is my favorite, probably because it tastes purer to me (only one fruit flavor, instead of two or more fruits competing for my taste buds)....more info
  • Yuck!
    These were the sweetest tasting, icky, sticky fruit twisters. My son is addicted to candies and I thought these would remind him of fruit roll ups. Instead they are like thick twizzlers that are very sticky and sweet. In fact, even my son said they were too sweet and he won't even taste the other flavors!...more info
  • Reasons to buy this bar
    1-Wonderful taste. I like this tropical flavor, it has a little sour to it, but not too much. My 4 year old loves them.
    2-Only good ingredients: all organic .
    3-Gluten, dairy, peanut, soy, cashew free.
    4-Each bar equals one serving of fruit.
    5-Very convenient.
    6-Clif is a good reputable company with a good track record and that gives back and also sustains the environment....more info
  • Two reviews in one! ... from a mom & her son
    Fruit rope doesn't sound all that appealing. Twisted fruit sounds a little better. It really doesn't matter what these little twists of fruit are called because they are YUMMY! Upon opening the package, I found a dark dark red twisty fruit rope. It looks as if you took good fruit leather, and rolled them up and twisted them. They don't LOOK delicious which maybe makes that first bite taste even better. It has this sweet, tart, pure strawberry taste and a texture that reminds me a bit of al dente firmness of pasta but these are much thicker, of course.

    I like that there are less calories than a can of pop/soda or even orange juice, and has a full serving of fruit. It's low in sugar, too. Now, REAL strawberries are much better for you but on the go, or in a backpack, these are a pretty good choice.

    They have an awesome taste. I would recommend these to everyone. The texture of them kinda isn't that appealing to me but once I took a bite I was hooked. I think they could have been made a little bigger but could be a great snack for football games, soccer games, tennis meets, etc. That's all....more info
  • awesome!!!!
    these are sooo good!! i couln't stop eating them! I was looking for a snack that was healthy and organic and this snack is so good my fav is mixed berry! :)...more info
  • 1 out of 3 likes it
    We have three children, ages 6, 3.5, and 2 years old. Only our 3.5 year old likes these. We purchased the variety box. Unfortunately, it did not go over so well. They really like the organic bars so thought we would give these a try. We won't be buying these in the future....more info
  • Convenient on-the-go nutrition, sans sweetener.
    This is a perfectly sized, neatly packaged, fantastically fragrant hunk of hunger-appeasement. Kids will find the plastic wrapper easy to open, and not too hard to crimp shut should they want to save half for later, which they might: dried fruits are always more intense than fresh, and this snack packs a wallop of organic apple puree and organic fruit flavors, bound together with organic apple juice and pectin. That is some rarified fruity madness.
    I don't have kids, but if I did I'd sneak these into their backpacks every morning; instead, I keep these in the car and in my purse, for when I get so busy I forget to eat. It happens. I'm blonde. My husband snacks on them before *and* after meals; I can be convinced of their desert-worthiness with a hunk of high grade chocolate sharing their plate.
    These snacks are a good source of potassium (great for writer's cramp or lost-weekend-recovery), with almost no sodium and very little sugar. At 70 calories each, they're just the thing when you're too hungry to decide what you want to eat for dinner. Highly recommended....more info
  • Mmmmm, good!
    This is a great tasting snack that you will never mind giving to your kids. Made out of organically raised fruit, they have lots of the right things (vitamin B & vitamin C) and none of the wrong things (no added sugars, no artificial colors, no preservatives). So, if you are a parent, and want some really good snacks that you will feel good about giving your children, then get Clif Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes. I highly recommend them!...more info
  • Good Alternative to Candy
    I have been eating Clif Bars for years now, so when I saw that they were making fruit snacks I had to give them a try. Each stick is individual wrapped and has 70 calories all from Carbs, there is also a gram of Fiber, some Potassium and a few other vitamins and minerals for good measure, so compared to just 100% sugar candy, this is not too bad of a choice. The sugar is also from Organic Juices so you don't have to worry about pesticides or preservatives or anything like that.

