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Is your little Ethan or Abigail a jumper? Help your baby ease into good health and fitness with the Evenflo Johnny Jump Up Classic. This fun jumper will provide hours of bouncing fun for your little one, all while strengthening your baby's muscles. What a workout! Fussy babies love bouncing - it soothes and entertains them in a way other activities can't. Invest in your baby's enjoyment and physical health with the Evenflo Johnny Jump Up Classic!

  • Portable Infant Exerciser
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Removable, Machine-Washable Pad
  • Toy Loops
  • Reccomended for children up to 24 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Jump and jump and jump!
    Our own children LOVED this Johnny Jump Up... so it was only a matter of time before we NEEDED our grandson, Jonas, to experience the joy his dad and uncle did in this fun toy! Mounts easily and firmly to most common-sized doorways... easy to put him in and take him out. He enjoys sucking on the fabric covered bar... but it's also easy to clean...so not a biggie. :) Expect him to spend many hours hanging around in this baby. Momma can actually get some office work done while he's happily occupied a couple feet away. :)Evenflo Classic Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper - Bug...more info
  • For $20, good entertainment
    We bought this Jenny Jump Up in the hopes to take it with us when visiting people to help entertain my 8 mo. daughter when just adults are around. There are no doorways where people visit in their homes (didn't think about it before we bought it), but that's not Evenflo's problem. This works well in our bedroom when I'm cleaning, or in our bathroom when I haven't had a shower before the day got started. My daughter enjoys it and can spin around so she can see infront and behind her. Her arms don't sit up like the girl in the picture, she has long legs but her arms sit awkwardly on the frame, or infront of her in the pouch, but it gives her a little more freedom as she's frustrated on the floor with not crawling (for the moment). Anything for $20 is worth a different scenery, and change of pace for 20 minutes or so at a time. We went out and bought Fisher Price Jumperoo which is much more user friendly in visiting-type areas (livingroom etc.) But for the price, and the fact that it is sturdy, is great. My daughter has not banged into the sides of the doorway. However the straps that hang from the top of the door do rub against her face and leave her with marks because the straps are sturdy and they are not soft at all (am thinking of buying some thing soft to go around the straps). I'm happy with the purchase, but it's not the best because you need a doorway to attach it to (easy to attach, and again, very sturdy). For a cheap purchase it was a good buy....more info
  • What happened to the bounce?
    My other children loved jumping in their jumper but this one stinks! It doesn't go anywhere. My son can only jump as high as his little legs push him - he doesn't even get off the ground. It's as if they are trying to make it too safe for babies. They've taken all the bounce out of it. Boring!...more info
  • Good product for the price
    This little jumper works very well for its intended purpose. Easy to set up and very flexible from the standpoint of where you can place it. The only slight complaint is that the two loops to hang toys from are not as well placed as they could be....more info
  • Cute Pink Jumper!
    My daughter loves her jumper! She's still trying to get the hang of it but once she gets going, she has lots of fun in it. I would recommend this product to a friend....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love the Jenny Jump Up! My daughter will stay in there for hours on end and when I take her out of it, she gets so upset. It lets me get so much done around the house. I love it even more b/c i didn't have to spend $100+ on a jumperoo!...more info
  • Love it!
    It is secure and easy to move around the house. I put my 4 month old in it whan I shower, cook dinner- anytime! I have to put a blanket aroud her mid section b/c she is a little small, but she loves it. ...more info
  • jumpin fun
    My little one is three months old and loves to stand with my help of course, but my arms were always getting so tired so i saw this and he loves it. He is still a little wobbly in but if i put blanket behind him he jumps and stands. When he gets a little stronger he will love it even more. great item for active babys....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I highly recommend this product. I bought it for my friend's child. She loves to get in it and jump up and down. There are 2 setbacks of this product. You need a door frame or molding to hold the jumper up and getting the child into and out of the jumper can be difficult when the child is fussy or upset....more info
  • AKA the Johnny Sit 'n' Dangle
    Okay, so I chintzed out and bought the cheaper doorway jumper. I wish I hadn't: the spring on this thing is so stiff that there's no way that my baby could make it jump. She just sits there dangling and looking unhappy. If you want to avoid disappointment, definitely buy the more expensive brand....more info
  • Great To Stretch Baby Legs!
