Death at a Funeral

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Studio: Tcfhe/mgm Release Date: 09/23/2008 Run time: 91 minutes Rating: R

Though it doesn't hit the same comic heights as Bowfinger, Death at a Funeral is a fun little romp. Granted, not all of the characters are meant to be humorous, like Daniel (Matthew Macfadyen, Pride & Prejudice) and his wife, Jane (Keeley Hawes, Tristram Shandy), straight-faced foils for the more over-the-top performers. After Daniel's father passes away, the couple offers to host the funeral, so all his relatives descend on the family abode, including Daniel's estranged brother, Robert (Rupert Graves, V for Vendetta). The mood is already tense when their cousin, Martha (Daisy Donovan), arrives with her nervous fianc¨¦, Simon (Alan Tudyk, Serenity). On the way over, Simon takes a Valium that's actually a hallucinogenic concoction cooked up by Martha's pharmacology student brother. By the time they arrive, Simon's inhibitions are gone with the wind. Other guests include Uncle Alfie (Peter Vaughn) and an uninvited American mourner (Peter Dinklage). By the end of the movie, one of these individuals will be dead. Though he's worked in the States for several decades, director Frank Oz was born in the UK, and Death at a Funeral feels like the work of a British filmmaker. As drawing room comedies go, it may not rival Arsenic and Old Lace, but it's still funnier than most. If the film has a flaw, it's one misjudged moment of scatological humor, which is sure to induce more cringes than giggles. Fortunately, it's over quickly, and Tudyk's hilarious performance provides ample compensation. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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Customer Reviews:

  • One of the funniest films I have ever seen.
    My wife and I thought it was great. I feel sorry for the people who give this film only one star, and don't find it funny. I wonder what they laugh at?...more info
  • Now THIS is comedy at it's best!
    This is one of the funniest movies my husband and I have watched in a VERY long time. Between the wonderful English humor and top notch acting your funny bone will be wildly tickled from beginning to end. Recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good giggle and numerous belly laughs!!...more info
    I just bought this last week, and enjoyed watching it at least twice a day. Matthew MacFadyen, a very brilliant actor, comedy or drama. I like the actors here - Matthew, Keeley Hawes (also his real life wife), Rupert Graves, Alan Tudyk, Daisy Donovan, Andy Nyman, Timothy Spall and the rest did their jobs so well. I just can't stop watching it, specially after work (like a therapeutic movie that lightens your stressful day). I just like to watch British movies - drama and comedy. Worth paying for, and for keeps. A fan of Matthew and Keeley. JUST LOVE BRITISH PERIOD DRAMAS AND COMEDIES. Worth buying to treasure....more info
  • Just... okay
    This is not a hilarious, laugh-out-loud riot, though it is funny and amusing in a subtle way. Even though some of the humor is a little base, and some of the plot you can see coming from a mile away, it's still amusing. I would say it's more entertaining than funny, I think.

    To be honest, it's a movie that left me with mixed reactions. I wanted to like it a lot more than I did. It was one of those movies I can't particularly fault (other than the transparent plot) but I can't pick out much that was stellar, either. The actors and acting were solid, but not great. The plot was interesting, but not surprising and astounding. The characters were varied and not at all shallow or two-dimensional, but nothing really special. It was one of those movies that was okay while it lasted, but will fade from memory fairly quickly.

    I'd say it's a good Sunday night 'I have nothing else planned' kind of movie....more info
  • B,ack Comedy Strikes Home
    A truly excellent comedy, in the best tradition of British farce. Based around the funeral of the family patriarch, at which all sorts of things about the dead man's past life get revealed. Deals with family issues on a variety of levels, and delightfully spiced by hallucinogenic drugs. Be prepared to laugh long and loud - a very enjoyable movie!...more info
  • A Movie About LSD
    This movie never failed to disappoint. It held quite a lot of promise, but little (no pun intended) of it came to fruition in this stretched almost comedy that deteriorates into a story of the effects of LSD on people's behavior. The rest of the story was not "traditional" British humor, because it would have been funny had it been so. This was predictable, sort of, in most every turn and the "surprise" guest and how it was played out was quite disappointing. The film tried and failed miserably to recreate the ambiance of "Four Weddings and a Funeral". The single funeral in the latter was better than the entirety of this film. Don't waste your time or money on this. ...more info
  • A Jolly Bier Bash
    There's nothing quite as hilarious as a group of innocent people trying to dispose of a dead body. This movie makes a madcap romp of the unbidden task facing certain family members gathered for a legitimate burial, then confronted with an extra corpse.

