Elijah (Nightwalkers, Book 3)

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They are called the Demons, one of the elusive Nightwalker races living in shadow and struggling for survival against their human enemies. Their proudest warrior is Elijah, a man who bends for nothing and no one...until one woman brings him to his knees! Some feelings you just can't fight.

He is known as the Warrior Captain--a master of every weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to protect his kind. Powerful, relentless, merciless, Elijah has always won every battle he's ever taken on--until now. Ambushed by necromancers, he is left for dead only to be discovered by the woman who could very well deliver the final blow: Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen.

With three centuries of warring, little more than a decade of uneasy peace has existed between the Lycanthropes and Elijah's people. Now, after a lifetime of suspicion, the warrior in Elijah is consumed with a different battle--winning Siena's heart by giving her pleasure beyond all boundaries.

What starts as attraction and arousal soon burns into a passion with consequences that will echo through the ages for both their people. And as would-be enemies become inseparable lovers, another threat approaches, one with the power to destroy them all! Surrender to the night.

Customer Reviews:

  • i looooooved this book
    so elijah is the warrior captain and siena is the wolf queen-it just sounds right. i was curious about these two from gideons book,i knew it would happen. ms frank has a way with words, she weaves an incredible tale and her words leave me with a clear vision. i appreciate her knack for detail which comes across superbly. its not as raunchy as the other paranormal series out there but its holding its own against them. when i purchased the books i wasnt sure what to expect. i assumed it would be your usual run of the mill story. she really explains the characters lineage and they all are 3d characters-they have depth. i love the fact that siena and elijah are enemies because of who they are, but ms frank shows us that these two are meant to be in every way. a great read if youre a fan of paranormal romance. its refreshingly different and it still can hold your attention. im a big fan of j.r. ward and most recently lara adrian(the more grittier, raunchy books) but i can appreciate ms franks style....more info
  • Best one yet
    : Book 3 in Jacquelyn Frank's compelling Nightwalker series, `Elijah' is a shining star in romantic fiction with a story that leaps from the pages in mesmerizing detail and breathless passion. Elijah is the Captain of the Demon warriors and protector of the innocent and good in the human and the Nightwalker realms. When Elijah is attacked and near death he is rescued by Siena, Queen of the Lycanthrope, and the one woman who stirs a forbidden desire in him that should not be explored. For fourteen years Siena has worked hard to keep the precarious peace between the Demon and her Lycanthrope race, and her uncontrollable passion for Elijah could put an end to that peace. Their struggle to be together is further complicated with the latest threat from devious necromancers and vengeful plots from the traitorous Demons, Ruth and Mary. It will take Demon and Lycanthrope both working together to stop the deadly evil that threatens the very existence of the Nightwalker and human races.

    Jacquelyn Frank has penned an enthralling book with extraordinary characters and riveting action. `Elijah' is a page turning thrill that will reacquaint you again with the memorable Nightwalkers, and of course, it has a romance that will melt your heart. The dialog between Elijah and Siena is great with both being strong minded and having take charge personalities; which made for some sizzling hot bedroom scenes. It's an excellent book that has me drooling for Nightwalkers and I can't wait for Damien's story, which is the next one in this series. Elijah is a definite keeper and re-reader that I highly recommend. Run, don't walk to your nearest bookstore and get your own copy of `Elijah'. Enjoy!

    ...more info
  • Pretty good
    I wouldn't say I love this series like so many other have, simply because I read so much better. The good part about this series is that it's different from many others. It's not often that demons are placed as heroes. In Elijah, the Warrior Captain finds his love in a strange place--after being saved from near neath by none other than the queen of lycanthropes. What makes this unorthodox is the fact that Elijah is well known through the Changeling community since the demons were at war with them for hundreds of years in which Elijah led the war and killed many of them, including the past king--Siena's father. But since he was not very well liked anyway, including by Siena, that made it all okay--hmmm...okay.

    What I don't like about this series is that Frank keeps bringing in old characters and giving them predominate roles in the storyline. They had their story told, I'm tired of them. I want to hear about the new characters. I'm sick of hearing about Jacob and his jealous tendencies. That problem should have been solved in his own book. So far, this has only caused my some annoyance. Hopefully it won't continue in the extreme sense it has been, otherwise I don't think I would be able to stand it. ...more info
  • Bloody Awesome!
    I absolutely adore this series. While some I know complain that she expands too much on information that's already been explained in previous books, I think it's great for a refresher, considering the time in-between release dates for the books. It's nice to be reading and saying to yourself "Oh, yeah, that's what happened."