    The Jenny Jump Up arrived this week and is a big hit - we have limited space in our house, and it fits perfectly in the doorway in our kitchen, so Lily can keep an eye on me while I make supper or unload the dishwasher. I feel that the construction is sturdy, and the spring is responsive to her movement. She's five months old and ready to stretch those legs! I plan on buying more of these for baby shower gifts. What a lifesaver for a reasonable price!...more info
  • Johnny Jump Up Fun!
    The Johnny Jump Up we purchased for our grandson is so much fun for him and for those of us who are watching him twirl and hop and swing around! Our son, now 31, had a Johnny Jump Up at 4 months and for several months he had great fun! We were so happy to see they are still made. I would highly recommend this item, making certain that the door frame from which you hang the jumper, is very sturdy and in good repair. The clamp for this item is very strong and heavy duty, providing good support for the jumper. I would make sure that the jumper is in a doorway where you are in direct eye contact with the infant, like any other situation. Use with supervision and enjoy seeing baby building strength while having so much fun! We recently took our grandson on a road trip, and we were able to take the Johnny Jump Up with us. It folds flat for easy packing. He was able to get some 'exercise' and had fun, not having to be in his car seat when not riding in the car, held all the time or restrained in some other way!! He was a very happy baby and this jumper was a real help in our caring for him! ...more info
  • beware of choking hazzard
    my son loves this jumper. He is my fourth child and since having had my first, products change as this one does. As wonderful of an idea it is, he is on the shorter side. I had tucked his hands in one day just to give him a different experience. His neck went right into the metal bar causing him to choke and have a hard time breathing. I would hate to know what would have happened had I not been there to witness. For the few seconds he was in this position, when I pulled him up, it caused him to spit up most of what I had just finished feeding him. So make sure you or your care givers are well aware of this very hazzardess possition....more info
  • well worth it!
    I got this because it so closely resembled the jumparoo that I played in for hours when I was a baby. It's a classic design that still works today! I love that I can take it down and store it in a very small space when it is not being used, and it is easily washable (important if you have a "happy spitter" like my son). Two caveats: first, if you have a petite or preemie baby you will need to use a thin blanket or towel to help fill in the seat and make it comfortable for him (our son was 11 pounds and 5.5 months old in thE pictureS I attached). Second, make sure that you have ledges over the top of whatever hall entrance or door you plan to use this on. I wasn't careful about checking this when I bought the item, and unfortunately there is only one arch that this will work in, all other doorways don't have enough room between the top of the door edging and the ceiling to place the hefty clamps that keep this jumper up and safe. HAPPY JUMPING! ...more info
  • Old style fun
    Our daughter isn't quite old enough for this but she is already having a lot of fun. This is great to get the little ones realizing they can push with their feet. Make sure you have a good wide doorway in which to secure the toy. Total supervision required....more info
  • It's just ok...
    The spring is very tight and the main support strap rubs noisily on the plastic protective spring-covering which, in my opinion, is poor design. My son had a little trouble actually bouncing because the spring is so tight. This jumper is just ok. He did like being in it for short periods of time and liked dangling and spinning around in it, but we like our Jumperoo a lot better....more info
  • Loved it, and so did she!
