iRobot Roomba 580 Vacuuming Robot

List Price: $499.99

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  • Vacuuming robot with spinning brushes cleans floors at the touch of a button
  • Bagless dustbin; filtration system traps allergens; anti-tangle technology
  • Built-in cliff sensors; on-board scheduling; wireless command center
  • Self-charging home base; 2 Virtual Walls, brushes, and filters included
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Roomba, excellent!
    In several ways a better design than the former models; cleaner, stronger, quieter.

    By the way, the package "Roomba 580" at Amazon can be different from the package at iRobot....more info
  • Roomba 580
    Performs as advertised. I use it every day (scheduled) and sometimes another time after recharging. Seems to do a good job. I clean the waste hopper and around the brushes after each session and make sure to clean the edge sensors, as well. It finds its way back to the charging station most sessions, and is usually charged back up by the time I get home from work. It is good at not bumping into white walls (when the lights are on) but bumps a little firmly into dark objects/surfaces. Not a problem, yet. Noise is moderate, but not a problem as most cleaning is done when I am not there. My cat is pretty much used to it now. I got the free accessory kit without having to ask or pay....more info
  • Amazing.
    The Roomba 580 is well worth the extra bucks. The lighthouse capability for the Roomba to travel through a series of rooms and then back to the home station is the plus that makes the Roomba worth it, to me. Instead of moving it room to room on your own, you press start and get multiple rooms vacuumed with no oversight on your part. For anyone with kids or pets, this is a must-have. Don't be discouraged the first few times you run the Roomba, as it learns from all its mistakes and typically does not repeat them as it learns the shape of your rooms and where obstacles might be....more info
  • Impressive but still a toy
    It deserves 3 stars in terms of functionality, but because I am impressed I'll give it 4.
    The main problem is coverage of a large room with a lot of furniture (coffee tables and chairs). It has a set of nifty heuristics to deal with obstacles and corners. However, it doesn't learn the shape and size of a room - it uses another set of heuristic algorithms for coverage. The result? It gets "stuck" in some parts of the room for a long time for no apparent reason, like a creature with a fried brain. It all depends on furniture arrangement in a particular room. I bet it works just fine in an empty room. It compensates for this deficiency by running for a very long time.

    In summary:
    - it works, but the vacuum is not very powerful so the results are not perfect;
    - the dirt compartment is small - you have to empty it after each use;
    - it takes a lot of time - you might not care until the battery gets weaker;
    - you may need extra virtual walls if you have spaces with many doors/openings (or you can use strategically placed obstacles);
    - you may have to temporarily move furniture, remove cables (it "eats" them);
    - the fun toy factor is a plus;

    My house is rather large, but not a mansion (3 bedroom with large spaces)....more info
  • Roomba Rocks
    First off the 4 star rating is for the actual Roomba product. I have used the Roomba daily for the past 2 months, and although it was a rather expensive purchase in my opinion for a vacuum, it has been well worth it. I rate its automated usefulness similar to a dishwasher or washing machine, and would not want to go back to living without this product. This would be a 5 star product if it didn't require so much maintenance in cleaning out the brushes every use.

    We have 5 kids and a dog and therefore a lot of dirt, grit and hair ends up on the floors. I have laminate flooring throughout the house, so I can't attest to how well the iRobot cleans carpet, but it has done a great job on the hard floors. In one charge it can clean the main living areas of the home including the kitchen, dining area, halls and living room. It is amazing how much stuff it picks up.

    It is a little noisy, but less so than many regular vacuums. It sounds about like a hair dryer, except you are not holding it near your head so it is not quite that loud.

    The way it covers a room in a combination of following walls, spirals, and zig zagging around and bouncing off things takes it awhile to finish a room, much longer than I could manually sweep the floors, but the beauty is I don't have to do the work, other than clean out the dirt bin, filter and brushes.

    With all the hair it picks up, I find I have to remove and clean the brushes with every use, as the manual recommends. Putting this off and using without proper maintenance only causes problems. I found brushes don't properly spin and work if I don't keep the hair and fibers cleaned out. This includes unscrewing the little side brush from the bottom and removing to get the stuff that winds underneath it.

