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Clean Eating is a guide to discovering a lifestyle full of flavorful, nutritious, low-fat meals! It will change the way you view food, prepare meals and fuel your body, mind and soul. Issues contain great-tasting recipes, easy-to-understand menu plans, food charts and tips on cleaning up your diet.

Customer Reviews:

  • More than I ever expected
    I love this magazine. I bought a subscription for my sisters as well and all three of us were blown away by the great content! My favorite thing about the mag is the Food Menus (a full 4 weeks) that include shopping lists by week and all the recipes! I expected to see complicated recipes that would take time and fancy ingredients but I was so happy to see that they are simple and have easy to find ingredients. I know its the first issue but I was really impressed and I look forward to my next issue already!...more info
  • Simply the Best
    I am not one to read magazines about food. However, I started a medically supervised weight loss program and this magazine was recommended to me. I read Clean Eating from cover to cover. It is thoughtfully put together and has extraordinary recipes that support a healthy lifestyle. It also has fitness tips and product reviews that are of interest to a person learning to live in a positive and healthy manner. If you are interested in "clean eating", this is the magazine for you....more info
  • Eat Clean
    This is a wonderful magazine packed with seasonal recipes that are nothing but healthy. Some recipes are a little bland. But this magazine gives you some great ideas on cleaning up your diet!...more info
  • Fantastic magazine
    This magazine is fantastic -- it's full of easy, healthy, delicious recipes, as well as information that's gone a long way toward helping me organize a balanced diet.

    I'm a few years out of college and an inexperienced cook, and I've learned so much about nutrition and food preparation from this magazine while preparing some delicious and impressive (to friends and family) foods. Learning techniques for cooking whole grains, produce and lean meat gives me motivation to cook often and improve my skills. I've cooked meals from this magazine for my husband, friends and family -- all have been a hit, regardless of whether those folks are into healthy eating.

    An even harder skill (for me) than cooking is organizing a balanced diet. The articles and meal plans in these magazines helped me gradually lose weight that needed to go, and taught me how to creatively plan meals throughout the day. I've gone weeks where I followed the magazine's meal plans to a tee; other weeks, I've just created meals and snacks similar to those recommended using what I have in the fridge. The delicious recipes and beautiful photography are excellent motivators.

    Overall, I highly recommend this magazine. I purchased my first issue at a CVS store to try it out, and have been nothing but pleased with issues of the magazine since. ...more info
    This is the best nutritional magazine out there! You won't want to throw any of your copies away after reading. I can't wait to try some of the menus listed! Yummy, Yummy! Looking forward to the next issue. It will definitely get you motivated to be healthier.
    ...more info
  • Never received it!!
    I ordered this in March of 2008 and never received the magazine. I called to let them know and I still have not received anything and it's January 2009. I've paid for it twice now! ...more info


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