    We get to know these people as memorable characters along the way, which is half the fun. Each player comes onto the scene markedly self-absorbed. In other words, they're a typical family. All the different types are here, including the curmudgeonly uncle, the somewhat overbearing parent, and the doted-upon celebrity son. Some are called upon to come out of themselves a little though, in order to make common cause with each other and to put a lid on their mutual problem.

    There are two full-length commentaries on this disc - one by the Director, and one by a couple of the actors and the writer. Both are good-natured, but don't provide too many additional insights into the filming or the film. So unless you have a fair amount of extra time, you can skip these, and just enjoy the Funeral for what it is - a jolly "parlor" game.

    Then for more fun centered around trying to dispose of someone, you can check out the classic Terry-Thomas/Peter Sellers romp "Naked Truth."...more info
  • Best Thing Dead or Alive--
    Death at a Funeral is hands-down the drollest, funniest comedy I've seen in years. It has that wonderful British knack of downplaying instead of overworking the truly absurd plot. Plus I've never laughed so hard watching a naked man in all my life....more info
  • Offbeat Humor
    I suppose this type of humor isn't for me as I barely cracked a smile throughout the course of the entire movie. This movie presents you with uncomfortable situations and expects you to laugh nervously....more info
  • Pretty Funny
    I <3 Alan Tudyk. Which was pretty much the only reason I bought the film, but it is genuinely good (for plenty of other reasons). Peter Dinklage is fantastic and I love that the whole film takes place over the course of an afternoon....more info
  • Great FUN
    I recommend this film to anyone who has lost their sense of humor due to family issues...Great Fun, lots of laughs. Brit humor at its best....more info
  • Not Your Typical British Comedy
    British comedies are not for everyone, but for this movie is for anyone looking for a laugh. I enjoy a good British comedy occasionally, so when I saw this movie I thought I would give it a shot.

    I expected the dry humor found in many British comedies, but was also pleasantly surprised to find a good deal of physical and situational comedy.

    The movie revolves around a family getting together to pay respects to the father of the two main characters. What ensues is complete madness.

    Death at a Funeral is definitely a gem and worth watching. Guaranteed laugh out loud funny....more info
  • Good Ol' Brit Dark Comedy
    Death at a Funeral takes you on a dark grin of a path when what can go wrong, does. Between the writing and the actors, the plot line can leave you with a sweet after taste. I found myself laughing at every corner and thinking, "Oh no, seriously?" Done perfectly in british style without the hollywood glamour.
    I highly recommend this as well as many of my friends who asked if I had seen it yet, and stated, "You must see this film!"
    ...more info
  • Really funny comedy!!!
    If you want to laugh, this is the movie for you. How death and a funeral can be so funny? Well, surprisingly it is. Entire cast is great. Very witty, hilarious gags, make impossible not too laugh. All the tumbs up!!!...more info
  • FUNNY!
    All I can say is I keep watching this with my spouse and it is hilarious. The acting is excellent, perfect casting, and particularly funny is Andy N. who plays Howard. All the acting is superb, I can't stop smiling thinking about it. The gag reel extra is also hilarious....more info
  • Hilarious! Just watch it.
    What more can I add to the other reviews you've read? I just saw this and have watched it 6 times in the last two days. Hilarious dark comedy! Great direction and what an amazing cast. The expressions are priceless.

    If you like watching people react under stress (in a funny way) then I think you'll love this. Really fantastic stuff....more info
  • Hysterical
    My husband and I went to see this in the theaters and couldn't wait to get the DVD when it came out. This movie turns a normally sad event-- a funeral-- into a comedy that makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. We both had tears rolling down our cheeks.

    The whole movie is about one man's funeral and how his family handles the stresses that pop up during such a terrible event. One thing after another goes wrong... and it's hysterical!...more info
    This was a great purchase-It was the 1st time we were using and we will be back-It was all so easy and exactly what we wanted was available!...more info
  • Death at a funeral
    This is possibly one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Completely unexpected. A must see!!...more info
  • Great Date Night Movie
    My wife and I rarely agree on movies, however we both gave Death at a Funeral 2 thumbs up. This movies has it all from a midget, to poop, a naked stoned fiance and that is just for starters. There are about 10 sub plots going on during the movie and each one is clever and well thought out. To go into more detail is to give away the plot. Lets just say that the movie plays out like a well written book that you can not wait to turn the page.