    I do make use of the lighthouses to control keeping it in one area until finished until moving onto the next, and also occasionally find the wireless command center to be handy. I haven't used the scheduling features as I prefer to manually set it cleaning when I want and this way I can make sure the kids have floors picked up of obstacles before it runs. If I didn't have a couple of toddlers that leave toys throughout the house, I think the scheduling option would be great.

    iRobot sells this model directly and also calls it Item Number: 58001 with a total of 3 lighthouses, 11 brushes, 7 filters, wireless command center, charger, home base, and a silver faceplate. Amazon sells this with 2 lighthouses, 2 extra brushes, 1 extra filter, wireless command center, charger and home base as main package and also sells an accessory pack with the extra items including 1 more lighthouse, 3 bristle brushes, 3 flapper brushes, 3 side brushes, silver faceplate and 6 filters.

    Make sure you know what comes with what you are ordering and review all options to order and what accessories are included! I ordered from Amazon, got a good price, and got the extra items included at the same price, but they should have it packaged the same as on the manufacturers website if they are calling it the same model and item number instead of selling some of it as a separate item unless you order it the right way. 0 stars to Amazon on this item for making this a problem for their customers.
    ...more info
  • Not reliable
    This product is not reliable. Exchanged 4 times and need to exchange one more time. In average this robot will work for about 4 months....more info
  • I am so in the future
    Roomba is even better than I had ever hoped. This flying saucer is like haveing maid service whenever I want. When they are able to perfect the bot to do stairs and maintain itself, living will truly be easy....more info
  • Another victim of "made in China"?
    When I bought this robot it lasted 4 months before the brush stopped turning and it no longer picked up any dirt. I sent it back to the store I bought it from and got an exchange. Wouldn't you know it, 4 months later the same thing happens! Don't get me wrong, I am a committed user of Irobt products. When they work, they clean extremely well. The problem is reliability....more info
  • Great product
    This is a great product. It picks up all the fine pollen and dust that I needed to use my wet mop to remove. I use it when I'm going out for the day or during the night while I sleep....more info
  • Worst customer service in USA!
    I have been dealing with iRobots customer service for 2 months now to fix a problem with my Roomba 580. It takes up to a week to get a simple answer from them and they don't seem to bother to even read my entire emails. I've never encountered customer service that's so incompetent. Here's an example of one of their replies:

    "I am very sorry for inconvenienced caused.

    what suggestion you try .and what error message the robot give.

    please response to this information."

    My guess is this was written by a five year old. They sent a replacement part to not to the address I gave them for shipping the part, not to my original shipping address, but to an old billing address, where I don't live anymore! I could go on and on.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from all of their products until they actually start taking care of their customers.

    UPDATE: This is the latest response from iRobot:

    "Thank you for contacting iRobot Customer Support.

    Can you please tell me the problem you are having with your robot, so i can father assist you."

    It seems like I've found my father. He works at iRobot! I didn't even know he was missing!

    Note that this is the 3rd time they ask about the problem even though I very clearly stated my problem the first time I contacted them.


    I posted a 1 star review on the iRobot website a few days ago and it was never published! It seems they only publish the positive reviews. Perhaps the reviews are even written by iRobot employees? They are a company that does not care about their customers!...more info
  • My second Roomba - quite happy so far, customer service not so good
    We had a 560 for about a year now and, because we have a relatively large house, we recently decided to go for a second. The 2 are quite similar. In fact, they are very much the same product, the 580 being the 560 plus the 'command center'.


    The robot itself does a pretty good job at fully covering the area and removing the dust. It is VERY good in a fully carpeted room or a bare-floor room. However, many times, it finds it difficult to climb from the floor onto the carpet. The side brush goes under the carpet and, eventually, the robot backs off and tries again later. It is usually successful, following several attempts but this may result in it over-cleaning one area and not spending too much on elsewhere. Our 560 actually ended up breaking the rotating brush following numerous under-the-rug incidents and we had to get a new rotating brush kit from Roomba.

    Another, somewhat weird behavior has to do with dark objects that it should be avoiding. The Roomba seems to detect bright walls and objects and slows down and only touches them gently at the end of the approach, it usually slams into a dark wall or whatever dark object might be in its way. It seems unable to detect darker objects.

    On the 580 you can schedule future jobs either on the main unit or from the control center. We did not find this capability very useful because we have more rooms than Roombas and we decided that we did not want to run our lives around the Roomba's cleaning schedule and move it around as expected. Whenever we want to clean a room, we take the Roomba there, set the virtual walls/lighthouses and push the 'clean' button.