    And so of course in this particular book, Eligah imprints on a very unwilling Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen. I think it's hilarious to watch these two go at it, and you certainly do end up sympathizing with both their sides. It's no wonder Siena doesn't want a king by her side, when the last king that was on the throne - her father - casued all kinds of havoc over what Siena describes as "imaginary slights to the male ego."

    And of course, there's Eligah, who being a Demon, accepts the imprinting for the inevitability that it is, and just wants to get to know Siena before he ends up attacking her come the next Samhain.

    All and all, a brillaint story, and if you love sarcasm, this book is dripping with it. :) ...more info
  • Third book in the series...
    First of all I must say that Elijah is a sexy beast! What a steamy read. I loved this third book in this series. As the first two books, Ms. Frank continues the keep past characters involved and introduces new ones that only add to the story line and continues with the plot that started off in the first book. Elijah and Siena are an explosive combination of lust that starts from the get go. Their story was almost impossible for me to put down. I can not wait for the next book in this series....more info
  • Love this series!!!
    Elijah is HOT!!! I loved this book and all the others before and after!!! These are must gets. What I like most about this series is how the stories and characters flow from one book to the next. You definitely need to read them in order and you'll start the next one as soon as you finish the first. ...more info
  • Poetic Language Creates a Lovely Fantasy World
    This is not one of my favorite series, but this one was so well written--sadly in terms of language and not plot--that I frequently found myselfr swept away in the imagery. That skill in itself is a fine one for an author to have and plenty of reason to purchase this book. The description of the cave the hero heals in, the physical descriptions of the leads--all created beautiful mental pictures. The plot got a little sticky here and there and I still have problems with the old "demons (not even the fake daemons spelling)are our friends" theme and they are not tools of evil. Overall, worth the time but not the $$. ...more info
  • Just not that interested
    It took me a bit of time to get interested in Jacob, I much more enjoyed Gideon's story and I finally finished Elijah. In all honesty I have become dissapointed especially after what felt like two chapters to begin Elijah which are nothing more than narration with no real action or dialog. It's just too darn wordy for lack of a better word. This is what it's like for me: there is all this emotional business going on, on top of the lengthy descriptions of the actions of the characters and then we get some (but not alot) dialog and very hard to follow fight scenes. After all that I'm worn out and not entertained. I find myself skipping ahead and not in a good way. I think her ideas are good but, I'm just bored and even though I have bought Noah and he has been my favorite Demon thus far, I'm not looking forward to reading it's 400 plus pages.
    Sorry but this series has lost my attention....more info
  • Great entertaining read
    This series is a really great read. It is very entertaining, and I had a hard time putting the books down. I cannot wait for the next book to come out....more info
  • I'm done with this series and its repetitive nature
    The third book in Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalker series picks up shortly after Gideon (The Nightwalkers, Book 2), the second book in the series, ends. Jacob and Isabella's daughter has been born and Warrior Captain Elijah and empath Magdelegna have been names her Siddah (the demons who will foster her and help her hone her powers), though a naming ceremony hasn't yet taken place. Isabella is recovering from the vicious attack on her and her baby, led by former councilwoman turned traitor Ruth and the female necromancers with whom she's joined forces. The demons and other Nightwalkers have just scored a victory against this group though--at the beginning of Elijah--we learn how short lived this coup may be.

    When Elijah starts, the traitorous females in question have captured the demon king's warrior captain and are using their magic to torture him. Elijah is near death when the women are frightened away by the piercing scream of a cougar in the distance, and the Lycanthrope Queen Siena comes to his aid. Siena retreats into a nearby cave with Elijah and nurses him back to health. Of course the attraction is there, but they both fight it--for very different reasons. For Elijah, it's that the rules of his race prohibit him from Imprinting (the demon version of mating) with a mate who isn't of his same species. For Siena, it's that she is the queen of a matriarchal society and has no wish to share her rule with a man who could bring ruin to her people. Elijah is the story of how these two try to overcome these obstacles and prove that love really does conquer all.

