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You need more than just security software to keep your PC running right. Without regular internal maintenance even the best protected PC will suffer problems and eventually grind to a halt. System Mechanic 8 Professional contains all of the tools you need to defend against threats, and also keep your PC running smooth, fast, and healthy from the inside out. Fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware, viruses, and hacker threats, and much more. Use one centralized system dashboard to automatically perform all vital PC maintenance. Trusted by millions worldwide, System Mechanic Professional sets a new standard for total PC security and optimization in one integrated package.
Iolo AntiVirus protects against viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats Iolo Personal Firewall protects against hackers, Internet intruders, and other unwanted communication Search and Recover - recover deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or media DriveScrubber securely erases data from your hard drive Licensed for use on up to 3 PCs

  • Can be installed on up to three PCs

Customer Reviews:

  • Put a crow bar in your wallet
    For years I have used free or trial versions of antivirus, spyware, firewall, registry cleaner, etc. I finally found one that made me buy the full version after the 30 day trial and erase all the old McAffe, Norton, Zone Alarm etc. I got the trial version from a friend and found it fast, agressive, and seems more complete than the open source and samples I had been using. This even beats AVG. Put a crowbar in your wallet and buy it. I put it on three machines and took it off one with no problems. I am puzzled by negative reviews that claim difficulties. Our IT dept. uses it too of XP, and Vista. While it is new to me, so far it outshines the rest....more info
  • It does what it is intended to do.
    Ok, I've read some of the negative reviews on this product and will have to totally disagree. First off, it has NO issues with Vista. I run in on all my Vista pc's. It will clean your system up and it will do a good job of it. You have a choice of what you want or don't want to install. You have a choice in settings of what you want it to do or not to. I personally use it manually. When my system(s) begin to get sluggish, I open the program and do only the tasks I know it needs. There is a manual/read me file for the program. I would suggest reading it. I've used the program for many years and it has remedied the problem(s)everytime. I would like to see it (the cleaning tools) as a portable app. I could really use that. All in all it's an excellent program....more info
  • Does not work with Vista!
    I purchased version 7 Pro in early May '08, because of the special pricing and because it had a three PC license. I installed it on my primary machine - a Dell desktop running Windows Vista. It installed fine but I noticed the virus database was marked as outdated. I tried to do an update, and went through the motions - the program indicating that it had updated, but afterward still indicated that the database was over 400 days old (how do you get that outdated on a fresh install)!
    I contacted Iolo and they told me to uninstall and re-install, which I attempted. This created another problem. I had a prior version of the included Search and Recover 4.0 already installed on my system, so I did not install this component. I was unable to re-install the SM Pro as long as this program was there. The problem was that I couldn't uninstall S&R using the uninstall on my machine.
    I have been in constant contact with tech support but they have only sent links to FAQ's that I have already read. I even got a link for a free upgrade to version 8 but it wouldn't install either. I finally found a means to do a "clean uninstall" via registry editing. This also did not remove the iolo services from my machine. I found a tool from Microsoft to disable these two services. I now had a "clean" machine. I installed SM 8 Pro with no problems - until I tried to run it. None of the applications would work - they needed the ioloSystemService running. I click on the "start service" link under the advanced button of the service tab of task manager, but neither service will start (the other is called "ioloFileInfoList").
    I have been continually contacting Iolo tech support with my findings and was upgraded on June 25th to their "senior tech staff". Since then I have not heard from tech support, even though I have continued sending information, requested support, opened new cases, etc. - no word from them.
    As part of my experimentation, I installed version 7 on my laptop (running XP) and don't seem to be experiencing any issues. However, my laptop is a backup machine that I rarely use, so it is not a good indicator of how well the program runs.
    All in all, I cannot recommend this program. It has definite issues under Vista, it is almost impossible to remove all vestiges of the program once installed, and their tech support is abysmal. I gave Iolo notice that if I don't get any more than an automated response to my last support request, I will be demanding a full refund. The program had great reviews, but if it doesn't work, then it's worthless....more info
  • Finally, Something That Really Works

    I was very pleased with System Mechanic. It does everything they say it will. Actually, I couldn't believe how well it works !!! I am a club DJ and I must have pc's that are fast and don't freeze. It's the only program I have ever used that when I defragment the hard drive it reports that there are no fragmented files almost 80% of the time !!! I've never had that happen before on pc's I use a lot. You will not be disappointed with System Mechanic.
    One other thing, I am running it on Vista Ultimate 64 bit on one of my pc's. It has a few minor bugs on it but, it is still the best program I've used on it. I had Norton on it and 3 months left on the subscription. This pc ran so slow with Norton it drove me crazy. I removed Norton and installed System Mechanic and now it's much faster & I am very happy with it. DjRoY :-)


    Cleans registry, temp files. Basically, It keeps my pc's running as fast as when they were new. Defragments memory. Fast running which is a big plus. Good customer service if you have a problem.

    Cons :

    So far, I haven't found any... That was the biggest surprise !...more info
  • Iolo System Mechanic

    System Mechanic (Pro) is defective in manifold ways, and is worse than
    installing a virus on your computer.