    The Command Center duplicates the buttons you find on the back on the main unit and it adds the ability to drive the robot through 3 'arrow' controls. We found that we don't use this capability. The Roomba seems smart enough to drive itself and the kids have their own remote-control toys. After a couple of 'gee-whiz' runs, we ended up not using the Command Center at all so, basically, we have 2 560's now.

    The virtual walls/lighthouses are VERY useful. Each Roomba comes with 2. You would sometimes need more. While we were a one-Roomba household we manage to keep the robot within its designated area in our 'open floor' first floor by blocking it with various objects. Now that we have 2 units, we have 4 of these so all is perfect and easy downstairs.

    While it's noted in the product description, I should mention that the 'going back to base' feature works VERY WELL. The Roombas almost always manage to find their base and go into the recharger when their batteries go low.

    We had no problem with the battery life. Our one-year-old 560 seems to have as much stamina today as it had on day-one.


    After every other cleaning run, you will have to empty the dust bins, clean the filter and clean the brushes.

    Taking out the dust is easy. And so is the cleaning of the filter. Cleaning the brushes is another story and problem is 'hair'. It's not terribly difficult but... you will be dealing with 'dirt'. I found that with the help of a pair of scissors or a small (sharp) knife you can clean the brushes in a couple of minutes.

    Customer support:

    As I mentioned before, the little 'helicopter' brush unit had to be replaced. I did not find Roomba's off-shore based support team to be very helpful. It happened a long time ago so I don't recall of the details but I remember them first being unable to understand the nature of the problem. Then, some unfriendly foreigner told me that they are not obligated to send me a replacement immediately, given that there was some '5 business days' or '10 business days' in the warranty. Anyways, I eventually got my part but it happened after a relatively long wait and too many calls and too much time spent with these lovely people. The funny thing was that, as soon as I placed my first phone call, I received an email asking that I rate the quality of the 'service' provided. MANY such surveys followed.

    My rating: 4 stars

    We are actually using these and they do a good job for us. The fact that we now have 2 of these, shows that we find them worth the expense. The Roombas do what we expect them to do - which is clean the room without us having to watch them doing it. They are well-built, durable and efficient. For all of the above, they get a 5-STAR PLUS rating. I am taking out 2 stars for the not so good customer support and for the little problems the Roomba seems to have climbing on carpets. Therefore, the fair rating is a 4-STAR....more info
  • Hairy problem
    Used our 580 for approx 2 weeks and very, very satisfied except for major hair buildup on sides of both beater and brush. (Two shorthair cats and a longhaired doxie allow us to live with them, in case you wonder.) Ran unit everyday most of time and it worked perfectly - much improved pickup over our old Discovery unit including better obstacle avoidance and, especially, its ability to maneuver over throw rugs, etc.

    BUT even though there would be very little hair on the brush itself, it would stop at least once during each cleaning and ask to have ts "brushes cleaned." I soon realized this only meant hair had wound tightly around both sides of the beater/brush assemblies. This continued for the entire two weeks and was a problem for which iRobot customer service offered no advice nor the possibility of a fix in the near future.

    Anyway, if you have NO pets (with hair) you'll probably love this thing. I would have gladly kept ours but returned it simply because of what I feel is a show stopping design problem. (FYI, our Discovery "Pet Edition" ran fine for well over two years without this problem.) I would gladly purchase again if they fix this "kink" maybe with another pet edition? For now the old Discovery comes back downstairs. Let me know iRobot......more info
  • Pricing wrong???
    I don't know why Amazon is charging so much more for a product that you can get WITH all the accessories actually SHIPPED WITH the unit, directly from the manufacturer. Amazon had better check their pricing.
    ...more info
  • Needs better hair guard for spokes
    My roomba worked great for about three months; however, despite cleaning the brushes after every use, dog hair still manages to find it's way into the inner drive and jam the gears. I have to unscrew the panel to get at the gears with tweezers to clean out clogged/impacted hair that tangles into all spinning parts.

    This unit is great for the average home but anyone with long haired pets should avoid this product until they invent better spoke guards (I own one small shaggy dog). ...more info
  • Wally, my busy little bot...
    I received my Roomba through iRobot rather than Amazon due to the misconceptions of the accessory kit to be involved.

    When I received it I wanted to try it out right away but thought it might be too loud (there's a rule that at my apt complex you may not vacuum past 10pm). Well I ran it anyway a bit just because I was curious and was surprised. It is not loud at all and no one can tell its vacuuming!