    This movies is funny, well done and very enjoyable. If I could give it 6 stars I would. I have already loaned out my dvd to a friend and will continue to recommend Death at a Funeral to everyone I know. ...more info
  • Death at a Funeral
    This is a very funny movie! There are quite a few strong characters in this movie and some of them will have you laughing so hard. A bit slow to start in the beginning of the movie, but it is worthwhile to watch!...more info
  • HI-LARIOUS!!!!!!
    Excellent Humor! I am a fan of British comedy and this movie is absolutely hilarious. ...more info
  • Slapstick at a Funeral--I Know it Sounds Weird But it Works!
    "Death at a Funeral" is set at the home of a wealthy British family that is burying its patriarch. As the family converges for the funeral, several things start to go wrong--the boyfriend of a cousin takes some acid (by accident), the famous brother can't get it together, and oh yeah, the deceased's secret gay lover has shown up (with photos) to blackmail the family. Hilarity ensues despite the sensitive subject matter.

    This movie's slapstick humor is laugh out funny, and in the end everything turns out okay. This movie is definitely worth a watch for the funny way it confronts family drama and the secrets we all keep at a difficult time....more info
  • Will keep you laughing and laughing and laughing
    "Death at a Funeral" is a fantastic British comedy about the events at a funeral, involving a range of superhilarious, if slightly juvenile, jokes and physical stunts. A son nervously hosts the funeral for the father he loved, but everything seems to go wrong and that's where the fun comes in. The movie gets to a slow start, but it's worth it. It turns into an extravaganza that gets more outrageous by the minute--involving hallucinogenitic medicines, rude relatives and even excrement. And of course, at the end, everyone has a better understanding of everyone else. But it's a ride you really won't forget, with laugh-out-loud funny writing and talented acting. ...more info
  • Average at best
    I found this to be average at best with limited humor and average acting. Most everything that happened was predictable....more info
  • We laughed.
    This is English humor as only the English have mastered. You knew at times just what was going to happen and still they made you laugh. Great cast and a nice way to watch a movie. No negatives....more info
  • Awesome Movie
    Very very funny. Laugh out loud humor. Can't go wrong with this movie....more info
  • No better than average
    Typical british humour taking the mickey out of the moment, BUT considering all the hype about how funny this film was supposed to be you will be highly disappointed, watchable alot of the funny scenes are predictable or not even funny - delivery of the wrong body/coffin, the accidently taking the drugs and having the side effects, finding your father was secretly having an affair with another man who happens to be a dwarf. Again watchable but not very funny and certainly not in the class of Four Weddings and a funeral or Bridget Jones Diary. ...more info
  • Laugh till you cry
    This was a wonderful movie! The person I watched the movie with was laughing so hard he said he couldn't watch any more - but he did. He was laughing so hard that tears were running down his face and he was falling off the couch! In these times of sad movies, movies with messages, movies with so much drama - it was a great release to laugh out loud during a wonderful movie. I recommend this movie to everyone....more info
  • Best comedy I've seen in years
    .......and probably the best I've ever seen. I bought this movie on a whim having never heard anything about it. What a treat this turned out to be. It is wonderfully written, acted, and directed. Several subplots are ingeniously woven into a very, very funny movie. Ignore the 1 star reviewers - one can only assume they don't "get" British humor. Everyone I've played this for has had the same reaction to it, and judging from the vast majority of the reviews here, most people find it as hilarious as my friends and I have....more info
  • Death at a Funeral
    Yet another refreshing take on the ordinary things that life throws at us albeit it a 'little' outrageous. As usual the British take on comedy is A1, full of clever wit,innuendo, and black humour. My ribs were aching by the end! ...more info
  • Fabulously Funny
    So hard to find a really good comedy these days! Watched this one twice and found it totally hilarious both times....more info
  • Watch this movie...
    I've never written a review on Amazon before, but felt it was necessary to start now as this movie was so funny. I've been let down by so many recent comedies that fail to live up to there hype - this is not one of them! If you love English humor (all right, mate???) and even if you don't - trust me you will still love this movie!...more info
  • Death at a Funeral
    I had viewed this movie previously at the suggestion of a friend and really enjoyed it. I am a fan of darker humor, especially British, so it fit the bill. I purchased this one for a friend....more info
  • Pretty Good
    A lot different than what I expected but still entertaining. I think the fiance on drugs (not of his doing) was a scene/concept that went on for a bit too long and was not entirely believable, but the rest of the movie was just right with its surprising twists and turns. I agree with another reviewer re: the cranky oldster in the wheelchair. Why was this stereotype needed - it didn't add to the movie. It would have been sufficient to have him only in the one scene that truly mattered with that character. That scene was So Funny (as long as it doesn't happen to you it is funny). It was also amusing to see that the British (as portrayed in this film) think a Valium is the answer to every problem. Is that the British health care system in action? One hopes not. ...more info
  • Outstanding!
    Hands down one of the funniest movies I've seen, and one that I will watch many times. I could watch it without the sound and still never stop laughing. Even the way the actors use their eyes is a riot....more info


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