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The infamous Oreck 8 lb upright is available for a fraction of the cost the Oreck stores sell this for. This machine is equipped with Oreck's biggest, most durable motor yet. If you have never used an Oreck vacuum, you are in for a treat! The machine is a breeze to push around. At only 8lbs, it is the lightest weight upright on the market. The machine has a convenient extra belt stored on the machine, so you'll never be stuck in the middle of vacuuming without a belt. The XL2000RHB comes with a 1 year commercial warranty. This model also comes with a huge 35' 3-wire commerical cord. It is both UL listed, and OSHA approved. Never lug another heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. There are no attachments on board, so you are limited to cleaning the floor only. A small compact canister is an ideal partner with this machine. Oreck, 8 LB, Commercial Hypo Allergenic Upright Vacuum, Filtration To 99.387%, Red Base, Gray/red Bag, On/Off Switch In Grip, Side Brushes, 35' Cord, 12" Wide Cleaning Head, Top Fill Bag.

  • Lightweight Only 8lbs!
  • Made In the USA
  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty
  • New Cord/Handle Design
Customer Reviews:
  • A great vacuum IF you know how to use it
    I have owned two Oreck vacuums within the last ten years, both of which are still operational but I gave the former to a friend who was in desperate need of an upright vacuum (she still had one of those canister Electrolux vacuums that, unfortunately, seem to NEVER die).

    Of all vacuums I have used I really love those from Oreck the best. They are super light weight, unlike competitors who call their vacuums lightweight, but they still weigh at least twice as much as the Oreck.

    Now, onto the suction and durability. The Oreck's suction is phenomenal, it picks up everything you throw at it and the only thing it will (sometimes, mostly it will pick them out) throw back out are items such as screws or nails (which you shouldn't vacuum up anyway).

    Many people who have reviewed the Oreck have complained that they have problems picking up even the lightest and smallest of objects, but I would like to ask all of them when the last time they changed the belt in their Oreck was. IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE THE BELT ANNUALLY, SUCTION WILL GREATLY DECLINE. I found this out the hard way. A few years back I noticed that my carpet (which is green) had a lot of lint on it and vacuuming did nothing to pick it up. The problem ended up being the belt, which hadn't been changed in I would say at least two years. I changed the belt and the vacuum began working as good as new. Also, letting the vacuum sit idle while running will wear out the belt much quicker (and emit a pungent odor) so I would recommend not doing this as it will greatly diminish the lifetime of your belt.

    I would say that the only true problem with this vacuum has been with the power cord. Somehow there is a short inside the handle (where the power cord connects to the vacuum) and unless you are tugging on the cord, the vacuum will not run. I have disassembled the handle and tried to fix the problem but it will not go away. The best remedy I have found has been to sandwich the cord between my hand and the handle and to tug on it slightly while running the vacuum, and it works great.

    All in all, I would not want to own another vacuum other than an Oreck due to their great power and super light weight design, They are excellent machines if properly maintained....more info
  • Most Used Vacuum in our House
    -Very light. It has been borrowed several times due to its portability.
    -It can go really low under the bed and furnitures
    -Our house is half carpet and half hardwood floors. It works on both.
    -We have been using this for years and so far it hasn't stopped working. Besides being used regularly for general cleaning. This vacuum is constantly on duty several times a week if not everyday in short bursts. 3 kids will make you do that whether it is cereals, chips, popcorns, etc. Belt has been replaced only once. I am reading a lot of negatives on customer service but since we have no actual experience I can not comment on that. The most common whine is the frequent removal of hair that wraps around the roller.

    -Not too strong suction.
    -Sometimes it is hard to push forward.
    -No attachments. The attachments are mainly for the handheld vacuum that came with it.
    -Shocked to find out how much it cost for the bags when I went to a dealer.
    -One ugly vac

    It also came with a cordless flat iron which we think is a so so. We used it only a few times.

    Main 2 reasons for rating this 4 stars is its lightness and durability....more info
  • Hard to push
    I've owned this vacuum for about seven years now. It is very hard to push in spite of being lightweight. I would not purchase another one, very poor performance considering the price of it....more info
  • 1/4 of the power, for double the price!
    Yes, David Oreck will be remebered as one of the finest salesman of our age there is no question about it. You see this guy everywhere! The Oreck XL really needs a good salesman to sell this P.O.S.

