NQ Clarifier NQ250 Wall Mounted Air Purifier

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Free Shipping! Authorized NQ Clarifier Dealer. Recommended For: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Molds Used In: Commercial, Medical, Industrial or Military settings Filter Type: HEPA The NQ250 Wall Mounted is an outstanding range of wall-mounted air purification systems. The patented technology of these products confirms their uniqueness. The NQ Clarifier NQ250 Wall Mounted Air Purifier constantly produces purified and sanitized air, with a uniform optimization of air flow and air volume within the entire room. Consisting of 2 levels of mechanical filtration as well as an ultraviolet purification zone that destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds. Units dimensions make these equipments ideal for several applications such as commercial, medical, industrial or military settings. The NQ Clarifier NQ250 Wall Mounted Air Purifier comes with a top for complete air recirculation or with a top that allows for simultaneous air recirculation and creation of negative pressure.The top of the unit installed at 1.98 m above floor level creates a complete mixing pattern. The unit sends clean air to the upper part of the room, forcing heavier particles and droplet nuclei down away from breathing zone and into unit???s inlet. Note - The Negative Pressure top has a 10 inch round duct connector on left side. Recirculating louvers on right side and a damper plate is installed behind the louvers to adjust airflow