    I have to say that I was indifferent to Jacob (The Nightwalkers, Book 1). I liked the fact that it was a paranormal story that wasn't just about vampires and werewolves. Also, despite the fact that I didn't like the hero and heroine of that book, I did enjoy the secondary characters, Gideon and Magdelegna and for that reason I was willing to read the next book in the series. But then I didn't really care for Gideon. It was like Jacob all over again, with so much plot rehashing I wondered why Frank even bothered to call this second book by another name. And once again the only reason I even bothered to read Elijah is that I really liked these characters (Elijah and Siena) when they were introduced in Gideon. So I've learned my lesson. I'm done with the Nightwalkers series. Half of each book is just a rehashing of what happened in the previous story. And the only good thing about each book is the attention given to the secondary characters who will be at the forefront of the next book.

    If you want something a series of paranormal romances that are worthwhile and don't spend so much time focusing on what happened in previous books, check out Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series beginning with A Hunger Like No Other (The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 1). And if you're into paranormal that is a little off the beaten path like the Nightwalker series tries to be, check out Richelle Mead's urban fantasy series starting with Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid, Book 1)....more info
  • Disappointing third in the series
    While the first two in this series were good, and the premise of elemental demons is a good one, this book was disappointing. 1) There were absolutely no surprises in this book. Everything was obvious from the start. This is partially due to the Imprinting; it's so clear what will happen, without the interesting characters to balance out the predictability. 2) Repetitious language. The same phrases were used over and over again throughout the book. 3) Too much exposition - the information is stated rather than demonstrated. 4) "Forcible seduction" (i.e., rape) themes. On a positive note, it was nice to see the heroine in the position of power....more info
  • "Dying was far less painful than a hurting heart."
    I'll admit that I had lukewarm feelings for Gideon and Legna. Their relationship left me wanting that while reading Gideon (The Nightwalkers, Book 2), I was more interested in the secondary characters and the brewing battle between the Nightwalkers and necromancers. Among those secondary characters that caught my interest were Elijah and Siena. There was something about their chemistry that really held my attention that I immediately picked up ELIJAH as soon as I finished with the second book. Let me say that I wasn't disappointed.

    Surprisingly, my biggest gripe about Gideon was how the first sixty or so pages were pretty much all narrative which nearly lulled me to sleep - literally. Yet this book, while also quite descriptive, actually engaged me rather than distract me from getting involved with the characters.

    I thought that Elijah and Siena were well-suited and I really couldn't picture them with another person... or should I say, creature? The chemistry as depicted in the second book is palpable and it was easy to believe how these two characters were drawn together despite their circumstances and prejudices. Both are forbidden to each other by the laws of their people, thus you know you are in for an emotional ride to see whether they will discard old scars and place their own needs over the needs of other people for once in their lives.

    While the first few chapters started a tad slow, though not as slow as its predecessor, the pace quickly picks up and I found myself immersed in the lives of these interesting creatures. The suspense reaches a new high as the renegade Demons reach new powers and the discovery of an ancient library hints of untold history. This book only proves that Jacquelyn Frank still has a lot to offer her readers and I am certainly ready for more Nightwalkers....more info
  • Love, Love, Love this Series
    I really like this series but this new author. I grabbed her first book in the grocery store one day because I needed a book and I have a daily need to read and hate magazines/newspapers. It was soooo good that I have continued to read every subsequent book and it just gets better and better. The characters are engaging and come to life so realistically that you could be watching it on television. Get this book and all her others if you have not read them yet....more info
  • Who Knew Demons Were Hot???
    This series just keeps on getting better and better. I won't go into plot detail here, but I loved the plot, the interaction between Elijah and Siena, the conflict due to imprinting between the two and the outside conflict with the necromancers. I definately recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it....more info
  • Reluctant Queen
    Elijah is the Warrior Captain of the Nightwalkers (Demons who follow rules, such as not harming innocent humans). He's been caught unprepared by two renegade Demons who have been attacking Nightwalkers and Lycanthropes, and the renegades' human necromancers and grievously injured. He's saved before he can be killed by Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen. While he's being nursed back to health, sparks fly between him and Siena. This means trouble for both of them since lying with Lycanthropes is against one of the Demon Laws and because during the centuries-long war between the Demons and Lycanthropes (spurred on by Siena's crazy father and with a fragile peace just brought about by Siena), Elijah was one of the great slayers of Lycanthropes, earning the hatred of many of Siena's people. Also, Lycanthrope Queens can mate only once and that is forever, and Siena does not want to mate with any man who may threaten her crown.