    The thing most customers don't realize is that just because it's expensive, doesn't mean it's good. All the advertising Oreck does with his vacuum cleaners, guess who gets to pay for his QVC 30 minute infomercial? Yes, you the customer do. This is why Oreck (and Dyson) vacuum cleaners cost so much money, everyone is familiar with the name, but the customer is the one who ends up paying for it. Through the power of advertising, David Oreck has taken what should be $150 vacuum, and turned it into a $500 vacuum.

    Most other residential upright vacuums have a 12 AMP motor in them, it's almost standard in the industry now. Where Amps don't necessarily explain how much suction a vacuum has, you can usually get a pretty good idea how much suction you'll get from this rating. Oreck XL uprights, including the one listed here have a 4 amp motor in them. Better yet, the top of the line Oreck XL21, the $700 Oreck, has a 3.5 amp motor in it!

    I call this vacuum cleaner our senior citizen vacuum. If you are under the age of 65 don't even consider an Oreck. If you are disabled and truly can not push around a full sized upright, I still wouldn't recommend an Oreck to you! The Riccar RSL-4 (also 8lbs) was tested against the Oreck by a leading consumer magazine, and the Riccar Supra-lite, had 40% better suction then Oreck, and it sells for about 1/2 the price.

    This vacuum was created for hotels, that used to be their slogan even, the hotel vacuum for your home. Everyone knows what kind of carpeting hotels use, a low pile commercial grade carpet that doesn't need much suction power to clean it, but when it comes to cleaning in your home, the Oreck XL just does not have the suction power to deep clean your carpets, causing a lot of dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and allergens to be left in the carpets.

    When you look at an Oreck, if you look at the bottom of the vacuum you'll see that Oreck has created a place for an extra belt to be stored on the vacuum cleaner. This should tell you right away that the vacuum breaks belts so often, they have to keep a spare one handy!

    I would have rated this vacuum 0 if I could have, David Oreck and the Oreck XL are con artists, and his vacuums and air purifiers are so over-rated, over-priced, under-preforming, waste of space, machines being sold today.

    Stay away from Oreck vacuum cleaners, you will regret it if you buy one....more info
    Every other time I use it the belt breaks, smoking up the house. The darn thing doesn't pick up anything anyway - takes three times as long to do 1/8 the job my cheapo $69 vacuum from Bed & Bath does. This is the second time I have been duped - the salesperson told me when I paid my hundreds of dollars this time, that they had "evolved". Ha!! Evolved to a total piece of junk. Today after doing one hallway the belt broke again, and this idiotic machine is going to be left on the trash pickup dock tonight. Good riddance!!! Do not under any circumstances waste your money on this product. The only reason there is one star in the rating is that you can't send these comments without giving at least one star....more info
  • Don't believe this Southern Gentleman - Mr. Oreck - it doesn't suck
    The costly Oreck saga:

    May 18, 2007
    Mr. David Oreck
    5000 River Road
    New Orleans, LA 70123

    REF: refusal to stand behind manufactured product.

    Aloha Mr. Oreck:

    My wife and I are on our 2cnd Oreck Vacuum machine purchased here in Honolulu. The first one functioned pretty well and we had no real complaints. The second one, however, has been a problem from the start. When we first began using the machine it seemed very heavy and hard to push. We took it to the dealer and were told there was nothing wrong with it - it must be our carpet. So we took it home and tried again. I called and questioned the dealer again and was told the carpet must have a high humidity and that is making the machine hard to push. So for nearly 2 years we have struggled with the "light weight easy-to-use Oreck" and felt more and more that we should have returned it right away. A few weeks ago we had the occasion to take the machine in to get a bag replacement and the technicians did something to the machine and when we brought it home it worked unbelievably well!
    But, within 2 weeks it was back to the old push problems. Again we are told it is working properly. It appears that the unit is not functioning with the belt properly. The wooden roller has scorched and turned black on one end and the machine simply does not perform well at all.

    I am aware that we did not purchase this machine from your factory. Instead we purchased it from your authorized dealer. Nowhere in your advertising do you advise clients to purchase from the factory in order to receive satisfactory customer service. But that is the latest reason given us for your representative refusing to make good on your product. I have attached the sequence of emails to date and am going to ask you a personal and very simple question. "Do you really back your products with pride and confidence? Or is the satisfaction guarantee phrase a platitude to create easier sales?" I find it hard to believe that a family proud company with the heritage you have in the community is willing to allow even one client - clear over in Hawaii - to conclude that Oreck cannot be counted on for integrity.