    As far as the taste, they are a little tart, but not too bad. They are very chewy and sticky, one of my friends has braces and they had a very hard time eating this without most of it just sticking somewhere in the braces. So all-in-all, I would recommend these if you like chewy fruit flavored candy and want something better, but you should still use them sparely because eating just carbs only gives a very short energy burst and then without any healthy fats or proteins you crash soon after, so have a handful of nuts or something similar to help balance out the components some....more info
  • Awesome, heathy, low calorie boost for the active kid or adult.
    I don't have any kids--that I know of--and I'm not a health nut but I eat a lot of Clif Bars while cycling. It's the only real food that's truly portable and it comes in a great variety of flavors. And now they've come out with the same sort of thing for active kids, at a portable and properly sized 70 calories of fruity fueling deliciousness.

    The thing that Clif understands that most people don't is, snacks are like kindling for the fire that keeps your internal engine going strong. If you're sitting at your office desk drinking Gatorade and chomping down sports nutrition bars, you're really doing nothing more than producing fat and consuming too much salt (which is what electrolytes are), which increases your blood pressure, adds to stress, et cetera. On the other hand, if you're out even just walking around the town or city that you live in for more than an hour at a shot (shopping, sightseeing, whatever), and eat something while continuing to move, your body will immediately use that to give you an energy boost, and will burn more calories--given that the activity level continues and is high enough to burn more than you are consuming--by turning to your fat stores next. People know this instinctively, but tend to overconsume in those times of need. The sudden influx of calories, particularly sugars, is like spraying lighter fluid on a fire that's already burning--which of course will suddenly burn hotter--ergo, you will lose weight or at least your endurance will increase if you're already thin--but if you consume too many calories at those times your body's systems will be overwhelmed (getting you ready for a recovery nap).

    I tested these out while cycling, where I usually go an hour before consuming anything but water, then eat a Clif Bar, and go on for another hour for my average ride or several hours during an event such as a 100 mile "Century" ride. I found that because the twisted fruit rope is just sugary enough and has a good amount of carbs for fuels (with only 70 calories per serving), it gave me an immediate boost that lasted a good half hour. I only consumed a 70 calories--the calories in one Clif Kid Twisted Fruit, Strawberry--but during that 30 minutes I burned at least 250 calories (if it was a casual ride, which it wasn't).

    (During a recent 100 mile bike ride, I burned about 900 calories per hour on average, for 6 hours, which is 5,400 calories or 1.5 pounds of fat, or 2.7 large pizzas worth of calories or 42 Hostess Cupcakes--or 36 PINTS OF GUINNESS! I would need to eat 77 of these Clif Kid Twisted Fruit, Strawberry ropes to stay even at calories consumed vs. burned, and then add 2050 calories more to account for my resting metabolism.)

    But I'm not on the bike every day like I used to be, so like any office worker/weekend warrior, I have to do both--consume an enormous amount of calories while at play, and consume a minimum of calories during work days (Wall Street job, power sitting a good 10 hours a day). This seems the perfect snack for both because it has an extremely reasonable amount of calories--only 70--and yet it's a refreshingly sweet item that will give me a nice little boost maybe twice a day.

    For a kid, this effect will be far better since kids are more active. You could give a child two or three of these for the day and tell her/him to eat them whenever they like--which more than likely will be a bit before lunch, another in the afternoon, and another around when they're heading home. Perfect. Conversely, if you give your kids money for whatever snacks they like, inevitably they'll get all their calories at once, with lunch and likely from the highest calorie source (and the schools should be sued for selling candy in their cafeterias--so friggin irresponsible).