    It has picked up so much of my hair from the carpet that I've had to cut it off the rollers. However, the more you clean routinely with this vacuum the less I've had to take it apart to get my hair out (I've got 15in plus hair in length). It even has picked up unseen gravel from the title floors which my regular sweeping has missed.


    Wireless scheduling and remote to push it on, off, and dock. Picks up the smallest amount of dust you can see in the filter, but not in your carpet. Picks up hair well, but remember clean regularly. It doesn't ruin furniture, walls, etc when it "bumps" off of them. Very quiet and efficient!


    Just like with the regular vacuums, make sure you pick up any cords or rugs with fringes as it gets tangled on them. Otherwise it goes all around, even under furniture. Another con is the side brush has come off at least once every three vacuuming times because it drives onto the bottom of my lamp stands and when it gets around them, the turning motion with the help of the stand has unscrew itself. To get by with it, before vacuuming take your Philips screw driver and tighten it up and it won't fall off. The battery life does proved to last as they say for only a max of 4 rooms and then it must charge again which takes times. It will only dock by itself if it can find the sensor on the charger, so you need your fourth room to be your final room with the docking station in.

    I highly recommend this for those with busy schedules!...more info
  • These break in one year
    We've had two Roombas now - first one of the grey-white models, which we purchased in January 2006, which broke within 13 months. Instead of being able to repair the model, iRobot encouraged us to buy another vacuum, which was red for Valentine's Day 2007. It broke in January of this year. Because iRobot refuses to repair these models, and no one in the Austin, TX area seems to be able to do so, we've gone back to our old stand-up vacuum - not as neat, but definitely less wasteful. ...more info
  • Missing Accessory Package
    Like a number of other reviewers, I found that the accessory package was missing from my shipment, making this actually a lower model.

    Amazon has been aware of this issue for months, but it seems like the accessory package comes randomly with some orders and not with others.

    Sorry, Amazon, but I'm shipping this back to you....more info
  • Great vacuum but doesn't pick up hair very well
    I have had my Roomba for about two months. It is a great vacuum and picks up more dirt particles then my normal vacuum picks up. Probably the only downside to this vacuum is that it doesn't pick up my cat/dog hair very well. It will pick up some of the cat/dog hair but after picking up maybe a 1/4 cup of hair it will drag the hair along. If you have tile to carpet transitions the Roomba will leave that hair at the edge of the carpet. Also when it fills up it will drag the hair along and leave clumps on the floor. All and all I really do love the vacuum because the Roomba sweeping means less sweeping I need to do....more info
  • Roomba
    Grat product. Works good, and everything stated it does on the web, it does. Very pleased with it.

    ...more info
  • I love it!
    This is an excellent little vacuum but do not think that it is totally automatic. You do need to put a little effort into it.

    First, clean it up regularly! I run this vacuum every night. Each morning, I empty out the dust bin and clean the filter. You also need to clean the brushes - more often with carpet and pets than hardwood and no pets. You will have fibers and hair wrap around the rotation points. By cleaning these, you will extend the life of your Roomba considerably.

    Our house has a large first floor. The Roomba runs around it every night and does a great job of cleaning. You can see the vacuum tracks across the carpet in the mornings showing where it has been. The amount it picks up is very impressive! Especially when you consider it is only as noisy as a blow dryer on low. Most of the time it finds it's way back to the charger, but on occasion, it will hang up somewhere (again, we do have a large first floor!). It is best for you to go around before it vacuums and pull cords out of the way and move items it may hang up on. The robot does a good job of figuring it's way out of a mess or tangle, but not always.

    I give it four stars rather than five because there is still room for improvement, but would those things stop me from buying another? Not a chance! This is a great vacuum. I am anxious to see what the next evolution of this unit will do.
    ...more info
  • Great Product but DONT BUY THIS HERE!!!
    This is my own dumb fault but I read several reviews here on slightly different models but didn't check this one. After looking at the 580 on iRobot, the price was the same as Amazon but I knew I could get the free shipping with Amazon, so I bought it here w/o reading the review.
    This basically borders on false advertising except to Amazon's defense they do list what comes with the supposed 580 they sell here.
    The problem is for all intents and purposes, the only difference between the 570 and 580 according to iRobot is the extra accessories that you get if you buy it from iRobot. Somehow, Amazon is selling a 580 w/o the extra accessories so by iRobot standards, it's not a 580 but a 570.