    My fourth baby came 10 years after my last...my things have changed! All of my children had johnny jump ups, this one is even better! It was easy to put together and the straps are nicely kept away from the baby's face and neck, unlike the older versions. She absolutely loved it from the first time I put her in it ;O) The only concern I have is it is rather long for smaller babies. I have to keep pulling her arms up, and she uses it as her new teether toy. Would definately recommend this to parents with babies over six months old! Have fun!!...more info
    Love the Johnny Jump up and so does my grandson. He can hang out with Grandma and bounce. ...more info
  • Great Toy
    This toy is great! My son started playing in it from 3 months. At first he only twirled, but now, at four months, he loves to jump in it. He teeths on front rim, too! Very safe and well made jumpy seat. We did pad the door frame with a couple of rolled up blankets, though, because our son likes to swing outward when he jumps....more info
  • Baby loves it
    The only thing that I had hard time with is getting baby in and out, the straps always seemed to be in the way, but other then that it has been a lifesaver. After trying the swing which he hated because he really couldn't do anything in it we were worried he wouldn't be to happy with the jumper but he loves it and will jump safely and quietly while we run around getting done much needed chores. ...more info
  • Johnny Jumper
    Iwas unable to use the Johnny Jumper, as the infant it was intended for exceeded the weight limitation.
    Richsrd Brammall...more info
  • Hard to get in and out of.
    I would not buy this product because it is difficult to get my four month old in and out of....more info
  • Great for laughs
    Anyone that has ever seen one of these knows what a hoot they are. Bouncing, laughing and exploring the first aspects of walking are all in this simple babysitter. Be careful to tuck baby boys balls up and away from sitting on them. Mine got "pancacked" a bit but when we took him to the doctor he said they will be OK in a day or so. Great entertainer if you watch your balls....more info
  • Good jumper
    I have no complaints about this jumper. It was easy to assemble and works well. My six month old really doesn't like it much, though. That's why I gave it four stars. She prefers to be mobile in her walker. Maybe when she learns to jump she will like it more!...more info
  • Great jumper
    This item is used daily in my household. Once inside my daughter typically remains content for about 30 min. This item is so safe that I use it as my babysitter during my morning shower. It is easy to adjust and very secure, all you need is a door jam. I highly recommend this jumper, nice and simple....more info
  • jump seat
    fabulous! My children loved it. I think that it helped their leg muscles develop, as they were both early walkers. THis jumper seat would entertain them endlessly. A household favorite for a few months...more info
  • Not how I remembered it...
    I remember having so much fun when I had one as a kid. Getting in and out is a huge hassle if they have squirmy legs, also, setup was easy but not the greatest thing i've ever put togethor, could have had better directions. The leg holes are too wide for my daughter so I recommend putting a towel or somthing to boost her up. Overall the design is safe and clamps very well onto the doorframe, I tug on it to make sure its safe. 2/5...more info
  • Great Toy
    I bought this for my 6 month old daughter and she loves it. I was a bit skeptical about hanging my child from a doorway. But, to my surprise it is very sturdy. From the moment I put her in it she started jumping and has a great time. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Decent Product
    This jump up was what we expected. The instructions were easy to follow and it has a very sturdy spring and clamp. Our only advice would be for smaller babies. Our 5 month old is short and her mouth hits the front (which is a metal bar under the fabric). Our solution was to place a rolled up blanket in front of her....more info
  • love it
    i had the jumperoo for my other 2 children, after my 45lb son decided to keep playing with it, it pretty much was a sag-a-roo. i really didn't want to shell out the $ for another one, plus i got tired of the floor space being taken up. i resisted the over the door jumper for a long time thinking cheap meant 'bad'. i couldn't have been more surprised. this is very well made, and my 5 month old LOVES it. i can set her in it at the kitchen/playroom doorway and she bounces and giggles while i make dinner. she loves being a part of the action too. the other two kids run around playing and she gets to be in the middle of it. it bounces very easily, and seems quite sturdy. i haven't had a problem with her getting choked by, or hitting the bar, but she is a big girl, 95% for height, so she could just be longer. i have to say, even though it's totally superficial, i love that it's pink as well :) i'm very glad i decided to give it a try!...more info
  • mikey likes it
    my son loves this jumper. it gives him a sense of independence. he likes to rock from one leg to the other and then he spins completely around....more info
  • Who is it meant for?
    The seat is very large and the spring is hard, so even though my son is big for his age he has a hard time getting it to bounce. I think by the time he is big enough and strong enough to make the Johnny Jump Up actually jump, he'll already be walking....more info