    BOTTOM LINE: This kid sized snack is great for even us big kids who sit around all day working. I don't have any children, but I'll be buying these for myself from now on. Perfect nutrition for both work and play....more info
  • Just Okay
    Each variety is really tart. I think we would like them better if they were sweeter. They are good but I'm not sure I would spend the money again....more info
  • My kids love them
    My kids are skeptical of some of the "healthy" snacks I buy but these are a huge hit....more info
  • Amazing
    These fruit snacks are organic, real fruit and taste better than most fruit snacks on the market. I highly recommend them. :)...more info
  • wow, my super picky eater loves these
    my son 5 years old, is the picture next to the word picky eater,
    he dosent eat veggis or fruit, so i always struggel to feed him healthy, so i found these, i was a little hesitant, but he loves them, he really enjoys them.
    witch is great, since i know there healthy.
    so after he loves them i ordered the z bar too, and yes, another strike.
    he loves the z bar chocolat brownie too.
    it gave me some piece of mind, knowing that he gets snacks and eats healthy.
    super product!!!
    ...more info
  • I love these!
    These are so good. Even my husband with eat them and he will not eat any fruit. I love that they can be tossed in a gym bag or purse and won't be smashed at the end of the day. Sure, a whole apple might be a little better for you, but these sure beat other snacks if you are looking for a little chewy, tart snack....more info
  • Real fruit, unreal flavors.
    I was expecting the strawberry flavored CLIF kid Organic Twisted Fruit to contain strawberries, but the ingredient list doesn't mention strawberries at all. It is made from organic apple puree and apple juice concetrate and "organic flavors" (whatever that means).
    The list of vitamins and minerals is rather extensive, and I don't doubt the "One Serving of Fruit" claim is valid. So it is a relatively healthy snack.
    How does it taste? Very tart with a flavor similar to old strawberry preserves.
    Will kids eat it? Yes. After trying one, my daughter took a few to school with her....more info
  • Kid snack
    My daughter loves these fruit twists . I was pleased to find them in bulk at a great savings , in the super market they cost nearly a dollar each!!!...more info
  • Favorite Snack
    These are the best snack ever! They are delicious and don't have the bad ingredients some other fruit snacks do. I usually buy these at Costco because it's cheaper there but there have been some great promotions on Amazon....more info
  • Great tasting snack.
    I really like the taste of these as well as the nutritional values. I know it says they are for kids but after trying them I think I might end up finishing them off myself J/K! I like to find snacks that are nutritious to give to the kids because I don't think starting a habit of eating a lot of junk food all the time is the right message to send. With these they taste good enough that its almost like giving them junk food without them knowing that its good for them....more info
  • there gone
    my four kids ages from 4-14 all like them, of course they have their favorite flavors. i am very serious about what i let them eat and you have to have the good stuff available...more info
  • there gone
    my four kids ages from 4-14 all like them, of course they have their favorite flavors. i am very serious about what i let them eat and you have to have the good stuff available...more info
  • it's organic
    I give it credit for being organic but the flavor is off. I got the strawberry and I don't think it tastes like strawberry at all, maybe it's just me but I found that I don't really care for the flavor. The ingredients say everything is organic but it is made from apples and not straberries. It says it has organic flavoring but does not state what the flavoring is from. I don't think I would buy this again only because I didn't like the taste....more info
  • Favorite Snack
    These are the best snack ever! They are delicious and don't have the bad ingredients some other fruit snacks do. I usually buy these at Costco because it's cheaper there but there have been some great promotions on Amazon....more info
  • Clif Kid Twisted Fruit, Sour Apple, .7-Ounce Wrappers (Pack of 18)
    The fruit twists in the first package received were stale as compared to twists we have bought in a health food store. This months' automatic shipment was better, but two of the individually wrapped sticks were torn and/or open, so we had to discard them.

