The Waltons - The Complete Seventh Season

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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 09/02/2008

World War II has a profound impact on The Waltons: The Complete Seventh Season, as does the absence of John-Boy Walton (Richard Thomas), central figure in the first six years of the popular television drama. With John-Boy offscreen, stationed in England and writing for the American "Stars and Stripes" military magazine, The Waltons places its entire focus on the rest of the clan. One can feel a gap in the show, but The Complete Seventh Season holds up largely because of the war's influence on storylines. Patriarch John Sr. (Ralph Waite), his wife Olivia (Michael Learned), and their large brood spend 1941 adjusting to ceaseless changes, beginning with increased demand on John's lumber mill to meet defense contract demands. With John spending more and more time off the mountain negotiating with the government like a buttoned-down businessman, operation of the Waltons' mill falls to his son Ben (Eric Scott), who has to learn what it means to be the boss of hired hands. Meanwhile, Jason (Jon Walmsley) gets closer to graduation and still makes his way by playing piano at the Dew Drop Inn. He also finds himself feeling guilty over not enlisting in the war effort, but is uncertain about whether or not he might be a conscientious objector--a position that doesn't sit well with some of the men in town.

Jim-Bob (David W. Harper) dreams (and dreams) of becoming a pilot but is too young to enlist. The laconic teen also falls in love with a girl leaning toward entering a convent--the experience is painful, to say the least. But something in Jim-Bob grows up after that and stays that way. As for the girls, Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor) struggles with a full-time job as a nurse while leaving her baby at home, though none of those complications compares with the loss she endures the day Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, where her doctor husband is stationed. Erin (Mary Beth McDonough) and Elizabeth (Kami Cotler) carry on with work and school, and Grandma (Ellen Corby) gets around pretty well while suffering the long-term results of a stroke. The war affects everything on Walton's Mountain, including race relations, the clientele at the Dew Drop Inn, the employment scene. But if that's not enough change for The Complete Seventh Season, there's a whopper of a development midway through the year affecting the health and presence of Olivia in the show. There's always change on The Waltons, but none has ever been quite as extensive or sad as what happens on The Complete Seventh Season. Despite (or even because of) the withdrawal of Richard Thomas from The Waltons, there is a delicate balance between the other characters heretofore unseen. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • My favourite season!
    I know I'll be in the minority, but I liked the show better when John Boy was gone. It gave the other characters more to do. This was the season where Elizabeth attracts a ghost, Mary Ellen becomes a drug addict, and Cora Beth becomes a big lush! Enough said! Except - buy it! ...more info
  • Excelletn
    The Walton's is a wonderful series, I have purchase all 7 seasons and I am waiting for the 8th to be released. Excellent, wholesome and really what life was about in the thirties and forties. ...more info
  • One of the best series ever
    I wish TV still produced series as good and wholesome as The Waltons. Has anyone heard when the 8th season will be on DVD? :)...more info
  • good old family values
    not as good as the first few seasons. No John Boy and no grandpa. Even the mother-Oliva leaves mid season. The lessons aren't as good but the values are still good. ...more info
  • The Waltons
    This is television as it should be done and since we do not have these kind anymore watch the dvds....more info
  • The Waltons
    Oh how much I love this show!! I know it is about Depression times and how to live and survives. It is excellent! I am trying to get them all seasons when ever it is available! My Great-Grandma and Grandma times... Thanks....more info
  • The Waltons are Wonderful
    My wife loves The Waltons. We watch them as a family (I have two sons) and discuss the values protrayed in the shows. Good wholesome entertainment....more info
  • The Waltons are the best
    This season is just as great as those preceding it. We felt the loss of Grandpa just as if he were a member of out family. We have every season of the Waltons to come out so far and plan on purchasing the final seasons. ...more info
  • The Waltons, Season 7
    eXCELLENT DVD, And as always, My order arrived quickly!!, Packed Beautifully and Arrived IN Mint condition.... Great Job Once Again with Amazon.Com!...more info
  • As always, the Walton Family delivers yet another heart warming season
    Once again, a wonderful Season to enjoy. The Waltons always seem to warm our hearts and make us realize that family is what's really important in life. If you need to get back to the basics of what life is all about, you need the Waltons, they won't fail you. Good old fashioned values are what's missing in todays society, if only we could all take a lesson from the Walton family. Heart warming through and through.......more info
  • Beginning of the End
    Actually, when Richard Thomas left the show was when the Walton's began its descent to despair. I've loved the Waltons for as long as I can remember but am sorely dissapointed in season 7. I think the episode that did it for me was "The Changling". I mean, c'mon...Poltergiest? Let's get real here. Or should I say "unreal?" No wonder Michael Learned wanted to leave the show. The look of utter disbelief on her face as she did this show is so apparant. Judy Norton-Taylor's peformances a s a woman hooked on speed was so laughable. No wonder she's not working on TV now. Erin really grew up to be a pretty young thing but her hair was so frizzy in the episode where she and Mary-Ellen get an apartment. I guess for me, the best was "The Empty Nest"...however, I was hoping that this would have been done in a different way. Can you imagine the series beginning with a funeral in process. Oh, the tears would really flow if it only showed the people in the congregation's expressions during the funeral. That would have created a huge need for kleenexes. I won't be purchasing future seasons. Seven seasons is enough for me. I have "The Homecoming" all the way up to Season 7. That's plenty for now. ...more info
  • Life on Walton's Mountain is changing more quickly than ever...
    It's 1941, and World War II is in full force. Everyone in the Walton clan is affected -- John, now in great demand with his lumber for government work; John-boy, off in London as a correspondent; Mary Ellen, whose doctor husband Curt is stationed at Pearl Harbor; Jim-Bob, who dreams of enlisting and becoming a pilot; Jason, who begins to feel he might be a conscientious objector to the war itself. The others find the war invading their everyday life, from shortages to more work to overall worry and fear.