    Summary, Amazon is short-changing you $100 for accessories that are worth significantly more than that.

    Some of the other models here may be worth the price but if you want the 580 as listed on iRobot's site, but it from iRobot, not Amazon.

    This is really disappointing on Amazon's part.

    FYI - by no means does this reflect on the Roomba itself. The product is great. 5 stars for the roomba. 0 stars for Amazon's marketing on this particular model....more info
  • Surpirsed
    I am a single guy and my house keeper only comes twice a month. I needed a little help with the vacuuming. At first, I thought this product would be more like a isn't. I have only had the product for about a month, but I can say this about does what it is supposed to do.

    I have a fairly large tile floor in my kitchen. I am always dropping something on the floor from coffee beans to cracker crumbs. When the floor gets where it needs debris removal, I just hit the romote control and the Roomba does the rest. In 15-20 minutes it is done and back in its charging unit. Once you see how the unit operates/navagates you can adjust the chairs in the room to get maximun effectiveness.

    I especially like the little sweeping fingers that get right up next to the base boards. For now I just use the Roomba in the kitchen, but I am considering using it in the living room on the wooden floors. The lighthouse units that came with the unit are very effective at keeping the units within a defined area.

    While the product is a little expensive, it is well worth the money....more info
  • Not as ordered
    When I was ordering this I saw in a prior review that the item had been delivered to a prior customer without the accessory pack. I called Amazon and they checked and assured me that it would be delivered with this pack (value of pack $100.00). The item arrived without the pack. I called Roomba and they told me that this pack was the difference between the 560 and the 580.
    That plus the $100 price difference. They said that the pack came in a separate package.
    I called Amazon and explained what had occurred . The rep said she would have to check at the warehouse, that there was probably a whole pallet of these accessory packs in the warehouse that they did not not know went with the 580's. She said they would call back in several days. When they did not, I called and each time they said the warehouse had not gotten back to them.
    I finally said that I had wasted enough time on this, so they offered me the options of either returning the Roomba, or waiting to see if it was in the warehouse or giving me a $100 refund. I took the refund which was applied the next day.
    I don't know if they got this issue straightened out yet, so beware....more info
  • Incomplete package on 580
    I ordered the 580 expecting it to be identical to the manufacturer's specs and accessories. It was NOT. I received the 560 package, but was charged for the 580 package. I attempted to get this straightened out through customer service, but after a couple of weeks of emails back and forth, they eventually refused to make the correction stating the 580 comes with the 560 accessories. Unfortunately, I didn't get my extra $100 dollars refunded, either, unlike the review posted on 05-30-08 by Mike Anisman. This problem has been posted on a few times. I recommend you purchase this product directly from the manufacturer so you will receive ALL of the accessories you are paying for with the extra $100 over the 560 price. Very disappointed in Amazon's performance on this purchase....more info
  • greatest invention since slice bread
    I,ve owned for 3 weeks and just ordered another one. Plan on giving for christmas presents this christmas.
    It really works.

    ...more info
  • Best thing ever!
    Buying the IRobot Roomba 580 was the best thing my husband and I ever did! I had a surgery few weeks ago and I was worried about who was going to take care of my house while Im recovering. We have 2 cats and Im pretty high standard about cleaning. Anyways...I did some research online, read some reviews about the IRobot Roomba 580 and gave it a try. If I just knew this before... The Roomba cleans very well and pick up all the dirty and hair on the floor..I highly recommend!...more info
  • Love my Roomba
    I had some difficulty with my order of the iRobot Roomba 580 but Amazon came through with a settlement.
    I really love my Roomba. I set it to run every day. With two young cats it's a lifesaver. I'm 70 yrs. old and running regular vacuum cleaner is very painful for my back. With Roomba there is no worries.
    I've demonstrated my Roomba to a friend and she is seriously thinking of getting a Roomba now.
    Thank you.
    Martha...more info
  • Rosie doesn't pick-up poop!
    My Roomba, which we named Rosie (after the Jetson's robot), does not pick-up dog poop!! Rosie has been a great addition to our family. She has been doing an amazing job in keeping the dog hair from our carpets and kitchen floor. My carpets never looked better!! Last week, we had a little predicament! My friend brought their dog over while we all went to a birthday dinner. When we got back, their dog pooped on my carpet! The bad thing is Rosie started her daily afternoon cleaning while we were gone. Rosie mud bogged in the poop pretty dang good! She spread that crap all over my carpets and the side cleaning brush was nice enough to smear poop on my molding!! I thought Rosie was a gonner after this. All she told me was to clean her wheels. I had to take her completely apart and clean poop from every inner surface. That's not my feeling of fun! I didn't think she would work again! I just let her finish drying for the past two days and started her back up. She was a total champ! She's working perfect like usual. As for the poop, we did the best that we could to get it all out of the carpet. The carpet cleaners will be here tomorrow to get the rest of the job done.