    We plan to keep the auotmatic shipment for one more month and see if the condition of the product is better. The product itself is good, but if we find it fresher in the store we won't continue to buy it here....more info
  • awesome!!!!
    these are sooo good!! i couln't stop eating them! I was looking for a snack that was healthy and organic and this snack is so good my fav is mixed berry! :)...more info
  • Very good!
    My nieces and nephews loved these and kept asking for more. I enjoyed more than a few of these myself. They seem healthier than candy... I'll probably purchase more in the future....more info
  • Delicious!
    This is an amazing tasting product. It is real fruit, no artificial ingredients. It has a great texture. The size is prefect for a purse, pocket, brief case, or lunch box. It only has 70 calories, which is equivalent to two organic fruit strips. It is the perfect size for a snack in between meals or for a nice energy boost. The only caution is if you have dental work (braces, crowns, loose fillings, etc), you might want to stick with fruit strips. This is very chewy and may cause damage. I found that out the hard way. Otherwise, highly recommended!...more info
  • Tastes bad, smell weird.
    Well, I was sad when all of my kids thought these were nasty. They LOVE the Clif Z-Bars, so I thought these would be kid friendly also. Not so much.
    I have the big variety box, and we've tried all of the flavors...none of them was a hit.
    ...more info
  • Mikey Likes It!!!!
    I have yet to find a kid that does not LOVE these fruit twists!!! Even the pickiest of kids seems to love them. They are healthy, delicious and made with really awesome ingredients! Also, they are great for diabetic kids to keep in their backpacks for when their blood glucose levels get low. The only flavor I did not care for was the pineapple... but it was still leagues better than the any of the fruit roll-ups brand....more info
  • Vegan Organic Kosher Choice
    Vegan. Certified Organic. Kosher Parve. Sweet 'n tangy strawberry flavor. Wonderful fruity aroma. Fun. A single "rope" in an individually wrapped package. Perfect for on-the-go, a quick healthy snack, or your favorite anyone's lunchbag. 70 calories per snack. An organic healthy version of the red twizzlers I used to enjoy when I was a boy. Made with organic apple puree, organic apple juice concentrate, organic flavors, pectin, and fruit & vegetable juice colors. Clif is a trusted brand and leader in healthy organic energy bars and snacks. Another winner just for kids. Hide the box well from any 'big' kids and still young-at-heart adults. Highly recommended. [Received one box of 18 pieces at no cost through the Vine program.] This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you....more info
  • Fruity and easy to take along :-)
    These fruit snacks come in individual wrappers, so they are good for lunchboxes and travel. They are moist, sweet and fruity - probably high in carbohydrates, but also concentrated with micronutrients. It's a pleasant way to get a serving of fruit when you are not close to a fruit stand. ...more info
  • Not impressed
    The taste just isn't good enough to fit the price. Overpriced, not healthy enough for that "organic and good for you!" price and the taste didn't impress anyone in my family including a slew of teenagers. It will now sit in my closet. Sticky/chewy/tart/odd flavor is how I'd describe it. I bought it after reading the good reviews but it's just too strange a taste for us to ever repurchase or to justify that high price. ...more info
  • Love these fruit twists
    Organic, soft, and chewy. Perfect snack at a much better price than in stores....more info
  • Delicious and Nutritious
    I ordered the Sour Apple twists and they were delicious! Very dense and chewy. I expected them to be more artificial-tasting, almost like Sour Straws, but they were quite fruity. These are worth the extra cost....more info
  • Like a Tasty Organic Twizzler, way better than other so called "Fruit Snacks"
    The Clif Kids Twisted Fruit rope is a great product. It can replace those nasty "fruit flavored" roll ups and "fruit snacks" that are made primarily of corn syrup and artificial color and usually no fruit at all. The twisted fruit rope is made out of actual furit, and even provides one serving per rope. The ingredients are simple: apple puree, apple juice concentrate (makes it sweet), flavors, pectin, and fruit and vegetable colorings. None of the chemicals from those bright "fruit flavored" concoctions, and everything is organic!

    The taste is great, too. It's a bit tart, but with a nice berry flavor. The texture is chewy, and it looks, tastes, and feels like a big Twizzler. The ropes are packaged individually to throw in lunch boxes or backpacks, but I found myself reaching for at least 2 at a time.

    There are a couple of things I didn't like. The strips are a little sticky; it helps if you hold them by the wrapper instead of taking them out. The sugar is also still fairly high. There are 9 grams of sugar, a whopping 45% out of each 20 gram rope. It's not added refined sugar, but the sugar comes from apple juice concentrate, which is much sweeter than natural apple juice. Combine that with the sticky nature of the product and it's probably a good idea to have your kids rinse their teeth after eating one.

