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The Deluxe PedEgg is the revolutionary foot file that you've seen nationally advertised on TV. It's the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS! The secret is PedEgg's precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the ultimate finishing touch. The unique egg shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use. Best of all, PedEgg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowing you to use it anywhere with no mess. You and your feet will love the new PedEgg! Satisfaction Guaranteed - Includes 2 Buffing/Polishing Pads FREE! + FREE 1oz MIRACLE FOOT REPAIR CREAM

  • The ultimate foot file
  • Over 135 Precision Micro-Files
  • Stainless Steel Blade is Safe to the Touch
  • Ergonomic "No Mess" Design
  • So gentle, won't burst a balloon

Customer Reviews:

  • waste of money
    it didnt work at all. instead of smoothing my feet, made them rougher than they've ever been. not to mention that it's cheaply made.

    needless to say, i returned it....more info
  • Best product to date for callused feet!
    I have tried everything from sandpaper, electric sanders, pumice stones, rasps, etc. The Ped Egg is the best by far. I recommend to anyone with cracked, dried sore feet. After removing the thick callus rub in a good foot cream such as Tripod. A+ product ...more info
  • Better than a Microplane for Pedicure
    I had been thinking about getting the PediEgg Professional for some time and received one yesterday. First of all, I would recommend that you use this only on moisture-free skin to be effective. The included instructions are very easy to understand and the product is very easy to use if you have full use of your hand because you need to wrap your fingers around the hard plastic and move the tool back and forth on the dry skin. For me, the only difficulty is holding the egg under my foot so the exfoliated skin can be collected in the compartment, as my natural tendency is to place one leg over the other with the foot facing up and use the egg on top of that foot. In that case, the skin will fall out and onto the ground. If you have a willing party assist you by using the egg underneath your foot, I imagine it would be fantastic and you'd have no skin falling out of the compartment. My heels had become very calloused, so I didn't expect too much on the first attempt, but I was very impressed with the results. The emery pad has an adhesive backing, so it's attached to the flat bottom of the egg, the secondary part that protects the blades. This is a bonus in my opinion because it keeps all I need in one handy device, but I doubt that I'd spend the money for replacement pads and likely will purchase a separate device that would be longer lasting. It definitely polished the skin well. Follow up your treatment with a wonderful foot cream like one by Barielle or simply apply Aquaphor or Vaseline and wear light cotton socks to bed for the final step in softening your dry feet. Although I'm impressed with the PediEgg, I've deducted one star because the light plastic of the egg doesn't seem to be strong enough to last for years. When this one goes, I will get another updated model because it does really work on those nasty dry heels....more info
  • No more Hooves!
    First off, being diabetic, along with owning a home that is full of tile, my feet are often very calloused. This has been a problem for years and so extreme that I was embarassed to go to salons to get a pedicure. Then this inexpensive little miracle came around and it was my heels best friend.

    I'm not quite sure why there are a few bad reviews, this worked perfectly for me. A helpful hint: you DO need to probably soak your feet in hot water for about 10-15 minutes prior to using the pedegg. This will soften your skin and will help the process of removal. I use this 2-3 times a week and my feet have never been so smooth. It also has an emory board you can attach which in included.

    The design is superb. The egg-like shape fits comfortably in your palm. Any skin cells that flake off are stored inside, no mess at all.

    Overall, it's the best ten bucks I could ever spend for my feet!