    You will see from the email and the attached receipt that we simply want our money back. 2 years of struggle is enough. I wish the machine would work for us but am unwilling to undertake having a machine serviced every few weeks just to keep it operable. I await your response.


    No still nothing from Oreck - but we finally got a vaccum that actually works and the amount of dirt and dust and yuck it has cleaned up is astounding. "Nothing gets by an Oreck?" That's right - it's actually just about everything...

    This is a poorly designed machine with very little vaccum power and can be beat easily by almost any other vaccum on the market. DON'T BUY AN ORECK....more info
  • So glad I didn't buy one -
    - but I almost did. My trip to our local vacuum repair shop and the place was littered with these things. I went over to pick one up and it felt so flimsy - almost like a toy. And its ugly as sin to boot. You should have heard what the repair person said about the Oreck vacuums - but I can't repeat it here....more info
  • Smelly, problem-prone waste of money
    I've suffered through three years of Oreck's garbage and I'm giving up today. This thing smells so bad that after only 2 months the scented pads they give you to clip inside the bag don't do the trick anymore. In retrospect, the fact that they gave me scented pads should have raised my suspicions right away.

    A toothpick or anything more than the most inconsequential piece of paper clogs things up just south of the roller brush so you have to dismantle the tube, take off the bottom plate and fish the junk out with your fingers.

    Hair wraps around the roller brush, which is to be expected, but tends to wrap up in a gap between the wood of the roller brush and the end-caps such that you can't get it all out. Eventually this causes the bearings to heat up and seize, which is not to be expected. Oreck is unapologetic and doesn't think they should have to pay for this design flaw, so be ready to buy replacements frequently. For a point of reference, I have 4 girls and have replaced the roller brush 3 times in the last 3 years. The roller-brush I bought just 6 months ago seized just yesterday, and that's the final straw.

    The line on their bags that indicates when the bag is full dramatically overpromises - to maintain reasonable airflow you'll have to replace it long before it gets to the line. It's not worth the effort to try to use it on hard floors, and the belt location on one side of the roller brush means that you simply won't be able to position the vacuum to clean some edges. In the effort to make bag replacement fool-proof they made it such that you frequently can't tell if it's on right; at first I could hear an audible snap when everything was in place, but that stopped after 6 months or so. It seems like it's become louder as it's aged, but in all fairness it's just as likely that I'm more sensitive to it now that this thing annoys me so much.

    If I could give this vacuum less than one star, I would. Save your money - don't buy an Oreck....more info
  • Orek XL
    We have owned numerous vacuums over the years and the Orek XL is by far the best. The suction is excellent but the unit and the bags are overpriced. Buy online and literally save over a hundred bucks. The bags are over twenty bucks in the Orek store, so buy them online as well....more info
  • Oreck, too expensive, too weak and breaks easily
    I cannot believe that given the price I paid that they cannot make a better vacuum cleaner than this. What is really amazing is that the latest models are just a remake of the previous piece of stuff with a better(and much more expensive)bag. I have regular carpet and go through belts almost as often as I do bags. I really wish I had not fallen for the hype.

    I bought it originally because I saw it in a hotel. They must be giving them away to the hotel industry because I have a hard time believing that the oreck is the best overall value for a business. ...more info
  • High Priced Carpet Sweeper
    We have owned an Oreck XL for three years. I finally looked at it closely. It does not vacuum...there is literally no suction if you take the belt off the brush and hold your forearm over the opening. What happens is the brush sweeps the top of the carpet and what little suction there is in the chamber takes the surface debris into the bag.