    Installation can take 6 hours, most spent on "checking for updates". As soon as System Mechanic is installed, it prompts you to download "important updates". When you try, the Update Manager locks you out of using your computer for 8-20 hours; usually it reaches 40% of the update in 8 hours, and in 10 additional hours is still at 40% (fast computer, fast DSL). Stop the process, start it again, hoping that the update will resume where it left of -- surprise: back to 0%. What is more, the Update Manager disconnects your internet connection until you restart your computer.

    Iolo's technical support (no WATS; you pay) takes 1/2 hour waiting for a tech to come on, he only refers you to their on-line documents, which do not help at all. Email Iolo; if you get any answer, it's a week later.

    I have reasons to doubt that the product performs as promised, particularly on keeping the Windows registry in order. I do not trust System Mechanic, particularly as its own Update Manager is so flaky. Really crazy: in the middle of automatically updating its virus definitions, System Mechanic prompts you to restart your computer.

    I will never purchase another Iolo product.
    ...more info
  • Does NOT work with Vista!!!
    The box makes the claim that this software works on windows Vista. This is a lie! I installed it on my machine with 32bit Vista Home Premium edition installed. It found over a dozen problems. So far so good. I push the button that said "repair problems" (or something similar). I get the blue screen of death... It takes some work considering the description of the error is sadly lacking along with a meaningful log. I manually fix the problem. I hit "repair problems", blue screen of death... I do this four times. After I manually hack the registry, kill system files, and manipulate the boot process using msconfig. (oh and I have to manually kill some services... ). Regardless, it doesn't work as advertised. If I didn't already have expert knowledge of the OS, I would have been screwed. This program is marketed toward people who don't have expert knowledge. I don't know about XP. This app may rock on that Windows version... All I know is that it doesn't work worth doodley squat on Vista......more info
  • iolo system mechanics professional
    I had several problems with my computer and finally resorted to asking my friend for help. She recommended system mechanics from [....]. I bought the product (System Mechanics Profesional) and downloaded it with relative ease. I'm not the most literate computer person in the world so I was proud of myself when the download was complete & on the first scan, it found a trojan and a virus. This product is the best I've ever used. If I can use it, anyone can use it!

    ...more info
  • Best computer software I ve ever used.
    This software if very easy to install and use. My computer runs at least 3x faster than before. The virus program is excellent and works much more efficently than Norton and McAfee. In fact, overall, they dont work because they never seem to find a virus. This prgram finds spyware, adware and virus infections and removes them also, if you use the other programs regularly and if you use the automatic settings it keeps your computer clean and running like greased lightning. I cant recomend this product enough....more info
  • Are you kidding me? This thing is pure junk
    I went out to Best Buy and bought the software, I must say...its one of the worst products that I have ever purchased. The darn thing messed up my programs and screwed everything up, thank god I know enough to fix the problem effectively, but what if there is someone who doesn't know how to fix the problem, which in turn sends the user to the PC Shop to get it fixed, more money spent. Avoid this software with all sucks, if you want a reliable and effective system utility, get TuneUp Utilities, at least it won't screw up your system like this one did. I do not recommend buying this piece of junk. I give this software a 1 star, I at least gave it that since the only thing good about it is the nice interface....more info
  • Works Great for XP
    The program has made my computer faster and I did not have any problems installing it on my XP desktop. If you have antivirus already installed you will have to remove the application or not load the antivirus that comes with this program. I would recommend for XP applications....more info
  • System Mechanic Professional
    I have dial up service. As a result, updating System Mechanic Pro took quite a long time. The box said Version 8, as purchased, but when I ran the disc, it was Version 7.5. As a result, I had to do extensive updating and had a few minor glitches in updating. Since the installation, it has functioned well. I have had a few minor problems, but they may have been due to other things, not to System Mechanic. I've been using SM for about a month and like it so far. ...more info
  • Version 8.5 even 64-bit compatible & improving
    Not only has Iolo included Vista compatibility, they have progressed to 64-bit compatibility (albeit limited at this writing)! I have used the program sporadically over the years (primarily the mobile version), but finally broke down and bought the 3-user version for home because I can finally use it on all my systems. I look forward to full 64-bit compatibility; I expect it soon....more info
  • License Key Problems
    System Mechanic has a lot of functionality. The registry cleaner isn't that great but everything else is ok. Product is only worth a max of $25. Mechanic 8 is basically the same as Mechanic 7 except Mechanic 8 no longer has any Antivirus or Spyware sweeep. Beware: The activation key for Mechanic 7 and 8 does not clone. Mechanic detects that the geometry of the hard drive. If it detects a different hard drive geometry it wants a new activation key. Mechanic support may reactivate the key after a week or 2. ...more info
  • Wouldn't even install !
    I purchased the product this month (Nov. 2008). When trying to install I kept getting a pop-up error message saying that I first had to uninstall Spyware Doctor. Spyware Doctor was uninstalled from my computer almost a year ago. Cleaned the registry and did everything else that I could think of; no luck. There was a help page that offered some "bypass" proceedures, but none of them worked. Tried the email tech support route and finally received a reply that did not even apply to my problem. Fortunately, I got my money back. Please don't waste your money....more info
  • System Mechanic 7 = Malware!
    This product was purchased on Aug 31st, 2008 to be installed on a brand new HP Pavilion TX2510US notebook purchased on Aug 21st, 2008. Like a fool I bought this product again from iolo technologies on another laptop and it destroyed the Operating System. Thinking they would have fixed the bugs on System Mechanic Pro I figured I'd give this company another chance. Big Big mistake! Upon reboot after install the software corrupted my Windows Vista boot sector, so bad that I am now unable to even do an F11 System Restore. Spent over an hour with HP live support chat to get this fixed (no resolve). Iolo Technologies falsely advertises in the package they have 24 hour support (lies, lies, lies!) Shame on Iolo for misleading the consumer into believing when their product destroys any computer system there will be a technician to assist. Called the number which is not toll free and went on their website. All you will get is a recording on the number after business hours, holidays and weekends!!!! On the website which is allegedly the 24 hour support, all you get is a link to create a trouble ticket and they will get back to you later!!!!

