Generic Hoover HEPA Filter Designed to Fit All Hoover Bagless Uprights Using Twin Chamber Systems Will Fit Hoover Part # 40140201, and 43611042

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Product Description

This is the best quality replacement filter available. It is made by Envirocare technologies. This filter is made to fit Hoover part #40140201, and 43611042. Unlike the original Hoover filter, this filter is washable. Simply rinse the filter off, and make sure the filter is 100% air dried before putting it back into the vacuum cleaner. This filter will fit the following Hoover models; All Bagless Uprights Hoover bagless uprights using twin chamber system, model# U5750-900), U5290-900, U6430-900 model U8140-900 Hoover models 5722, 5750, 6616, 6630, 6660, 8146, and 8147.Wind Tunnel, Savvy, EmPower and Bagless Uprights Using 43611042 & 40140201. This filter will also fit Hoover WindTunnel V2 Bagless Vacuum, Model No. U8140-900. This filter should be replaced at least once a year. Homes with severe breathing issues such as asthma, or homes with severe allergies should replace this filter every 6 months. This is the main filter for the vacuum cleaner, so the more often you replace this filter, the longer you Hoover bagless vacuum will last you.

  • Excellent Quality Replacement Filter Made by Envirocare
  • 99.97% Filtration down to .3 microns (HEPA certified filter)
  • Will Fit All Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Models
  • Money back guarantee on quality and fit

 Customer Reviews:

  • Washable?
    I was happy to find a Hoover filter at such a great price. At almost $30 a filter, I was also tired of brushing the old filters to extend their life passed 1 year. But while the online product description claims it is washable there is no such claim on the manufactors box. I just got the filter and promise to update my review when I give it its first wash....more info
  • Competitive price!
    I have two dogs in a small house so my filters tend to get dirty quickly. I can shake them out to extend their life, but it doesn't help the doggy smell. It's nice to find a filter that costs a little less so we can replace it more often! Just what you need for your Hoover Windtunnel!...more info