    PS--You can purchase the Ped Egg in Pink and profits are donated to breast cancer research :)...more info
  • A pumice stone from walmart works better
    This product sort of does what it advertises, but I wasn't satisfied. I used it a couple times and it did shave off dead skin. However, the skin went all over the floor and not just into the egg so I had to clean up a mess. Then, I felt like later on it left my feet looking bad and not as nice as they should. So the next morning I used my cheap $2.99 pumice stone from the store and fixed what the pedegg did to my feet. I have been using my pumice stone ever since and been very satisfied. The pedegg went in the garbage....more info
  • Not really as described on TV
    Yes, as others have mentioned this is a cheese grater for your feet. But did that really surprise you. What else can it be? It does a pretty good job of getting the dead skin and/or callouses off your feet. It will not however in my case get my feet as smooth as a babies behind. This item is not recommended for diabetics, which I am and have had no problems with it causing any cuts, scrapes for injuries. But you need to pay attention to what your doing....more info
  • A cheese grater for your feet
    This honestly is one of the worst products I've ever used. It really only works if you apply a lot of pressure, making it an exhausting process. Save your money, mine went into the trash....more info
  • Not a scam!
    It seems like something that wouldn't work, but it's actually a miracle!
    The inner parts of my soles and big toes were getting so dry, the became yellow and tough. I tried everything! I have every kind of foot lotion you could imagine and nothing worked.
    So i finally used the Pedegg and it was amazing! After just fifteen minutes of use, the toughness began to go down and now it doesn't hurt to walk anymore! (Yes, that's how bad they were! It hurt me so much!)
    Plus, it seems like a cheese grater for your foot would hurt and burn, but it's painless!!
    The only flaw is that if you have used this several times without emptying the shavings, the old dry skin will fall onto your foot as you use it. It's gross...but if you empty it every now and then it's great!
    I highly reccomend it! It isn't too late to have great feet!...more info
  • love it!
    this product is amazing!!! i got it just to try it out cause i was seeing mixed reviews but i love it!!...more info
  • Works just like on TV!
    I was skeptical but after using it for 5 minutes, I was sold! Use light pressure for best results and be patient. This will be the best $10 you ever spend....more info
  • To those with Hobbit feet...
    This little egg is a miracle. Try as I might to take care of my heals, come rain or shine, cold and heat, they are a veritable canyon system of cracks. So gross. So embarrassing. So instead of dropping $35 a week and imposing arthritic level effort on the part of my beloved Vietnamese nail tech, Ing, I picked up one of these babies and haven't looked back since.
    Both Ing and I agree that my heals now look like they belong to a high-maintenance human being as opposed to a road weary hobbit.
    ...more info
  • BABY FEET!!!!
    This product is fantastic. I had thick callouses on my heels that not even the manicurist wanted to tackle on a recent trip for a pedicure. I bought this product and used on dry feet. I could not believe how this worked. It makes a fine dust out of the callous. It's been a few days since I used it and I have the baby soft feet I haven't seen in years. My husband used to tell me I scratched him with my feet and also it got caught on the comforter. No more. [...]. ...more info
  • Singing the praises of the Ped Egg!
    I have never written a review on any products before, but I feel I really need to express my opinion on this product. No one has worse calluses than me. I have tried anything and everything and nothing seems to get rid of them. The calluses on my heels are thick, ragged and snag on everything including my new silky bedspread I just bought! If I use pumice stones or a foot file, my calluses are only slightly smoothed over on the top, but the real problem remains underneath. Well, enter the Ped Egg! When I use the Ped Egg, it completely and painlessly removes my calluses! In just one session, I can go from thick ugly calluses to smooth pink heels. It's a wonder product for me. I feel like I can finally show off my feet without embarrassment. As long as you use the product the right way, you can't go wrong. (And it would be difficult to use it incorrectly) When my calluses are really thick, I do have to apply a bit of pressure to get through them, but in the end I'm left with silky smooth heels!
    If you have ugly thick calluses like me, the Ped Egg is the product to buy! You won't be sorry!...more info
  • kicks as5
    this thing rocks if your feet are in bad shape. i doubt it would be useful to people with very light calluses. be careful not to go overboard this thing is basically a cheese grater. make sure to use a regular foot file after you're done, this will do the heavy work, but a smooth file after will leave your feet oh so suckable....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I bought my ped-egg from Walgreens, and I was looking forward to seeing a change in my rough heels. I am still waiting to see some difference. I have finally given up on it and went back to my blade shaver. ...more info
  • Not the Results I Was Expecting
    I had a friend really rave about the Ped Egg and since it was on Amazon's 4 for 3 offers, I thought that I would give it a try.

    Boy, was I disappointed. I've used it exactly as the directions stated but I don't get anything but an empty egg with a few dry skin cells. It doesn't grate or shave my feet at all.

    The egg is a good idea. The shape fits comfortably in my hand and that makes it easy to use but the grates in the metal are just not sharp enough nor do they protrude enough to get the job done.

