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Fix computer problems, increase speed, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware threats and much more, all with one program! This award-winning utility suite is trusted by millions worldwide to secure, optimize, repair, and tune-up their systems. System Mechanic 8 provides a wealth of tools to keep PCs running in peak condition. This versatile and easy-to-use product allows you to run system analyses to stay informed about your PC's condition, view any system problems detected by System Mechanic and decide which ones you want to repair, enable ActiveCare to perform the automated housekeeping tasks that you specify and select the exact repair and optimization tools that suit your needs, and run them when you want and how you want.
Intellistatus feature provides real-time system information for performance tracking and troubleshooting. System Mechanic interface is redesigned to allow for quicker access and more intuitive use. Improved SafetyNet feature makes it easier for users to revert system changes. System Mechanic Odometer shows statistics of all the repairs and optimizations made by System Mechanic. Licensed for use on up to 3 PCs

  • Can be installed on up to three PCs

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!!!
    I came into contact with a trojan horse virus and my antivirus quaratined and removed it from my system but not before it had installed some unauthorized components on my computer. I still had annoying popups bugging me every few minutes and my existing tools could not find where these were coming from. So I went to and downloaded a 30-day trial version of this program. This program is very thorough and helped me find where that malicious software was installed. Turns out it was installed in my startup menu so I removed that and my computer has run like new since I ran this. This program can do things to maintain and clean a computer that I never new existed but it can. So, if you have a computer or if you just purchased a new one buy this program you won't regret it!!...more info
  • The best software to enhance computer performance.
    Since I purchased Iolo's System Mechanic 3 about one year ago my laptop and PC have been running extraordinarily well. The software diagnoses common computer problems and fixes both hardware and software problems in a minimum amount of time to get the machines running flawlessly. It is superior to Norton's SystemWorks hands down and does many more things. I would highly recommend this product to keep both laptops and PCs in tip-top shape. I was and continue to be very impressed.

    Greg Wolak
    Milwaukee, WI...more info
  • Great PC Utility
    I became a System Mechanic user way back when it was System Mechanic 3, and have loved it ever since. I have taught myself how to build computers by doing so, and SysMech was always there to help me keep my sometimes-not-so-well-designed pc's up and running smoothly. It covers a huge range of jobs, and has a clean, intuitive, and easy to use layout that gets me where I want to be w/a minimum of button clicking, and every tool and action is well explained, so that you always know what you're doing, what precautions to take, and how to revert back if necessary.

    Over the years, I've strayed occasionally, but I always find my way back to SysMech for one simple reason: It does what it says it will do, and it does it well enough that the improvement is always huge. And all the while, it is simple enough that even the most computer illiterate person could be comfortable using it. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a highly usable maintenance and repair utility that will grow apace to the technological improvements to the machines it maintains. SysMech installs easily, runs smoothly and with great stability, and comes w/very competent customer service, in the very rare event that one should need it. Now, if we could just convince the world that every new pc needs to come with a full version pre-installed....
    ...more info
  • Git R Done Quickly and Easily
    This is simply the best product out there.It is really easy to set up and use.The support staff is very reliable and I appreciated the way they helped me with a little glitch.IOLO system mechanic works in the background and you don't know they are there.Keep up the good work.!!Thanks,Jimiolo System Mechanic 7 - 3 PCs...more info
  • Your mileage may vary
    OK, my hard drive is slow and stupid. There's no way around it.

    But those honeyed words of the System Mechanic ad copy - it sounded like she'd frolic like a youngster again, racing off to do my bidding like an eager German Shorthair Retriever. How could I resist?

    It pays to listen to that quiet voice that tells you when something is too good to be true.