    I guess the morale of the story is your Roomba may enjoy mud bogging as a side from always having to clean the house, but it's like a kid and doesn't like cleaning up the mess when it's done!!...more info
  • Robots are your friend
    Do you have dogs, young children, dust problems, or just no time? Roomba will be your friend.

    I have owned a Discovery 3 series Roomba and this latest version is so much better than the previous versions:
    - Better sensors that slow down as they approach walls
    - Better battery life as it can run for quite a while now.
    - Quieter, but not by much
    - Easier to clean the brushes, grills etc as you used to need a screen driver

    Roomba still has some problems though that dont make it a 5 star for me
    - Has trouble with rugs with high lip
    - sometimes is confused by rugs with dark colors and things its a edge
    - Furniture that is somewhat raised from the ground it doesnt see and slams blindly into it (EX: Refrigerator)

    But with all these flaws, I still love Roomba. In fact, I refer to Roomba as a "he" instead of an "it" because he is a member of the family. How much does my family love Roomba? Well my 1 year old daughter calls him "Da-da" because he's fun and helpful around the house....more info
  • IRobot Roomba 580
    I love this little guy. Keep him clean and well-charged and he will give you all he's got. Be forewarned. He can't do corners well so be prepared to dry mop corners and other areas he can't get under. All in all, my family really enjoys watching Isaac the Robot work....more info
  • Roomba 580 Missing Bonus Accessory Kit
    Do not buy this product from Amazon.
    I must say that I have been purchasing products from Amazon for many years and have been very pleased. That is until now.

    I have had two of the iRobot Roomba 580's shipped from Amazon and they are both missing the Bonus Accessory Kit that includes the Silver Faceplate, 1 Virtual Wall Lighthouse, 3 Bristle Brushes, 3 Heater Brushes, 3 Side Brushes, & Six Extra Filters.

    I have pointed out to Amazon that there must be an additional box that goes with this product since those items cannot fit within the Roomba 580 package. Apparently, no one from Amazon has researched this for themself. They just ship another of the same box missing these items.

    I hope they will fix this problem in the future and pay better attention to future emails from customers and research the products in their warehouses when they are informed that all the items stated can not possibly be in the box they are selling.iRobot Roomba 580 Vacuuming Robot...more info
  • Great product, not this model though
    Awesome product and a big improvement over the previous generations of Roomba. These are much quieter, especially for those of us with hard floors.

    Unfortunately this model costs $150 more than the 560 and what you get for the $150 is this:

    - 1 remote control (not worth it at all - it's just a wireless version of the Roomba buttons and doesn't remember the time or date or schedule like the previous generation remotes did. It's just a toy.)
    - 1 set of replacement brushes (one bristle, one rubber)
    - 1 replacement filter

    That's it. The iRobot site says the 580 comes with a whole accessory kit of replacement brushes and filters, but it seems Amazon does not include that with the 580's they sell. You can buy the 580 for the same price directly from iRobot and get the kit, or you can save $150 and buy the 560 from Amazon. Either way, I strongly recommend against wasting your money on this specific model here at Amazon unless they start including the accessory kit....more info
  • Excellent Product
    We live on a farm and have 10 cats, so I wasn't sure if the Roomba would be able to handle the amount of cat hair we generate daily. Fortunately, with a little extra maintenance, it does fine.

    If you have multiple pets I recommend having a small and medium size Phillips Head screw drivers on hand, as the Roomba will eventually get pet hair clogging the gear box that holds the gears that rotate the brushes. The Roomba is well designed (modular)so it is easy to take off the bottom cover, remove the gear box unit, and remove the six small phillips head screws that hold the gear box cover on. It is easy to remove the gears and clean them. You will have to do this if you have cleaned the brushes themselves (including the hair that gets behind the little yellow bearing on the small brush)and you still get a thumping noise when the Roomba operates. The thumping noise is the anti tangle logic disabling the brushes as the Roomba thinks the clogged gears are actually the brushes tangled in carpet tassles or cords.

