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The ERGO is the way to go when it comes to baby carriers. It's the best all around choice for carrying a baby anywhere from around the house to public places. The ERGO baby carrier is conveniently compact, comfortable to wear and provides sturdy support for your baby. The ergonomic design of the carrier ensures that your baby is in the correct sitting position to encourage proper hip, pelvis and spine growth. It does this by distributing most of the baby's weight between its hips and thighs. The design also considers the health and comfort of parents. The carrier balances the baby's weight to the parents' hips and shoulders, reducing physical stress. The padded waist belt supports the lumbar area plus 1" thick padding in the shoulder straps. It can be worn on front, back or hip and can easily be changed from one to the other. Ergo is perfect for when baby is too heavy for a sling or for when you plan on carrying your baby for extended periods of time, especially for hiking and walking. Unlike other frame back packs, with the ERGO the baby is right against your back so their weight seems less. When carrying a traditional hard frame back pack, your baby's center of gravity is further from your body and can be awkward and feel heavier. For comfortably carrying your infant, try the ERGO Infant Insert (sold separately). It supports your newborn like a baby sling while having both hands free to work. This lightweight carrier lets you carry your baby comfortably for long periods with your hands free and it looks great too. Features: Recommended use from newborn (with additional Infant Insert sold separately) up to 40 lbs Adjusts for most sizes, waist circumference extends from 25" up to 43" Attached Sleeping Hood supports sleeping baby's head and expands with the growth of your child Convenient pocket on back of carrier with side zipper for easy acce

  • Padded shoulders and waist
  • For carrying baby on front or back
  • Designed to distribute weight evenly and reduce stress on baby or adult body
  • Available in 6 colors

Customer Reviews:

  • My daughter LOVES the Ergo
    and so do I! I started out with the Moby wrap and that worked fairly well for us, but it was a hot to wear, inconvenient to wrap when out and about, and tricky (but possible) to nurse in. I knew I wanted something else, but baby carriers are expensive and one could easily spend a fortune trying out all the variations.

    We decided on the Ergo and we couldn't be happier. We've had it for six months now and it is the number one thing I could not live without as far as all baby gear is concerned. I too was worried about her only facing inwards, but she has never minded and she seems to prefer it. She holds on like a little koala bear as we go about our daily business. Unlike the Moby, she isn't flat against my chest, she's sitting, so that she can easily check out the scenery by looking to the sides.

    When she was big enough--probably in the neighborhood of 5.5 or 6 months, I started wearing her on my back and that is great! Now when I do those glorious household tasks like cleaning toilets and baseboards, she isn't dangling off the front of me. We get a lot more cleaning done now that she can ride on my back. :-) At first, I needed help to put her on my back. However, now that she's 9 months and can hold on a bit, I can get her on easily--I even trust our abilities over concrete these days (when I started getting her into the back carry position on my own, I would practice over the couch. It *was* tricky at first (we made some mistakes), but once we got the hang of it, it wasn't a problem at all.

    My husband can wear her too and it's simple to readjust the straps so that they fit both of us.

    Like any of the carriers, this one takes some practice (though the front carry is about as easy as it can get). Breastfeeding in this for me is difficult, but I can do it in a pinch. I can carry her long distances and after a long while (probably 4-5 miles), my neck will hurt a bit, but my back is fine.

    My daughter loves her Ergo in the way some kids take to a lovey. She'll stop by and give it a visit when she's crawling around exploring the house. When I see her chewing on the straps (they second as a favorite teething toy) or playing peek-a-boo with them, I'll put it on and she gets all excited (we compare it to the way a dog gets excited when his owner gets out the leash to take him for a walk). It is very sweet and funny. When she went for her first trip to our friend's house to be babysat, the only thing that would calm her when she was sad was being carried in her Ergo. If she has a meltdown when she's home with daddy, the Ergo saves the day (she just needs to play with it--not even ride in it).

    I love the time my daughter and I spend walking our neighborhood with her in the Ergo. Sometimes we're quiet and other times she'll make happy bounces and that's my cue to do some hops and bounces for her. Our family members wonder why we never need a stroller. "Isn't she heavy?" they ask. They think we're a little weird. I don't know any parents out there who will look back on their child's life and wish that perhaps they had carried him/her less. We don't carry her all the time, but we do carry her more. The forward-facing position allows for optimal baby who wouldn't want more of that? (except maybe the baby :-))--but a few more here and there are always nice, especially if you can sneak them in when they're asleep or not looking.

