Earth Friendly Products Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent, Magnolia & Lily, 100-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 4)

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ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent, 100-Ounce Bottle, Made with Essential Oils of Magnolia & Lily, Built-in Fabric Softener, 100 HE Loads, 50 Regular Loads

  • Ultra-concentrated, color safe, all-temperature detergent with built-in fabric softener, and made with naturally pure essential oils of Magnolia & Lily
  • Tough on dirt yet kind to your clothes, ECOS liquid laundry is residue-free and safe to use in standard and HE washers, and with septic and greywater systems
  • Phosphate-free, chlorine-free, enzyme-free, dye-free, and free of petroleum ingredients
  • Earth Friendly Products is a leading brand of 100% natural, plant-based, non-toxic, biodegradable household cleaners, made with renewable and cruelty-free ingredients, never tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable containers
  • Pack of 4 100-Ounce bottles of liquid laundry detergent cleans 50 loads for top loader machines and 100 loads for HE machines (200-400 loads/pack)

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm so glad I found Earth Friendly Products!
    Ecos is my new favorite! I'm so glad I found it. I've been wanting an Earth-friendly laundry detergent that wasn't expensive and still did the job. The Magnolia & Lily scent is fabulous, and I'm so happy with the small amount needed for my HE washer. This bottle will last forever, and I do alot of laundry. With the pack of 4, I'll have laundry soap for the rest of the year! I feel it cleans my laundry as well as all the other well-known brands I've used, but it's not harmful to our Earth. I love the built-in softner so I don't have to use a seperate softner for static-cling!...more info
  • Smells great and eco-friendly
    Discovered this product while staying at a friends house...her towels/sheets smelt so good. When I found out it was eco-friendly I was sold! Magnolia & Lily smells the best out of all their flavors....more info
  • Excellent detergent
    I wrote a review back in January, 2008, for the non-condensed version of this in the 128 oz./64 load bottle. We started using it as an alternative 'earth friendly' detergent as part of our research into greywater systems.

    We were happy with the old version. After using the newer condensed version in the 100 oz/100 load bottle, it's still working just fine. We are using it in a front-loading washing machine with both warm- and cold-water wash cycles. Using 1 ounce per load cleans the cloths well (still using the unscientific eyeball-and-nose method). With the previous version, we used up to 2 oz per wash. We have used higher amounts (1.5 oz) of the newer version in tests which resulted in a stronger scent, but no issues with excessive sudsing.

    Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • Laundry smell GREAT!
    I've tried many eco-friendly laundry detergents. I didn't like any of them. This product gets my clothes clean and they smell great! AND it's actually less expensive than the others!...more info
  • green detergent
    we use it and it works very well. it works well even when washing diapers.

    ...more info
  • Moldy laundry.
    I've used Ecos off and on over the years and I do agree that it is one of the better natural laundry detergents. It cleans and it softens, however, if I leave my laundry in the washing machine for a few hours after using Ecos, it always smells strongly of Mold/Mildew. About two months ago, I switched to Biokleen Free and Clear and moldy smelling clothes are now a thing of the past. Biokleen does an excellent job of cleaning and is more concentrated / less packaging for same number of loads. ...more info
  • Best I've ever used, would higly recommend to anyone
    At frist I tried Seventh Generation but didn't care for it, I then found "Ecos" and it's by far "the best" laundry cleaner I've used, plus it comes with softner in it. Now I don't use the term "detergent" anymore because all the junk was taken out of it. I've used Ecos for quite while now and absolutely love it. Just a tiny bit goes a long way. I original found this product at World Market. This deal on Amazon is a good one, I'm signing up for automatic delivery. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone. My clothes comes out clean, soft and I don't iron anymore. I don't know if it has to do with the "cleaner" but it's a wonderful thing. There is another cleaner that is good for dishes, that's "Planet". As far as other cleaners for the house I make my own now, they are earth friendly, cheap to make and clean really well. I can't believe how much money I've wasted in the past buying many different detergents, cleaners, sprays, etc. for our house, plus they have so much toxins and chemicals in them it's terrible. I wish everyone would take a good look at what is in their cleaning products because they get poured down our drains and you know where that ends up. It's amazing what companies call "natural", "healthy", there are no regulations right now for those terms, anyone can "say" anything about their product. The only regulation is for "organic". So you "MUST" look at what's in your cleaning product, foods in any form, detergents, facial cleansers, moisturizers, make-up, lotions, lipstick, deoderant, etc. it's amazing how many chemicals and toxins are in those items. Read the ingredients before you buy. Know what those words mean. There are websites where you can look up what's in the cosmetics you use, the moisturizers, the facial cleaners, the cleaning products for your house, etc. and find out how safe they are for you. If they're not safe for you imagin how unsafe they are for the earth because whatever you put on yourself or you clean with it eventually gets washed down the drain either in the sink or shower. Even soap!! Sorry for the long review but I wish everyone would take better care of themselves and look at what they're eating and take better care of the earth, it's not hard to do. In fact, it's even cheaper if you just make your own beauty products, cleaning products etc. you know what's in them and you know there are no chemicals or toxins. There are recipes on the web just look them up.