    What isn't happening is removal of deep down dirt in the carpet. We just purchased a Dyson DC17 and had to empty the cannister 10 times in the course of vacuuming our carpet the first time. David Oreck is a master salesman but his product isn't worth wasting time or money on....more info
  • Oreck 2000
    I had an Oreck for 6 weeks before it stopped working. Yeah, I liked the weight; it was easy to push and carry around. However, the performance is inferior. I sent the Oreck back to the company and they never responded; so they have my money and my vaccuum. Think seriously before getting one of these; there are many vaccuums with better performance and better customer service....more info
  • Happy at last
    I recently had Mexican Tile placed throughout my home because I have pets. I purchased 3 different vacuums in the attempt to find one that would meet my needs with dust bunnies and cat liter. All failed. Finally I purchased an Oreck XL 2000 and all my problems are solved. This vacuum picks up the tiniest particles and the dust bunnies cannot run away. It is light and easy to pull out on a daily basis. The only thing I regret is that I have to purchase a cannister for other vacuum needs off the floor. Thank you for this wonderful vacuum cleaner that I found to be the best for hard surface floors....more info
  • Buyers Beward!!!!
    I can't tell you how well the vacuum works, because when I was taking my $500+ vacuum out of the box, it snapped in half. This alone tells me it is not good quality. I have spent at least 3 hours on the phone, shipping it back, getting PARTIAL credit for my return...and have never received an apology!! Is this how they do business? I am still trying to get my account resolved, but when you call customer service they seem un-interested and there is no supervisor or manager to talk to, apparently they have really good working hours!! Unless you're up for a good fight and inferior quality (total opposite of what is advertised), I don't recommend dealing with this company. All I wanted was an apology and a product that worked...I guess I was asking for too much!!...more info
  • belt eater!
    I hate this vacuum. I go through belts like crazy. Not only do the belts break easily, but I had smoke coming from mine. I've taken it to be repaired and now I am getting ready to take it in again. I love the small vac. that comes with it, but that's about it. Like another user, I hate vacuuming my floor too because something always happens to it. And I'm pretty careful with it. My aunt has an older model (80's or so) that works a lot better than my new one....more info
  • Oreck Has Problems
    The light weight of the Oreck vacuum cleaner is nice. However, it won't get lint off carpet that is 'stuck.' You have to go over the same area several times. The most frustrating thing is that in order to get the base plate off (it gets clogged under there), you have to remove 5 screws. Some dummy at Oreck decided that the screws should be recessed 1 full inch, apparently so you can't see the screw heads and wind up stripping the screws, and then you have to take the stupid thing to an Oreck dealer. Hey you people at Oreck, wake up! Make the thing user friendly! The best thing about the Oreck is the little canister that comes with it, which is very user friendly. Of course this canister, if bought by itself, is very much overpriced. ...more info
  • five stars
    my parents and brother have one and i think that it is worth it
    and i have seen that a lot of the hotels use it to
    and i can carry it up the stairs on my own
    and i know a least 4 people that have it ...more info
  • Loud, Underperforming, Overpriced, Overhyped
    I certainly admire the pluck and salesmanship of Mr. Oreck, who's clearly energetic and is seen everywhere, e.g. QVC, newspaper inserts, even on a large billboard on Broadway.

    However, I can NOT endorse his poor product, which is about 20 years behind the curve in vacuum technology. I had the Oreck vacuum for seven years. Right out of the box, the vacuum is so ear-splittingly loud that I had to wear ear-plugs when vacuuming. The suction is lousy, and you have to go over the same area a few times for it to pick up lints and fine dust. The filter bags are expensive and have to be replaced frequently, or it loses suction even more.

    The only advantage is that it is light, but you will get tired from having to re-vacuum the same area multiple times. I use Dyson now, and am very happy with its suction performance, though it has its share of flaws (see my review of Dyson for details). I use Oreck only for cleaning the stairs.

    It's clear that people are catching on that Oreck is now overpriced, and overmatched by its current competitions. Oreck is now resorting to giving away a free iron with a vacuum purchse, which doesn't make much sense.
    I'd advise Mr. Oreck to devote his energy to improve his increasingly outdated product, which will then be promoted through good word-of-mouth.
    ...more info
  • -5 Stars
    Whatever you do, don't fall for the Oreck bull... This vacuum is the worst (and most expensive) that I have ever owned. It eats belts, does a lousy job and requires dissassembly and re-assembly every time it's used. My house gets dirty because I HATE the thought of having to drag the piece of excrement out! AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!...more info
  • Nothing special
    I have to admit that I fell for the "if it costs more it must be better" theory when I purchased this vacuum. It does the job adequately enough, however, I find it is very hard to "push" along as you vacuum and I do not have any extra plush carpeting; just basic apartment carpeting! I have to really put my shoulders into pushing it along. I know there are less expensive vacuums out there that are much easier to use. I've already invested a lot of money into this purchase so I plan to make the best of it, however, if I had it to do over again, I would have went into a store and actually tried some vacuums first; I ordered this one online without ever trying it first and regret that now. The lesson here is do not fall victim to the hype of a product you see on tv!...more info