    The hard drive is still slow and stupid and somehow it's made System Mechanic slow and stupid as well. SM takes forever to boot up, sometimes gets stuck halfway through its paces and often reports that it can find no problems with the system.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's just taking up space on my hard drive. ...more info
  • Good software
    I have been using System Mechanic for years, and I continue to be highly satisfied with its maintenance results. I am a little suspect of the defrag program since it flies through a 150 G drive in just seconds. But, I have compared SMs defrag with Diskeeper, and they are remarkably similar. I would recommend SM for those who wish to select a radio button and forget about selective maintenance....more info
  • quick and easy
    System mechanics is easy to use. It works by itself practically, and it keeps your system up and running smooth. You just sit back and do your thing and you don't have to worry about your system messing up on you. I love this product....more info
  • Great protection and easy to use
    I was a System Mechanic user before (let the license lapse) and was in the market for a good and easy to use do-it-all tool. It began with the ease of ordering and extended all the way to the fast and glitch-free installation. It does it's job and does not draw a lot of system resources. If you are in the market for a truly good aftermarket tool, then look no further than System Mechanic. The website is easy to navigate and the price is pretty good too!...more info
  • It saved my computer
    I fixed my dying computer with System Mechanic. It's true! My computer got so sluggish and balky I was considering how I was going to come up with the money to buy a new one. While doing some research on how to fix my problem I happened upon System Mechanic by accident and I'm so glad I did. I ran the "deep analysis" and presto my computer ran like its old self. Now a "quick analysis" once a week keeps it and my other two computers purring. That was two years ago and my computer is still running great. It is so reasonably priced that it is worth a try before lugging your computer off for expensive repairs (where the computer guy may charge you to run this very program for you). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! ...more info
  • BEWARE...!!!
    Picture this: your computer has crashed and lost most of its usability. You've managed to get it started again, but cannot access the internet to search for help. You need a media-based solution. So, you see System Mechanic on the shelf and it gives you all sorts of reasons to trust it and you ultimately shell out the cash for it and take it home. You open the box and try to install it...but guess what??? can't because you have no internet access!*?@# These people are so set on their activation policy that the program won't even install and run once without being activated. So you have forty bucks worth of software that you can't use even though it might be just what you need! Can't return it because it's been opened...but they didn't warn you about the "Catch-22" they're going to pull on you. Another 'gotcha' for some is that it won't run under Vista 64-bit version. The box simply states that it WILL work with Vista, making absolutely no mention of 32-bits only. Again, once you open the box and find all this out it's too late to get your money back.

    ...more info
  • Best All-Around System Maintenance
    I have been using System Mechanic products since version 5. They are the best for a multi-utility Windows maintenance program. Version 6 was a little quirky, but version 8 is the best yet. The only other program I have used that comes close is Iobit's Advanced Windows Care - but it is a light-weight compared to what you can do with SM8. And each version just keeps getting better. I have it installed on all my computers and receive emails from each one with status and repairs made!...more info
  • One Stop Program!!
    It's the only program needed that does it all from finding problematic areas on the computer and correcting them to optimizing space for efficient use! It cleans all the registry problems and files that can clutter your computer overtime and slow it down!...more info

    I am an existing owner of previous version; I have been using System Mechanic for the past three years, I found the products effective in cleaning my desktop, make it run fast and keep it secure. Because I am happy with this software I decided to upgrade without evaluation requirement, and I am pleased and recommend to other desktop users.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Product
    I have a computer that is just over three years old. It had gotten to the point to where you couldn't even sign on. I wasn't sure anything could be done with this computer but I bought System Mechanic and ran it. To my surprise the computer that I couldn't even sign on came to life and now works as good as it ever did. The product is easy to use and a miracle for my computer. I now have it installed on three computers that I own and am going to install it on my new computer as well. Great product and inexpensive compared to a new computer. I have told everyone I talk to that is having computer problems about this product. IT IS GREAT!!! Thank you System Mechanic.
    Roger Hall...more info
  • Not reliable enough and some "fixes" are dangerous
    System Mechanic uses an unsigned disk access device driver (elrawdsk.sys) for its maintenance, and I wonder if that was one of the causes for a system breakdown that subsequently required a complete restore of my hard drive. The disk defragmentation is suspiciously fast, although my PC did seem faster. Internet Optimization appears to apply the same adjustments whether under XP or Vista, even though Vista has a completely rewritten TCP/IP stack. Spyware detection on my system led to a false positive. The Iolo website has no technical information about how it works nor an online support forum, which makes it difficult to know if it's actions are safe. ActiveCare will run only after 5 minutes of idle (minimum), where it would be better to run in the background at low priority (especially in Vista with its improved I/O prioritization), if automatic maintenance was the key.

