The First Year's Newborn-To-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat

List Price: $43.99

Our Price: $32.95

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  • Helps ensure you're feeding your little one at the angle most appropriate for his or her stage of development
  • Converts to a booster seat with two height adjustment positions
  • Use with the tray that is included or pull it right up to the table
  • Full size pad for baby's comfort and reversible tray mat that makes mealtime educational and fun

Customer Reviews:

  • Great chair
    This is a good buy for price,have been using for 9 mths;chair is light wt portable yet sturdy ,reclinig feature is great ..started using when our baby was just 2 mths old.Table is handy,we use this chair not just for feeding baby but to hangout with us is not very bulky so we can take it with us around the house and doesnt take a lot space to store....more info
  • Love this Seat
    This feeding seat is wonderful & can easily be put away to save space in your home. Item was delivered very quickly & in great condition....more info
  • Great Feeding Chair!
    I've had another feeding chair before and so far, this is the only feeding seat that worked especially for my rough and tumble toddler. With the old chair, I used to have a problem with the tray since my daughter loves taking it out and dropping it. With this chair, the tray securely snaps in place. I've used it since August and to this day, gave me no problems. In fact, I plan on getting another one for the next child who's on the way. This feeding chair saves space and is easy to clean too!...more info
  • Great seat!
    I love the price, I love the product longevity, I love that it fits in a regular chair, I love that it is made from safe, recyclable materials!

    I gave it four stars because we've only had it a month and a half so I can't speak to it's durability....more info
  • Great little chair
    This is a great alternative to a traditional high chair. I got it as a gift but we already had a traditional high chair so I took it to our babysitter's house. So far it's a great way to feed him at her house. He likes to sit in the chair and it's easy to clean. We like that the pad is easy to remove and is machine washable. ...more info
  • Great feeding chair!!
    Whoever said this chair falls apart obviously didn't put it together the right way to begin with. We have had this for over 7 months and used it on a daily basis, and have NEVER had any problems with it. It is VERY convenient, and great for places that don't have room for a high chair. Converts to a toddler seat, and WOW what a great price! 5 stars all the way on this one! Great price, great convenience, and great quality. There are different seat patterns and are very gender neutral, which is GREAT! Would definately recommend!...more info
  • Great chair for a wide range of ages.
    My mother-in-law has this chair at her house, which saves her from having a highchair for my son. He has used it since he was an infant, and he's now 3 1/2. He still loves it. The vinyl pad is easily cleaned, and the base is solid (no cracks for food to go into). The tilt feature means you can use it from an early age. Just a great value....more info
  • Health hazard/ Ant Feeding Ground
    We've had this chair for about a year. That means a year's worth of food is now stuck between the cracks because once you put it together it does not come back apart for cleaning. Currently, my child's booster is covered in ants because the crumbs stuck in the cracks of the chair provide a generous supply of food for the pests. In addition, the cloth cover gets messy during every use, which means taking it off and running it through the washer several times a week. Don't waste your money on this. Buy a booster chair that can be thoroughly wiped clean with a cloth. ...more info
  • Great seat, however...
    We ordered this seat for our grandson who was coming to visit last month. We got it in plenty of time and were pleased with it until we started to assemble it. The first item on the list of parts--the safety strap-- was missing!
    I emailed to company that same night thinking they could send one by FedEx as we needed it about 5 days later. They responded that they would send one and that it would take 10 days to arrive. That was too late. We used the seat anyway because we were right there all the time and he is only 5 months old and can't climb out. It was also just a little bit difficult for one person to assemble. Once my daughter and I wrestled with it it was great. By the way...we are still waiting for that strap! ...more info
  • Great Chair!
    When my oldest son was a baby, we bought this as a less-expensive, portable alternative to a high chair. He recently turned four, and has long since graduated to sitting at the table in a "real" chair, and his little brother, who just turned two, is now using it. It's been through a lot, and is still sturdy and strong.

    We have family in other states, and we take this seat with us when we visit. It is a big plus for us that it is relatively small and portable.

    It's also very easy to keep clean. All pads and straps are removable and can be washed with the laundry, and the tray and the bottom part of the seat can go in the dishwasher. The back and sides of the seat have been through the dishwasher once or twice as well, but it was necessary to remove the top rack to fit them in.

    The tray still snaps tight enough so that when my son hooks his toes under the edge and kicks, it still doesn't pop off.

    All in all, I am extremely happy with this chair and am planning on buying another, since our 6-month-old baby will be ready for his own seat too, before the middle child is quite ready for a regular seat at the table....more info
  • Great Chair
    This chair is great!! It saves so much room in my kitchen and my son can actually be at the table with us for meals. I love it!! It does feel kind of cheap, yes, but my son used this for over a year and it held up wonderfully. I would recommend this to everyone....more info
  • Love this seat!
    My daughter loves this seat! In fact, she likes it better than her larger high chair for the house. We bought this seat for travel, but we might just use it permanently since she enjoys it so much....more info
  • High Chair
    This product was received early and is very handy to have around the house. It takes up less space and can be put away at a moments notice.

