Amcor UCHW-H12AF2 Ductless Split Air Conditioner with Cooling, Heating, Air Circulator, and Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Looking for cooling relief for your living area, but hate the thought of a giant metal box hanging out of your window or wall? Impressive cooling is available with the AmcorAire Duo UCHW-H12AF2 Split Air Conditioner - 12,000 BTUs of power to cool spaces up to 500 square feet. Split air conditioners have two main components that are connected by a set of pipes that circulate the refrigerant and carry away the condensation. This is the main cooling solution used in Europe due to the compact size and minimal impact of the installation requirements versus standard central air conditioning. Split air conditioners offer better energy efficiency and quieter operation - By choosing a split air conditioner over a window A/C or portable A/C, you are getting more cooling power for the same BTUs. The noisiest parts of the UCHW-H12AF2 (the compressor and condenser fan) are isolated outdoors resulting in less indoor sound pollution. Plus, window or wall air conditioners require large access openings - leaving your home more vulnerable to security risks or permanent structural damage. Features of the AmcorAire Duo UCHW-H12AF2 Split Air Conditioning system - A true multi-season system, it functions as an air conditioner, heater, air circulator and dehumidifier! A full function remote control is included, allowing you to switch between all four modes as well as adjust the 24 hour timer and transition it into the sleep mode. For best results, operate in ambient temperatures between 19 and 109F. The indoor settings can be set from 61 - 88F. The AmcorAire Duo UCHW-H12AF2 split air conditioner comes with a five year full warranty on the compressor and three year warranty on all parts, and you can purchase a two or five year extended warranty below!

  • Helps reduce energy costs by localizing the cooling or heating to a specific area in your home
  • Installation costs substantially less than central A/C -perfect for existing spaces or renovations
  • Adjustable and programmable via the included infrared remote control
  • Operating Range: 19 - 109F/ Thermostatic Range: 61 - 88F
  • Capacity BTU/hr: 12,000 Cools/Heats 300 - 500 square feet