    Hug your baby, carry your baby, dance with your baby...the Ergo will let you have more time to do those things *and* maybe get the dishes done too :-)....more info
  • SO great, but a few drawbacks
    -SUPER comfortable. Perfectly distributes weight to your hips like a good mountaineering backpack
    -Lasts much longer than other carriers thanks to higher weight rating
    -Sleeping hood encourages baby to sleep by blocking out the world while also supporting her head while you move freely about
    -Dads think it's as cool as Moms
    -Carrying your baby in the Ergo is like holding your baby in a secure bear hug for hours - but with no arm fatigue!

    -Canvas material is not breathable, so heat/sweat can really build up with parent & baby pressed so tightly together
    -Baby might get frustrated at times (like mine) at not being able to have a full view of the world

    The pros obviously outweigh the cons. This carrier really is awesome, but we also have a basic ring sling for hotter days and those where we want my daughter to get to see the whole world around her. Both have their different advantages, and I'd highly recommend having one of each (and skip the Baby Bjorn type carriers altogether - not worth the price for how quickly they'll be outgrown)....more info
    This is THE BEST carrier I've ever used! I only wish I had found it sooner. My son is almost 7 months old and LOVES this carrier. He's been in it for a few hours a day for a week now - EVERY TIME I put him in it he falls asleep.

    Like the other reviews, I've owned Bjorn, sling, and moby wrap -and all of these had significant strain on my back. And my son would get uncomfortable after a short time. When I'd take him out of those his crotch/bottom area would be red and irritated. (AND my sons legs were always getting stuck in the Bjorn, it was difficult for me get him in and out of it.)

    These problems DO NOT happen with the Ergo carrier! They are not 'suspended' but in a sitting position. My son does not get uncomfortable, and I can wear this for long periods of time. Very easy to put on! AND very easy to switch positions without taking the carrier or baby off you!

    ALSO no strain on me! I was skeptical of this part because EVERY carrier I've ever tried was usually a major strain on my shoulders and back. I'm 5'2" and 120lbs and carrying a baby that's 23lbs for hours is difficult. The first time I wore the Ergo carrier I had it on for two hours... NO PAIN! I was completely fine! When you put it on you can immediately feel how the weight is distributed between your hips and shoulders. Only when I say shoulders I really mean where the front center buckle is. So instead of slumping your shoulders back, it pulls your entire upper shoulder area back actually giving you better posture.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the material! It's a cotton canvas. SO strong and sturdy seeming. The buckles are a nice thick plastic. The safety elastics before the buckles are a great feature and make me feel like the whole thing is VERY sturdy!

    Another note: with other carriers (esp the Bjorn) I felt as if my son would fall out of it, I never felt secure enough to really do much when carrying him. I always had a hand on him, and quick sudden movements were a NO. With this carrier I feel like my son is secure and close enough to me to allow for quick movements and two hands for doing everything I need to! That was a HUGE thing for me. It's absolutely amazing!

    SO in conclusion... this thing is amazing and anyone would be CRAZY to pass it up. It's going to be a life saver for me. We are heading to CA in a few days and I'm having to fly alone with my two boys (3yrs. & 6mos.) and I feel completely confident I can do it now that I have this carrier! Bought the back pack as well (same amazing quality) to make the trip even easier!!

    LoooOOOOoooOoove it!...more info
  • super comfy (bjorn owner)
    My 14 month old daughter who is about 24 LBS feels so light in this baby carrier. I am a Bjorn owner. My daughter is just too heavy for the Bjorn these days. I needed something to walk my daughter two blocks to the beach in. She can walk, but it takes forever. I carried her in the Bjorn and my back and shoulders were killing me for a good 4-5 days. All of the weight of the child is carried in your hips, not shoulders and back.

    The delivery was amazingly fast! I think it showed up the very next day. Great seller!

    The reason I didn't give it 5 stars was due to the fact that I cannot get my daughter in this thing. I watched the whole video, and I cannot get her on my back without help from my husband. We can do the front way, but we cannot not do the back. He can't get her on his back either. It is really hard. I think if we started off with a little baby rather than a toddler we might have stood a chance. I wish they would sew the instructions to the inside of the straps like the Bjorn does. Don't get me wrong, I love the Bjorn, but not for a toddler. This is toddler friendly without breaking your back.