    If "everyone" made a "little" effort could you imagin how that would affect the earth. Go back to basics....more info
  • Great product ~ poor packaging!
    My family loves the smell of this detergent and therefore I keep buying this product. We also like the fact that it's natural...the last two times we purchased this, one of the bottles was cracked and detergent had leaked all over the packaging....more info
    Received Laundry detergent quickly. Awesome product, so
    glad you carry it. Ordering more today. Thanks much!...more info
  • Our Favorite!
    We are so glad that we can get this through Amazons Subscribe & Save. The price is fantastic! We have used all the other natural brands out there & we like this the best! It ultra so it lasts a long time & it has fabric softner. I believe its soy based. The smell is light & not overpowering. If you line dry, your clothes wont be soft...but you will save money. Anyway, we will be sticking with this detergent! It's nice to know you aren't pouluting your family or the environment by the simple act of washing your clothes!...more info
  • Love It!
    Not only is it earth-friendly and better for you but it actually gets your clothes really clean. I also love that the smell is not too overpowering and "chemically".

    I really appreciate not having to lug more stuff back from the store and amazon has the best price with the subscribe-and-save deal!...more info
  • Ecos - Magnolia & Lily
    I found this product at Costco originally; tried it, loved it, and went back to purchase it again and could not find it. Costco said they were never going to stock it again. Well I was hooked on it and bound and determined to find it elsewhere! I visited a few healthy living/green stores in our and found smaller bottles of the product. The price however was twice what we paid at Costco. I searched on line and found it through Amazon, and what a deal!! I am not writing an add for Amazon, but can tell you when I need more, Amazon is where I will buy it. I love the product! Towels especially smell so good; they used to have a little "odor" to them, like leaving a kitchen dish cloth around too long. And now they smell so fresh and clean. I have also noticed that my Whirlpool front loader also smells better too. When using Tide the washer always smelled a little like mildew, even with monthly cleaning... I'm hooked!

    Denise...more info
  • Going Green And Clean
    I have used half a bottle so far and it seems like I have done more than 25 loads since opening it. I like the smell, and the clothes come out clean. I have used from regular loads to hand washables. I am not sure about the fabric softner portion as it is summer and in the winter is when the softner comes in handy to help against the static cling. There is a very,very,light pleasant smell when the laundry is finished that is unnoticable to a pefume sensitive husband. I want to try the other fragrances too but it looks like it will be a long while before I finish up the 4 bottles of this detergent....more info
  • Look no further!!! Ecos Detergent is THE best!
    I am on my third subscribe and save delivery for the Eco's Laundry Detergent. I absolutely LOVE this product. We use it in our front load washing machines and it works beautifully! From washing dog bedding, to husbands dirty work clothes, to gentle sweaters & whites. This soap is strong enough for dirtiest of dirt and gentle enough for your delicates. We also have a septic system & have looked high and low for products that get the job done, yet environmentally safe & easy on the septic. Can't tell you how happy I was when I gave this a try and it worked! The fragrance is nice and clean, not too over powering, yet enough to give you a nice clean smell.

    We take advantage of the Subscribe and Save auto-delivery service through Amazon and never have to worry about running out of detergent.

