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Park'N PlaceTM assists in the perfect park job every time! Prevents dents and scratches from hitting garage walls or other objects. Portable base utilizes flexible rod with red light on top that flashes when contact is made with car bumper. Perfect for hard to judge oversized SUVs and utility trucks. Requires two batteries, included. Fiberglass, 12 x 12 x 51".

  • Prevents dents and scratches from hitting garage
  • Red light on top flashes when contact is made
  • Great for hard to judge oversized SUVs and trucks
  • Perfect parking job every time
  • 12 x 12 x 51"

Customer Reviews:

  • Just buy a few feet of string and a ping pong ball
    I bought this because I thought it was a clever idea, inexpensive and was easily movable for different vehicles. Like so much junk made in China these days, it's a good idea ruined by poor quality. My problem was that the lights refused to come on unless the pole was bent nearly horizontal. Pointless, since I would have to be drunk to drive that far over it, and I couldn't see the lights anyway because they'd be blocked by the hood. As the other reviewer said, you don't really need the lights because it jiggles when you bump it, but I can achieve that with a length of string and a ping pong ball hanging from the ceiling....more info
  • Great parking aid
    Never worry again about driving into the garage wall, water heater, air conditioner, or whatever else your thoughtful builder may have placed in your garage. Just take it out of the box, snap it together, and place it wherever you want to stop the car. It blinks to let you know when you are perfectly parked....more info
  • Wall saver
    I'm a good driver, but you wouldn't be convinced of that if you saw the wall in my garage. Now, I'm saved from future embarrassment. The little stop sign gives me the confidence to park exactly where I need to every time....more info
  • Park n Place product and customer service
    I am very happy with my Park n Place. The product works as advertised and is helpful when parking in a garage. The folks I bought it from had a great customer service. The original one I recieved was defective. I called them and they send a replacment free of charge that same day. Super folks!...more info
  • Works as expected
    I bought this item so I could easily move it out of the way when necessary and it wouldn't sllip on the surface as I had read the drive-over bumpers would. For me the lights seem pointless since it sways when you bonk it, but that wouldn't alter my reccomending it to others. It works as advertised and assembles quickly and easily....more info
  • Cheap, simple, and does the job.
    The title says it all. Personally, I hate hanging things from the ceiling in my garage. Whenever you take the cars out, they end up getting in the way and being a real annoyance if you are trying to do other work in the garage.

    This items is relatively inexpensive and does exactly what I needed it to. I bought two of these to allow my wife and I to maximize the amount of space of our garage, while still comfortably parking our cars in it.

    I tried several other items, which all were fairly unreliable. I even tried the "stop light" one, just to see if I could have something on the wall in front to do the trick. No dice. It was unreliable too. This item is 100% reliable. You can always see the sign move when you hit it, even if the lights don't blink. Plus, the base doesn't move or slide, so you don't have to worry about it moving and messing up your parking spot. At the same time, you can pick it up and easily move it out of the way if needed....more info
  • works great!
    love this! I bought them after my wife didnt pull my mercedes in far enough and the garage door scratched my trunk and bumper about 10 inches! wish I bought these allot longer ago. I also bought 1 for my parents too....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    Got it for my wife who can't seem to judge distance in the garage very well. Bought this gem and it works like a charm! Recommended!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The Park N Place is an inexpensive, convenient way to mark the spot to stop a car in a garage. It couldn't be easier to move around to accomodate different vehicle makes/models....more info


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