    I don't know how my daughter feels about it. She's usually very animated and happy, but she is super calm and docile in this carrier. I can't tell if it is soothing or if she's just bored silly. To each their own. ...more info
  • Great for heavy toddlers
    We got the ergo when our son was almost a year, and wished we had had it from his birth. I am short (5'4"), and my son is now 38" and 35 pounds, and I am still able to carry him comfortably (even up San Francisco hills while on vacation)....more info
    Moms, do yourself and your baby a favor... buy an Ergo!!! All of my friends have babies. Two of them have four each, and half of them are Doulas or Midwives. Now that I have my own, they have been a huge wealth of knowledge. I know that when they say something is the best, they've probably tried them all and it IS the best! Per their recommendations I have an "Over The Shoulder Baby Holder" which is a ring type sling ( and an Ergo which is a backpack type carrier. I love them both. I used the ring sling when my DS was smaller. The Ergo worked but my son's feet would fall asleep. Recently he got large enough where I could hold him facing me with his legs spread (about 5 months, 17 lbs) and started using the Ergo. I probably carried my baby around for about 4 or 5 hours in the Ergo today! Although my more overweight friends don't care for the Ergo, but I am 5'1" and 150 lbs. and I think it is sooo comfortable....more info
  • Very comfortable and well made
    Very comfortable to wear and well made. Our baby is just turned 4 months. He is still too small for the carrier. We tried it around the house and found it satisfactory. It will make a great back carrier when the weather turns nice and we get a chance to get out. Cannot stress how comfortable and nicely supported the carrier is. Makes carrying a breeze.

    Only complaint with the design is that you cannot carry the baby facing forward or away from your body. It takes a bit of a practice to getting the carrier on and securing the baby all by yourself. ...more info
  • Don't buy it as a back carrier!
    This is a good product ONLY if you have a small baby who is happy riding facing in toward your chest. It's impossible to use as a back carrier - it requires complicated reaching over one's shoulders and behind your back, and it's nearly impossible to load a baby into the back position without someone helping you. I returned mine right away. Furthermore, the instructional DVD is REALLY annoying, with about twenty minutes of why-attachment-parenting-is-best philosophy before you get to the actual instructions. Stick with a Baby Bjorn. Much easier to use, and no preaching....more info
  • Great for European Travels
    We just spent several months in Europe and we can't say enough about our Ergo Carrier. It made our travels so much easier. We were able to climb stairways in castles and visit museums, historical monuments and in many other places where strollers or metal framed carriers are not allowed. Our daughter loved it as well. It is very compact for packing and very easy to clean. I am a 5'2" mom and my daughter is 2 years. When I needed to put her on my back by myself, I would either use the bed or a flat place to lay her on and then lift her up on my back. I was able to walk for several hours with her and she often napped there as well. We would recommend this carrier to anyone heading overseas....more info
  • Great carrier for my bad back
    I love this carrier -- it makes my baby happy and it is much easier on the back than the Baby Bjorn or a sling. My baby is still only 10 lbs, but I think this will be the best carrier for us over time because it puts the weight onto your hips. One of the great features is that it can be used to free your hands right from birth, no matter how small the baby, unlike the Bjorn. (Requires the infant insert, or a semi-stiff folded blanket as a substitute). As the baby grows, he can be shifted from the front to the back.

    My husband and I both have old back injuries but we have both found that we can carry him for much longer in the Ergo than in our arms or in any of the other carriers we've tried. We not only carry him around the house in it, but I am also carrying him in it on my daily walk to get back into better post-partum fitness. It was recommended by a friend who took her kids hiking with it for several years. ...more info
  • my back loves the ergo and so does baby
    I had the baby bjorn, but then my back started killing me on our long walks. The Ergo is fantastic because it shifts the weight to my hips. And my baby loves it so much we have to hide it from her when not in use. If she sees it and does not get to go in for a ride, then she gets upset. We use it on long walks and all around the house. However, I believe you can get it much cheaper than the [...] price quoted here. ...more info
  • great for babies and toddlers
    I bought an ergo three years ago and have used it several times a week since. I carried my older daughter until she was 2 years old and 25 pounds. (I would have kept carrying her, but I was too pregnant.) I have had my second daughter in it since she was 2 weeks old. I can't say enough about it. I have tried five other slings/ carriers and all were uncomfortable for me or my children....more info
  • GREAT for someone other than me
    This carrier definitely is easy on the back and shoulders!! I felt like I could carry my son around for hours, unlike the Bjorn where after 15 minutes I was dieing. HOWEVER, my son is too used to the Bjorn where he faces out and did not like the Ergo AT ALL - he tried turning around the whole time. And there was NO WAY I could put him on my back alone - I needed the help from my husband to put him on my back - and unfortunately, I am alone with my son most of the time so I could never put him on alone. This is an awesome carrier if you have a newborn or a child that is already used to facing inwards. ...more info
  • The *best* carrier on the market I have used so far
    We have tried carrier upon carrier... and the Ergo is the way to go!