    This was a total waste of money. I'm sticking to my pumice stone and my Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Treatment, Cracked Heel, 2-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3). ...more info
  • Works as advertised, but...
    The pedegg does exactly what they say it will do. It is basically a footfile that collects the shaved off skin. It's not perfect, but I am about to buy my second one, so obviously I like it. You have to be careful to not hold it sideways when you use it or the shavings fall back out. My nly complaint is that the blades dull very quickly, but you can get replacement blades....more info
  • It Works, But It's Very Time Consuming
    I would give it five stars but it takes a lot of time to do, plus the blade was beginning to weaken the first time I used it. But it does work well -- my feet are now smooth and silky and they used to be in horrendous shape. I definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Works well enough
    I love to wear sandles but have zero time to get a pedicure so my feet turn into SOS pads over the summer. I bought the PedEgg hoping it would be the answer to my prayers and so far I guess it's probably the closest I'll ever get. I love the contour of the product and it fits nicely into my hand. After working on each foot for a probably a total for 8-10 minutes my hand didn't feel like it was going to cramp like it did with some of the other pumice stone things I have. I like the premise of something that will 'catch' all the shavings but in reality I use it at more of a 90 degree angle (otherwise it's an unnatural position for my hand) and so at least 25% or more of the shavings continue to fall all over the floor. I guess I should have done the test run on this over the trash can! Something else I wasn't too excited about - I couldn't get the stupid thing apart to empty out the canister. Had to call in my husband. As for my heels - it really did work nicely. After I figured out the most effective position/angle for the pedegg on whatever part of my foot I was working on, it seemed to be very efficient and not at all painful or uncomfortable. I loved the little emery (sp?) boards that were included as well. They really got the rest of those little pieces that couldn't be picked up by the pedegg. So...10 minutes of my night and my feet are like new again. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have nicer tootsies!...more info
  • foot file
    I was disappointed to find all the pedegg was, was a foot file shaped like an egg. I thought it would at least be battery operated or vibrate or something. Anyway, used it on my fiance's feet one time and she will not let me get it near her again (good way to get out of foot massages), but wouldn't pay for it again....more info
  • Works wonders, but be warned
    I learned quickly that this has nothing to do with breakfast but it does make my feet smooth. ...more info
    I received the Ped Egg Foot File as a gift and I had been wanting to try a foot file for a long time. I was amazed at how well it worked. My feet were very dry and hard and I noticed a huge improvement after the very first time using it. After using it for about 5 minutes my feet felt alive again and 50 times softer. It felt strange just walking around because I had feelings in my feet that I wasn't used to. For best results follow up with a foot lotion. This is a very good product and a reasonable price. If you are looking for a high quality foot cream to go along with it then I suggest the following as I have used it and it is excellent. Barielle Total Foot Care Cream Also if you are looking for additional or replacement blades for your Ped Egg then you can find them here. Ped Egg-Replacement Blades AS SEEN ON TV...more info
  • WOW !
    It really, really works ! I used it after taking a shower and I must tell you my feet have never felt softer or looked better. I'm thrilled with this product. The best $10 I've ever spent....more info
  • product as promised
    i was pleasntly surprised - everything was great, it came in the original packaging and works as advertsied....more info
  • Skepical of the "cheese grater"...
    Regarding: Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File

    I actually have been making fun of their commercials - calling their product a cheese grater and thinking that it would simply slice chunks off your feet.

    Well, I found out a reliable friend has one, and love it... so I thought that I'd give it a try.

    My feet are in terrible condition. The cracks in my heels have their own cracks and dry skin - yech! So, I used the egg as described and the skin came off easily (you have to hold it right and cut back-and-forth lengthwise or otherwise you'll get cut) and painlessly. After the first use there was a very noticeable difference. I'll be interested to see what they look like tomorrow morning (I added some heel healing creme and socks for the night).

    The clean up was easy, and I did not have any problems with spills. However, those with weak stomachs may find an aversion to grated Parmesan cheese for awhile....more info
  • Great for the man in your life too!
    I bought this for my husband and he loves it! It's a clean way for him to get those calluses off. Highly recommend for the price! Nice little thought gift for your significant other. ...more info
  • It works
    Great. Works exactly like it should. I wish it was a little sharper but, it gets the job done. Smooth transaction by the seller. I got it immediately. ...more info
  • Too rough
    I've used quite a few "foot file" type products and find that this one is too rough. The shredder part is so large that it hacks up your feet, while the sanding paper only lasts for a few uses.