    There are also a number of episodes featuring other mountain residents and their lives -- the discrimination still faced by Verdie Foster and her family; growing marital and personal problems between Ike and Corabeth Godsey; and the revelation of a long-buried secret for Miss Emily Baldwin.

    Life may be changing drastically for the Waltons, but one thing remains steadfast -- viewers can be assured of quality episodes about the tight-knit family they've enjoyed watching in seasons past.

    Still, there are countless life (and mountain) traditions and situations that endure reassuringly, even in the face of war and hardship. Now 13, Elizabeth is struggling with her feelings about growing up -- often resulting in turmoil, as seen in "The Changeling" and "The Yearning." Mary Ellen, mother of baby John Curtis, struggles to balance her nursing career with raising her son. Grandma, still grieving after Grandpa's death the previous summer, struggles to overcome the effects of her stroke and resume the life she's known for so many years. And Ben, as always, is busy planning business schemes and trying to charm the local ladies.

    ...more info
  • Season too quick....
    This season went too quick. I'd forgotten how hard it was to see Olivia leave! Looking forward to the next season!...more info
  • Tremendous enjoyment for entire family
    Having watched all seven seasons of the Waltons, I am sad that it had to end. This is perhaps one of the best series that has ever been on television and a must for all families to watch together.

    Clark Fork, Idaho...more info
  • Season 7 begins with Season 6
    I suggest you watch the last episode of season 6 prior to viewing the first episodes of season 7. It really makes you appreciate the relationship between Will Geer and Ellen Corby....more info
    The service was speedy and the product is fantastic. sat right down and watched the whole season of Waltons'. love that show....more info
  • Season 7 The Waltons
    An all time fan since childhood. It takes me back home to Rattle Snake Mountain, Raymond, Maine !...more info
  • MD
    I love this series; I can hardly wait to get the other seasons. The sooner the better!...more info
  • Season Seven: A Time for Change
    While this season may not be the best season of "The Waltons," it certainly is a season to be remembered. Right from the start, the beloved grandfather has died, and everyone is grieved in "The Empty Nest 1&2." Will Geer had apparently died between season six and seven, leaving Grandma (Ellen Corby) quite alone. Ben, now working the mill with his father, marries Cindy. More importantly, WWII begins with the bombing of Pearl Harbor--where Curt is stationed, and he dies as a result. Olivia (Michael Leanerd) finds out she has turberculosis and leaves the Walton family for a while. Elizabeth has her 13th birthday, Jim-Bob gets a tattoo, and Jim-Bob joins the Army.

    Truly one of the most interesting seasons "The Waltons" had, however the disappearance of Richard Thomas and Will Geer is keenly felt. One could say that this was also one of the more weaker seasons of the show, but still one worth watching. The following is an episode list of Season Seven:

    1. The Empty Nest (1)
    2. The Empty Nest (2)
    3. The Calling
    4. The Moonshiner
    5. The Obsession
    6. The Changeling
    7. The Portrait
    8. The Captive
    9. The Illusion
    10. The Beau
    11. Day of Infamy
    12. The Yearning
    13. The Boosters
    14. The Conscience
    15. The Obstacle
    17. The Parting
    18. The Burden
    19. The Pin-Up
    20. The Attack
    21. The Legacy
    22. The Outsider
    23. The Torch
    24. The Talespin
    25. Founder's Day--with a guest appearance by Earl Hamner, creator of the series.

    So, everyone, relax and enjoy the changes this wonderful family endures. And remember, things in your family change too....more info
  • Waltons go through changes
    As we all know, the Waltons go through many changes this season. Many are not happy changes, but they are depicted very well, and in a very moving way. I laughed and cried with them all over again. I have to say, I feel this season produced some of the best written episodes of the series. This was truly one of the finest series ever put on tv, and I feel privileged to have grown up with this family; it reminds me so much of my own family....more info
  • The Waltons-The Complete Seventh Season
    I grew up on the Waltons and it is great that my children can experience an era that was simpler and more wholesome. It gives perspective on todays culture and economic times. ...more info
  • very pleased
    This is a Wonderful Series that the whole family can watch and enjoy together. I really appreciate Earl Hamner for putting his life in a series that Everyone can enjoy and get something out of it. I would recommend this to everyone....more info
  • The Waltons The Complete Seventh Season
    I was very pleased about the entire process from ordering to delivery. All went professionally and smoothly....more info


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