    Sure, it is kind of ugly.. not the prettiest carrier out there, but who cares? Daddy can use it without feeling like he's carrying the cutesy diaper bag, which is a plus.

    We can carry our 22 pounder (5 months) with relative ease, our backs don't hurt *as* much and baby is happy happy in the Ergo. If he isn't, it's because he is hungry or tired or wet!

    Up till 20lbs we used the bjorn. Oh, how we should have saved our money and bought this from Day One.

    Looking for a shower gift????? GET THIS! Though you may not have ANY idea what this is, believe me... mommy will appreciate this. Get together with friends and buy this if you need to. It's totally worth it....more info
  • Get this carrier
    I love babywearing. I love the concept and it's fun. I therefore have tried many kinds of carriers. They all had the problem of hurting after an hour or so, until I discovered the Ergo. I've been able to walk for about 2 hours and not have any problems. My son is secure on my back so I have been able to bend and not have problems. The only thing I can't do-and I think this is because of my son not the carrier is sit down.

    It is a little complicated to put a baby on your back. However I've been able to practice and I do it-not the way you are instructed to-but I lay my son down on a bed on top of the carrier and put him on. It really is one of the best carriers out there....more info
  • Good for the back, hard to use
    I agree with the other reviews that this carrier is much easier on the back - I had to ditch the Bjorn because it hurt my lower back with our second kid. The Ergo has caused no problems, though my shoulder gets sore with enough of the hip carrying.

    But, man, this thing is hard to use. The instructions are terrible - my wife, our nanny and I all had troubles figuring it out. Our nanny finally gave up and just doesn't use it. I've had to go back to the instructions several times to get a refresher, and we've only done front and hip carry. Definitely plan to practice with it (with a spotter) before you really want to use it. The Bjorn is much easier to use.

    Also, adjusting the carrier or putting it on or taking it off can be very difficult and requires a lot of flexibility - for example, adjusting the strap for the hip holder (carrying the baby on the left hip) requires you to hold your baby up by her bottom with your right hand (on your left hip, so reaching across your body) and then reach over, across and behind your body with your left hand to pull a strap located on your right shoulder blade down and to the left. It makes me feel like my dog when he chases his tail...

    I haven't noticed any reviews on the hip carry - it's good and easier on your back, and does let the kid see out some by turning her head to the left (but her nose is basically in my armpit if she looks straight ahead). It also is better than front carry because it lets you use your hands more, since you don't have to reach around the kid (with her very grabby hands) to reach stuff in front of you, so unlike with the Bjorn, I can do tasks pretty easily with her in this carrier. She is pretty wobbly if I loosen it enough to be comfortable, but the straps hold her in well, so it's more a matter of her flopping around a bit, I don't worry about her falling out. I think this might be because, like others have said, she's used to the Bjorn and wants to turn around to the front.

    The little hood is also nice - in addition to providing head support, you can put it on loosely to provide shade, which is nice if she falls asleep while in the carrier. ...more info
  • Perfect for People with Lower Back Problems
    I have lower back problems and was very hesitant about using a baby carrier. I bought my Ergo after reading excellent reviews on the Internet and talking with co-workers who owned one. I am thrilled with the results. Using the infant insert, I was able to carry my daughter pain free as I worked around the house. The motion usually lulled her to sleep. We can easily adjusted it to fit my petite sister and taller and broader husband.

    I also love the longevity of this product. My daughter is now 14 months old and we are still using it (hip position preferred). When I am trying to pack lunches in the morning or get supper together in the evening and I have at foot whose arms are up wanting some mommy time, I put her in the ergo and she is thrilled to be part of the action.

    ...more info


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