    There are plenty of free alternatives which are safer: Wise Registry Cleaner, NTRegOpt, JkDefrag, ScanDefrag, FosiX Lite, File Shredder, Belarc Advisor, Tweak UI (XP) or WinBubbles (Vista), Seconfig (XP), TCP/IP Optimizer (XP), and CCleaner....more info
  • Easy and Essential
    Easy to set up and configure. The main tool of System Mechanic is easy to access on the main screen allowing you to run an analysis whenever you feel it's necessary, also you can easily repair all detected problems or choose what problems to fix individually. The best feature in this version of System Mechanic is the improved Activecare that has had its configuration options greatly improved. They have provided many options on how to schedule active care to run in the background, such as only between certain hours, or not to run if processor use is over a certain percentage. And best of all it does not use any system resources when running silently in the background. It's also a great value because it can run on 3 pcs with one licence. So I am able to run it on the other 2 pcs I take care of for my less computer savvy family members and it keeps their registries clean and temp files from overflowing without me having to check on them every week. As an added bonus it provides an assortment of tools to see your computers health like the hard drive status monitor I just found today. That brings me to System Mechanics only downside, many of the tools are buried in the menus and hard to find plus many details of what it finds in the scans are difficult to see unless you run that categories separate utility that goes more in depth on findings. But if you are willing to put some effort into digging through the menus there are lots of interesting utilities bundled in. Overall I think it's a great value for the cost and am happy they brought all these features together into one utility and allow you to have it run silently in the background and forget about it....more info
  • Quick, Easy, and Efficient
    I don't write a lot of reviews either, by the way, I find comments like that irrelavant to consumers so forgive me for even posting it. I have operated Iolo's System Mechanic for just over a year now. I had no problems loading it. I have no problems using it. I have no problems with the way it updates. I know just enough about my computer to know that if I start tinkering with it, in an attempt to make it run faster, I can potentially do more harm than good. I can honestly say my computer runs better because I use it. I recently renewed my subscription for two more years and was pleased with the ease of my renewal process. During the renewal process Iolo provided me with pertinent information regarding my account, on the screen, before I had to perform a deep search for it. Oh, I can still operate my previously installed firewall and virus protection with System Mechanic....more info
    System Mechanic Professional 3-UserI had a little trouble at first but their support is just great and turned out to be pilot error, so I STOPPED. The Mechanic is all it's cracked up to be, don't hesitate to give it a try, and you CAN TRUST THEIR SUPPORT....more info
  • A tool to keep your PC running smoothly
    I have been using System Mechanic for many years now, and I have tried many tools that claim to do the same, but none as System Mechanic, it just keeps getting better in time and now all my computers at home have it too... that way I keep everyone happy with the PC....more info
  • This is Malware
    This product removes inportant system settings, files, and information and causes your syetem to also picks up spyware parasite that only it can see and I found out why....iolo's SM is the parasite!!! That's right see's itself as a parasite invading your system that's why only SM picks up that one parasite every time you run a scan. This software sucks and it nothing but a computer killer, I already lost a Compaq presario laptop to this useless software. Use Windows Live One Care it's all you need....more info
  • Gets the job done
    System Mechanic helped speed up my system. Fair enough- it does what it's supposed to.
    One of the issues I had with this product is that it would not let me run the program without first registering it. I understand the logic behind this, but disagree with it. I bought this because one of my pc's was running very slow. It took about 20-25 minutes to start up and forget about installing programs! So, here I am trying to to install a program that will not work on my darn pc because it's not registered. But I could not register it because my PC kept crashing. It was very frustrating. They should allow a clean install and repair once before they make you register or look for updates.
    If you have problems connecting to the internet or your system is really, really slow or has intermitten crashes, this may not be the program for you. It does what it is supposed to do, but if you can't load it, what's the point?
    So finally got it installed after a headache or two (started PC in safe mode, worked some kinks out myself, etc) and I was able to start appreciating the software (I'll pretend the two drinks it drove me to drink had nothing to do with it).
    It had to run system analyse three times, but it did clean up my registry entries, found a spyware program that ad-aware and even symantec missed, and fixed some memory problems I was having . My system is much better than before. Startup is faster and I no longer crash. I had that four year old computer sitting in a corner for about 6 months gathering dust. System mechanic helped get it working again.
    One of the things it does not do is prevent problems from happening in the first place. It promises ActiveCare technology that 'detects and repairs problems in the background without any interference or drain on resources'. Not true- at least not for me. If it does, I haven't figure that part out yet. I could be running the pc and get no warning messages all day, but if I run a 'system analyze', it will always find a few problems to fix.

    I would recommend this product because it does help get your system in better shape. It works. I've had it for about three weeks and doing a few system sweeps here and there, my system has been a lot more stable. I'm hoping a memory upgrade will help out too. I just wish the makers of this product were a little more efficient with the initial install and that it had (better) real time system 'repair prevention'.
    ...more info
  • the equivalent of dropping some money in a garbage disposal
    You are pretty much buying a program that brings up some not so fancy progress bars to let you know its "working" then your PC will restart. Then you will notice nothing has changed, its still slow. I'm so glad I wasted money on this!...more info


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