    I much prefer a finer grate, like what's found on the Revlon Callus Remover. It is gentler, and yet more effective. Its fine sanding side also lasts a lot longer than the Ped Egg's sander....more info
  • It works, just be careful if you don't have much callous
    I am very impressed with this product. It takes almost no effort to get soft feet that I haven't had in years. One thing: when you don't have much callous, be very careful not to shave off the "healthy" skin, because the device cannot differentiate between flaky skin and soft skin (obviously). I just wanted to trim off the little flakes on my heel but PedEgg made the skin red and hurtful after about five rubs. It doesn't take much for it to do that - after all, it's simply "grating" the surface of the skin....more info
  • really good but messier than i thought
    This works really well on callouses. The package says all the shards stay in the egg. They didn't for me. Next time I will do the deed outside or over some old newspaper....more info
  • Fantastic!!
    I normally get pedicures every couple of weeks, but when I attempting to go on a budget, my poor feet suffered the consequences. My husband, who is used to me having smooth feet, suggest I try the Ped-Egg. I needed to get my feet in good shape for my brother's wedding so that I could wear my open-toed strappy heels. So I decided (somewhat reluctantly) to purchase this in an attempt to save money. After showering, with clean and dry feet, I gave the Ped-Egg a try - and I am so glad I did! I cannot believe how much smoother my feet are after using this product! The first time I saw it, I thought it would be horrible since it looks like a cheese grater, but it did wonders for my poor feet. I've only used it once and the results were amazing. My brother's wedding is not until next week (I tried this out early just in case it was horrible I would still have time to get a pedicure) and I plan on using this a few more times before then for the smoothest possible feet. I'm glad I decided to try it - well work the few bucks you're going to spend on it - and much cheaper than a regular pedicure! ...more info
  • Works !
    I bought one and I am very happy with the results. I have very bad cracked heels and have used pumice stone several times without much success. One use of ped egg made my feet much smoother - I am sure that with regular use, I can keep the cracked heels under check. I can't afford a pedicure that often. Additionally, I don't always have the time and energy to give myself a pumice stone pedicure in the bathroom (it needs wet feet and the droppings) - but I can do a pedegg pedicure even while relaxing in the living room....more info
  • it was horrible
    It was less then useless for what it's supposed to do. It hardly filed and quite cheap.....more info
  • This thing works!
    This thing works! I have a terrible time with hard cracked heels and have typically used sand paper to sand down the rough skin on my feet so when I saw this on TV I thought, what the heck... give it a try. I did and it works great! It did take a while of scrubbing the first time to get my feet smooth but I know the condition of my feet had a lot to do with that. I washed my feet after using it and put on an overnight foot cream with socks and the next morning my feet were softer than they've been in years. I'd like to see them come up with a PediEgg that is a bit more tougher and wouldn't take as long to use on really tough skin but I know that if I keep up with this and do it at least once a week, I can't see needing something stronger. Highly recommend this product.Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File...more info
  • Great skin grater
    The Ped Egg is a great skin grater! Removes the rough and tough dry skin from the heel of your foot with ease and allows the skin to renew. Works as advertised....more info
  • Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File
    Useful for anyone trying to do home pedicures and in need of tools comparable to a professional manicurist....more info
  • Amazing!
    Finally a product that lives up to its' commercials! Have turned many people onto the PedEgg, and they are all extremely grateful. Wish I had invented it. See mega sales on this one!...more info
  • Ped Trash
    I rated it one because I made a mental list of its cons and then tried to think of its pros and couldn't come up with any. The skin shaving mostly stayed in it although some fell out, not really a big deal, I groom in the bathroom and expected at least a little mess. My feet are mostly rough from wearing flip flops too much and though they are much rougher than they used to be, I see other ladies' feet and can tell you that they are still pretty decent in comparison. My thing was that even though I didn't use very much pressure and I followed the instructions dilligently my feet were terribly sore and none the softer. That's unacceptable. I'm willing to take some discomfort in exchange for results but there were none. Just painful, kind of like you've been wearing awful shoes all day long while running around. Took a couple of weeks to get back to normal. NOTE: I've been reading some reviews on Dremels and from there I got the idea, because other people have been doing it, to use it to soften my feet. It worked great. I used the Dremel 400 but I just got the Dremel Minimite because it's cordless and more convenient for grooming and because my husband wanted the big Dremel back in the garage....more info
  • Ped Egg-cellent
    The Ped Egg delivers as promised... It does however, take awhile to 'shave' down feet that are in bad shape. I wish they would make an electric Ped Egg like an electric fuzz remover......more info
  • The Ped Egg is really a "neat" gadget
    I bought this to see if it were as good or better than the straight foot scraper that we have and it is better in some ways and not as good in others. The straight one is a little easier for me to manage than the ped egg---and, to me, the egg is sharper. Sometimes my foot is not as smooth as it should be. Using the discs (that are like sandpaper, only a lot smoother) definately makes your feet feel better than if you scrape without it. The great thing about the egg is that it holds the shavings from your feet in a neat little base. Just don't turn the blade side down, or you'll have shavings to clean up!...more info
  • Not all it's "cracked" up to be
    This foot scraper is a nice concept, but it really is more gimmicky than actually innovative. Sure, it scrapes your feet and shears off the dead skin, but in my experience, more 'shavings' ended up on the floor and not in the 'egg' recepticle. When the price goes down to about four or five bucks, it would not be a bad skin care item to have. But at i0 bucks or more, it's a waste of money. You'd do better just to buy a one buck pumice stone at your local dollar stone and use it while showering.