    The attacks of the renegade Demons create a bit of suspense while Elijah and Siena (mostly Siena) try to sort out their relationship. I liked most of the roadblocks to their relationship, since they seemed reasonable enough, and different, at least. Elijah was interesting because he's obviously a great fighter and worthy enough to partner with a very strong Queen, but doesn't have any alpha-male hang-ups about being with a powerful woman.

    I thought it was an interesting enough romance between these two, and the supporting characters added to the story. Plot was weak in parts, but this really isn't a plot-driven type of romance.
    ...more info
  • Elijah
    The book was in the condition as per discription and arrived in a timely manner....more info
  • Pure Animal Attraction Keeps Frank's Nightwalker Series Sizzling!
    Chemistry is King and Fate has a sense of humor, as Lycanthrope Queen Siena, finds her destined mate in the most feared former enemy of her people, Elijah, the 'Demon Butcher.'

    Queen Siena drives off the evil Necromancers just as they are about to deliver the killing blow to a mortally wounded Elijah. Since Elijah is in Lycanthrope territory Siena decides to save his life in order to preserve the fragile peace between their formerly warring people. She uses her magic to stabilize his injury and the incredible strength of her were-form to get them to shelter from the sun which is harmful to all Nightwalker species in order to protect Elijah's fragile hold on life. Elijah is too weak to leave and Siena is committed to staying and nursing him back to health, but as soon as Elijah begins to gain some strength the pair begins to experience an undeniable attraction. If you have read the previous books you are familiar with Demon Imprinting which is a bonding on more levels than just soul mate, it is mental and emotional but more primal and irresistible.

    Siena and Elijah both have reasons why they shouldn't succumb to the sensual pull between them. For Elijah mating outside his species is prohibited and punishable by death. For a royal lycanthrope any mating is for life and Siena doesn't intend to ever share her throne with a man after the years of war and strife caused by the last lycanthrope king, Siena's father. But Siena convinces herself that since Elijah is demon the one time mating rule doesn't apply and though Elijah tries to be noble and resist her lure, her seduction combined with the imprinting pheromones soon overcome his resistance. When Siena makes it clear to Elijah that she doesn't intend to continue the relationship, the pair separate and then both suffer anguish at their separation.

    One of the things that makes these books so enjoyable is that the author Jacquelyn Franks does such a good job of breathing life into her characters. Siena and Elijah are so well drawn that you feel their pain and frustration as they deal with a situation that is beyond their control. Adding an extra dimension to the story are characters returning from the previous books: demon mates Gideon and Legna (Gideon (The Nightwalkers, Book 2)), enforcers Jacob and Isabella (Jacob (The Nightwalkers, Book 1)) and demon King Noah as well as other members from the supporting cast that Franks carries through all her books. Isabella, Jacob's mate from the first book, continues to grow in power, more elements of the prophecy are introduced, and the villainous Ruth curses the children of the prophecy. Other than this the background plot is a bit thin, but it does serve to give the supporting characters something to do and it gives the romantic leads a reason to get out of the bedroom for awhile.

    The only problem I had with the book is that Siena was a much more interesting and powerful character before the imprinting. Afterward she is emotional mess and much less controlled. Even when she accepts Elijah, their bond causes her to act without the careful thought and control that made her such a successful queen, acting in a way that nearly costs her her life. Hopefully Syreena, Siena's sister, fairs better when she takes her turn in the spotlight in the next book, because so far she is a fascinating character. Can't wait to read about Syreena and vampire king Damien in the fouth book Damien due out in June.
    ...more info
  • Elijah - Yum
    The story has been summarized by most other readers so I won't repeat them. This was my first book of this series. I did not realize it was a series when I picked it up on a whim. Well, not such a whim, I liked the cover and the name. I was able to read this and not feel like I was lost because I had not read the previous books. I like the author's style and her ability to make you feel like you can "see" the surroundings. I really like all the characters and felt like I knew and understood them even though I had not read the first two books. The characterization of Demons is refreshing and true to the ancient Daemon because they were not evil by definition, just divine wth different powers. Some nice, some not. I really enjoy the integration of different Nightwalker species and the cross species relationships.