    Highly recommend!!...more info
  • Economical + Eco-friendly = Win-Win
    I just stumbled upon this detergent at a local grocery store, and I LOVE it. Clothes smell fresh, not fake. I don't have to buy fabric softener anymore, as it is built-in. Plus I am not adding more harsh chemicals to our water. Amazon offers the best price I have seen, especially with the subscription option. Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • eco friendly clothes soap
    Ecos actually fulfills it's marketing's a heck of a great soap: gentle on clothes, smells wonderful, great for ground water (we have a septic system)and cleans better than most other soaps. The problem was the shipping. The fulfillment center packed the bottles on their sides and without taping the caps. My package came with half of the bottles leaked out and a very angry post office who had to keep the flood of soap under control by shrink wrapping the whole box. I got a return, but it was time and energy wasted on everyone's part because of sloppy packing processes....more info
  • cleans clothes & smells lovely
    I LOVE this detergent. it smells wonderful & does a great job of getting my clothes clean. I used to buy "method," but I might stick with this because I like it so well!...more info
    ECO Detergent smells and works great, but the bottles are too weak,
    bottles arrived broken, liquid detergent spilled all inside the box.
    They need to get sturdier bottles, otherwise I would buy again...more info
  • Awesome laundry detergent!
    Great price, great product. Last a long time. Smells great without perfumes or fragrance....more info
  • poor containers and packaging
    This review is not for the actual product itself, as I have not used the product enough to test it out yet....but,

    I just received this product and all four containers leaked laundry detergent. Two of the bottles the plastic broke, the other two its not apparent why the detergent leaked, but it did.

    Either this is the fault of Amazon for not packaging the product well enough or the of the Eco company for using poor materials to make the bottle. I was very disappointed as this is not the type of thing you want to send back for a return (more trouble than it is worth.) ...more info
  • Did not really clean clothes well.
    I'm really starting to upgrade all of my cleaning products to "green" stuff and I'm testing different brands. So far, my favorite "green" products have been Mrs Meyers and Method brands. (Especially the Mrs Meyers laundry detergent in lemon verbena!) That said...

    This stuff was a weird consistency -- almost like a thick egg white. Which is fine, but it was odd. I'm sure it's due to the environmentally healthy contents. The smell was ok. But the problem was that it really didn't clean our clothes. We have a normal top loading washer and we aren't particularly stinky or oily people and our pillowcases came out smelling and looking dirtier than when they went in.

    I really really wanted to like this stuff. ...more info
  • great product
    a little goes a long ways. Much better than other detergents. ecos rocks!...more info
  • Works great, smells great
    While washing clothes is never truly eco-friendly - this awesome detergent helps make it less eco-unfriendly. The detergent works great, just as well as any of the other major brands out there (eco-friendly and standard brands). I often find myself using half the recommended amount because it gets the clothes just as clean. The smell is fantastic and it actually lasts on your clothes for several days unlike most of the major brand detergents. We generally use 7th Generation products, but really like this brand of detergent most, and it's HE, so it works great in front-load washers!...more info
  • Not great for high efficiency washing machine
    While the Ecos detergent smelled amazing - the magnolia/lily scent was light and refreshing - it didn't clean my clothes. I have a small high efficiency washer that doesn't fill entirely with water and opens on the front.

    Had to switch back to Tide High Efficiency Cold Water to get my clothes clean - the hunt continues for a good and effective eco-friendly detergent for HE washers....more info
  • The Greatest Detergent
    I have been using this detergent for years now. I used it when my daughter was a baby. It is gentle enough to use on baby clothes. I love the scent. It is not overpowering at all. The fabric softner built in is just enough to make my clothes soft. This is the greatest detergent ever. I am very happy that Amazon carries it! ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product and is good for your health and the environment. It even smells good and clothes come out fresh and clean. If you order this, send a note to Amazon to tell them to tighten the lids on the containers. Mine arrived spilled out all over the place and was a mess. Amazon was great in taking care of my issue and had it corrected....more info
  • This is great soap!
    My wife came across this (one of her friends uses it) and we love it. How do we love thee? Let me count the ways:

    1. Great scent
    2. Works great
    3. Don't have to use a ton to get the clothes clean
    4. No chlorine, no petroleum and bio-degradeable...more info


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