    So, in all, great concept that kind of falls short of its promises....more info
  • ped
    it does work, but i find that if u don't hold it a certain way everything u just scrapped come out of the same place of the tool that hold th scrappings. handles well. ...more info
  • Good Product, works as expected
    I like this foot file but wish it would take more skin off in a short period of time....more info
    this thing tore up my feet. i'd say best not to use it on super dry feet- try a soak first. yes, it works as easily as you see on tv, but the results are not the same. at least not for me. it's like a cheese grater, only sharper!!...more info
  • Works as advertised - glad I bought it
    This works just as advertised (how often does THAT happen?) Totally pain free, relatively little physical exterion required even with rough, dry heels. Clean and neater than a plain old hand held file. I love the little sand paper (smoother they call it) that comes with this set. ...more info
  • It does work....BUT
    It did take off a fair amount of dead skin. Make sure your foot is DRY and put something like a towel down because you are bound to tip it when getting around the heels. The draw back is that it does not leave your feet soft and smooth. It has a side spot where you put a stick on piece of file paper/light weight sand paper to smooth after you use the "grater". It came with an extra paper for when this one is no longer "sanding". I haven't seen replacement pads for it anwhere. My regular plastic handle foot file works just as well or even better since it is easier to hold. This product would be good if you have severely cracked heels but for me, I'll just stick to my foot file. And, lotion up well afterwards!...more info
  • PedEgg
    This is not at all what I thought it would be. This was a true waste of my money and in these economic hard times that just makes me mad!...more info
  • not worth the $$
    these will leave your feet dry & cracked. If you wouldn't use your cheese grater on your feet don't buy this it's the same thing....more info
  • Good when used with pumice
    I saw this gadget several times before I bought it. I was concerned about rubbing a product that looked like a cheese grater over my heels and the balls of my feet. I was positive that it would hurt and make my feet bleed, but it doesn't. (my heels by the way were tough with thick skin and my partner had thick callouses on the outsides of his toes.) I bought two, one for each of us for proper hygiene, and we both appreciate the results that this product gives us. I use this about once a week to 10 days BEFORE I get in the shower so that all over the bottom of my feet (except the arch) are smoother and more attractive in open-heeled shoes. I continue to be amazed at the amount of dead skin this removes. My feet aren't too smooth to the touch after this, so I use pumice in the shower to smooth out the residual roughness. In my opinion, this is a critical step. I have not tried the emery sheets that it came with.

    On thick calluses that form in other places, this product works equally well. With persistent, regular use, the callouses disappear, and shoes are much more comfortable to wear and fit better.

    This might be the most effective gadget I have bought for under 10 dollars, and I have recommended it to several friends. ...more info
  • Love it!
    Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File
    This product is simply wonderful. My feet were not that bad, but, after only a couple of minutes, my feet look wonderful and are incredibly soft. Yes, as others have said, there is somewhat of a challenge to collect all of the "shavings"--the dry skin that comes off, but I just used it over a small trashcan in my bathroom. It's much easier and safer to use than a blade, and you don't have to get into the shower or get your feet wet to use it (in fact, you shouldn't). I'm not one to buy into the t.v. hype of products like these, but I am sold with this one....more info
    It did exactly what it said. It got rid of any roughness on my feet quickly. Very easy to use and it catches the filings so you don't make a mess. I did not have any problems with roughness as some of the other reviewers did. I found that it left my feet perfectly smooth. Simply use as instructed. I finish off with a foot moisturizer for good measure. It kept my feet looking great all summer!...more info
  • Best "As Seen on TV Item Ever Sold"
    This actually does exactly what is says it will do; it removes calluses and dry build up on feet. I bought the one with the handle and it takes seconds to rid feet of dryness....more info


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