    Thank you!...more info
  • We love this seat!
    This is a wonderful, durable, practical, affordable seat. We've used it with both of our children. This chair is useful from first feeding (~4 mos) up to about age 2. I love that the cover is easy to remove and launder. I love that it attaches to a regular dining chair without taking up the space of a traditional high chair. We've never used the tray mat, but the tray is great. The tray has high sides and is easy to get into the sink for washing. When we go visit friends, we put this in the trunk and it makes a great play and eating place for the baby. I recommend this to all of my pregnant friends....more info
  • Grandma's point of view
    Having no high chair, I ordered this seat when our 5 month old grandson was coming to visit. The seat was perfect! It fit securely on a chair, and seemed very comfortable to him. My only disappointment is the difficulty in adjusting the seat positions. The two buttons on the sides of the seat are very hard to push in while trying to change the seat position. It almost takes two people to adjust it.
    Despite that,I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Great from birth onward
    I agree with pretty much all the other reviews, but wanted to add that it's not just great once the kid is starting to eat solids. We used this chair even when our little girl was a newborn -- we just put it in the most reclined position. With a couple of receiving blankets around her, it gave us the opportunity to set her down and enjoy our meal together.

    I love that the chair grows with the child. She's now almost a year and very vigorous in her banging on the tray and squirming around, and I have no fears of her falling out. The tray snaps securely, and the chair itself is very securely attached to the normal chair it sits on.

    I like that it is very portable and light. In fact, we've offered to take it to a wedding later this year for some friends who will probably have their newborn along (since our girl is big enough to sit up in a regular restaurant-style high chair)....more info
  • Great Chair, Would highly recommend it!
    I've had this chair for almost 2 years and we are still using it. My son is 2 years old and is still using it. The reclyining option was great for when he was little and just using a bottle. I don't have anything to compare it to, except for a normal high chair which takes up space. This chair uses one of your own kitchen chairs and we've brought it to friends houses for dinner, so it adjusts to any chair. It has never fallen apart or broken even though my son now pulls himself up and even stands on it. This chair has been very sturdy. We now just use it as a booster seat, but I'm thinking of buying a new one for the new baby....more info
  • review of first year's newborn to toddler reclining feeding seat
    I had one of these for my first child and have purchased another for my second child. These are the best ever and we have tried others with our first baby and won't waste the money on others again. It's portable and works grest at our table at home as well. This is the one; don't waste time/money on inferior products....more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    I bought this chair because my baby was getting ready to eat solids. Even before I started feeding him in it I would put him in it to "hang-out" with us at the table. He loves being in it!

    What a great chair! Right now it is slightly reclined because my son doesn't have quite complete control over his upper body. The shape of the back of this chair keeps him fairly upright and the padded backing seems comfortable for him. The harness seems to keep him anchored to the chair. The tray is easily put on and taken off and the plastic insert with the vegetable and fruit pictures always catches his attention. The straps keep the chair anchored to one of our dining room chairs (padded) and it seems fairly stable for now. We keep it on the chair, but will take it with us when we travel. I like that its construction is plastic and washable fabric so I am able to easily keep it clean.

    It is difficult to put together. Each piece really fits together snugly, and I really had to force everything together. I worried that I was going to break it, but I didn't. It is difficult to recline, but this only has to be done a couple of times. As i was putting it together I wondered whether the harness system would actually be secure, but it really is on mine.

    I bought this on a whim, without doing any research. (I found it at BJ's for a great price and picked it up!) I don't regret the purchase for a moment. It is everything I needed without me realizing it.

    Follow-up: Others have mentioned being disappointed that the seat padding is fabric. My son makes a HUGE mess every time he eats and the seat cover washes nicely. That being said, I did go to the manufacturer's website to order two more seat covers so I could have one in the wash and one spare. They aren't too expensive....more info
  • Functional, small footprint and inexpensive
    We've been using this seat for about 6 months now with our now 14-month old daughter. It's been fantastic. We live in a townhouse and don't have room in the kitchen for a full-size high chair and this fits the bill perfectly. Initially, I was looking at the Fisher*Price version but then stumbled on this one at a local baby store. It was significantly less expensive ($30 vs. $55) and was a smaller footprint, which ended up being perfect. We also have kitchen chairs that don't have a wide seat so the FP one would actually have been too big.

    The tray snaps on and off easily and we usually just hand-wash it after every meal. She gets it too messy to use without cleaning inbetween and it seems like a waste of space to shove it in the dishwasher even though it would definitely fit. The whole thing disassembles pretty easily for periodic cleaning. We toss the cover and straps in the washing machine. The cover goes in the dryer on low, but we keep the straps out. They're usually dry after the spin cycle anyway. And if it doesn't happen to be finished washing by her next mealtime, she just sits in the seat, sans cover. No harm done. It would be nice to find a replacement cover though for a change of pace and to switch out during washings but the lack of an additional cover doesn't detract from the seat.

    Just some food for thought...If you have nice chairs, and an active toddler (i.e. one that tries to rock her ours) then you might want to put some sort of thin pad or seat protector between the seat and the chair. We have cheap, painted IKEA seats and they're getting scratched up from the straps and the motion of the seat moving on the chair itself. At the moment I don't particularly care but when we get some "nicer" furniture I sure wouldn't want it all scratched up. My $.02.

    Hmm.. anything else? I can't really think of much more. It's a great, sturdy, little seat that does the job of the larger, more expensive ones for a fraction of the cost and space. We even had a friend who had a stand-alone high chair and got rid of it for one of these just to save on space. ...more info
  • One of our very best pieces of baby gear
    My son is now five, but used this chair from about 4 months until after he was 4 years old. We used it so much, in fact, that we almost never even touched the bigger, fancier high chair we were given at the same time. This one also fit my son better, at all those ages, than the high chair did. And because it pulls up to the big table on a regular chair, it was easier to live with as well....more info


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