    I like Siena and her advisors and was happy to see that Gideon will be along shortly with Siena's sister. Cannot wait to see what is in store for Noah.

    I agree with one of the reviewers who felt the kissing was a bit much, given the intensity of the passion happening. I cannot help but like an author who came up with Elijah. A sensitive, macho brute stud who knows almost immediately he loves Siena. I also admire Siena's character and her sister and advisor.

    After reading only one book, I also agree with another reviewer about Ruth. Such a hateful character one tries to think of ways to help the auther get rid of her and her crones.

    I liked this book so much I am getting the first two and have preordered the next....more info
  • I can't help myself.
    I am in the middle of reading this series and I just love it. I like the plots and the people in them. And with all books I find myself laughing out loud at many parts of them. This book I could not put down. I would recommend this series to adult women but only if you start with book one....more info
  • Good book
    Fits in well with the other stories of this series. I can't wait for the next story in the series....more info
  • What happened?
    I was so disappointed with the characterisations in this book.
    The series started so promisingly - loved the characters in "Jacob",the paranormal world,everything about it..
    The last two books have been as dry as dust and i haven't been able to finish either one.No emotion.No depth of character.
    Shame....more info
  • a new addiction
    Elijah the Demon warrior has been trapped. Surrounded by his enemies he tries to stay on his feet, while the life force slowly emerges from him. He can't let these traitors be the better of him, but as they come closer, his blood drips from his body and he feels he is about to lose conscience. Just before he hits the ground he heard the distinct cougar call. His enemies flee and leave him behind, thinking he's dead or he will be very soon. With the thought he failed his King, he drifts off in unconsciousness.
    Siena, Queen of the lycanthropes approached the fallen warrior. Her cougar call scared off the other women, but sunlight is approaching so she must get Elijah to safer grounds. She stops the bleeding as good as she can, and then takes him to a cavern to let him heal.
    When Elijah awakes he attacks Siena, not knowing where he is or who he's dealing with. When he realizes he is strangling the Lycanthrope Queen, he releases her. But then another kind of confusion settles in between them. How can passion surge that much between a Demon and a Lycanthrope. Determined not to give in, both of them try to make the best out of the forced situation. Until Elijah is better, both of them will have to deal with the suppressed arousal.
    However, a passion that strong won't be denied... So the question remains: where do they go from there? How can the Lycanthrope Queen and the Demon Warrior give in to their passion without causing war again? Will Siena be able to give up her independence and can Elijah be loyal to another Royal than Noah?

    Jacquelyn Frank did it again.
    Her Nightwalker series proves to be a keeper. Each of the heroes and heroines well worthy for each other. And a way of writing and telling the story that only keeps you yearning for more. Yes, Jacquelyn Frank has made me addicted to this series.
    Elijah is a strong man, the leader of the demon warriors, loyal to his King Noah. He can't believe he, of all demons, ran into a trap made by his enemies. When he is rescued by Siena, he has to fight all of his natural instincts so he will be able to stay away from her.
    Siena is equally strong to Elijah. She is the Queen that arranged peace between Demons and Lycanthropes. How can she force Elijah on her people now? He is after all the one that led the demon army, the one that killed their previous king, her father, himself... But an Imprinting isn't to be denied. And when they part ways, she finds out the side-effects. Determined to ignore them, she feels her mood getting worse hour after hour until Gideon provides for a possible solution. But will the proud Elijah be able to accept her condition?
    Elijah is a story that will keep your attention from the first letter up to the very last one. It will make you smile, cry and hope they find a way to be together.
    Besides Elijah and Siena's story, we also meet the villains again and Frank brings us a bit closer to the reason they act like they did and will do again.
    Bella is proving to be more than meets the eye, and by standing up to her mate she made me laugh out aloud more than once.
    I loved Jacob, Gideon and now Elijah! June better be here fast, because Damien proves to be a hero to die for....more info


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