airforce Nutrisoda Rainbow Pack, Variety Pack with Immune, Calm, Focus, Radiant, Flex, Energize, Slender and Renew, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

List Price: $35.00

Our Price: $29.17

You Save: $5.83 (17%)


  • 3 Cans of each of 8 flavor
  • Grapefruit and Guava, Pomegranate and Blackberry
  • Tangerine and Lime, Peach and Mango
  • Black Cherry and Apple, Wild Berry and Citron
  • Watermelon & Blueberry

Customer Reviews:

  • Airforce
    I love airforce Nutrisoda. It is a great replacement when trying to eliminate soda and/or alcohol from your diet. It is very satisfying. It is hard to find all the flavors in the local store - it was very beneficial to just go on Amazon and order exactly what I wanted - which was all of the flavors!
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  • Pretty good
    Pretty tasty soda. Only a slight splenda taste -- it reminds me a lot of the Izze soda. There isn't a single flavor I didn't like!...more info
  • Interesting and different flavors without the bad stuff
    This product provides variety to the watered-down, over-sugared soda market. If you like soda but are trying to get away from how unhealthly Coke and Pepsi products are for the average obese American, give the Airforce Nutrisodas a try. They are very different in taste but its a pleasant change....more info
  • Great Value
    This is a good deal especially if you like all the varieties. The Radiant is the only nasty one in the bunch. With the free shipping you can not beat this deal...more info
    These sodas are being hyped as "natural" and being free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, but they do contain one ingredient that falls into a pretty gray area -- sucralose. I am very careful about what I put into my body, staying away from processed foods for the most part. But this "natural" product sounded interesting. Trust me, it's anything but natural. All the added "nutrients" and preservatives aside, the fact that this has sucralose (aka Splenda) in it would keep it out of my fridge.

    And shame on you Amazon. I had to hunt my info down on the company's website. You should be more forthcoming about what you are selling.
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  • Great soda/pop replacement
    I love these drinks, but I have to give this a 3 star rating because most of the flavors I don't care for. I love focus, energize and slender - the others I would drink if I had it, but don't prefer them. ...more info
  • great stuff
    I loved the taste of all of them. it is a bit expensive. But it is a fantastic health drink without the sugar and execuse my language crap.
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  • Pretty good and bonus - they are good for you
    These are not bad - I won't say great, but not bad. My 9 year old daughter actually liked them (I wouldn't let her have Energize, but her favorite was the Renew). They are a nice treat for her and I both since we really don't allow ourselves to drink soda much anymore (health decision) - but I think I will buy these again....more info
  • Expensive but many flavors are good
    I really liked this soda, so I was glad to have the option to purchase it at less than the $2/can purchase price. I am not sure I would buy another carton because not all flavors are as amazing as the best ones (e.g., radiant). Also, like the other reviews say as of 6/1 they don't contain 4 of each flavor. Basically, a good, healthy soda but a little pricey....more info
  • Good soda, incorrect description
    As mentioned before by other reviewers, there are 4 cans of 4 flavors (renew, immune, focus, radiant) and only 2 cans of the other 4 flavors (flex, slender, calm, energize)

    I am very pleased with the taste and quality. Disappointed in the quantity of each....more info
  • I liked it.
    I liked this product. At first, I wasn't a fan of some of the flavors, but they really grew on me. I think my favorites were Immune, Renew, and Calm (I LOVED Calm). Sure, it's not a Dr. Pepper or a Mt. Dew, but just knowing how much healthier these are makes them more enjoyable. The reason I didn't give five stars is because I had expected to get 3 of each flavor, and I didn't. I got two of some and four of others. That was actually a bit disappointing. I'll definitely buy this product again....more info
  • Greatest carbonated beverage EVER!
    I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I can't vouch for flavor as far as soda is concerned, I am mostly a tea drinker, but this stuff tastes amazing to me, it's zesty and tangy and there are great flavors, and they use great ingredients, with no caffeine. I drink 1 a day or so, and I can't wait to buy more. This is an incredible product that is effective without using caffeine or shady diet ingredients (though I don't believe that their "Slender" will make you's no miracle drink, but it makes me feel excellent and tastes great)....more info
  • AirForce NutriSoda
    I really like the Air Force NutriSoda. I like that they are sugar-free, aspartame-free and are nutritious. The few that do have caffeine (Mandarin Mint/Energize) state exactly how much caffeinne they have. I do not like the idea that I have to buy a variety of flavors to get the ones I want. I also do not like that they are about $2.00/can. The Air Force Commissary, where I first found them, is much more reasonable. However, the nearest AF Commissary is more than a 2 hour drive. The Marine Corps Commissary doesn't carry the drink....more info
  • Wish I could give this five stars...
    I was very excited about these, especially for those summer days when iced water just doesn't satisfy. I was disappointed firstly because they promised "3 Cans of each of 8 flavor", and I was disappointed to get only 2 cans of 4 flavors and 4 cans of 4 other flavors. Secondly, the aftertaste of some of the flavors was strong and bitter, as if you had just chewed a multi-vitamin. I'm waiting to receive my first order of Izze now. Hope it's better!...more info