Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold Bronzer Indoor Tanning Salon Bronzing Tan Lotion for Men and Women 400ml/13.5fl.oz

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Product Description

This ultra advanced 14 bronzing blend tanning lotion will give you the tanning results that have been just out of your reach. Smash through your tanning plateau and experience the luxurious color that you have been striving towards. This superior lotion has been formulated with tanning and skin care in mind.

  • 14 bronzing blend gives almost instant, long lasting gorgeous color
  • Prepares your skin to get dark!
  • Special ingredients creates a rosy and healthy appearing glow
  • Prolongs the life of your tan
  • Fragrance: Exotic Fruits & Fig

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Tanning Lotion
    This is one of my favorites. I have tried a lot of tanning lotions and this one is really good. It has a candy banana smell to it, and it doesn't have that terrible after tan smell. You can go on with your day and not rush home to shower and wash it off. ...more info
  • Very Good Tanning Lotion
    Purchased this lotion a couple of months ago and have used about half the product. Did I say product? (that is so QEFTSG gay). I meant half the bottle. Good dark tan however, a somewhat pleasant smell although the smell can be considered a strong after tan odor by some. Saved significant dollars purchasing through Amazon rather than the local tanning salon....more info
  • Not worth the hype...
    I purchased this lotion after reading mixed reviews online. A girl I work with used this lotion this year and her results were incredible... ( but come to find out, she's just one of those chicks with the easiest to tan skin); unlike me who is very pale w/light brown hair. I started the tanning season off this year by using "Paint it black" by Millennium, which got me a descent base tan in about 3 weeks and was quite cheap. I was at the "Tanning Plateau" with that lotion so I tried 14 karat. First off, The smell is awful, awful to the point when your in the bed you feel nauseous b/c the smell is so overpowering, its like a weird pear smell. I read the review of the bad smell and said ahh.. what the heck I like pears, it wont be that bad. No, it really is that bad. I feel bad to waste a full bottle of lotion or to give it to anyone else and have them endure the awful smell...So overall, the lotion is o.k w/its tanning abilities and does leave the skin feeling soft, but the negatives (smell) outweigh any of its positive attributes to me. So be But, I got a free sample of a new product by Australian Gold, its called Creamy Gelato. It freaking rocks! It has a Vaseline gel like consistency w/hardly any scent. It absorbs into the skin so nice and when you get out of the bed you are not greasy nor sweaty. I really don't know about the long term affect of this lotion seeing as how I only tried it once this afternoon but I will definitely be buying this one soon. Good Luck to all you, and have a great Summer! ...more info
  • A mediocre product.
    I was somehow talked into buying this lotion at a tanning salon for the "bargain" (cough, cough) price of $65. I asked the sales person to describe to smell for me, as I was a little sick & could not smell it.
    "Oh, I just love it - it smells like coconuts!"
    Hmm... Well? Since I'm stuck in Seattle in the winter, I might as well smell like I'm on vacation. Why not?
    I am a fair-to-light skinned person, and do not expect miracles. This lotion has served me well, and even though I am still light, I have more color than usual.
    Do not be fooled... This lotion smells like PEARS. If you, like myself, are not 100% in love with the smell of pears, shop around for another lotion.
    And as another reviewer mentioned, you get sort of a burnt toast/ nasty pear/ DHA after scent when you're done.
    Bottom line? Good lotion for $20 or less. Much more than that? Don't waste your money.
    ...more info
  • Awesome Stuff!
    This was my first time ever doing indoor tanning before. Normally, I just get tan from being outside, but with college and work, there wasn't time during the middle of the day. A close friend recommended this to me, and I love it! My friends and coworkers comment on my nice tan, saying that I have a "healthy glow" to it. I notice a difference, I'm not just a tan brown color, it's got that nice golden glow to it. Worth the money by far! The smell is nice, not overpowering, and I can't understand why other reviewers don't like it. When done tanning, my skin is soft and supple. My boyfriend absolutely LOVES how my skin smells and feels after I go tanning!

    I was a little afraid that the DHA would "stain" my skin and add a fake color, but that's simply not the case here. My skin looks healthy, natural, and not "fake-baked" at all. I will definitely buy this again!...more info
  • YES!! It works!!
    I like this product because it doesn't make you smell like you went tanning. It's super easy to get off your hands and it works better than all the other lotions I've tried. It makes your tan last for weeks which saves money!! Three weeks after I stopped tannin, people were still asking about my deep color. You tan very quickly using this lotion also. I was amazed when I used a sticker my first time and peeled it off to see a difference!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Best stuff ever
    I love this lotion, but was not about to spend big bucks at the tanning salon on it... The price was unreal and it got to me so fast.. Just 2 day and I had it in my hand... Very pleased and I will order again!...more info


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