    Those drawbacks aside, these snacks remain far superior to candy or those gooey little "fruit snacks" as a tasty treat for kids (or adults!). Keep in mind actual fruit is always a better choice, but if you need something portable, these are a great option....more info
  • Taste So Good
    I like Strawberry the best!
    Tastes to good I eat one every day, can't help it, and sometimes even two.
    Can be an addictive habbit, good luck!...more info
  • Delicious and nutritious snack for kids or adults...
    These are packed with flavor and with vitamins. I recommend them as a healthy snack for kids or adults. Oh, and of course the organic aspect of them just rocks!...more info
    My daughter loves these and they're good for you too....Even I've become addicted to them....more info
  • Sour Apple... YUCK!!!!!!
    Sour apple tastes toxic. Yuck. No wonder my kids wont eat it. However, they love all the other flavors in the variety pack. ...more info
  • Great On The Go Snack
    I bought these Cliff Kids Twisted Fruit Ropes for my son. He did not care for them, but I (his Mother) love them. They should take the word "kid" off the label and leave them as just Clif Twisted Fruit Ropes! They are conveniently packaged so that I can put one or two in my purse for when I need a quick, nutritional snack while on the go! They are about the size of a pen and just slip right in my purse. I buy these for me now.....not my kid. These taste great!!!!...more info
  • Great for my kids
    This is a really great snack for kids. The fact that they are organic is a big plus and it takes no arm-twisting at all for the kids to eat them. Only complaint I have is that they are a bit expensive....more info
  • So Yummy!
    These are so yummy, you would swear they are candy. But they're not...they're wholesome organic fruit with no sugar or other bad stuff added. It's amazing...I've finally found a delicious snack that's 100% healthy, too!...more info
  • finding the items we can't live without
    Thank you Amazon. When my local Natual Foods COOP failed financially last year I was lost in this rural community without many of the foods that had become a part of our daily life. Twisted fruit is family favorite and Amazon is my favorite suppler. This is a healthy pocket food for my teenager and a stuffer for my elementry son's lunches. ...more info
  • Really tasty for a price I can eat
    These are really good. A little on the sour side but my kids and I love them. They are quite a bit in the grocery store so I was happy to find them on here. I like the variety pack too because we all like a different flavor. ...more info
  • Yummy and Healthy!
    These fruit ropes are innovative and delicious. Even though they are marketed as a child's product, they truly are great for kids of all ages! I enjoy them as much as my grandchildren. Especially if you are a licorice lover, these twists make an excellent, healthy substitute. Of course, nothing can compare with a child eating a real piece of fruit to get their daily requirements, but for finicky eaters, or when it's treat time, these fruit snacks cannot be beat. Both my grandchildren, and myself, highly recommend them! ...more info
  • Tart but tasty, my 20 month old loves them too
    I got these through the amazon Vine program. It was nice that they sent a whole pack this time since it allowed both me and my son to try them out.

    If you look at the ingredients there is no added sugar, the sweetener is apple juice. There are also some added vitamins in there which is an interesting idea for a fruit snack.

    When I tried them I thought there were very tart, almost sour, and definitely not overly sweet. I liked the tartness though, as I am not a big sweet person. They require a small effort to chew off a bite; not like jerky but tougher than a fruit roll-up. I was worried that my 20 month old son would have trouble eating them because of the chewiness.

    Well, my 20 month old would give them 6 stars if he could. He loves them. I was surprised he liked them so much since they are a bit sour. He does have to work some at chewing them; but he seems to like that, he kind of uses them as a teether. Also they are coated in a light layer of oil so they aren't too sticky in his hands. I don't know if I will get to eat any more of them because he got the box of them off the counter and has declared that the "Fruities are mine!" I finally had to hide the box after he ate two of them, so he would lay off and find something else to do :-)

    All in all a great snack. I like that all of the sugar is from fruit, that there are some added vitamins, and the taste is great too. Great snack for my toddler too!...more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    Feeling jaded after having tried many so-called "health foods", I opened this product without much expectation. However, as I read the information on the package, noticing that the ingredients are few and natural (this product is labeled "USDA Organic") my hope rose again. After the first bite, I was hooked! The texture of this fruit snack is firmer than that of string cheese, and the taste is intensely fruity - almost reminding me of fruit wines. A closer inspection on the Nutrition Facts reveals that this snack is also rich with vitamins and minerals! I find it hard not to gobble down more than one of these fruit "ropes" at a time. In any case, I highly recommend this snack for children and adults alike....more info
  • The whole family loves this product!
    We love these fruit ropes so much that we bought 2 boxes instead of one. They taste great, not too sweet & great texture that makes us feel like we are eating candy! My kids are 13 yrs., 16 yrs and 19 yrs. and they all love them. I wish the product was around when they were younger!...more info
  • Delicious and healthy!
    I'm an adult and got these for myself for a yummy mid-day snack without turning to candy. These hit the spot and don't have all the sugar and unhealthiness, plus no gelatin so they are vegetarian-friendly! And each is a serving of fruit, so what's not to love?...more info