    This is a great product. If your time is worth even ten dollars an hour and you clean daily, it pays for itself in two months....more info
  • Why didn't I buy this earlier in my life!
    I have two boys with friends and four large dogs that come in and out of the house leaving hair and fine dirt in their path. Now with iRobot Roomba 580, I have a meticulous cleaning service at the tip of my fingers. The potable remote control activates the cleaning service and the task scheduler allows one routine cleaning per day. I continue to be amazed at how much dirt and hair it picks-up even though we run it once a day. Thanks to iRobot, I have a cleaning partner who never complains and won't stop until the job is done!

    ~ 1. First time(s) you run it, you will probably run it several times and watch it zoom under and around furniture. CAUTION: listen for the distress beep, to correct the problems when it gets stuck. Once corrected, the problem is eliminated.

    Ex: Threads hanging under your furniture or bed, height of some appliances or furniture, electrical cords etc...

    ~ 2. If you have animals, run it several times a day while you are present to show them it's OK. We don't want them to consider it the enemy because it will poke them out of the way when it's vacuuming.

    ~ 3. If it is having difficulty docking...train it. Using the remote, start it from the docking station by pressing the "Clean" button to start it, press "Clean" again to stop it, then press "Dock" to resend it to the docking station. The second time, remove it from the docking station; place it several feet away from the station, pointing the raised button towards the station, press the "Clean", button then "Dock" button. It will automatically dock within 30 seconds, even if it does not go directly to the docking station.

    ~ 4. If you lose it...and you will lose it until you completely rid your home of obstacles listed in No. 1, press the "Clean" button, on the remote, to activate the beeper. Follow the sound!

    ~ 5. If the "Clean" button turns "RED"'s running out of energy. Press the "Clean" button to stop it. Place it several feet in front of the docking station, pointing the raised button in the same direction as the station. Use the remote or the top of the machine to resend it to docking station by pressing "Clean" and "Dock" buttons. Use it again when it flashes a GREEN "Clean" button.

    ~ 6. Be nice and clean it after each takes less than a minute. I always clean my machine, including the filter, after each use. I also pull the hair off the brushes. Make sure you close the brush cage well. I usually pull it up from the bars to check if it's closed properly. Improperly closed cage will generate dust bunnies under the machine instead of inside the container. It will happen to you at least once... Once a month, I clean the front black and white wheel by pulling it straight up like you would rollers on a desk.

    ~~~ PROS:
    ~ 1. You can set your schedule for each day and forget it.

    ~ 2. The vacuum is as loud as a hair dryer set on low except that you don't have to have it around your head while it does it's job.

    ~~~ CONS (according to my kids):
    ~ 1. Vacuuming is no longer part of their weekly's been replaced by mopping.

    ~ 2. The docking station moves around on wooden floors which prevents the machine from docking properly 100% of the time. I corrected the problem by placing a rubber mat under the docking station. Now it has friction that prevents it from moving around.

    ~~~ ADVISE:
    Buy the package with the most supplies (filters, brushes, corner broom) and find the best price on line using a's worth the money. I received the following items in my package;

    ~ Wireless Command Center
    ~ On-board Scheduling
    ~ Self-charging Home Base
    ~ 3 Virtual Wall® Lighthouses
    ~ Silver Faceplate
    ~ 11 Brushes
    ~ 7 Filters

    Listed below are the approx prices for supplies you may need depending on the model you do the math!

    ~ Wireless Command Center $59.99
    ~ Virtual Wall® Lighthouse $39.99
    ~ Brush Cleaning Tool $5.99
    ~ Filter 3-pack $19.99 (2 pkgs)
    ~ Bristle Brush 3-pack $39.99
    ~ Flexible Brushes 3-pack $19.99
    ~ Side Brush 3-pack $14.99
    ~ Self-charging Home Base $69.99

    Remember to register your machine on the irobot site to get access to their help files and participate in their blog to gain valuable information or experiences from other users. That's how I found out how to clean the front wheel!

    ~~~ NOTE:
    I have my iRobot hidden under a chair and I keep the remote on the coffee table. ...more info