    If you value using your system, DO NOT PURCHASE IOLO'S SYSTEM MECHANIC PRODUCT, it will destroy your Windows Vista Operating System!!! I now have a $1,099.99 doorstop thanks to Iolo Technologies. To even make matters worse, I needed this system for a business trip the day after Labor Day. A $40.00 purchase destroyed my HP Pavilion Notebook!!!!!!!

    Arch Yeomans...more info
  • one of the best
    This is one of the best products I have ever used. It will do all you need and more...more info
  • Waste of hard earned money
    So saving up and buying a good maintenance program, I find that it only works for a year. None of my other system mechanic programs had this, so I didn't expect 8 to suddenly make my life a hassle. I won't ever buy from Iolo again....more info
  • Set It and Forget It
    I've bounced around between different system suites that claimed to do it all. All I wanted was a program to do everything without me having to remember. System Mechanics (SM) 8 is it. You can let it do it's thing; or you can configure it to your liking. I have XP, and SM8 does a good job. Now I am not a power user, or computer savvy, as long as the computer doesn't crash or blow up, that's fine. Overall everything is running a bit faster. I read an article saying the antivirus and firewall weren't the best; but you can run your own stand alone programs. I will stay with SM8's firewall/antivirus. For people like me who want to "set it and forget it," it is perfect. Chow...more info
  • Works Great With XP Won't Install On Vista 64 Bit
    This is the best PC tune up I have seen on the market. I have it on my Desktop which has Windows XP and it is working great. Way better that Norton.

    I couldn't wait to install it on my laptop which has Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit.

    I put the disk in to install it and I got a popup that said
    "This program is not compatible with 64 bit systems as this time." :(

    Well I guess I will have to get something else for my laptop for now.

    If it had worked on my laptop I would have given it 5 stars.


    ...more info
  • I do not recommend: serious issues
    This product is not good for the "experts" as they can do
    most everything this product does manually, and perhaps they
    do it using a safer approach.

    This product is absolutely inappropriate for the novices and
    beginners: the installation process will install everything
    (e.g., main tools, firewall, etc), automates many of the
    tasks, and essentially will take over, regularly
    carrying tasks that are unnecessary, CPU-demanding,
    and can cause many error prompts. Given the poor (and
    essentially non-existing) customer services, the beginner user
    will be on his/her own to uninstall, disable, or to live
    with the annoying, and sometimes scary responses (e.g.,
    indicators showing absolutely poor "health", "security"
    and "overall" status).

    Perhaps reasonably experienced users can selectively
    install and run certain tasks, and take appropriate
    precautions (e.g., do a backup of registry before running
    the registry cleaner).

    However there is a MAJOR problem with the above: if you
    plan to do the above during a convenient time (e.g., when
    you do not have access to the Internet and would like to do
    some PC clean up and maintenance), you are out of luck as
    you will get the following message:

    "System Mechanic Professional was unable to connect to the
    Internet. System Mechanic Professional must validate its
    subscription information by communicating with
    over the Internet. Typical reason for this include the
    following: A third-party firewall or Internet security
    blocked ..."

    In other words, you will have to have access to the
    Internet in order to run this software. That is absolutely
    unacceptable. Consider if your other software (e.g.,
    Office, Adobe tools, editors, etc) would require the same.

    Listen IOLO and System Mechanic "Professionals": If
    your tools require Internet connection to work all
    the time (i.e., after activation/registration), please
    boldly inform the customer. It is rather unintelligent
    to require access to Internet once the software has
    been registered and activated (as IOLO requires both
    of these); it renders the tool worthless.

    Minor: every time I launched my version of System Mechanic
    Professional (version 8.5.1), it showed the following
    "Hints and Tips Today": Send System Mechanic to a friend:
    Send a Gift Now.
    ...more info


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